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Day: January 9, 2020

Run Run Rudolph!

8 for the Pub.

To Pelican Snoball’s and back. Some go the entire distance and some shorter.

Diva ran it twice.

Rudolph showed up confused on his location.

Stinky Bird we are still worried he might throw up on us. But had to leave right after the run because of a potential run.

Gastone Out!


The Goat – 1/9/20

7 men at The Goat this morning to put in some work.  No FNGs today, so time to get to it!

Warmup:  SSH 20(ic)

Gravel Pickers 10(ic)


The Thang:

Short mosey around the corner to the main road in front of the Masonic lodge.  First exercise here is the Hero WOD called “DEE”.


4 Rounds

40  Squats

30 Hand Release Merkins

20 Burpees

400 Meter Run

We used 8th Ave to complete the 4 rounds of this.  Start at the corner, perform exercises, then run to church.  Perform second round of exercises in parking lot in front of the church, then run back down.  3rd round of exercises, then back up. Finally the 4th round of exercises, and back to bottom.  Good work on this one men, way to keep pushing.  HR Merkins  straight into Burpees is no joke!

Next is a short mosey to the Gazebo area.  The first exercise took longer than expected, but we still had a little time for some more work. Here 5 exercises are called.  Perform the exercises, then run a lap.

5 Burpees (Pull-ups were initially called, but I was told we are not allowed to do them at the gazebo anymore, so more Burpees were called)

10 Diamond Merkins

15 Big Boys

20 Jump Lunges

25 Peter Parker’s

Run a lap

We were able to complete 3 rounds of this before we ran out of time.  Nice work men. Mosey back to the flag.  Time!



Prayer Request


Appreciate the opportunity to lead today.  This one had me smoked early on, but everyone was working hard which encouraged me to keep pushing.  Awesome group of pax this morning.  Thanks men!

Sister Act


Dealin’ with the Deck of Death after Wild Card Weekend

It was pretty cold for the first Monday of the new year but that didn’t stop the 10 HIM that showed up to push major rock. After a practically nonexistent disclaimer YHC led some warmups and moseyed the PAX over to the elementary school entrance area for some smooth pavement.

Has anyone every noticed that the Mount Holly Middle School parking lots is absolutely terrible? I digress.

Today the lucky PAX would have the chance to explore some Deck of Death surprises. Rules were that we’d do what each card says but on the aces we’d have to run a lap and any number card was to be increased by 10 reps. The PAX was in good spirits today and we went about the workout as planned.

It was funny though that it seemed most of the exercises ended up being of the leg or running type. Any way, we didn’t get through the whole deck but we did good work just the same.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead. You men are awesome! AYE!!!

Announcements: Brand new AO “The Ricky Bobby” each Wednesday at New Hope Elementary, Rice & Beans Tuesday the 14th

Prayer Requests: Time Frame’s wife, Whoopee’s 2.0, Gumby, Lil’ Sweet, Tiger’s dad, SA’s family on loss of his grandmother, Stroganoff

Final Horse of 2019

Attendance from participation.

1 Rucked, the rest ran.

Waffle House Convergence

Attendance from participation.

We rucked…

Read the details from Montross’ backblast or maybe you shoulda shown up.

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