• 26 men came out to the Schiele Museum on Saturday ready to get some work in and get worked over by the QIC Brown Streak.
  • During the cycle a nice game of catch was had as a few of the PAX found one of the Patriots footballs laying by the fence (deflated) and decided to throw it around while running laps.  We did find out that Whoopee could throw the deflated ball with amazing accuracy, but Dolph couldn’t pull the catch in as it hit him right in the hands.  Also, Shrimp Boat and Dolph had a race with youth winning out over experience.
  • During Breaking Benjamins we realized the only thing we were going to get paid with was pain. We learned to hate the audible as it changed a sprint into a 40 yd bear crawl.
  • The workout seemed to fly by even though BA can’t keep time and the church bells seemed to be off 5 or so minutes.

SSH 20ic
IW 15ic
Merkins 10ic
Freddy Mercury 15ic

The Thang
1 lap around track (400m)
Set 1
15ic Merkins
15ic LBC
15ic Carolina Dry Docks
15ic Squats
15ic Mt Climbers
Set 2
10ic Merkins
10ic LBC
10ic Carolina Dry Docks
10ic Squats
10ic Mt Climbers
Set 3
5ic Merkins
5ic LBC
5ic Carolina Dry Docks
5ic Squats
5ic Mt Climbers
Pair Up
Partner 1 starts exercise of 100reps called out by Q
Partner 2 sprints across field (40yds give or take) and back and picks up where Partner 1 left off with 100 reps
Sets went like this:
Alternating Lunges
*one audible was called for the 40yd sprints: Bear Crawl

Mosey to Museum Wall for some:
People’s Chair 1min
Merkins 1min
People’s Chair 1min
LBC 1min
People’s Chair 1min
Squats til Church Bells rang (roughly 2min)


Reminder shirts need to be ordered by 6/3

Tuesday workout at Stuart Cramer #TheStorm at 5:30AM (QIC BA)

New AO at Martha Rivers on Wednesdays at 5:30AM (co-Q Whoopee and Bandit)

Next Saturday GasHouse co-Q’s were voluntold (Anthrax and Abba)

Is Spiderman trying to change his given name? …