After several weeks of test drives, the men of F3 Gastonia demanded the keys and went full throttle on their first solo mission. Linus and Whoopee had their VQs and demanded another downpainment. 21 PAX including 6 FNGs convened for our workout this week. Linus eased us into the first 15 minutes then ripped the top off of a can of “beat you into submission” for the next 15 minutes. Whoopee led the last 30 minutes with a little date with Dora then we went to the track. On the way to the track we passed some nefarious middle schoolers (don’t think they were at school on Saturday for good behavior) with a little too much mumble chatter until they saw The Godfather coming over the hill with the sun to his back like a scene from Pale Horse Rider. All got quiet as the hulking beast sped past them on his way to down a few biscuits with some blueberries (burpees) on the side.

The Thang:


Imperial Walker, Press/Press/Press Fling (props to Roscoe currently fartsacking at the beach), Don Quixotes, Mosey to Flag-Pledge of Allegiance

The Thang:

Mosey to church dodging cars along the way

SSH X 25, Merkins X 10, Plank – Right/Left arms, Plank Jacks X 10, Mountain Climbers X 10, Prayer Squats X 10, Flutter Kicks X 10, LBC X 10

Finish off with Morning Wood

Mosey to back side of church for more pain:

Equal parts of each along 100 yards of pavement: Bear Crawl / Crab Walk / Lunge / Bunny Hops followed by 100 yards of bear crawl/grapevine (more grapevine than bear crawl for many of us).

Somewhere in there we did a couple handfuls of Booyah Merkins (my personal favorite of the day which I did with FNG Orville).

After short recovery, 5 count Capt. Dan Taylor (I liked these) and then suicides for 100 yards.

And then came Whoopee…..

Dora 1-2-3: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 flutters shared by groups of 2 with 30 stairs to keep you busy while partner spends time with Dora. Just for the record, Dora is not my favorite.

Mosey to track with respect to nefarious middle schoolers and their mumblechatter/Godfather as noted above for 2  Bojangles biscuits with 10 blueberries per lap-this is a special in GasHouse. On track go “James T. Kirk” on straights (give her all she’s got) then mosey the turns, add 10 blueberries (burpees) each lap.

Finished with COT and 6 FNGs:

Steven Long: Stroganoff, Scott Pagan: Deliverence, ollin Sloop: Shrimpboat, Danny Ross: Orville, Andy Wilson: Anthrax, Gene Allen: E4

Afterwards, coffeteeria with newspaper guy for pics (hope he lives long enough for pics to be developed). T-Claps to the Charlotte, Rock Hill, and other F3 guys for getting us off the ground. T-Claps to the FNGs for posting. We’re here every week so come back, with a friend.
Thanks to Dr. Feelgood for the Freed to Lead signed by all PAX given to Linus and me at the end for our VQ.
If I missed you in the BB, sound off.
Keep coming out to the Gashouse and bring FNGs! #giveitaway