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Tales of a Gorge Runner

This is the tale of van 2 of F3GashouseUno from the perspective of a gorge runner. What is a gorge runner you ask? Well it’s a PAX that is willing to do about any ridiculous thing that the rest of the group is willing to try. Whether he is suited for it or not. Why am I a gorge runner? Well this is my 6th 200 mile relay in 2 years(3rd in the last 6 months). I’ve been pretty clear about how I feel about running but because my brothers want to do it I don’t want to miss the experience. The experience is what it is all about for me. Living to tell the tale and sharing that with others.

Before we even left Belmont the chatter got good. There was talk of liking sausages that pretty much ran the whole race. I mean who doesn’t like a good sausage! Tooltime was in his normal ranting form so he had to be checked before we got across the river. We had a mix of first timers and experience in our van. Runners and non-runners. Virus did a great job as a driver. Buckeye put a special spot for counting his wrong turns on the van(the whole driver side) and we barely used any of it. That’s a lot of driving and a lot of turns over the course of a few days. Ask any runner and they will tell you the driver is as important as anyone running. Buckeye reminded Virus of this after each leg by positively enforcing that Virus had yet again crushed another leg! Speaking of Buckeye, he killed all of his legs and ended each one looking like a soap opera star. I mean the guy is easy on the eyes(this was discussed by a few haters after the race). That being said if he gets hungry you better feed him fast!

Pizza Man stepped in at the last minute to take of some challenging runs. I mean we all know of his running abilities but to do what he did was special. Not everyone can jump into a 1.88 or 2.5 mile run in a few days. All joking aside he was much appreciated. He smoked the runs he had and even ran through one exchange to companion run with Tooltime in the middle of the night for a total of 12 miles! Anyone who can put up with Tooltime for 9.5 miles has some grit. Tooltime stepped up this race stating from the start “give me the longest legs”. The man ran over 24 miles for the race at a stupid fast pace. I wish I had just half of the drive that man has. The most impressive thing about him on this race was the fact that he didn’t snore. This guy normally runs everyone out of the van but not one peep the entire time! I guess that nose job he had worked!

Hipaa was solid as always. Has anyone else noticed this guys improvement in running? Within the last 9 months the guy has went from barely running to a blistering pace. He’s done a half mary and plowed through this relay! I’ve never seen anyone improve a part of their fitness the way this guy has. Solid work brother! Bedpan did solid work as well. I’ve known this guy for a long time! We’ve done a lot of stuff together that is best left untold so you still have a favorable view of us. That being said never would I have pictured the two of us in this scenario. Bedpan ran out of his comfort zone and never once complained and said anything negative about it(I complain all the time). He just did work. As a matter of fact he was rather enthusiastic. He ran 3 legs all similar in length but farther than he usually runs.

By some miracle we had two teams that stayed within minutes of one another so we got to be at each exchange zone with more Gastonia PAX. Everyone stayed safe and pushed the rock. This thing could not have worked out any better. By the end I said my usual “I’m done with this crap”! But as I have many times on Monday morning I write this thinking about the next race. I said I would drive the BRR but I know I’ll run. Yes Gastone I just said I’ll run. The thing about it guys is you don’t have to be the fastest or fittest runner to complete one of these. It’s a race yes but we aren’t doing it to win. We are doing it for the time spent with each other and I don’t want to miss any of that.

Until next time(because there will be) Gorge Runner OOOOUUUTTTT!!!!!!


6 PAX traveled as Nomads this past Saturday to check in on some Metro AO’s. Chosen this month was the Muthaship of this this thing we call F3. AG is where it all started at. There are actually 3 workouts held in close proximity to one another. The Worm starts at 6, AG at 7 and Mustang at 7. Having gotten smoked at Mustang before YHC chose to checkout AG this go around. In total we split the group 3 went to Mustang and 3 went to AG.  Mustang is known to cover some ground and really put down a beat down. They often cover 4-5 miles in a workout and still manage to smoke some non running muscles. AG seemed like they didn’t run as much. To our surprise this week at AG we covered 4.5 miles and still got in some exercises. There was a lot of hills involved! Cougar was our Q and despite a lot of complaints about the distance we were covering he led us on a tour anyway. The Mustang crew was led by Agony, who just completed the Black Mtn marathon, covered 3.5 on the trails around the campus. Needless to say with all the rain we’ve been getting they were nasty. One PAX stated Sunday he felt this one in his shoulders. All in all it was a good trip. Keep an eye out for next months trip and join us on the road as we visit other regions and meet new PAX and old friends made.

3rd Birthday

18 was the number at Midoriyama Thursday night for a little celebration. Friday 3/8 is Midoriyama’s 3rd birthday!


ssh x 3ic

merkins x 3ic

low slow squat x 3ic

morroccan nightclubs x 3ic


Let’s mosey. We ran around to the shelter near the lake.

The Thang:

We did 3 exercises(dips, derkins, box jumps, 20 each) then ran halfway down the lake hill and backup, back down to the bottom and all the way backup to the shelter. Since we have a 3 theme going on we did this 3 times. Man that hill is tough but everyone pushed hard on it!

Let’s mosey back down the road. We stopped at the hill near the 1st ball field for a little Joe Hendricks. Guess what? We did it three times!

Mosey over to the parking lot for some type of dirty 11’s. Start with Tiger Squats(10) run across the parking lot and at the median to a burpee. Run to the other side for CDD’s(1)(your welcome Leppard). Everytime you cross the median stop for a burpee. That’s time head back to the flag.


Announcements-Nomads going to Metro Saturday, SFN/Community Run coming up, Convergence coming up

Prayer Request- Swimmer looking at a new Job, A few health concerns


Having this workout in the evening for those that can’t make the morning due to work or whatever your reason has been a blessing. I could never fully explain what it has meant to me. Thank you to all the regular PAX that have made this work over the last few years and all of you that come to visit. I hope to see more of you come the Summer when Midoriyama really shines!

The Return

4 PAX posted for the bootcamp at Gashouse on Saturday. Several others were there for the painlab with Sargento. He included us all in his BB so I think we will get double credit after this BB….sweet! I had a lot of ideas but just couldn’t commit any to paper so I just went with it. It was threatening rain and did periodically during the workout so being the accommodating Q that I am I tried to keep us dry as much as possible.

Warmup: Whatever Sargento lead us in

Mosey to the big flag for the pledge

The Thang:

Mosey to the track. 400m run then do 20 merkins and 30 lbc’s

800m run then 20 merkins and 30 lbc’s

Mosey across the school to a U shaped breezeway/courtyard area. Under the cover of the breezeway we partnered up at one end. P1 runs to the other end(sweet there’s a set of stairs halfway) P2 does merkins and squats. Once P1 gets to the end he yells for P2. P2 starts running to P1 while he does the exercise. We flip flopped the several times. After a few rounds we switched the exercises to ab work. Flutters and thinking….thinking…well I don’t remember. This is the down side of winging it. Anyway let’s mosey up the road. As we ran between the Baptist and Presby church we discussed the fork in the road and which side we should run on. Def Leppard would have ran in front of a car to get to the Baptist side of the road! Solid! We made the big circle around the block stopping at power poles for 5 squat jumps and at each intersection for 5 burpees. Judging by the map there were about 45 burpees and about a million squat jumps. As we reentered the  parking lot we stopped for some wall sits. We met backup with the painlab for a little mary.


Read Sargento’s


Thanks to Linus for letting me lead. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Gashouse. It’s crazy to think this used to be the only workout option. Great job by all in attendance. We had some good 2ndF the whole way through the workout!

Will the real rock pushers please show up

23 real rock pushers showed up this morning at Folsom. Was there 1 chief like rock pusher missing………….no It looks like Montross was there.It was chilly out this morning so thankfully Def Leppard redeemed himself and chose option 2 this morning. Option 2 was start running instead of the warmup exercises.


We ran up to the fork in the road and ran around the triangle like area of grass while we waited on the six. Once they arrived and we were getting warmer we moved on to option one.

SSH x 20ic

Slow Don Q’s x 10ic

Bear Crawl around the triangle, when I say stop do 20 squats. We did this a few times. Time to get to it.

The Thang:

Next to this small triangle at the fork is a much larger triangle where the old haunted house used to be. Yeah I’m old. Anyway there was some discussion about the actual shape of this triangle. Look for yourself geometry major its a triangle with rounded corners geeez! Anyway its a decent size so run around and at each corner do 20 merkins. If you cross a speed hump do 10 squat jumps. There was an extra speed hump since the google image came from before Google image existed. We did 2 rounds. Next round we did Flutters x 20 ic in the corners and mtn climbers x 10ic at the humps. Mosey back down past the parking lot entrance. Wait stop! We don’t have a shovel flag so we better do the pledge up here where we can still see the flag at the AG center. Site Q fail!

Time for some hill work. Sprint up to the animal control entrance and do 10 merkins, 10 lbc’s, 10 squats, mosey back down. We ran this 3 times I think. Def Leppard really put it out on these! My man can be quick! Golddigger showed off and talked some trash as he passed us(punk kid).

Alright time for some lifting. Partner up and get a block. This was a rinse and repeat from Thursday. P1 does 10 blockees and carries the block to P2 on the other side of the parking lot. Mean while P2 is doing merkins, lbc’s and squats while he waits. We just keep doing this swapping back and forth for 10-15 minutes. Time!


Announcements-50 mile CSAUP, Q source Sunday 7:30, Beans and Rice Tuesday


Prayer Request

Moleskin-Several times during this workout I called out for Allen Tate but he never answered back. I knew he wasn’t there but it was dark and there was a large group so I guess i was just hoping he slipped in sometime since he Hard Committed to me(and all of Twitter)that he would be there. I give him a hard time, and well a lot of you, only because I care. I guess I try to motivate by annoying you. It is constructive sarcasm at it’s best. Always given out of love.

Block Run

13 at Midoriyama for what was an up and down weather day. It started out at 60 degrees and rainy in the morning. Then we had clear blue skies. YHC thought it was going to be a perfect evening to workout….then the cold front started moving in and the temps were dropping rapidly. The wind really picked up just in time for 5:30. Oh well lets get it done.


SSH x 20ic

Don Q’s real slow for stretching x 10ic

Alternate High knees and butt kickers

5 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

Def Leppard was given a  choice of option 1 or 2. His leadership wavered and Broke had to make the choice. Opt 2. Let’s mosey. We went to the far end of the park and back.


Partner up and one partner get a block from the truck. We went to the top of the parking lot and lined up. P1 does 10 blockees then runs to the other end of the parking lot where P2 awaits, P2 at the other end of the parking lot does 10 merkins, 10 lbc’s, 10 squats-rinse and repeat until P1 gets to you.  P1 goes back to his end and starts the exercises while P2 does the blockees. We did this for about 10 minutes. Slaw was the site batfipper today, in the absence of Sister Act, and poor Broke was on the losing end of this.

Next we lined up on the curb for some 11’s. Tiger Squats on one side and…..Def Leppard was asked to provide a 2nd exercise but refused to take a leadership role so Wojo stepped up and said one leg dead lifts.  We got it done!

With a little more time to go we went back to the first exercise with the blockees for another 10 minutes.



Announcements-50 mile CSAUP get signed up, Rooster teams forming, Q Source Sunday about Leadership Development Process(LDP)


Prayer Request-Tooltime and our F3 brothers going to Peru, Def Leppard’s wife having knee surgery in February, each other

Moleskin-I spoke a bit about my word for this year-Prayer. We are influenced by who we hang around and the way we spend time with God is through reading his word and prayer. Spend some time doing both of these things and you will find you will start to act and be more Christ like.



What time do we start and who’s the Q

15 PAX got after it on Sunday morning at Crossroads. At least 2 rucked and the others ran.

Hacksaw rucked like 6 miles and I saw him stopping and doing exercises

Folsom Chief Montross continues to step up his P200 training. He put in close to 6.

Tclaps to the Mayor who was out running some miles this morning. Apparently Dolph fartsacked on him!

Speaking of fartsackilitis I’m writing this because the Q didn’t make it out.

Sparky showed up late………. but well you know!

All were out getting better. Because if you aren’t getting better you are getting worse. There is no in between.


Prayer Request-Several friends and family members dealing with cancer, several wives with illness


We out!



11 was the count at Midoryama on Thursday for my first Q in quite a while.


SSH x 20ic

Goofballs x 10 ic for Doby. I thought he would enjoy seeing these grown men dance like that.

Don Q x 10ic

The Thang:

I often offer the PAX an option when Qing. Despite what Def Leppard says there are actually options. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I wrote a bunch of different mini workouts on a paper and numbered them 1-7. Doby had the honors of choosing for us. Below are the options that we did but not in this order.

  1. EMOM(every minute on the minute) for 5 minutes-5 squats, 10 donkey kicks, 3 broad jumps
  2. 6 rounds-10 merkins, 15 v-ups, 20 squats. Those v-ups started to suck!
  3. As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes-Broad jump across parking lot, lunge back.
  4. 21, 15, 9(do the 21 of each then do 15 then do 9)-Burpee, WWI. Crowd pleaser!
  5. EMOM-5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats
  6. 21, 15, 9-jump squat,  merkin

All in all I broke a pretty good sweat. I hope everyone else enjoyed it.



Announcements-The Christmas party has moved to Lewis Farm, Operation Sweet Tooth gifts due Saturday at the Convergence at Gashouse 7:00am

Prayer Request-YHC Grandpa, DL’s daughters graduation, Broke, Golddigger and Fiancee


Having been on the IR since The Bourbon Chase I have to tell you guys that you mean more to me than I can ever say. Not being able to post I quickly started to slide back into a sadclown. I’m so out of shape now compared to where I was that it’s really difficult to have to suffer through that conditioning again. However knowing you will be there makes all the difference!

Gravy Gut

12 men found their way out of the fartsack to burn of the Thanksgiving gut. It was cold, windy and I was still full and sluggish. Oh well I volunteered for this!


Let’s mosey to the deck to get out of the wind.


Seal Jacks x 15ic

Low Slow Slaw Squat x 15ic

Morroccan Nightclubs for a while. For added work throw in your longhorns!

CDD x 10ic

Flutter kicks x 10ic

LBC x 10ic

Man it’s hard to bend at the belly!

The Thang:

3 exercises on each level(we did 4 levels). Starting with 15 of each.

1st level-Donkey Kicks, Wall sit and march, Freddy Mercury

2nd level-Ski burps, lunges, dirty hookups

3rd level-bird dogs, plank jacks, broad jumps

4th level-Eddy Gordo(ask and I can show you), squats, burpees

Joe Hendricks on all the ramps going up of course!

Crab walk each one and mosey back to the bottom.

Do again but this time 10 each.

Running low on time I gave Golddigger the chose of option 1 or 2. He chose so we headed back to the flag.

Deep sea divers-15 up and 10 back down.

Circle up for the Iron Hulk. We had 12 so everyone got a chance to call it. 12/48 was the last count.

Pizza Man lead a few exercises while I grabbed my phone.

Sorry guys maybe next time we will do shoulders!



Announcements-SFN C-town, Christmas party 12/15 info coming

Prayer Request- Family, Addictions


A little word about how you are never truly not a sadclown. He is always there waiting to come out! Great to be out today. Do not take it for granted!

The Rock Pushes Back

Some days you push the rock and some days it feels like the rock pushes you! The rock pushing back is what I was going for today when 17 other men joined me at Midoriyama. YHC’s M was a little late getting home from work so I came in  hot and a little late. No worries Def Leppard and Pizza Man had me covered on the warmup.


SSH x 25ic

Don Q x 10ic

LBC x 25ic

10 Burpees OYO

Morrocan Nightclubs

Let’s Mosey!

The Thang:

Partner up and each team gets a block. SA knew what was coming and really pouted about. 11’s with a partner-burpees on one end, run about70 yds, handslap merkins on the other. Take turns carrying the block. We did this one some time back and man does it suck!!!

Stay with your partner. P1 NUR’s up the hill carrying the block while P2 does squats. rotate,  do 150 together

Round 2( I may have heard a few cuss words) this time do 100 merkins.

Mosey back to the Flag.

Wall sits with hallelujah and punches to finish it out. SA participated in some of this.


Announcements-Convergence Nov 10th at The Yank, Burpeethon this Saturday BE THERE!, Get signed up for Christmastown 5K

Prayer Request-Several Kids


Forgot to Pledge. We’ll say they did it before I got there.

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