16 regular PAX and 4 FNG posted.


After disclaimer, Bandit (VQ) covered basics of counting, including demonstration of with the merkin.  See http://f3nation.com/2012/02/22/f3-tv-how-to-count/


PAX moseys to the Flag for the Pledge, the moseys to field at Greer MS.



·         SSH – 25 IC

·         Merkins – 10 IC

·         Prisoner Squat – 15 IC

·         Little Baby Crunch (LBC) – 15 IC

·         Imperial Walker – 20 IC

·         Merkins w/ Rotation – 10 IC

·         Prayer Squat – 15 IC

·         Freddie Mercury – 15 IC

Mosey around the track – 1 lap.


The Thang #1

·         Whamo Lunge Walks.  Check out http://f3nation.com/exercises/#w

·         PAX chased the Frisbee around the field.

·         Sprinting to Frisbee in the air.

·         Then various lunges and crawls to reach Frisbee when it hits the ground.

·         First one to Frisbee launches it again and the chase resumes.

The Thang #2

The thought was Wheel of Animal Walk but it quickly turned into a Wheel of Animal Crawl as the Q had bigger thoughts than he did muscles. We crawled like a South Georgia gator and growled like a South Dakota bear (there are bears in South Dakota, right?) in the field, then crawled like a South Cackilacky raccoon across the bleachers (someone mentioned Godfather should have been here for this one). We broke these up with some plank as well as SSH, Merkin, mountain climbers, and a little moseying. Once we pulled the grass out of our eyes, we did 10 minutes (or maybe a little less) of Burpees and then did a little moseying before chowing down on a Bojangles biscuit with some blueberries. At this point the Q was on his knees and wishing he had fartsacked so we did a brief mosey to the flag where we did people’s chair until just before the bells of freedom rang to set us free.

Again, keep Bandit’s mother in law in prayers and a special thanks to our armed forces this holiday weekend.

Next week, Brownstreak has the Q.