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  • When: 4/25/2015
  • AO:
  • QIC: Gunny / Package
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: CSPAN, Dark Helmet, Seacrest, Backup, Roscoe, Baumgardner, Rudolph, Swiper, Joe Boo, Thimble, Beast, Dalton, Triple-7, Linus, BA, Whoopie,

A faint mist descended upon the Schiele AO on the brisk Saturday morning. 18 PAX gathered to see what Gunny and Package had in store. With the shovel flag planted and Swiper rolling in hot, we mosey to the flag pole for a quick Pledge of Allegiance. AYG to the field of the Knights with Gunny leading the rabble.

4 Corners of Pain ’round the track. (burpees, squats, burpees, squats alt each corner)

Line up on the field.

100 yd partner carry 2 trips each. (side note: Size really does matter)

20 yd alligator push (sprint to opposite line)

20 yd alligator push, 20 yd lunge walk(sprint to opposite line)

20 yd alligator push, 20 yd, lunge walk, 20 yd bear crawl (sprint to opposite line)

AYG back to the Schiele lot picnic area.

25 -Derkins, 25-Dips, 25- Leg lifts, 25-Derking Rinse, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Circle up – Walkers, LBC, Protractors, SSH, LS Flutter, Squats, Parker Peters, Peter Parker, Bicycle, Russian Twist, 8 count Body Builder, etc (dealers choice for the willing Gastonia PAX)



I can only imagine that to a passerby, that we looked like a bunch of Gorillas trying to hump a football marching down the field. I am just glad Seacrest only weighs a buck fifty. Swiper had the wrong idea when we tore off back to the lot, we in fact did not end early, but after the Gunny beat down that would have been appropriate. I was very optimistic on my “planning” for the picnic tables, 25 count was aggressive. Gunny proved age is really just a number, and that it is possible to have a negative body fat percentage. The GAST pax continue to prove they are full of piss and vinegar. They are improving on the cadence, which is hard at first, but extremely important. The men from the Fort will return on 5/9 to for a Q-School that will get everyone involved. They are also in need of a site Q for the AO to arrange and coordinate leaders for each workout, tempting to nominate Roscoe. If someone does not volunteer, they will be volun-told. It’s nice to see how this group of men have come together over a short few weeks. Remember the golden rule of being the Q -“If you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”


Patriot – Rock Hill – 1 Year anny is 5/2 and will host a convergence for all area AOs in the Fort.

Prayers for Back-up and his family after losing his younger brother on Friday. Don’t live with regrets, life is too short.

(note: I am sure I got some of the details wrong on the workout, sue me)