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Bat Flippers

12 PAX posted on Thursday at Midoriyama. YHC is a little late on the BB due to going out of town the next morning. But hey at least it’s done before the next Midoriyama workout. I had a special workout planned for some of the bat flippers that come out but to my surprise they didn’t show. No offense to those that did I just had a few particular PAX in mind. That being said I decided to improvise and save my batflipper workout for another day. Here is what I remember.


Butt kickers, high knees, SSH, Morroccan nightclubs

The Thang:

NUR up and down the hill 5 times

Joe Hendricks x 3

10 Calf Raises on each step-in hindsight not a good idea before going to the mtn’s biking for three days!

Merkins and pullups

Victory march-lunge lunge Bobby Hurley

Wall sits

Step ups and tridips

Finished with 2 minutes of AMRAP burpees. How many can you do? A brother from Lake Norman did 50 in the middle of a Goruck tough after completing a Goruck heavy!!!!!


Good Job Everyone!


5 PAX attended The Forge this week. YHC led the group on a discussion of Thomas one of the 12 Apostles. We all at least know a little about Thomas. 2000 years later we still call people doubting Thomas’s. What we have found from  our study is that this is an unfair name for him. Thomas didn’t doubt anymore than the rest of the group. What we did find is that Thomas was so devoted, so loyal to Jesus that in John 11:16 he was ready to die with him.

Other vs covered-John 14:4, 20:24

My Lord and My God!


Next week Def Leppard takes on Paul! Or least some of it


30 PAX and 2.0’s came out to the Folsom 2.0 day today. Great job on making this a monthly day during the summer guys! It has been a hit! It is very important that we be role models for our kids. There are some bad ones out there that they could be following.

Roadie lead us from the start.


SSH x 10ic, Squats and something else.

I have to say Roadie did a great job of explaining some of our weird ways and names

Mosey to the front of the park. Man my kid hates running more than me!


11’s in the parking lot. SSH’s and squats.

Hippa took over.

Mosey back to the field at the start. Hiippaa led us in some fire drill exercises.

The 1st lesson from HHipa was about getting low. Bearcrawl in a circle then do some merkins. Bearcrawl some more exercises.  So on and so forth for several rounds.

The 2nd lesson from Hiippa was on stop drop and roll. Run in place then drop and roll left then roll right and jump back up. Repeat several times.

Freight took over

Mosey to the tennis courts

Get in three teams for some relay races.

First was the monkey relay. Grab you ankles and hold them while running across a tennis court and back. There was no running in this. Try it!

2nd everyone got a balloon. Run down two tennis courts, sit on your balloon, pop it and run back.

3rd everyone took off one shoe in the middle of the courts and put them in a pile. The teams then went to the far corners. One member at a time has to run and find their shoe put it on and run back.


Announcements-Relay and cookout August 25th, Goruck light Sunday

Namerama-Welcome Mozart, Cheese dip, Bindi, PETA, Laffy Taffy, Steamboat, Lockup

Prayer Request-Our kids and Dads


Awesome morning guys. So proud of all of you for bringing yours kids out and being good role models. They may not get it out now but one day they will. Being a parent isn’t always about the here and now. Sometimes we are just working for their future.

OG Rucker

5 PAX posted at The Forge on Wednesday night. We are working through the men of the Bible and tonight we discussed Andrew. No not Mayor, Peter’s brother as he was usually known. Andrew means “manly” so don’t tell Mayor about this. We don’t want it going to his head. Andrew was the type of guy who got stuff done behind the scenes without a lot of credit and spotlight. But he GOT IT DONE! Without question or hesitation and with full faith in Jesus. He was known for one on one interactions which is how most people come to know Jesus.  Andrew was the type of man we should all model ourselves after! After Jesus was crucified it is thought that Andrew took the news of Jesus north. It turns out he is the patron saint of Russia and Scotland. This spurred a conversation of how these men spread the gospel and how hard it was to travel. We have it easy and still fail to spread the word daily. These men hit the trail on foot(or rucking one might say) or by donkey but they got it done. So today men get it done not for you or the praise of another man but so that when this life is over God will look to you and say Well Done!

Honey Do List

14 PAX showed on  a brutally hot Tuesday at Midoriyama. 97 degrees on the truck as I got out. Fresh off of a beach vacation I knew I was going to pay for all the food I ate. Man it was good stuff though!


SSH x 20ic

The Thang:

I had everyone pair up in groups of 3 and gave them a honey do list of places and exercises they needed to get worked off as a group. These were scattered from one end of the park to the other. I told everyone to get it done and meet back at the flag by 6:15. I intentionally added more than they could accomplish but everyone gave it a heck of a try. I chose the wrong group of beast to tag along with fresh off of vacation! But if you want to get better you need someone to chase.


Announcements-most is late news now


Prayer Request-DL going to China, Friends that have lost loved ones, Friends and loved ones battling sickness

Pledge-Thanks for the reminder


Several intentional things today. 2 or 3 to a group Matthew 18:20. Honey do list Ephesians 5:25 and 28. The list was likely impossible to complete but we don’t just lay down and give up, we persist and keep trying.



5 at The Forge on Wednesday night for a talk on Judas. A few weeks back we started a series on the men of the Bible. So far we have looked at positive influences. I chose Judas because of the warning it sends to us. This man walked with Jesus for 3 years and still fell to sin and the temptation of the world. Judas is an example of the world and we would all do good to take an inventory of ourselves every once in a while to see how much we are like him.

I read some from John MacArthur’s book 12 Ordinary Men/12 Extraordinary Women

Versus Covered:

John 15:16

Psalm 41:9

John 13:18

1 Corinthians 11:27-32

Day to day what are you pursuing? God or the world?


19 PAX came out for a downpour filled workout at Midoriyama today. On the plus side the sun wasn’t beating down. We will come to wish for these rainy days soon enough. I had two wienke’s filled out and struggled to choose which one to use. After reading a few BB I was inspired to go another route.


SSH x 10ic

Seal Jacks x 15ic

Goofballs x 15ic

We moseyed down to the stash of goodies to deliver our new bars for a later workout. Mosey back to the side parking lot.

The Thang:

11’s up the parking lot- Slaw chose corkscrew’s and Sister Act chose Mike Tyson’s

Well that took a while!

4 corners-run the straight away lunge or bear crawl the corners. Stop and do an exercise chosen by one of the PAX in the corners. Sorry I don’t recall all of these. I’m actually kind of busy at work right now and I’m just squeezing this BB in before I pull a Def Leppard and forget.

Time for some AMRAP! 1 minute of exercise and then run a lap. All exercise were chosen by the PAX.


Pledge-The site Q forgot the shovel flag soooooooo

Announcements-The Forge Wednesday night on Peter led by Ash Pond, Convergence and Q school coming up

Prayer Request-Loved ones struggling with sickness


During the workout I called on different PAX to call the exercises. That way we never knew what we would be getting. Even Slaw surprised everyone when he didn’t call Burpee’s. YHC talked a little about how you never know what life is going to deliver you. We should all live like we are dying. Not that we should go out and live outrageously but we should live like tomorrow we may be standing before God. We need get right with our Lord everyday!


AMRAP and Relay

15 PAX , 1 FNG and 1 MTN biker posted to what is really starting to feel like Midoriyama summer. Let’s just get right to it.


SSH x 10ic

Don Q’s x 15ic since Monday was National Don Q day. It was also Tooltime’s B-day. coincidence?

High Knees and Butt Kickers for a while

Mosey to the ball field

The Thang:

Split into 3 teams for some relay races.

Round 1 just sprint

Round 2 NUR

Round 3 Sprint carrying cement block

Round 4 Bear Crawl

Round 5 Crab Walk

Round 6 Long Jump/Hop

Mosey back to the Flag

AMRAP an exercise for 1 minute then run a lap around the parking lot.


Merkin, Donkey Kicks, Dirty Hookup, LBFC, Hip Slappers, Wall Sit, and a few more I may have forgotten.



Announcements-Memorial Day SFN Race, Murph at Martha’s Knights Balls, Ash Pond on Q at The Forge

Namerama-Welcome Downtown! Pockets nephew who comes to us all the way from Latvia

Prayer Request-Sidecar’s Uncle, Each other, Def Leppard if he ever goes to China and his mallet finger(ask me about it, I like telling the story)


Doubt 2

8 HIM’s showed at The Forge on Wednesday night for the 2nd part on Doubt.  This time we covered God’s Unwavering Promise. No matter what God is with you and his promise to you will be fulfilled.

Genesis 28

John 14:1-8

1John 4:13-19

Thanks to all who consistently show to support one another!

Doubt Part 1

5 PAX posted at The Forge for a tough conversation on doubt! This was a tough one for me because it is something I struggle with. Not so much doubt in God but doubt in myself.  Studying and preparing for this week has helped and the PAX stepped up big time when we met! Thanks Guys.

A few notes from the thang:

We allow human reason to overshadow faith in God, sinful doubt is the result.

The remedy of doubt is faith, faith comes from hearing God’s word, the bible is a testimony to give us reason to trust him.

Verses on Doubt

James 1:6-8

Jude 1:22

Matthew 21:21, 14:31

Proverbs 3:5

Supplemental reading that helped:

How do I know I’m saved?




See you next week for a follow up on Doubt!



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