• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/13/2020
  • AO: Mt. Hollywood
  • QIC: Broke
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Red Ribbon, Pillager

The forecast of rainy weather must have caused some of the PAX to “forget” to set their alarms last night. The skies parted and the weather ended up being great for the 3 PAX that decided to resist the fartsack and start the week off right. Started with the pledge and then moseyed down to the BB&T to get to work.


Walls of Jericho

7 Reps of 7 exercises with a lap around the bank and parking lot after each set. The goal was to focus on good form and full execution of the exercise. Exercises were:

Hip Slappers (IC)

Mtn. Climbers (IC)


Mike Tyson’s

American Hammer’s (IC)

Plank Jacks (IC)

Lunges (IC)


Took a minute to discuss the teachings found in the story about the walls of Jericho. Be obedient to the teachings and instructions given to you by God and have faith that he will deliver you. Let’s mosey.


Stop at Central Ave and perform 10 squats at each light pole until you get to the bottom of the hill then NUR up the hill to Oakland St. and perform 50 LBC’s OYO. Continue up Central all the way to Hawthorne stopping at each light pole for 2 Burpee’s. Meet up at the steps in front of the auditorium for 10 regular calf raises on each step going up and 10 toes out calf raises on each step on the way down.


We moseyed to the cover in front of the middle school to finish up with about 10 minutes of ab work. Big boys, oblique crunches, flutters, etc….then finished up with 10 Burpee’s, 25 Dips and 10 Step Ups.




Rooster on Feb. 29th – put something on Slack if you’re interested in finding a team

Whoopee is working to get together a shooting event for PAX


Prayer Request

Gumby – recovering from hernia surgery

PAX struggling with injuries and other issues

Be on the lookout for this week’s prayer list from Tiger



Thanks to Red Ribbon and Pillager for coming out this morning. These guys were sprinting around the building during the Walls of Jericho and really pushed me today, I was definitely the six.


YHC took us out.


I’m Broke