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You Mad Bro

13 PAX total were out at Midoriyama on Thursday. 3 went for a MTB ride and 10 received some punishment . I must say though they took it well. There has been a little smack talk lately from a PAX about the weak workout at Midoriyama. I think at his age it may just be Old Timers. The last time he was out there the only thing that was heard from him was heavy breathing. If not I do look forward to him coming out in July and August when it really gets good. A few times in the past a PAX has challenged those of us that tend to our fields(thanks for the recommendation Stroganoff learning already) early enough in the morning that we have to post in the evening. All have come away with mucho respect for those that challenge the sun. I hoped a certain PAX would show for the challenge but everyone that did took it in stride.


Some SSH and let’s get to work!

Mosey to the soccer field, partner up and get the blocks.

The Thang:

Dora 123

100 Burpees-partner running carry’s the block and runs up the hill

200 Squats with the block

300 In/Out-partner running carry’s the block and runs up the hill

Dora 123

100 stepups on the bleachers with the block. Partner bearcrawls about 15 yds and sprints back.

200 Overhead lifts with the block. Partner bearcrawls about 15 yds and sprints back.

300 Curls. Partner bearcrawls about 15 yds and sprints back.

That’s time let’s mosey back to the flag.


Announcments-Community Run, Forge next week. A few PAX have stepped up for the 3rdF qtrly meet. Date to come soon.

Prayer Request-Def Leppard, Maddoff during Soccer camp(shine the light brother), World Wide’s Son(Notice to all PAX. Stop and say a prayer for this young man. We need some healing here).


I think I’ve said enough

Sparky’s Revenge

17 PAX posted at Midoriyama  on Thursday keeping the monthly average right on track. Before the workout I received a call from Sparky requesting that I put a real hurtin on everyone. He also asked that I make sure they knew it was from him. I’m not sure who made him mad but I probably owe him one so I had to do it.


I didn’t have anything planned so we just did Don Q’s while Tooltime mumble chattered.

Let’s Mosey down the road to pick up our blocks.

The Thang:

Everyone has a block. Some are bigger than others(that’s what she said). Partner up.

Starting at one end of the parking lot run in opposite directions and meet at the other end for partner hand slap merkins. Run to the other end and do burpee’s. Always carry your block with you. We did these as 11’s but the merkins were actually twice that. Don’t tell the Midoriyama guys….you know they can’t count. Mummblechatter was strong at the beginning of this. Sometimes we talk too much and fail listen to the Q’s directions. Sometimes we have to pay for it! Eventually the only thing I heard was heavy breathing, talk of merlot and sore nipples! I have to admit this one hurt! Thanks to everyone pushing me and each other.

We put the blocks up and hit the hill for NUR up and NUR down x 5. Oompa had some scary moments but made it through. We sure don’t want him to have to hit the life alert while we are working out.

Mosey to another parking lot for the newly and pre-maturely named Victory March( we’ll get it next time). Victory March is a zombie walk with Bobby Hurley’s instead of squat.

The Nantan tried to call time but thanks to the PAX I have a fancy watch that keeps up with it. We’ve got time to do a few rounds of Joe Hendricks on the hill!

Mosey back to the flag for the Pledge.


Announcements- No Forge next Wednesday due to Valentine’s day. The week after come out for Def Leppard’s discussion on marriage. Bring your tissue’s.  Family event at Crowders Ridge and Bounce and bowl.

Prayer Request-Me, those battling addiction, Def Leppard


You Mad Bro?

13 PAX ate well and I hope feel a little better about their issues with anger(if they have any….we all do don’t lie to yourself) at Forge Wednesday night. The best part of this so far is the guys opening up and sharing. As men we tend to hold this stuff in. By sitting down like this with one another it becomes clear that we all struggle through this same stuff. Once you know you are not the only one the load starts getting a little lighter. Picture yourself trying to carry that log in a ruck event all by yourself. That won’t work will it? Now picture it with all your brothers with you. Now the log is moving!

The Thang:

Psalm 7:11

Mark 3:5

Ephesians 4:26

James 1:19-20

1Corinthians 10:31

Ephesians 4:29

Romans 3:13-14

Proverbs 29:11

Proverbs 15:1

Ephesians 4:31-31

Next week the ol’ wise one Def Leppard leads us on forgiveness. You know you need help with that!

Weak Q #2

The good thing about Qing two workouts at different places close together is you can just reuse the previous workout. That’s what 6 PAX at Folsom got this morning. Midoriyama’s Thursday workout. It seemed pretty good so why not! Of course my legs regretted it the 2nd NUR up the hill but hey that’s getting better right?


SSH x 15ic It’s so cold! Let’s mosey and see if that helps.

Mosey to the flag at the entrance for the pledge

The Thang:

Merkin work-5ic, 5ic with right arm out, repeat with the left, 5ic diamonds

Mosey across the street and around Walmart to the hill

11’s-WWI at the bottom and Bobby Hurley’s at the top. NUR up the hill

Mosey back down to the stage for prison workout. As we started the loud speaker came on at the prison. May have been a jail break? Wall sits/dips, Wall sits/Merkins, BTTW/partner runs, Wall sit/10 squat jumps(read previous workout).

Mosey back to the flag.


Announcements-Forge Wednesday nights at 6:30, Rooster 1/20

Prayer Request-Each other, Roadie’s family


Great job everyone for posting this morning. Getting uncomfortable is what makes us better and man was it uncomfortable this morning! Volt talked like 3 times so that was cool. Sparky wasn’t there even though he told me he would be. We even waited to start a few minutes late expecting him at his usual 3 minutes late. 4 for breakfast. I got the waffle but it doesn’t compare to the pancake. We still have the Ghost flag.

Weak Q

12 PAX posted at Midoriyama on a cold windy Thursday night! I received a bit of a challenge the night before at Forge. An unnamed PAX insinuated my Q’s weren’t that strong. So challenge accepted.


Don Q’s x 10ic

On your 6 for basically Don Q’s lying down x 5ic then another set of something very similar x 5ic. Your Welcome unnamed PAX!

It’s cold let’s go!

The Thang:

I got a damaged fairly weighty tire from work to keep at Midoriyama so let’s take it to our hiding spot. Each PAX numbered off. Starting with number 1 we would take turns flipping it down the road. All other PAX would run to a spot picked down the road and back then the next PAX would take over flipping. So on and so forth until we reached our destination.

Next up we hit the hill for 11’s. WWI’s at the bottom and Bobby Hurley’s at the top. NUR up the hill. Grunts and complaints started on the 2nd NUR up the hill. It was noted that the unnamed PAX was not fully stretching those WWI’s out. You vs You I guess but I felt cheated by my brother.

Mosey to the turd shack for a prison inspired workout I saw in a magazine(not while I was in prison). Partner up. P1 Wall sits while P2 does tri-dips off of P1’s knees. Do 10 each for 5 rounds.

Next P1 does a squat and P2 puts his feet on P1’s knees and does 10 derkins. Switch and do 5 rounds.

Next P1 does BTTW while P2 runs about 30 yds and back. Switch and do 5 rounds. Man that sucked!

Running low on time we headed for the turd shack near the flag.

Everyone wall sit. Starting at one end we took turns doing 10 squat jumps. If anyone gets up off the wall we start over. In hindsight I will start this at the opposite end from where I am because the wall sit really kicks in after the squat jumps.



Announcements- Joe Davis Run this Saturday, Forge on Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Grits N Greens, The Rooster 1/20 we have 3 teams going

Prayer Request-Good news for Aerials daughter, Tooltime-Rusty has passed on, Injured PAX



Tclaps to all the PAX that came out tonight. It’s tough when the weather gets like this. Midoriyama sees the extreme’s of hot and cold but we get through it together! Good to have Wheezy out at Midoriyama! To the unnamed PAX I hope this was a decent enough workout for you!


8 PAX posted for the first meeting of Forge our newest 3rd F AO. Forge will meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm at Grits N Greens in Lowell so come on out and join us. The first initial meeting was going to be discussing topics for future study and conversation. I decided to throw a few things together on why we should meet/gather. From that the PAX ran with it. We had some great discussions and I can tell there will be personal and spiritual growth coming out of this.

The Thang:

Hebrews 10:24-25

Colossians 3:16

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Luke 21:34-36

Did you know that the average working American 25-54 spends 2.7 hrs of their day watching TV? This same group spends 3-9 minutes per day doing some sort of spiritual activity. Uh that seems a little unbalanced and explains a lot about our problems!

Psalm 133:1

Next weeks topic is Anger. Study for yourself and come ready to hit it!

Gashouse Convergence for OperationSweetTooth

Earlier in the year it was decided we would try and do a convergence once a qtr since we now have workouts spread across Gaston county. The 4th and final one this year was held at the original AO Gashouse(Schielle Museum). The timing on this one was to collect items for the Boys and Girls Club in the name of OST. We did this last year and everyone at the club was very grateful.  If you are able, come out on the 12th to help take these items to donate them and see for yourself. Bandit will be sending out the time. This one was also scheduled the morning after our Christmas party so that we could keep each other accountable at the party. It worked for some and some it didn’t but all that could made the workout anyway. So below is how it went.


YHC talked for a few minutes about building leadership during F3. Something we sometimes lose sight of. It takes all of us participating and stepping up to lead to keep this thing going.


Let’s mosey! We went up to the track. I figured everyone would think we would stop once we got there so we went on around for a lap.

The Thang:

YHC read a story called That’s Not My Job(Google it). It’s about Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. I’ve had this hanging in my office for years and read it at least once a week.

Partner up and line up down the sideline of the football field. For the next while we did the same thing and just swapped out the exercise. P1 runs across the field and back while P2 does the exercise then switch.

100 Merkins

200 In/Outs

100 Squats

200 Plank Jacks

200 Def Leppard Merkins

Even though there were so many of us and we were spread out on the field the mumblechatter was still very strong! Great job everyone!

We circled back up in an uncomfortable close sweaty circle. YHC talked. I do that every once in a while. I mean I don’t really like too but sometimes I will. This is what I said in a nutshell:

Thank You to everyone for supporting me in my time as Nantan. Thanks to Whoopee for giving me the opportunity to lead and learn. Mostly I learned. I learned what I believe the Nantan should be and that I’m not quite there. I struggle with how to motivate others to lead. I believe I can and do lead but not in the true fashion of a leader. A leader shouldn’t just get people to follow him but should be inspiring others to lead. My promise to you, with your help, is I will continue to learn and grow as that kind of leader. For now I will hand the position over to a man that inspires us all. This guy is always pushing and supporting the PAX. He is always looking out for the six. I saw him jump out of a car and get the six at a workout he wasn’t even at! For the past 6 months or so he has pushed us all with his involvement in SFN. I am proud to call him my friend and brother and know that I’m way better off now that he is in my life. TOOLTIME!!!!!!!!

Ok so I may not have said it just like that but something like that. At this point Tooltime took over as Q.

After Freight handed the Q over YHC explained that Brownstreak was a guy that YHC always looked up to. That even though he was a quiet guy he would ALWAYS bring it when it came to beat downs. So in honor of Brownstreaks return this past week YHC gives you….

The Dirty 30!

30 Squats

30 Merkins

30 Jump Squats (for Dolph….shouldn’t have shared that info on our ride to meet Austin brother!)

I think YHC heard a train here 5 Burpees OYO (YHC hearing not so good could’ve been and ambulance)

30 CDD’s (you’re welcome Def Leppard)

30 Lunges each leg!

30 Burpees (for Slaw)

30 LBC’s

30 Mountain Climbers each leg

30 WWI sit-ups



Mosey back to the Shiele to meet up with the Pain Lab for some Mary


Bandit called of course Dying Cockroaches 20 IC?

Short Sale called Ski Abs – 20 IC?

And Gastone was selected (YHC apologizes for that!) 3,000,000 Flutter Kick IC (at least it seemed like that many!

Finish off with 5 Burpees OYO



YHC is honored and humbled that Freight has selected him to take over as Nantan Next year. YHC prays and asks for prayers for wisdom, strength, courage, humility, grace so that YHC can serve the men of Gashouse well this next coming year. Thank you Freight for your service and dedication to F3 Gastonia this past year as Nantan …..YHC has a tough road ahead following you. It is truly an honor to call you a brother and a friend!


Announcements: Operation Sweet Tooth toy collection to happen immediately after Prayers. ( Contact Bandit if you still want to donate YHC believes you have this week to still support), Joe Davis 5k/10k Jan 6th SpeedForNeed will be there, Pizza Man taking over as First F and Q and SpeedForNeed Gashouse Regional Q,




Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


It was an honor to lead today men!

Freight / ToolTime

5 Principles

14 showed at Midoriyama on Tuesday. I figured since we had a SFN race coming up we might as well get in some more running.



I asked one PAX to give me a core principle of F3.

We did a few warmup exercises and then we started the mosey.

The Thang:

We moseyed across the road to the new loop. Stopped and done some core work while we waited on the 6. Moseyed some more. As we came to some of the fences we did lunges(forward and backward) and some bearcrawls. We also stopped a few times for more core work. During some of these stops I would call on another PAX to tell us another core principle. We made our way back across the street to the shed for stepups and dips. We moseyed back to the main drag. Starting at one end we moseyed to the other stopping at each light pole for 5 jump squats. Once complete we made our way back to the flag.


Announcements: SFN Christmas Town race, Christmas party 12/1, Convergence and OST collection 12/2. Pizza Man is collecting used shoes to donate. Be on the lookout for him.

Prayer Request and Prayer


5 core principles

  1. Free
  2. Open to all Men
  3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold,
  4. led in a rotating fashion by the men that participate
  5. Must end in a COT





3 PAX ran around Folsom this morning doing various exercises. There really isn’t much to say about it.  We ran and stopped to do some exercises then ran some more. Lunges were involved. A little AB work. I introduced the necky. It was a crowd favorite! Mostly we just did work and had some good conversation(especially Volt, you can’t get that guy to stop talking).


Announcement-Christmas town 5k SFN 11/25(as of this writing I’m told it is sold out), Christmas Party 12/1, Convergence at Gashouse 12/2 collecting for OST

Prayer Request-Pizza Mans family after the passing of his Grandfather, Friend of Medicine Woman having back surgery


6 men gathered in the cold at Gashouse on Saturday to put in some work. Not being used to the cold yet it was hard to get out there. Obviously it was harder for those that didn’t post. We missed you! Upon the request of the Weasel Shaker I made a Christmas theme workout just to poke at Whoppee as we approach the Christmas Party. I think he went to Folsom so this BB is the poke.


SSH x 6ic

Don Q x 10ic

6/10 was the date of our last Christmas Party

The Thang

It’s cold let’s mosey to the track! I lost my 12 days of Christmas weinke so I looked up the last time Brownstreak did it and used most of his. You do this workout just like you sing the song.

1-minute of plank/Al Gore

2-200 yd dash

3-jump squats

4-cdd’s ic


6-plank jacks ic

7-calf raises ic

8-lbc’s ic

9-Mtn climbers ic

10-monkey jumpers ic

11-Freddy Mercury ic

12-ssh ic

Mosey back


Good work by all today! It was hard to get warmed up even though we didn’t stop moving. It was nice to meet Clavin. Welcome Sir!


Christmas Party 12/1. I will be hitting various morning workouts this week to collect HC’s. Convergence 12/2 at Gashouse bring your OST items for boys and girls club. Advisory meeting Sunday 11/12 6:30 at Cavendish.

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