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65 degees on a February Morning

YHC pulled into Folsom a little early to get ready for the Q. Just a few minutes later Medicine Woman rolled in and we get out of our trucks. Not long after that the PAX start pulling in one by one. Everyone is talking and we hear a train, not on the clock yet so it’s  ignored  for the time being.  05:30 hits and it’s  time  to  start.

Wamarama: train is still going so 5 burpees OYO ,SSH,Hillbillies, Gravel Pickers X2 IC

Thang: mosey to the lower parking lot for a lap and 10 burpees,another lap and we see headlights  plulling in. Sparky is here so we do another lap to let Sparky get to us. Nice sprint to catch  up  with  us. 10 more burpees.

Mosey by the shelter to the pathway around the back side of Folsom to Sparky’s favorite parking lot. Burpee long jumps across and bear crawl back.

Mosey to the flag at the front of the park for the pledge. On your 6 for lbcs, American hammers, flutter kicks all x 20 IC. MW calls out big boys so we get 20 of them as well.

Next we mosey to the parking  lot  across  from  the  flag for some 11’s. Merkins on this side and star jumps  on the other. The PAX seems to really like this set so YHC will have to remember that. Running very close to time we mosey  back to start.

Announcements: Snowbird men’s retreat, Speed for Need 5k.

Prayer  Requests : each other, 2.0s, M’s, school shooting in Fla.,YHC is getting  some test done for stomach issues.

YHC takes us out.

The PAX pushed hard this morning. Everyone finished the workout stronger than they were the day before. Leaving no one behind. They helped me more than they know and I appreciate that. It was a pleasure and an honor.



Birthday Q

YHC showed this warmish morning on his 45th birthday.  YHC took the Q spot early so no one else could get it. The PAX didn’t disappoint as 8 HIMs showed for the Birthday Q. Nice to see the numbers getting up from the 3 or 4 that Folsom had been seeing. We have some consistent HIMs that are getting better each time some are putting in 2 a days. T claps to everyone of you. Keep it up!

Warmarama:  SSH, Gravel Pickers, Hillbillys all x15 IC   start the mosey to the flag and hear comes Sparky in  hot.  Morrocan Nightclubs till he gets out of the truck.

Thang: Mosey to the flag for the pledge, then on your 6 for Big Boys and Merkins x20 IC.

Mosey to the little parking lot that Sparky loves for some reason. ( he says bad things happen in this lot) Burpee Long Jumps across and Bear Crawl back.

Mosey to the Shelter for some Arm Squats, and Step Ups x 15 IC. Run a lap of the parking lot. Next was Derkins and Incline Merkins x 15 IC. Run a lap.  LBCs and American Hammers x 20 IC.  Run a lap. Back for 1 more set of Arm Squats x 15 IC. Run 2 laps. On the Hammers Huckleberry renamed his French Hammers as he lay on his back and moved his arms to each side for the first few counts.

Montross was also quite the talker this morning as he and Huckleberry took jabs at each other. From where YHC was I couldn’t hear all that was said but most of the ones that could hear were getting a good laugh from it. Hate I missed the chatter.

Mosey back to start and somewhere Sparky heard a train/redneck truck horn, maybe in his head as YHC or Medicine Woman didn’t hear or blocked it out. Anyway we put our 5 burpees in regardless. Times up.

Announcements: Snowless tubing at Crowders Ridge Feb 18th 17:00 to 18:00. Get tickets online (see Roscoes preblast), Men’s Retreat at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters in March. (See Sparky for details) YMCA trail cleanup date TBA (see Whoopee)

Prayer Request: Each other, unspoken, Medicine Womans sister and brother in law.

COT: YHC took us out

BOM: Great work by each of these men, several of these men doing 2 a days and good work sticking to the 40 day challenge. That takes discipline. You will be stronger for it. As always a pleasure and an honor to lead today.



5 HIMs showed for a cool and breezy Tuesday morning beat down.

Warmarama: SSH, Hillbillys, Gravel Pickers all 15 IC

Thang: Mosey to the entrance for the pledge, as we were running the flag was held out perfectly square by the wind. It was a sight to see. Looked as if someone was holding the other corners and getting ready to fold it up.  Get to the flag and pledge. Mosey across the parking lot for a Medicine Woman inspired set of exercises.  Set of 11′ s Mike Tysons on the curb and Karaoke to the next curb for American Hammers counting one side .

Mosey to the small parking lot by the ball fields for some Burpee Long Jumps to the end.

Mosey to the next parking lot for the Bear Crawl and  2 Merkins every other line.

Mosey around the path to the amphitheater for 15 Arm Squats, 10 Derkins, and  10 Incline Merkins all IC.  Hop onto the concrete area of the amphitheater for 20 LBCs IC, 20 American Hammers IC, and 20 Flutter Kicks IC.   20 Donkey Kicks and 10 Hip Slappers counting 1 arm OYO.  Time was nearly up so we did Rocky Balboas till YHC called time.  Mosey back to start.

Announcements:  F3 Dads at Crowder’s Ridge (see Roscoe),Snowbird Mens Retreat March 16-18 I think,(see Sparky),

Prayer Request: Each other, Our kids,

COT: YHC took us out.

BOM: Great work by each man this morning, YHC didn’t want to get out of the fartsack this morning but the PAX mad it worth every minute. Thanks for letting me lead today, it was a pleasure and an honor.


YHC showed on a cold Tuesday morning and no one was in the parking area. Not a minute later and the PAX started pulling in one after another. All total 5 HIM’s showed up for a cold but thankfully dry beatdown. 05:30 hit let’s get started.


15 SSH, Hillbillys, Gravel Pickers all IC


Mosey to the front of park for the pledge and 22 Merkins for the vets.

Mosey to the lower shelter for some picnicing.  Start with 15 Arm Squats IC  then run a lap around the parking lot.  Next 20 Squats(butt on the seat) IC run a lap, 20 Incline Merkins IC run a lap, 20 Step Ups IC run a lap, 20 Derkins IC run a lap, 20 LBCs IC run a lap, 20 American Hammers IC run a lap, YHC was out of exercises so Sparky called Burpee’s x 10 OYO.

Time running out so we mosey to start for some Mary. YHC called an exercise that he can’t remember at the moment, then called on each PAX to call an exercise and count it out.  Sparky with 10 WW I, Volt with 20 Merkins, Montross with 10 WWI, and Jorge with 10 Freddy Mercury’s IC.

Announcements: Forge on Wednesday nights at 6:30.  Def Leppard with the lead tomorrow night on forgiveness.

Prayer Request: Glenn Jackson family, Jorge’s M with their second kid to be born soon, each other.

BOM: YHC takes us out.

Strong work from each man this morning, Way to push men. Total miles 2.4 Thanks for the opportunity to lead it is a pleasure and honor.

Wool Socks, Bandana, and Pants

YHC pulled in a little early this morning and was unsure who would post in the chill today. Volt did commit last night on the Folsom chat so YHC knew we had at least one with me in the cold. YHC decided to improvise a balaclava with and old bandana i had laying around. Volt shows up this morning with new workout pants, I’m sure that he has never posted in pants before this morning.  Sparky shows and said he broke out his wool socks and was glad he did. 05:30 hit so let’s get moving so we can stay warm.

Warmup :

15 SSH

15 Hillbillys

10 Gravel Pickers



Mosey to the flag for the pledge, then hit the parking lot across the entrance road for some curb work.  10 merkins at start and going up 10 at every curb with a return to start after each exercise ending at 40 on the last curb. Next exercise was LBCs and finally Squats. With a lap around the parking lot to finish.

Mosey to the parking lot at the turd shack for some Bear Crawls with 2 merkins on every third line, then hit the turd shack for 3 sets of donkey kicks and Freddie Mercurys X20 OYO. Mosey the long way back to start.


Announcement’s: Joe Davis Run

Prayer Requests: Each other, our kids, and sick loved ones.


YHC took us out.


Strong work from Volt and Sparky this morning, Sorry but YHC wasn’t feeling great today so it was somewhat of a light workout. Thanks for the opportunity to lead today, always an honor to do so.


Roadkill and Chili Beans

YHC picked up the Q after Roadie had to “work”  something in his text last night about laying pipe. Not YHC’s place to judge but #ifeelgoodafterlayingpipe. Anyway 5 Pax showed up for a Tuesday morning impromptu beatdown.


10 SSH, a little mumble chatter about the low number of SSH’s. Just wait there are more coming. 10 Gravel Pickers, and 10 Hillbillys.


Let’s mosey, we started up the hill toward the entrance and some more mumble chatter about the shovel flag being at the start and there was no reason to mosey to the entrance. YHC played dumb and wondered what Medicine Woman was talking about. Get to the flag and pledge and put our 22 merkins in for the Vets. Next on your 6 for 15 or 20 LBCs IC. YHC is having a brainfart, more on that later.  recover, lets mosey.

Mosey around the long way to the bottom parking lot for a Rush song themed workout according to the exicon.

Start at the bottom of parking lot run to the top for 100 SSH, run back to start then run back to top for 75 Mountain  Climbers.  This is when YHC crop dusted the pax and Blart with his keen sense of smell figured out whatYHC had for dinner last night, road kill and chili beans RK&CB. We all had a good time with that one as it lingered like the fog that was out this morning. Next exercise was 50 LBCs, then 25 merkins, and finally 10 Burpee’s.

Mosey to the amphitheater for 15 Arm Squats IC, Derkins X15 IC , American Hammers X20 IC and Flutter Kicks X20 IC.  Oh and some Rocky Balboa’s for good measure.

Mosey to the playground for 3 sets of 5 pull ups and 20 lunges each leg. Mosey to start for exercises called out by the pax, Blart with 10 Mike Tysons, Sparky with 5 burpees and with a minute to go we finish with Morrocan Night Clubs.


Joe Davis Run

Prayer Request: Many young lives lost to cancer, one unspoken, Sparky’s Mom, each other and those that have lost loved ones and are struggling during the Christmas season.

YHC took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, it is a pleasure and an honor.

Good to see Blart at Folsom during the week.

Thursday’s Q the one and only Huckleberry!  Maybe we will have a spelling contest.

YHC out.



YHC picked up the Q as hunting season kicks in and several PAX are out in the woods hunting the four legged deer. At least that’s what they tell the rest of us.  YHC can’t sit still, so sitting in the woods being still for hours would be  similar to some kind of ancient torture chamber. I would rather be administering the torture instead of being tortured, so 6 PAX  enter the torture chamber this morning. No FNG’s so with a quick disclaimer we enter the chamber.


SSH and Gravel Pickers x15 IC


Mosey to the bottom parking lot and then back up to the entrance for the pledge with stops at every speed bump for 5 burpees. This got the mumblechatter started, one pax (Slaw) in particular was beside himself with joy at the call for burpees, others not so much.

We get to the flag and pledge and mosey to the parking lot across from the entrance for some suicides with merkins starting at 10 and at every divider going up 10 ending with 40.  Zig zag a lap of the parking lot and back to start for LBC suicides and another zig zag lap and ending with Squats and a zig zag lap. YHC thought there was 4 dividers so we had to change it up to get the numbers in.

Next we mosey to the parking lot at the turd shack with speed bump burpees on the way. Here we Bearcrawl the length of the parking lot from bottom to top with 2 merkins at every other line. This was a real crowd pleaser and one YHC will save for another day.  Run a lap around the parking lot and hit the turd shack for 2 rounds of 20 with Donkey Kicks, Hip Slappers, and LBCs.

YHC called a mosey to shelter only to omaha to the amphitheater where we did 2 rounds of  20 Arm Squats and unspecified number of  Rocky Balboas. Then high plank to low plank till YHC couldn’t hold it anymore. Mountain Climbers were next and were done till Q called halt.

Mosey to the start with a detour around the  lower parking lot and another set of burpees at the speed bump. With 4 miles behind us time was up and so was the Q.

Announcements; Christmastown 5K, and Christmas Party December 1 at Lotus in Gastonia. Hit Freight up for reservations.

Prayer Request;  Stroganoff’s friends daughter, another young kid with cancer, Hank’s friend Don, each other.

Circle up and YHC takes us out.

Hard work by everyone today! It’s an honor to lead a great group of guys, and thanks for the push from the PAX! Volt has consistently been there nearly every day since he started and is showing improvement every time, keep pushing man. Good to see our newest guy Rapunzel pushing hard and coming back for more. Slaw and Sister Act getting down to business when the exercises are called. Sgt. Hulka welcome back after a little hiatus with things of life keeping you away for a bit, good work today.

Better Late Than Never X2

4 HIMs posted on a nice and cool Thursday morning. 05:30 hit, it’s time for the beatdown.


SSH, Hillbillys, Don Quixote, and Gravel Pickers all x15 IC.


Let’s mosey to the flag at the entrance to the park. Mumble chatter already started as Medicine Woman had brought the shovel flag with him.  Well YHC has entered the McAdenville 5K and needs to run, so off we go. As we get to the top of the hill we see the lights of a truck entering the park. Another HIM? Turns out it was Sparky and as he passed us he says “Better late than never” we give him the aye’s and continue to the flag.

Get to the flag and do some exercises (YHC doesn’t remember what we did due to having slept since then) to let Sparky catch up to the rest of us. We say the pledge and mosey to the parking lot across from the entrance. Mosey down and around the parking lot then do some Mike Tysons and mosey to the divider for some LBCs  10 for the first round and repeat with 20 OYO.  Mosey again down and around the parking lot then head back toward the parking lot near the ball fields on the left. With 5 burpees at every speed bump along the way. Another round of the exercises that were done at the flag.

Mosey across the road and around the parking lot 2x and hit the turd shack for a round of donkey kicks and hip slappers x10 OYO.  Mosey back to start and trying to get as much mileage in as possible pass the start and head down the hill for a lap around the parking lot and back to start.  Logging 2.6 miles.


Announcements;  Speed for Need and Sister Acts VQ

Prayer Request;  Each other, our kids and family.

COT;  Awesome work by each of the PAX, as always an honor to lead a great group of men!

And as Sparky says, YHC posts this backblast on 10/29/17 “Better late than never”


I rolled into Folsom 15 minutes early to see 2  were already waiting for YHC to bring the beatdown.  Just a few minutes later and another  pulls in.  05:30 hits and we are  getting started when we see headlights coming heading in our direction.  YHC calls Morrocan Nightclubs to get the pax moving till the final one joins in.


Morrocan Nightclubs

Gravel Pickers

Don Quixotes

Mosey to the flag at park entrance for the pledge.

10 Merkins IC and proper Flutter Kicks by Medicine Woman. YHC doesn’t remember the count.

Mosey to parking lot by the rentabike stand.

10 Mike Tysons then Duck Walk to the median and do 10 LBC’s  sprint back to start then repeato  3X.

Another short mosey to the parking lot on the left side of the park near the pond.  Bearcrawl  and at every third line 5 merkins.  Down and back.

Mosey around to the shelter for Dips X 15 IC and 20 Big Boy Situps OYO.  Repeato 2X

20 stepups each leg then mosey 1 lap around parking lot then on to the amphitheater.

10 hip slappers each arm and 20 American Hammers.  Almost 2 miles according to Sparky’s FitAppleBit watch and nearly 10 miles on Medicine Woman’s.  Let’s get our 2 miles in. Mosey again to the parking lot for a lap and back to start. Not quite 2  so we hit the tennis courts for 2 laps.  Just over 2 miles logged and right on schedule 06:15.


Speed For Need  https://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com/ct5-K.htm

3rd F Coffee-rama Event- OCT 13th 7-8:30pm.

Prayer request

Sparky had some encouraging words for us. Thanks Sparky

Las Vegas, each other, our nation.

YHC took us out.

Thanks for the chance to lead you guys once again. Was a pleasure and an honor.


Wow was all I could say as I pulled up and seen several PAX congregating and more on their way in the parking lot as I was getting out of my vehicle. Great to see the turnout, not just for the numbers but for what F3 stands for, and everyone was there to get better and to show their support for their brothers at Folsom. 05:30 hits and it’s on! No FNG’s but a short disclaimer and we’re off.



SSH x 20 IC,  LBC x 20 IC, Don Quixote x 10 IC



Mosey to flag at entrance for the pledge, short mosey to nearby parking lot for 10 Merkins,  Bearcrawl to middle of lot for 20 LBC’s, Duck Walk the other half of lot for 30 squat’s.  Mosey back to top of parking lot for repeato.  Another short mosey to a nice hill for some hill work.  Whoopee had some words of encouragement and  what F3 stands for (Thanks Whoopee).  Here we do some 11’s with Big Boy’s at the top and Freddie Mercury’s at bottom with a nur back to the top.  A few of  us YHC included disturbed some ants at the top and they were not amused at us ringing their doorbell  so early in the morning,  I know I ended up with at least a dozen ant bites and Roadie and Huckleberry with quite a few too #antbitesitch. From here we mosey on to yet another one of the many parking lots for some Burpee Long Jumps across the lot with a Bearcrawl back to start. On to another mosey around the pond and back up to the amphitheater for some Flutter Kicks x 20 IC, American Hammers x 20 IC, Dips x 20 IC, Incline Merkins x 20 IC, and finally Derkins x 20 IC.  Mosey to lower shelter for 20 Step Ups IC.  Mosey back to start with Pizza Man taking enough lead to stop and do Burpee’s at the speed bump near the top of the hill.  Circle up  and pick up the 6 and Pizza Man calls Flutter Kicks, YHC  with LBC’s, Sister Act with Merkins and Huckleberry with Burpees.  YHC doesn’t remember the exact count on these as I was trying to catch my breath, but I think they were all done 10 IC with the Burpees being 10 OYO.  With that time was up.


Announcement’s:  JJ5K in September, Burpeethon not sure when, Mayor is taking point on that, Speed for Need (McAdenville 5K the Saturday after Thanksgiving),  #Give2Give for F3 expansion.


Prayer Request: Friend of Sparky and his M, Roadie’s M’s grandmother, Pizza Man’s niece, and each other.


Lots of hard work by everyone that posted today.  Way to push the rock! Shout out to Tadpole for hanging in there and pushing through.  Thank’s for pushing me to be better and  for the chance to lead a great group of men today. It was an honor.


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