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Easy Backblast

I gotta do more Q’s at running AO’s, these backblasts are easy to write.


We ran, we pledged, we prayed, we gone!


Sign up for the CSAUP on Feb. 23rd!


Be praying for Tophat and his family, those PAX headed to NOLA, Pizza Man’s M, those battling the flu and the Charlotte PD as they deal with a lot of recent losses.


Until next time,



The weather warmed up for what turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon at Gastonia’s finest JV AO. Almost time to get to work and a shiny new Dodge truck rolls in. Could it be a FNG? Good guess (and some might say a correct guess), but no, it’s none other than the infamous Allen Tate. Now that all is right with the world let’s get started.


Warm up with SSH”s, Moroccan nightclubs and Don Q’s then head out for the parking lot at the back of the park. Once there we did the following…


Perfom max reps of two different exercises then complete a lap around the lot.

Set #1 – Merkins and LBC’s

Set #2 – Mike Tyson’s and American Hammers

Set #3 – CDD’s and Big Boy sit ups

I finally had to call a stop on Set #3 as Freight and Gold Digger had decided that they could do Big Boys for a few hours.  Also, at some point during this portion of the workout there was a Sargento sighting. Thanks for stopping by, but next time come ready to workout.


Head back to the lot at the horseshoe pits and partner up for some Dora. 100 Little Gumby in the Woods, 200 Mountain Climbers and 300 Seal Jacks.


After Dora we did some rugby sprints with Rosalita’s, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks and Freddie Mercury’s.


Headed back to the flag and finished up with LBFC’s and 22 for the Vets.



When I put together my weinke last night I had some words I wanted to share with the PAX, but after reading the devotion that Sparky posted today I changed my mind. If you aren’t doing it already, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to read the devotion that Sparky puts on Slack each morning. We spent a few minutes talking about suffering, struggles and other issues we face daily.



CSAUP Feb. 23rd – sign up ASAP

Rooster March 2nd

There were others that I forgot – Q fail


Prayer Requests

Allen Tate’s M – kidney stones

Pizza Man’s M

Paysour family

Mull Family – passing of Tracy Mull

Gumby – continue to get better


YHC took us out.


Great group of guys today with plenty of mumble chatter. What else should you expect when Freight AND Allen Tate are around. Welcome to Barry McCraw, now known as Snooker.


Keep it moving

With the forecast calling for temps slightly below freezing, YHC wasn’t sure how many PAX would show this morning at Mt. Hollywood. Not only did 11 PAX decide to start the week off right, some even posted in shorts. Let’s get started.


No FNG’s, but a short disclaimer was given anyway. Warmup with some SSH’s, Don Q’s and Moroccan Nightclubs and then onto The Thang:


Quarter Miler

The goal of the workout today was to keep moving so we moseyed in 1/4 mile increments and at each stop performed a set of exercises.

Stop #1 – Wall at Rankin Elementary

Donkey kicks, Dips and Derkins x15

Stop #2 – Wells Fargo

American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s x30 (count right side)

Stop #3 – Hill St. at City Hall

Hand release Merkins, Plank Jacks, Shoulder Taps x15

Stop #4 – Front of Police Station

Michael Phelps, LBC’s x40

Stop #5 – First Pres parking lot

Mike Tysons, Merkins, CDD’s x15

Stop #6 – Halfway up Baptist Hill

Rosalita’s, Mtn. Climbers, Flutter Kicks x40

Stop #7 – Glendale and Hawthorne

10 Burpee’s

Stop #8 – Steps across from Middle School

10 Calf raises on each step, 50 Squats


Still a little time left so head over to the front of the school for 3 rounds of 1 minute wall sit and 10 Hip Slappers followed by Protractors and Big Boy sit ups to finish it off.



Announcements – Be on the lookout for 50 mile CSAUP soon



Tiger announced last week that Mt. Hollywood was committing to pray for the Gastonia region PAX throughout the year. As you are doing this, think about why it is important to pray for others. Two reasons that come to mind are:


James 5:15 – “Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective”.


1 Timothy 2:1 – “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people”.

If you feel led to do so, reach out to those you are praying for each week and see if there are any specific things you can pray for. Sometimes all a person needs to lift their spirits is to know that they aren’t alone and someone else is thinking about and praying for them.


Prayer Requests

Anchorman’s mother in law

2018 Gashouse leadership team – ToolTime, Pizza Man, Sargento, Freight, Roscoe, Short Sale



YHC took us out.


Welcome to Wrangler who lives just outside of Mt. Holly and started posting last week at one of the Lake Norman AO’s. Sounds like he’s gonna be one of those dual region PAX!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


Daily Double

YHC arrived a little early to scout the AO for icy patches and found Sister Act already doing some EC running. The parking lots look clear so let’s work the Weinke around that. As time nears the PAX start rolling in, but wait, is that Def Leppard? Didn’t he Q the Silver Sneakers workout earlier in the day, and didn’t Sister Act post for the same workout? It appears we may have some kind of secret partnership scheming to share the last Iron Skillet of the year. Regardless of the motive, strong work by both to double up on a less than perfect day for workouts. Let’s get started….





Don Q’s x10IC

Moroccan Nightclubs x10IC

Pledge (no flag, so face Blart’s truck)


Mosey to the parking lot at the big soccer fields for some partner work. Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 sprints to middle of parking lot and completes a set number of reps of a different exercise. Flapjack.

Round 1 – Flutter kicks one end, 10 Burpee’s opposite

Round 2 – Freddie Mercury’s, 20 Diamond Merkins

Round 3 – WWI’s, 20 Mike Tysons

Round 4 – LBC’s, 20 Werkins

Round 5 – American Hammers, 10 Burpee’s


Move over the the long parking lot for a little Route 66:

Round 1 – Crab walk w/WWI’s

Round 2 – Lunge walk w/Squats

Round 3 – Bear crawl w/Merkins


Keeping with the theme, on to the next parking lot to finish up with some leg work. Cones are set up for a Quarter Pounder:

Sprint 25 yards, perform 25 Toy Soldier’s and NUR back

Sprint 50 yards, perform 50 Bobby Hurley’s and NUR back

Sprint 75 yards, perform 75 Mountain Climbers and NUR back

Sprint 100 yards, perform 100 Squats and NUR back


Legs are pretty spent at this point so fellowship mosey across the street to the start and finish up with a round of flutter kicks called by Swimmer.



As we all prepare for Christmas over the next two weeks I hope you will take time to remember what this season is about…..celebrating the birth of Jesus. The Christmas season has become so commercialized that it seems that we are trying to “squeeze in” Jesus whenever we have time in an attempt to keep the real meaning of Christmas alive. This year, work on keeping the birth of Jesus at the forefront of Christmas and “squeeze in” all the other stuff. Start your own family traditions that are Christ centered; read Luke Chapter 2 on Christmas Day, attend a church service, help a family less fortunate than yours during the holidays, etc..


“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Colossians 3:17



Convergence this Saturday at 7am at Schiele – bring toys for Operation Sweet Tooth

Christmas Party this Saturday at 6pm – moved to Lewis Farms


Prayer Requests

Freight’s grandfather – illness

Tiger’s uncle – illness

Def Leppard’s daughter – college graduation and headed out to the “real” world


YHC took us out. Thanks to all of you for the push not only today, but the entire year. It’s an honor to be associated with such a great group of HIM’s.


Vern goes to Hollywood

5 PAX posted for a bootcamp and one more came to log some miles on an unusually warm December morning. No FNG’s so after a short disclaimer, pledge and a little warming up we headed to the front of the school for The Thang.


Most of you who have been posting for a while have likely done The Vern at some point. To my knowledge, it hasn’t been done yet at Mt. Hollywood so let’s break the ice. Fortunately for me, there’s no place around town with a good place to do pull-ups so lets change that up to more of a crowd pleaser – Hip Slappers!


It went like this:

10 Hip Slappers

Run a lap around the parking lot (about 250 yards)

20 Dips

Run a lap

25 Merkins

Run a lap

30 LBC’s

Run a lap

Repeat a total of 5 times


Still had a little time for Mary. Corkscrews, Big Boys, Burpee’s, etc.



Christmas party December 15th at Quiche’s – reply to the email

Convergence at Schiele on December 15th


Prayer Request

Orangeman with some upcoming decisions to make, pray for courage and guidance. Each other, PAX battling injuries.


Moleskin – Give More

Read Luke 6:38. You don’t need to be wealthy to possess a giving heart. Don’t get caught up in giving presents, rather give of yourself. A helping hand, a listening ear and a kind word are all examples of how we can give to others without spending any money. God promises us that when we give he will return those blessings back to us multiplied.


YHC took us out.




Gashouse Sneak Attack

After a week of Top Secret planning, and some additional planning that ended up with Whoopee getting his own Slack channel, the day to invade F3 Shelby and crush the hopes and dreams of F3 Rock Hill finally arrived. A total of 31 Brave, Honorable, Courageous…..oops….31 IDIOTS rolled into the Powderhorn AO in a line of cars that made it look like the fair was back in town. The weather was perfect for a beatdown, around 33 degrees and raining. After some fellowship, mumble chatter and a disclaimer we got to work.


The Thang

1,000 SSH’s, 2,000 Flutter Kicks and some other stuff in grass fields with 6″ of standing water.


There was a ton of mumble chatter through the entire workout and it was great to see the 3 different regions come together for an awesome event. 64 total PAX in terrible weather shows how much F3 means to so many PAX. In the end, the Ghost Flag stays in NC and I’m sure we can expect a visit from F3 Rock Hill in the near future.


Thanks to Pizza Man for promoting the trip and all the PAX who attended.



Mosey around the Block

Nine PAX posted in the gloom to get their week started right. Roadie was “all jacked up on Mt. Dew”, or some kind of energy drink that is allowed during the 40 day challenge, and itching to get after it. Gold Digger comes in hot after some EC and time hits. No FNG’s this morning, but a disclaimer was given nonetheless.


After a warmup of SSH’s, Don Q’s, Moroccan Nightclubs and 5 Burpee’s for the train we headed out for a mosey down Catawba Ave to the wall behind the BB&T. PAX line up on the wall and perform a wall sit while one PAX takes a lap around the bank. When PAX returns, switch to Balls to Wall while next PAX in line takes a lap. Alternate back and forth between exercises until each PAX has completed a lap.


Head out to Main Street and mosey down Main to Central Avenue stopping at each light pole for 5 Burpee’s, 10 Merkins and 20 LBC’s. Plank for the six.


Lunge walk down first set of parking spaces on Central stopping for 10 Jump Squats at each space. Bear Crawl next set of spaces with 10 Merkins at each space. NUR to Oakland Ave for 50 LBC’s. Regular mosey to the wall at Rankin Elementary for Dips and Step Ups.


Mosey back to the Auditorium across from the start for some Calf Raises, Squats and Deep Sea Divers on the steps. After 5 Burpee’s for another train, back to the start for a few minutes of Mary before time is up.



Thought of the day:

The mission of F3 is to invigorate male leadership in the community. Recently we have seen more and more men step up to lead, either through their first Q, or by taking on the role of Site Q. What are some leadership lessons we can learn from men in the Bible:


Moses – Leaders stick up for their people. Moses tried every excuse in the book not to do it, but finally answered God’s call and led his people out of bondage.

Peter – Leaders bounce back from failure. Peter was probably the most well-known disciple and after telling Jesus he would never deny him, did just that. Peter realized what he did and was distraught. He bounced back and went on to spend the rest of his life preaching and teaching about Jesus.

Jesus – Leaders are servants. Jesus washed his disciples feet. Enough said.



  • Convergence with 3rd F event following workout at The Yank on November 10th
  • Christmas party December 15th – details coming soon


Prayer Requests

  • Shad Rap’s son having testing done this week
  • Plane crash in Indonesia
  • Roadie’s friend plane crash in SC




YHC took us out. Thanks to all the PAX for supporting Tiger and the newest AO of our region. If you haven’t made it out yet, give it a try. Better yet, sign up for a Q!




Dora with a Twist

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful. I might have that saying backwards, but nonetheless, it was a perfect day for an afternoon workout and 14 HIM’s came out to push the rock. Some arrived early for some EC and some came in on two wheels, but all gave max effort and hopefully left feeling like they had received a proper beatdown.


After a short disclaimer, we warmed up with some SSH’s, Don Q’s and Morrocan Night Clubs then headed for the small soccer field for a little Dora with a Twist. It went something like this:


Partner up and both partners start on one sideline. Perform 20 Burpee’s as a team and then Partner Wheelbarrow to the opposite sideline and perform 100 Merkins as a team. Switch for Partner Wheelbarrow back across the field. Repeat with 20 Burpee’s and 200 Imperial Squats then 20 Burpee’s and 300 LBC’s. Good job by the PAX on the wheelbarrow’s, the arms and shoulders were burning after three trips across the field.


Let’s head to the bleachers for a 10 to 1 Countdown. Dips, Step Ups and Derkins with a run across the field and back between each set.


Getting short on time, but I still wanted to give everyone a good leg burn before we finished up. Mosey to the large lot at the playground and line up on the curb. Perform Rocky Balboa’s on the curb while each PAX takes a turn running across the lot and back. Now that the calf’s are burning, let’s repeat with Tiger Squats to hit the quads. Time’s up, head back to the flag.



Thought for the day….

Most of you are aware of the physical and personal health challenges that are a regular staple of F3 Gashouse. Roadie has just issued a 40 day challenge and Pizza Man issues a daily exercise challenge each month. These are an awesome way to get in better physical condition, develop healthy habits and also have others to hold you accountable. Some PAX will modify the challenge to make it more difficult, others will use it to get to the next level and for some it will be a struggle to complete. Remember, it’s you vs. you and you are working to get better.

My question to each of you is this, “What are you doing for a Spiritual Challenge”? Are you committed to reading scripture daily, doing devotions, attending “spiritual workouts” like the Forge, worship services or a bible study? What would your before and after picture look like after a 40 Day Spiritual Challenge? Remember the 3 F’s – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Think about challenging yourself on the Third F and I promise you will be rewarded beyond measure.



Announcements – Convergence at The Yank on Nov. 10th with 3rd F event following, Christmastown 5k, Christmas Party Dec. 15th

Prayer Requests

Powerball and Family – loss of mother in law

Tiger – life decisions

Those battling addictions

Those taking on leadership roles and Site Q’s

The Lost


Nameorama and YHC closed us in prayer.



Arms and Shoulders

The weather was perfect and 9 PAX resisted the urge to fartsack and chose to start the work week off right by posting at Mt. Hollywood. Since there were no FNG’s a short disclaimer was given and we got started.


Warm Up

SSH and Imperial Walkers x15IC followed by a lap around the parking lot


The Thang

Everyone grab two bricks out of my truck and let’s do this. Since YHC doesn’t have the new “official” F3 version we’re going old school for the Deck of Death.


Spades = Mountain Climbers

Clubs = Squat to Air Press

Hearts = Morrocan Nightclubs (counted IC)

Diamonds = Merkins

Ace = 14 reps plus a lap around the lot

Wild = PAX choice of exercise plus a lap around the lot

(All exercises and laps performed with coupons in hand)


We got through the deck with a little time to spare so we did a blind draw of one card and doubled the face value to get the number of reps for one more round of each exercise. Out comes a Queen so 24 reps of each and one last lap around the lot. Three minutes of Mary and the workout is complete.



YHC is doing a study on Transformation by Rick Warren through his church and wanted to share a little about what that means. We need to seek God’s will to transform the essential areas of our lives: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Financial and Vocational.


Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.


Conforming has to do with behavior

Transforming has to do with character

Conforming is from the outside in

Transforming is from the inside out



Burpeethon on October 6th

Need Q’s at Mt. Hollywood


Prayer Requests

Shad Rap’s 2.0 having a sleep deprivation test tomorrow

Buckeye’s aunt is ill

Tiger’s M

Broke’s 2.0 having more tests

Those impacted by the flooding


YHC took us out


Almost forgot the pledge, but remembered while most of us were still around to avoid the Q fail. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and for the push.




Say what?

Seven PAX decided to get the workweek off to a good start by rolling out of the fartsack and posting at the newest AO in Gaston County, Mt. Hollywood. Everyone was a regular so only a short disclaimer given before we go to work.


Quick warmup of Imperial Walkers, SSH’s and Morrocan Nightclubs all x10IC. Said the pledge and headed down Catawba Ave to the BB&T on the corner where we got started with The Thang:


Walls of Jericho – 7 reps of 7 exercises then a lap around the building and parking lot repeated 7 times. Exercises were  Hip Slappers, WWI’s, Squats, Derkins, American Hammers, Seal Jacks and Mike Tyson’s.


We took a few minutes to recover and discussed what we can learn from the bible story about the walls of Jericho and how they fell. The massive wall surrounding the city seemed to be indestructible and the strategy laid down by God probably seemed foolish to the people…. You want us to march silently around the city once a day for six days, and then, after seven circuits on the seventh day, shout and blow our horns? Say what??? But Joshua was obedient to the plan given to him by God and the people followed the instructions exactly as they were laid out for an easy victory. When we are obedient to God’s commands we will achieve victory, no matter how foolish his plan may seem to us, he will always deliver us when we are faithful. The problem we have is that we make life difficult by seeking to do what WE want and not what HE wants.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Mosey over to Central Ave and head back toward the start. Orangeman and Sister Act are starting to get restless due to the fact that we haven’t heard a train and YHC has yet to call any burpee’s. Gotta keep the PAX happy so we gathered up at the entrance to Rankin Elementary to practice the monthly challenge – Contra Burpee’s. Start with one at first light pole and add one at each pole all the way to the corner.


Short mosey over to the auditorium for the last part of the workout. Deep Sea Divers, Calf Raises and Dips on the steps.


Just enough time left for a couple of rounds of Mary which consisted of Corkscrews, Crab Cakes and Bobby Hurley’s.



3rd F at Grits and Greens in Lowell on Wednesdays at 6:30pm

CSAUP relay on August 25th – If you want to sign up you need to let Pizza Man know ASAP.

2nd F cookout at Sargento’s on August 25th (M’s only, no 2.0’s) – Let Sargento know if you are planning to attend.

Nomads heading to CSPAN convergence on August 18th – Freight is getting clown car together

Folsom 2.0 workout on August 18th

Tubing on August 18th – Contact Freight for details

JJ5k on September 22nd at Common Grounds in Stanley

Speed for Need – Stop Soldier Suicide 5k/10k in Belmont September 22nd

Special Olympics Burpee-thon on October 6th


Prayer Requests and YHC took us out.


Strong work from everyone this morning. Sister Act continues to post all over the county, Dr. Seuss and Orangeman are two of the most steady, hard working guys in F3, Tiger is battling an injury but still posted and pushed through, Gilligan is back and pushing the rock and Gold Digger continues to do his energizer bunny impersonation. I appreciate the push and opportunity to lead this morning.








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