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Day: June 28, 2020

Crossroads 6-28-20

13 PAX either ran, rucked or rode on this fine morning and followed it up with QSource.


PT test on July 18th at Gashouse


Prayers for SA’s 2.1, T Square and family, Clavin’s M


YHC took us out


I’m Broke


Welcome to the first ever F3 Gastonia Annihilation Q! The goal is to push your physical and mental limits as much as possible in 60 minutes. I know this one did just that for YHC and I trust every last Saturday of the month will do the same for anyone who posts.

*Warning, the Weinke below may cause depression and/or PTSD.


20 Hand Release Burpees, short mosey, then 10 each up-tempo: SSH, Hillbillies, Goofballs, Mountain Climbers, Extended Merkins


Nur up the hill, 10 Low Slow Squats, 10 Monkey Humpers

Jog to wall, then 5-10-15-10-5 pyramid of up-tempo: Hip Slappers, Air Presses, Air Punches, Lat Pulls (all on wall)

Keep going up the hill, find some curb for 4:1 ratio Rocky Balboa’s:Curbees, increasing proportionately for each PAX present, which ends in 28:7

Mosey down to the jail for…


11’s starting with 10 French Fries, bear crawl to first cone for 5 Mike Tyson’s, nur to second cone for 1 Bobby Hurley, jog back to first cone for 5 more Mike Tyson’s, then Joe Hendricks back to start. Continue until 11’s are completed

Mosey back to original curb spot for…


4:1 LBCs:Flutters

Mosey all the way to the tennis courts for the Leo Manzano core routine. 10 up-tempo of each: V-ups, Freddie Mercury’s, Flutters (low and high), Dying Cockroaches, Crunchy Frogs, Superman, Single Leg Deadlifts, Jump Lunges, Inchworm Shoulder Taps, and High Step Lunges

Finish up with a quick round of suicides: 5 Merkins at the baseline, 10 LBCs at each of the 6 cones

Mosey back to the flag.

Announcements and Prayer Requests can be found in Dr. Seuss’ backblast for his alternative Q, but Pizza Man did make a very good point that Annihilation is open to all PAX. Everything is up-tempo, but if you can’t finish an exercise, the Q will move on, so you don’t have to worry about holding anyone back. These workouts are an excellent opportunity to improve dramatically in a single workout. Everyone with a watch tracked between 600-700 calories burned during the workout. That’s about as good as any diet plan I know of right there. I hope to see you at the Yank on July 25 for Pizza Man’s Annihilation.

Until next time,


Dust Storm

2 showed for the Coconut Horse.

we ran 5 miles.

After we did QSource. We had 4 at QSource.

it was good.

Gastone Out

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