• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/05/2019
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: all y'all bitches

OK guys, I got the final call from BRR management. We will not be “officially” part of BRR, however that is not stopping us.  We still have plans for BRRuck and here is the rough draft: We will ruck similar to BRR starting approximately 115 miles out of Asheville and utilize similar (not identical) transition zones. We will basically be doing a CSAUP so there is no liability for the BRR people-there is your disclaimer-there is no one to sue and you are an idiot. That being said, it’s gonna be great. We plan to start rucking at midnight on Thursday night, September 5 and ruck in pairs (or more if we have more pax) until around lunchtime on Saturday, September 7. You will likely do 3 (or more) ruck legs and should never be alone. We will be back in Gastonia sometime late Saturday afternoon. What you need is a ruck, whatever food you want to eat/drink, and money for gas. I need a firm HC from you if interested so let me know so we can make plans.  Hope to see you then.