• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/02/2019
  • AO: SnoBalls
  • QIC: Gastone
  • FNG's: Phil 53 FNG now named (Johnny Cake)
  • PAX: Outhouse, Stinky Bird, Easy Rider, Whoopee, Watts Up, Clavin, Island, Gastone.

9 Men showed for the Bootcamp, 1 of them was a FNG.

The Thang:

SSH 25

Mosey to parking lot at park.

First pole,  Squats

Something else at the next one.

Then Lunges to the next.

Then we found a line in the lot. 50, 2 foot side to side jumps over the line.

Then, 50 front to back over the line.

Mosey to the hill at the field that goes up to the picnic benches.

Bottom of the hill 25 Sumo Squats, 25 Merkins, 25 Situps.

Same at the top, same at the bottom. We made it to 100.

Mosey to back of the field hill.

Leg work.

Monkey Humpers 50, Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill, Monkey Humpers 50, Lunge Walk down.

Calf Raises 50, Bernie, Calf 50, Lunge Walk Down.

Squats 50 Bernie, Squats.

Mosey through the dark forest.

Other side 25 SSH, 25 Plank Jacks, 25 Seal Jacks, 25 Mountain Climbers. x3

Mosey up to Martha Maintenance parking lot.  Some exercise.

Then 250 yard run back to the start.

The Moleskin:

Outhouse brought the FNG who is also in the Porta John Business. He was named after the hand soap found in the low sink that are inside the Porta Johns that makes your hands blue. They call that soap Johnny Cake for some reason. But that is his name now. Johnny Cake, welcome.

Stinky Bird gets Baptized this weekend.  Congratulation, that is a big deal.

Prayers for several family members, they will pull it together.

A couple of announcements. You can now start training for the Ragnar per Whoopee, you have plenty of time.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q! To be the person that Q’s is very cool to me still even though I have been in this F3 thing for years. It means I have the ability and not only get out of bed but can lead other men sometimes. How cool is that. If you have not been Q or you don’t Q enough, Start.

Gastone, Out!