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The Folsom Open

I showed up to early since this was my first weekday post at Folsom.  I left home a little early because YHC did not know how long it would take to get there from Belmont.  I showed up  around 5:10 a.m. with a grayish looking SUV already in the parking lot. YHC was on alert since it was not a white pick up truck.  Come to find out it was Huckleberry.  Myth #1 busted “All the guys that post at Folsom have a white pickup truck with large tires”.  Roadie shows up and jumps out of his truck with American Flag shorts for flag day.  I knew there would be at least one.   The PAX began to show up as Roadie, Huck, and I visited.  They were letting me know that it is hard to know just how many would show up, but they were sure Medicine Women would not show since he was not there already.  The clock struck 5:30 a.m., so it was time to serve up a beat down.

There were no FNGs, Huck thought he may have one, but not today.  I gave the disclaimer then got started.

Warm Up:


10 Merkins IC  As we are recovering Sparky is coming in hot.  Myth #2 confirmed Sparky’s workout starts at 5:35 a.m.  Moroccan Night Clubs until he gets out of the truck. The PAX also let me know that he lives the closes to Folsom then the other PAX.  SMH

5 Burpees OYO for the train.  I had these programmed in the workout, so we stuck to just 5.  (Roadie does not like burpees) Plus I knew we had not seen the last of the burpees in this workout.

15 Squats IC

The Thang

Mosey to the lower parking lot near the pond for BLIMPS

Burpees  10

Lunges     25 each leg  At this point we see massive head lights coming down the road.  YHC thought is was Peterbuilt truck, but I was wrong is was Medicine Women coming in on fire.

Imperial Walkers  25 each side

Merkins    25

Plank Jacks   25

Squats     25

In between each set we ran down to the light and back.  Once completed 50 LBC for the 6.

Mosey back up the hill, once out of the parking lot we ran backwards up the hill until we were closer to the tennis courts.  Mosey on to the tennis court where we did the Turtle run (Bear Crawl Indian run) down to the far side of the tennis court.

Next up Triple Nickle

5 dive bombers run down to second light on tennis court then 5 burpees  rinse and repeat 5 times.  YHC reminded everyone that it is you versus you since dive bombers can be tough on shoulders. With time running down there was just enough time for 2 rounds of Tabata.

Tabata: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest of the following exercises

Set 1

Jump Squats




Jump Squats




Once complete mosey around all of the tennis courts.  Set 2 of Tabata was the same, but Omaha Burpees for American Hammers. During the second set Huck shoulder gave out on him.  He insisted the PAX finish the workout, even through he was in severe pain.  He even finished the last mosey around the tennis court.  Way to push through Huck.  You are a bad man.

Mosey back to the start where YHC called time.  Medicine Women ran to his truck to get American Flag.


Announcements: F3 Dads at Grizzlies game tomorrow at 7pm, Folsom 2.0 workout on Saturday morning, GoRuck Light event July 22nd

Prayer request: Bed Pan’s M, Huck’s shoulder, and others lifted up the YHC cannot remember.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men. The mumble chatter was strong just like other backblast I have read.   I plan to make it out again.  I already feel right I home with my white pickup truck.  I can now purchase a Folsom shirt the next time we put in an order.  Thanks for the push.  Until next time. Keep pushing the rock.




16 Strong

YHC showed up to the AO with Weinke prepared and ready to get the day started right. The PAX began to show up in the gloom. Most of them driving up, but in the distance I see  Orangeman getting in EC by running from his house to the AO.  Strong work brother. The watch struck 5:30 which I later found out my watch is 2 minutes fast.  Lets get after it.


Warm up

15 Seal Jacks IC (D fibs favorite)

15 Merkins  IC

20 Mountain Climbers IC

20 Squats IC

10 burpees OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the tennis court with a quick stop under the railroad tracks for 5 wall walks and 20 donkey kicks.

Once we arrived at the tennis courts it was time for BLIMPS.  Perform 25 of exercise then run down to end of parking lot and back then do the next exercise.


Lunges (each leg)

Incline Merkins

Mike Tyson’s

Plank Jack


Once complete 50 LBC while the 6 finished up.  Once done mosey to the Goat Island Bridge for a Triple Nickel.  5 Wolverine burpees run across the bridge then perform 5 Dive Bombers.  At one  point I heard a PAX critiquing his Dive Bomber form.  He was wandering how he managed to have  the number kids he has.  On the last round YHC stomach felt a little ruff.  I told Dr. Suess and Wet Nuts that I started to feel like I may splash merlot.   Getting close to time, mosey back to the start point for rounds of Mary.  Monkey Humpers and Flutter Kicks.  Time


Announcements: GoRuck Light event on July 22.  Let Boudin know if you would like to join the 4 HC or have any questions.  Memorial Day 5 K and Murph.  If you are running the race there will be a convergence before the race.  Also, keep an eye out for possible clown car scenario.

I took us out with prayer.  Cannot remember exact request, the Sky Q knows those request spoken and unspoken.

Thanks for the push men.   Great work by everyone.  Way to push through. I encourage everyone to get out there and sign up to Q a workout.

See you in the gloom!


Terrible Tabata

When YHC was planning for The Storm Q all he could think about was his last Q at The Storm.  I think people felt it was a bit soft, so what is not soft Burpees.  As the PAX started to show up I knew that Apache had the Q at Folsom, so I thought the numbers may be light.  I was wrong the PAX had a strong showing, 14 in all.  There was a little mumblechatter before we got started.  Mayor was upset that someone called him a bully the night before. That may or not have been YHC.  I was just concerned that he had run Dolph off because I had not seen him a while.  Clock struck 5:30 am time to get started.

Warm up


Merkins 15 IC

Squats 15 IC   Evidently this is a very funny exercise to Dolph because he could not stop laughing.  I think it may have been my counting.

Burpees 5 OYO


The Thang

Mosey around the practice field until we reached the school.  Once there 6 rounds of the following exercise as fast as you can with a mosey around the practice field after round  2, 4, and 6.

10 Pushups

10 Squats

10 Burpees

10 Squats

The mumble chatter was at a minimum, so I know that PAX were giving it the old “Maximum Effort”.  At one point, one PAX  though he heard me call an Omaha on the burpees from across the field.  Wishful thinking.  Lets continue as prescribed.

Mosey to the tennis courts for some Tabata.  20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of the following excercises

Squat jump




Squat jump




We completed the first round then mosey around the tennis court back to the starting point.  You guessed it, another 4 minutes of getting stronger then another mosey.  Stopped with 2 tennis courts left bear crawl back to the starting point on the tennis courts.

With about 5 minutes to spare we mosey to the starting point to circle up for some Mary.

Slow Squats, Flutter, Heal Touches, Oblique Crunches,Freddie Mercuries, French Fry, Monkey Humpers


Annoucements: 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom on Saturday, Mayor mentioned the event for veterans flying to DC.  PAX can sign up with family to be at airport when they return home.  Dolph encouraged the PAX to Q workouts.

Pray Request: Lynn Hamm, Seniors getting ready to graduate high school, and all of the unspoken prayer request.

Great work today men.  Keep getting up and pushing the rock.   I encourage everyone to volunteer to Q a workout.  Maybe we can fill up June and July schedules if they are not full.  After posting this BB, I will be contacting Dolph and Mayor to get back on the schedule.  I encourage the PAX to at least reach out to at least one or the other if not both to put your name on the Q list.  If another AO works better reach out to that site Q.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

See you in the gloom.




Festival of Pain

YHC showed up to The Yank to find the streets blocked for the Garibaldi Festival. That would not stop the PAX from meeting at the normal spot.  YHC noticed a few PAX that he had not met yet.  Looks like F3 Gastonia had a good week for new brothers. Keep EHing new PAX.  It’s go time  7 am. Reviewed the 5 principals of F3 for FNG. The thang.



10 Merkins IC

25 Morrocann Nightclubs IC

15 Mountain climbers IC

Pledge then let’s Mosey to the hill in Hawthorne.

Burpees at the bottom then run to the top for merkins. YHC originally had 11s planned, but reconsidered and went with 1,3,5,7,9 burpees at bottom and 2,4,6,8,10 Merkins at the top.  Next stop the field of dreams as Tesla would say for BLIMPS

10 Burpees to start run halfway around track then with following excercises after running another half

25 lunges

5 Inchworm Merkins. Inchworm then do 5 Merkins back up. Rinse and repeat 5 times.

25 Mike Tysons

25 Plank Jacks

25 squats.

Next it was time for a triple nickle.

On straight away of track.

5 burpees


5 lbc

With 7 minutes left we mosey to the fountain. Circle up for Mary.

15 WW1

15 squats

15 flutter kicks

25 Monkey Humpers

25 High knees

I know I missed some of the excercise, but this is all I could remember.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead  As always it was an honor to lead. Keep pushing the rock men.

Announcements:  Coconut Horse is open for busy on Mother’s Day. Ruckers launching at 6, Clysdales at 615 and everyone else at 630. Welcome our newest PAX Mario.


See you in the gloom.






GROWRUCK Charlotte Pre Blast

Hey guys, I am the Gashouse Q for GrowRuck. The GrowRuck experience is designed to draw out the leadership principles that are implicit in most GORUCK events by including a specific, leadership-focused classroom portion and then a GORUCK Challenge (Light or Tough) led in such a way to specifically illustrate and make impactful those lessons through team physical activity. In the F3 context, it is best suited for men who have little or no GORUCK experience or for GORUCK TOUGH who want to introduce another man to GORUCK and potentially sharpen their skills as leaders who model followership.
In the F3 context, these events are often designed to include all three Fs and form a peak F3 experience over the course of 48 hours (usually Friday to Sunday). There is usually a 2nd F event on Friday. Saturday morning begins with a workout as a group then a leadership teaching by The Iron Project. TIP is a leadership consultant firm which was founded by OBT, Dredd, and Gnarly Goat. The leadership teaching last to around lunch. There would be a breakfast served before every one goes off to get some rest before the GORUCK event starts at 6 pm on Saturday evening finishing up around 6 am on Sunday morning.
The Iron Project runs these for profit, the cost run about $150 per person. They target 35 participants per event. This GROWRUCK event will take place in Charlotte and will have PAX from around the region participating. There is a Lend a Ruck program, so you would not need to go out and buy one. This announcement is gage initial interest from GasHouse. This event would take place in late August or October. Please let me know if you have any questions or would be interested in participating in this leadership event. Please pass the word to those who are not on Slack, and I will also share at the workouts throughout the week. Thanks, Boudin

Pints of Cardio

YHC showed up early to put in a little EC.  To my surprise, there was a group of women who had taken our normal parking spots.  I thought it might be a FIA group, but it was a women’s running group.  YHC had worn the legendary Blue shirt, so I was a little concern.  To be safe, I covered it with a weight vest.  Problem solved.

There were no FNG, so we said the pledge and went straight to work.  There were 3 PAX for the 3 mile run and the remaining 6 went for 5.  We arrived back at the Pub close enough to finish the post together.


This AO continues to have good turn out.  Keep up the good work.  Try recruiting PAX that have not posted at the Pub.

As always men it was a pleasure to lead.  Keep putting in the work, and we will continue to get better together.


Into the Fog

10 HIMs braved the fog this morning.  I came from around the truck, and Mayor had a weight vest on.  Way to put in the extra work.  There was a little mubble chatter then the train broke that up.  5 Burpees to start the warm up.

Warm up went like this:


Imperial Walker 15 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs 15 IC

Merkins 10 IC


Mosey to the school for a 5x5x5.  This is where the PAX completed 5 reps of 5 excercises then ran back to the beginning.  Rinse and repeat 5 times.  The excercises were:


Knees to Chest (Reverse crunch)


Mountain Climbers

Jump squats

We planked for the 6 then completed the 5 rounds together.  There was some light mumble chatter including a discussion between Whoopee and the Q about the Wonder Pets.  I know the other PAX have younger children, but they acted like they had never heard of this cartoon that promotes Teamwork.  If you have not heard of them go to You Tube and type in Wonder Pets song.  It’s a catchy little tune.

After the 5x5x5 we moved to the Chipper.  I changed this up a little by adding a run around one of the parking islands in between exercises.  The movements went like this.

50 Squats

40 American Hammers

30 Dips on curb

20 Merkins

10 Burpees

20 Hip, Rock, and Raise

30 CDD

40 LBC

50 Lunges

Fellowship Mosey to school for 1 minute wall sit with 15 shoulder presses OYO.

Mosey back to starting point for core work.


Flutter Kicks 20 IC

V Ups 10 OYO


Finished with one round of Mary: Whoopee called Baby Makers 10 IC


Announcements: Keep an eye out for information about Nomads in March.

Always a pleasure to lead men.  Thank you for the opportunity.  See you in the gloom.

Basically we ran.

YHC started Wednesday putting the word out that he had the Q at The Pub.  When I showed up Whoopee was already getting some EC with a ruck sack on.  7 HIMs showed up eager to get some fresh oxygen into the system.   YHC offered a 3 and 5 mile option, but everyone signed up for 5.  We came , We ran,  We finished

Pledge (Clavin has a flag on the back of his truck if you ever need one)


Great work today! Always a pleasure to lead HIMs.  Keep posting and getting stronger. See you in the gloom.

I believe Spiderman has the Q at Downtown tomorrow.


Used a 4X4 to get to a San Antonio Shuffle

YHC woke up to the sound of rain.  This had the Q worried that turnout would be low, but once again the PAX proved me wrong with 12 HIM ready to put in work at 5:30.  Well done men.  This back blast will be to the best of my memory do to the Weinke was destroyed by standing water from the rain, but I believe the PAX wanted to destroy before the rain got to it.

Warm up:


Imperial walker 25 IC

Squats 20 IC

10 Merkins IC

10 Burpees OYO (Should have been 5, but an extra 5 for the train)


Mosey to the front of the school.  Their was some light mumble chatter during the Mosey.  I think I even heard comment about the mosey pace.



2 Wall walks

5 Scorpion CDD’s (10 total)

20 Plank Jacks

10 Merkins

In between each exercise there was a bear crawl of about 10 yards. Rinse and repeat 4 times.

During this time the mumble chatter moved more toward grunts and hard work.  Great job men, way to push through.  My upper body was on fire.

Mosey to the tennis court of a triple nickel, but not before 5 burpees for another train.

10 squats

Run the width of 2 tennis courts

10 Monkey humpers

Then on the the San Antonio Shuffle.  All PAX on baseline.  YHC demonstrated the movement then shared with the PAX that he found it on the F3 site.  I think I might be banned from using the site now. There was even a comment that I must hate the PAX.  The website says that the San Antonio Shuffle is Lunge R Leg, Lunge L Leg, Burpee, Plank Jack  pop up then repeat.  I knew that this would be too easy for the PAX, so I modified the Shuffle. Lunge R Leg, Lunge L Leg, Burpee once down two Merkins, 4 Plank Jacks  pop up then repeat. We did this for the width of two tennis courts.  Way to push through this one

Time running out, mosey back to start. Time to work on the core.

Flutter Kicks 20 IC

LBCs 20 IC

Hip Rock N Raise 15 OYO (P90X style)

Nolan Ryan 10 each side OYO (Q fail on this one.  Everyone was done, but the Q had only done one side, so I did them Saturday Night Fever Style.  You had to be there)

Mountain Climbers  20 IC

Few minutes left. Round of Mary

V Ups  10 OYO

V up Roll up 20 OYO (Back to P90X)

Dying Cocka Roach 15 IC

Jump Squats 10  OYO



Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always an honor. See you in the gloom.






Slide, Slide, Slippy Slide

12 #Hims showed up for a slippery workout. YHC was worried that the CFB National Championship game and possible icy conditions would lead to low numbers, but the PAX proved me wrong.  As we stepped out of our cars into the gloom, the PAX quickly realized there was indeed a slight coat of ice on the parking lot.  Even though there was ice on the ground, it still felt better than the temperatures over the past week.  With No FNGs we went right into the Pledge.

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC, LBC x 20 IC , Mericans x 10 IC, 5 Burpees OYO. There was some grumbling that Burpees should not be in the “Warmup”.  It reminded me a little of the Jim Mora rant about the NFL playoffs. “Playoffs”

In between each exercise mosey to get the blood flowing which led us to the starting point of the workout.


5 Rds

Mosey around around the SC practice field stop at 200 meter mark and do 30 Flutter Kicks and 20 Walking Lunges.

Mosey around the remainder of the practice field another 200 meters back to starting point and do 20 squats and 20 Merkins.

There was a train around the second round, so 5 Burpees.  After the PAX crushed this part of the workout we moved to phase two.

5 Rds OYO

3 Burpees

6 or 7 Dips

9 Derkins

12 LBC

Mosey back to starting point for a little core work.

2 rounds of side plank for 30 sec each side.

Mountain climbers 15 IC

With a few minutes left time for a round of Mary.

Frog Kicks 10 IC

Dying Cocka Roach 10 IC

Flutter Kicks 15 IC

V Ups 8 OYO

WW2  8 OYO

American Hammers 10 IC  Time


Announcements: T-Square is collecting items like cloths, supplies for family that lost home to fire.  Breaker Breaker has the Q next Tuesday.

Prayer Request


Moleskin: TClaps to Mayor, posting while being sick.  We hope you feel better. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men.  It was an honor.  Strong work coming out in icy conditions to support each other and get stronger.  Let’s keep pushing.





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