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It was wet…..

It was raining.  You never know how many will post in the rain but as usual, Folsom did not disappoint.

20 showed for a quick warm up with two catching up around the first stop of the workout.

Here’s what went down:

Two FNG’s so we went through the quick disclaimer.

Warm-Up that included 10 SSH’s IC followed by 10 Imperial Walkers IC.

Time to Mosey for The Thang

First stop for some IC work:

20 Mountain Climbers – 25 LBC’s

Short mosey to stop # 2 for a rinse-repeat of stop #1

Another mosey to the upper parking lot for some Stroganoff 22’s:

Same as 11’s except we’re adding up to 22 and alternating increasing/decreasing reps by 2:

20 Merkins – Run across parking lot – 2 Squats

Rinse/repeat until it has flipped to 2 Merkins – Run across parking lot – 20 squats (total of 110 each exercise)

Time to mosey back toward the lower parking lot with two stops along the way:

20 Mountain Climbers IC – 25 LBC’s IC (x 2)

At the bottom of the parking lot, time for some partner work:  Folsom 1-2-3 (Modified Dora):

Partner 1 – Performs exercise;  Partner 2 – Runs to grass island and back

Cumulative totals as follows:  100 Merkins – 200 Squats – 300 Flutter Kicks

Plenty of time left – we meandered to the closest covered picnic area for 3 sets of the following:

IC Dips X 15 – IC Step Ups X 20 (Rinse-Repeat for a total of 3 sets)

Time to mosey back to the Flag and finish off with some Mary from Dr. Seuss, Broke and Montross:

American Hammers – Freddy Mercury’s – Some type of awful scrunchies

Time is up.  Good work men.


For the FNG’s, we quickly went through the 5 tenets of F3 (well done here by the PAX)

Announcements:  50 Mile CSAUP next week; May 5 hike at Mt. Mitchell; BRR team(s); Convergence on March 30th at Folsom

Several prayer requests.

The Moleskin

The power of F3 continues to impact the men of Gaston County along with many other regions across the Nation.  Once again, I saw just how impactful you men are to others.  Great work; great encouragement.

Honored to lead this morning.

Until he next one.  See you in the gloom.  Aye!


State of the Union

10 men decided to show @midoriyama for Thursday afternoon special. I explained to pax that I had missed to State of the Union address so we would have our own.


Hillbillies 10 ic

Imperial walkers 10 ic

Toysoilders 10 ic

Lbc’s 10 ic

Let’s begin,  first think to remember about these events no matter who is giving the address is that there is an unnecessary amount of standing, sitting and clapping. Why can they not just wait till the end and then clap we don’t need to watch this. In my opinion this is one of the most unnecessary parts of an address but yet it take up at least 40% .

So we begin…

First was 11’s using Tiger squats and overhead claps

“Stand up clap sit down”

Next we made it back to start and grabbed a block for some 10 to1

Overhead press


Tricep press


Mosey to playground for 5 pullups 20 big boy situps x3 sets

Then to stairs for calf raises 10 on each step 20 ish steps

Next to turd shack for 1min wall sit then 1min overhead clap 3 sets

Back to start for 5 to 1 same exercises as before

Last was a few mins of Mary


Termite lead 22 for vets


Moleskin: I read 1 Corinthians 10-31 whether therefore  ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God…

I just started reading “Dont waste your life “by John Piper great book ,he makes mention of this verse and how we should glorify God and also Magnify him more like a telescope so that his glory is revealed brighter and more clear..

Announcments: CSUAP, Rooster, Q source ever Sunday at Crossroads and Coconut horse

Prayer requests, Huspuppy, Top Hat and family,  those sick and on IR

YHC took us out in PRAYER






It was a nice 66degree gloom with 7 HIMs posting at Diablo Sammich.


Ruck to Gaston’s hill-up & down-around about to return to SnoBalls after 30 minutes of rucking

each PAX grab 2 bricks from back of truck

squats w/ shoulder press-10 IC

squats w/ lateral movement-10 IC

repeat for another set

plank w/ shoulder taps, mericans w/ brick moves, plank w/ brick moves

on your 6. LBC with bricks, flutter w/ presses, F Mercury w/ bricks

more plank & brick moves


  1. its been a while since I’ve Q’d & it’s as bad as I remember.

Welcome to the Storm

Dirt and Breaker Breaker with some EC

Let the Music Begin. Started out with some outlaw country.  Johnny Cash, Merle, Chris, Waylon, Willie, and the Boys.

SSH in Cadence, MNC in Cadence, Imperial Walker in Cadence.  Lets Mosey.

3 Rounds

3 exercises – Tiger Squat x 10, Merkin x 15, Crunchy Frog x 20

Sprint to end of row in parking lot, karaoke step to the first brick and back to row, nur to parking island, bear crawl to end of island and back, sprint to beginning.

plank between each set with shoulder taps and various planking positions for the 6

Mosey to next spot

3 Rounds

3 exercises – Mike Tysons x 10, American Hammer 20 each side, 30 squats

Sprint to end of row, karaoke step to first brick and back to row, nur to parking island, bear crawl around island, run to start, side shuffle to brick and back

flutter kicks between,  shady had a ten count in there, TopHat did not enjoy the music so we switched to The Black Keys Radio

Very short mosey.  next round – exercise followed by sprint.

Big Boys then sprint, single leg dead lift then sprint, oblique crunch then sprint, finally protractor called by moses then sprint.

Easy mosey back to the start.

Grabbed the pledge.

Change music to my daughters music channel for some stretching – lucky for us the perfect song for 5 minutes of stretching – Circle of Life – Lion King Sound Track.


CSAUP – sign up by 2-16, event is 2-23 with Stinky 2nd F immediately following at Buffalo Wild Wings

QSource on Sundays at 7:30 am

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breakers Family, the pax, special prayer for f3LKN lost a member recently.  TopHat father passed away Sunday.

Dr. Seuss Took us OUT in the COT aka BOM



Man, it was tough walking out of the warm house into 19-20 degree chill this morning. On top of that, to run. Anyway, more than expected posted to get some miles in. Not a lot to really speak of happened, but a discussion about sciatica nerves came up. Hacksaw had been fighting a nerve issue in his lower back, hip, leg, and I found myself in the same boat a couple weeks ago. We both are mending pretty well, but something funny did come out of this discussion. “Wait til you’re running stiff legged because of the pain,” says Hacksaw. Montross was quick to respond, “yeah, looking like you gotta poop.” I know, maybe it wasn’t all that funny, but it made for an original BB name.

prayer requests; Rockabilly G-Ma, praise Bedpan’s M

YHC took us out in prayer.

way to work, glad to be a part of this F3 thing, and a part of this group of men.


Long Time, No Q

Crisp and chilly, bright and sunny, and 18 willing PAX to start the morning.  YHC chose the wrong short’s for the occasion and I may as well have been wearing Spanx.  My earlier EC took my phone from 83% battery life to zip, just in time to start the Q.  Knowing we had some distance to cover I reached out to the Bootcamp Pax to make sure we had a phone for safety.  With Monk and StoneCold in phone compliance we began.  Thanks to Q volunteers I had not Q’ed Gashouse for a month.  That showed when we did the pledge after dismissal.

Warm-Up:  And in no particular order



Merkins- 10 IC

Squats- 15 IC

Painlab off with Bedpan (10 of them) who had a morning of displeasure planned for his PAX.  Music locked and loaded those guys were set to pump some muscle.

Bootcamp (8 of us) set off to Grier, stopped short for a moment, got a count off and 20 merkins in the bank (that was for me to rest a moment).

The Thang:

Headed further to Parkwood lot for some Tesla book borrowed special.  Using the 4 corners of the lot (and I could not remember which corner’s were which number) we did the following.

Count off into pairs.  Pair 1 goes to corner 1, Pair 2 goes to corner 2, do you really need me to continue?

First round:  10 in each corner and after each corner is complete move to middle for 5 Burpee’s

Corner 1:  Merkins  Corner 2:  Squats  Corner 3:  LBC  Corner 4:  CDD’s

Second round:  20 in each corner and after each corner is complete move to middle for 3 Burpee’s

1:  Heels to Sky  2:  LBC  3:  American Hammer  4:  Mountain Climbers

Third round:  50 in each corner, 1 Burpee

1:  Side Saddle Hop . 2:  Merkins . 3:  Flutter Kicks . 4:  Morroccan Night Club

Mosey up hill, down to Sherwood Elementary.

Partner AMRAP:

Partner 1 Heels to Sky while Partner 2 runs to top of entrance hill, does one Burpee and comes back, switch.

Rounds 2, 3, 4, etc.

AMRAP:  Plank, 6″, American Hammer, maybe LBC (we may have run out of time)

Mosey back to Schiele.

Farm section of Schiele:  Audible…….

10 of each, squats, monkey humpers, lunge jumps, merkins.  Run Schiele trail, 3-4 minutes at a good pace.  YHC started off leading the PAX and became the Six as I watched them all pass me on the last hill up.

8:00, time.

Announcements / Concerns:

Sweetleaf and Boy Scouts selling Pine Needles, Union Road Christ Church, $4.35 / bale, $5.00 flat fee for delivery (DO not ‘hold’ me to this quote)(Quote from Linus has expired), see Sweetleaf and Cheesehead

CSAUP event:

Prayers for:

Stone and Blades

Teams to Haiti and Chimbote

Oompa Loompa’s Mother

Bandit’s Friends / Surgery

Rudolph’s collection to get Linus new pair of pants

Big thank you’s to Bedpan for coming to Q the Painlab and Monk for use of his phone for name-o-rama.

Scratch that Weinke

Ahh yes, another brisk below freezing morning for a downtown beatdown. Not to worry, YHC planned to keep the PAX moving to stay warm. I had drawn up a fairly nice Weinke, but after further review, I set aside that idea. Not that it wasn’t a good solid JV Q, but something wasn’t right. Some of you know that I struggle with anxiety, ADD, and OCD, that being said, my mind pretty much never stops churning. After a Roscoe Q downtown a couple weeks ago, I generated another idea for a Q.  I know sometimes it’s hard for me to speak out what I’m thinking, but I feel like today all worked out pretty well. Yes, it’s below freezing and Turtleman is here!

No FNGs, Short disclaimer


SSH, Merkins, Toy Soldiers all X 10 IC


I count off for 7 teams of partners. If you don’t do that, then you’ll have teams like Sister Act and Slaw together which in itself is pretty creepy. Let’s mosey to 321 south and hit Main St. Leapfrog time; partner 1 performs burpees while P2 runs to the next traffic light, they start up burpees, soon as you see you partner start burpees, you run to tag them and drop to burpees. You get the point, but I believe there were 6 traffic lights total, but we end up at Broad street. Pick up the six, turn around and head back to 321. Same deal but with squats this go around. The idea of “seeing your partner starting their exercise then take off to tag” really didn’t go well. After all, the traffic lights were further away than I remembered so we improvised. About this time, Slaw was practically in my face just grinning and giggling for some reason. I believe he mumbled “train”. QIC claimed not to hear said train. All worked out and we turn around for what’s next.

From Roscoe’s Q, we use street lights this time. Lounge walk to the next street light, then nur to the next, then mosey to the next, repeating the rotation til we get close to the parking deck. I couldn’t help myself, so YHC calls for 5 burpees OYO to make up for the train. Slaw was beside himself. Mosey on over to the parking deck.(did I ever mention I love this place?)

This is where Dora came to play. Still with your partner, 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 lbcs while one partner climbs the stairs runs across the top deck and back down the stairs to trade off. PAX would plank with a little Pilates until all were finished, which wasn’t long. Men were getting it done this AM! Mosey back to start.

while I run to the car for my phone, Sister Act decided to keep the PAX moving calling 20 burpees OYO. Not to my surprise did anyone acknowledge him, asking “where’s the Q anyway?” Once back at the circle, I had to call it, but only 10. Turtleman throws in Moroccan Night Clubs for the remaining  30 seconds. Time!

Announcements: CSAUP relay(sign up by 16th) Rooster Signups, Q Source Sunday Mornings at a Crossroads and Coconut Horse, Gastones Hike

COT Antrax friend’s son(tumor), EZ rider’s Son and a friend passed away 32 years old, Pockets friend Jason Evans at the burn hospital

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine AO. F3’s mission and you men are the reasons I get out of bed at 4:30 to do this crazy mess. Great to see us all working hard to push and help each other not only to get physically stronger, but spiritually and relationally stronger. Way to push men! Thanks again!

MW out

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