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5 at The Forge on Wednesday night for a talk on Judas. A few weeks back we started a series on the men of the Bible. So far we have looked at positive influences. I chose Judas because of the warning it sends to us. This man walked with Jesus for 3 years and still fell to sin and the temptation of the world. Judas is an example of the world and we would all do good to take an inventory of ourselves every once in a while to see how much we are like him.

I read some from John MacArthur’s book 12 Ordinary Men/12 Extraordinary Women

Versus Covered:

John 15:16

Psalm 41:9

John 13:18

1 Corinthians 11:27-32

Day to day what are you pursuing? God or the world?


19 PAX came out for a downpour filled workout at Midoriyama today. On the plus side the sun wasn’t beating down. We will come to wish for these rainy days soon enough. I had two wienke’s filled out and struggled to choose which one to use. After reading a few BB I was inspired to go another route.


SSH x 10ic

Seal Jacks x 15ic

Goofballs x 15ic

We moseyed down to the stash of goodies to deliver our new bars for a later workout. Mosey back to the side parking lot.

The Thang:

11’s up the parking lot- Slaw chose corkscrew’s and Sister Act chose Mike Tyson’s

Well that took a while!

4 corners-run the straight away lunge or bear crawl the corners. Stop and do an exercise chosen by one of the PAX in the corners. Sorry I don’t recall all of these. I’m actually kind of busy at work right now and I’m just squeezing this BB in before I pull a Def Leppard and forget.

Time for some AMRAP! 1 minute of exercise and then run a lap. All exercise were chosen by the PAX.


Pledge-The site Q forgot the shovel flag soooooooo

Announcements-The Forge Wednesday night on Peter led by Ash Pond, Convergence and Q school coming up

Prayer Request-Loved ones struggling with sickness


During the workout I called on different PAX to call the exercises. That way we never knew what we would be getting. Even Slaw surprised everyone when he didn’t call Burpee’s. YHC talked a little about how you never know what life is going to deliver you. We should all live like we are dying. Not that we should go out and live outrageously but we should live like tomorrow we may be standing before God. We need get right with our Lord everyday!


AMRAP and Relay

15 PAX , 1 FNG and 1 MTN biker posted to what is really starting to feel like Midoriyama summer. Let’s just get right to it.


SSH x 10ic

Don Q’s x 15ic since Monday was National Don Q day. It was also Tooltime’s B-day. coincidence?

High Knees and Butt Kickers for a while

Mosey to the ball field

The Thang:

Split into 3 teams for some relay races.

Round 1 just sprint

Round 2 NUR

Round 3 Sprint carrying cement block

Round 4 Bear Crawl

Round 5 Crab Walk

Round 6 Long Jump/Hop

Mosey back to the Flag

AMRAP an exercise for 1 minute then run a lap around the parking lot.


Merkin, Donkey Kicks, Dirty Hookup, LBFC, Hip Slappers, Wall Sit, and a few more I may have forgotten.



Announcements-Memorial Day SFN Race, Murph at Martha’s Knights Balls, Ash Pond on Q at The Forge

Namerama-Welcome Downtown! Pockets nephew who comes to us all the way from Latvia

Prayer Request-Sidecar’s Uncle, Each other, Def Leppard if he ever goes to China and his mallet finger(ask me about it, I like telling the story)


Doubt 2

8 HIM’s showed at The Forge on Wednesday night for the 2nd part on Doubt.  This time we covered God’s Unwavering Promise. No matter what God is with you and his promise to you will be fulfilled.

Genesis 28

John 14:1-8

1John 4:13-19

Thanks to all who consistently show to support one another!

Doubt Part 1

5 PAX posted at The Forge for a tough conversation on doubt! This was a tough one for me because it is something I struggle with. Not so much doubt in God but doubt in myself.  Studying and preparing for this week has helped and the PAX stepped up big time when we met! Thanks Guys.

A few notes from the thang:

We allow human reason to overshadow faith in God, sinful doubt is the result.

The remedy of doubt is faith, faith comes from hearing God’s word, the bible is a testimony to give us reason to trust him.

Verses on Doubt

James 1:6-8

Jude 1:22

Matthew 21:21, 14:31

Proverbs 3:5

Supplemental reading that helped:

How do I know I’m saved?




See you next week for a follow up on Doubt!



You Still Mad Bro

17 PAX showed up at Midoriyama. 3 went for a MTB ride. There was no sighting of the varsity captain. Someone said he was probably already in bed.


SSH x forever

Morrocan Nightclubs x when ever I say stop

Low Slow Squat x 10

Let’s Mosey to get the blocks and hit the hill at the soccer field

The Thang:

We did a workout from a few weeks ago. Partner up.

Dora 123- 100 burpees partner runs up the hill with the block, 200 squats with the block partner NURs up the hill and back, 300 IN/Out partner runs up the hill with the block.

Running low on time we modified the next round. 50 step ups partner bear crawls 10-15 yds and runs back, 100 overhead press bearcrawls continue, 150 curls and still bear crawling.

Mosey back to the flag for a little Mary.



Announcements-Tooltime is leading The Forge this week 6:30 Wednesday night at Grits n Greens, Virtual run at Rankin Lake Saturday for Operation Sweet Tooth see Pizza Man, I’ve already got our speakers for this quarters 3rdF event! Way to step up guys. Dates and times to come.

Prayer Request-Def Leppard will be gone to China the whole month of May, Several friends and Family battling cancer.

Moleskin-This one sucks! We will continue the beatings at Midoriyama because that’s what we do. Many of us are not runners but we run, we are weight lifters but we lift. We do these things to get better. Always work to improve. Always Be Training-ABT!


Army PFT

What I believe to have been 19 PAX posted at Midoriyama on Tuesday. My Q ran a little long so PAX started scattering before we could get in the COT. I’ve done my best to recall all that were there. If I missed you please fill out the paperwork and submit it to editorial.

I came in Hot and Pizza Man had things started. Tyson and Tooltime took off to run.

Let’s Mosey! Everyone get a block and go to the farthest soccer field.

The Thang:

I decided to share some of the first things we did at out Goruck event Friday night.

2 minutes Merkin AMRAP

2 minutes Situp AMRAP

partner counted and held the person doing the exercise accountable for good form.

2 mile run

Google the test and check your score.

Partner up. Carry partner 100 yds and leave him there. Run back to the other end and get both of your blocks. Carry them to the 25 and do 10 burpees, the same at the 50 and the other 25. Once you return to your partner body drag him to the 50 go get the blocks and run back to the start.


Welcome Buidin’s son Crawdad!

Announcement-CSAUP 4/7, SFN community run 4/14

Prayer Request-Lots of fathers and their children needed prayer, YHC as I have started furthering my education

3rdF Quarterly Meeting Preblast

Alright Men the 3rdF quarterly event has finally been set for Friday April 13, 2018. Speakers start at 7:00pm so arrive before to get your coffee and your seat. Yes I do realize that is not in the first quarter but hey its close. It’s not like Christmas in June or anything! I’m very excited to hear what our speakers have for us. This quarter we have the wise one Def Leppard and the quite one Blart. From my experience if either of these guys have something to say it would be best to listen!

If you are new or didn’t make it out to our first event last year I highly recommend you attend. This is a time for our brothers to share some wisdom based on faith without the distractions of the 1stF.

The meeting will take place at The Porch back behind Parkwood Baptist. It is at the intersection of Burton Wood drive and Dixon Rd in Gastonia.





16 PAX kept the average strong at F3 Gastonia’s JV workout Midoriyama. Tooltime had the Q but is having some muscle issues so he asked if I could help out. I always like Qing so fo sho I will! TT took a group for a 5 mile run and I lead a group for some bootcamp.

Pledge together


Runners off.

SSH x 10ic, Don Q’s x 10ic, Grasspickers x 10ic, Goofballs x 10ic.

Lets Mosey. We went to the top of the lake hill everyone has been using lately. We saluted it by turning our backs and doing 10 monkeyhumpers ic. Mosey to the shelter.

The Thang:

I explained to everyone I hadn’t planned much and wasn’t really looking to push too much since the Goruck tough is tonight. Let’s get on with it.

Arm squats x 15ic

Derkins x 10ic

Stepups x 15ic

Arm squats x 10ic

Derkins x 7ic

Stepups x 10ic

Arm squats x 5ic

Derkins x 5ic

Stepups x 5ic

Good Work let’s mosey. Along the way YHC had an idea. Lets cross the street and do deep sea divers on the split rail fence. 5 merkins on each rail. This worked much better than expected on the fence! Really look forward to doing this more.

Lets mosey to the stairs. WWI’s at the bottom and top while you wait and 10 calf raises on each step. 13 steps total.

Wall sit at the shack. Start at one end and do 5 jump squats each. That was fun lets do it again starting at the other end. At this point Swimmer had a great idea so we headed back to the flag for some Iron Hulk.

Iron Hulk is Jack Webbs at a 1/4 ratio. We had a few guys experience this for the first time and had the same response most of us do….Why the hell is it so hard to lift my arms!

We did a few abs before calling time


Announcements-CSAUP sign up before Saturday, Community Run, The Forge needs a Q next week, Convergeance on the 24th at Folsom at 7:00

Prayer Request-World Wide Son, Def Leppards son, Several friends and family battling cancer,

Moleskin-Tclaps to the men of the region for helping out Maddens friend and his family who lost everything in a fire. $700 raised to help. The family is VERY appreciative. As always it was a pleasure to spend time with you fellows. I finished up with a message about rewards and not waiting for them but going after them. If we seek God we will find him.


5 PAX posted at The Forge Wednesday night to discuss friendship. I was recently reading a chapter abut this in a book and thought it would be great subject for discussion.  Many of us struggled with this in a our sadclown syndrome before finding F3. The story I read was about Jonathon and David and the loving friendship they shared.  We covered some things from the book and some from the Bible.

1Samuel 18:1-4



Think about some things. Who do you count as a true friend? How do you define what a friend is? Who would you call on in a time of need? Who would you turn to if your marriage was in trouble? Who would you turn to to help you through a struggle?

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