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  • When: 7/18/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Whoopee & Stroganoff
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoopee, Stroganoff, Bandit, Pele, Freight, Dolph, Brown Streak, Fonzi, Semi-Colon, Monk, Woody, Dr. Feelgood, Anthrax, Thimble, Sherman, Linus, E4, T-Square, Spiderman, Godfather, Roscoe, Floppy Disc (FNG), Stud (FNG), Chicken Noodle (FNG)

Great morning to be out in the Gloom.  24 PAX at the GasHouse including 3 strong FNG’s whose names followed a theme that is too obvious to state.  Some of us are not past Freud’s 3rd stage of development (look that one up or ask The Godfather, our English professor who will probably know-if not, check with Dr. Feelgood, he’s got 4 boys and knows it, even if he doesn’t know it).

Started with our disclaimer then sprinted through the Whoopee warm up, sorry, so excited about finishing at the Moroccan Night Club, we…..went….a…..little…..fast.

After that, Stroganoff took over with a Wolfpack beatdown, then Whoopee finished with a serving of Bojangles biscuits (maybe 2??) with an offer of free breakfast for anyone who could beat Dolph – props to Spiderman, I think we owe him breakfast next time.  There was a lot of mumblechatter-not sure if that was from the intimidation of the Wolfpack Beatdown or the speed warm up – guess it could have been some delayed Freudian development, but who knows.

The Thang

Warm-Up (Not sure this was just a warm up)

SSH X 20ish     LBC’s X 20ish     Mountain Climbers X 15ish     Goofballs X 15

Merkins X 15     Flutter Kicks X 15     Burps X 15     Rocky Balboas X some number was a lot

Russian Twists X another random #

MOROCCAN NIGHT CLUBS X 50 – My person favorite which allowed me to show some of my fancy dancing moves whilst pretending to use the castanets (in my head I was hearing La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha…), too bad my girls were not there, they would have been proud…or embarrassed.

Stroganoff takes over for the mosey to the Flag, Pledge and run to the Grier MS AO track.

Wolfpack Grinder – The Sequel

Prayer Squats X 10 (In Cadence)     1/2 Lap Run

Merkins X 20     1/2 Lap Run

Mountain Climbers X 20     1/2 Lap Run

Carolina Dry Docks X 15     1/2 Lap Run

Lunges X 20

Mosey Walk to Courtyard for Part II

Partner Up for combined alternating reps and steps. (Goal of 5 X 200 was quickly audibled)

Flutter Kicks X 200     Plank Jacks X 100     Freddy Mercury’s X 100     Mountain Climbers X 100

Last Partner Work was combined LBC’s to 100:  25 reps while partner planked to total of 100

Back to Whoopee Q

Bojangles’ Biscuit – Jog/Sprint/Jog/Sprint lap

SheHateMe – Through the long grass (Lunges, run, burps, merkins)

Kansas City Merkin Runway (Whoopee original):  2 rows of PAX, all start with SSH, every 3rd SSH 2 PAX on one end drop and do Merkins to exhaustion – this progressed from one end to the other simulating a plane landing on a runway……kind of.  Sounded good before execution.

Time crunch but enough for a couple rounds of Squerkins through the jungle grass.

Run back to Schiele for the COT.

We’re tired.

Whoopee & Stroganoff (Sorry for the long BB….blame Whoopee)