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  • When: 3/28/15
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  • QIC: Egypt
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  • PAX: All the studs from Week 1, plus anyone else you can headlock into coming

Gastonia pax, the muscle soreness from last week should be about gone by now, and you’re chomping at the bit for Round 2 of F3 Nation’s finest new workout.

We’re excited to bring a full slate of seasoned F3 pax to see you on Saturday, along with the most heart-pumping, pre-launch music you’ll ever hear from the back of an imported minivan.

Bring yourself, and a friend or 2, to the rear parking lot of Shiele Museum, for a 7 a.m. sharp launch on Saturday.  Arrive a little early to stretch and let 2Pac and Jane’s Addiction get your mind right for the next 60 minutes. Plan to stay for coffeteria at Panera afterwards.

Bring some gloves (to protect your hands, not to keep warm), bring your energy, and bring a friend. We’ll supply the rest.