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Day: July 8, 2019

Star-Spangled Beatdown

At 5:25, I got out of my truck and took a big breath of the fresh Carolina air! I asked the other 7 men who had gathered on this sacred day “Do you guys smell that?” The men looked a bit puzzled. I answered “That’s the smell of FREEDOM!”. I could almost hear the caw of Bald Eagles chasing after some Commie-prey. I could almost feel the cold of the Delaware River as General Washington crossed with his men. I could almost smell the ink as our founding fathers drug that quill pen across that legendary parchment that indeed created the greatest nation in history. Merica! 8 men were at Folsom to day for this Star-Spangled-Kick Some Ass-Merica themed workout!


Montross has a Bluetooth speaker and a playlist just for today! Nothing but songs about Merica!

SSH and Toy Solders – in cadence

Bedpan shared some terrific July 4th history with us. Do you know when our country first celebrated July 4th? The answer was July 1777…we didn’t even wait to win the war, we started celebrating on the first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence because we’re Merica and we had no intentions of losing!

Montross takes the lead: Let’s mosey to the Ampitheater – one little adjustment today. Normally the shovel flags say at the starting location but not today. We left Bedpan’s double-barrel Merica and F3 flag at the start, but we are carrying the Folsom Shovel Flag with us to every stop today! We rotated flag duties, other men grabbed the coupons.

First up – Abs
– 25 LBCs in cadence
– 25 Rosalitas in cadence
– 13 Fifer Scissor Alt Punch in cadence (the exercise Short Sale brought to convergence that looks kinda like a Dying Cockroach)
– Repeat all 3 to give us 50 total LBCs and 50 Rosalitas in cadence for each of the 50 states. Also, (2) sets of 13 Fifer Scissors for the 13 colonies and original states.

What celebration of Merica would be complete without plenty of Merkins? Therefore, let’s do some Ladder Merkins.
– 5 each Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Right Arm Stagger Merkins, Left Arm Stagger Merkins, Right Leg Up Merkins, Left Leg Up Merkins, and Mike Tysons in cadence.

Bedpan takes the lead: Mosey to the lower large parking lot for a 1776 spectacular!

  • 17 Merican Hammers in the first corner.
  • “Put it in reverse!” for Terry and Nur up the parking lot to the next corner (Mayor and Montross got a little competitive, Mayor may have used force to ensure Montross would not pass him).
  • 70 Squats – not little baby squats either, dig deep and get low!
  • “Put it in reverse!” and Nur to the next corner
  • 6 burpees. The PAX are greatful Bedpan didn’t call 70 of these!

Don’t forget the Ladder Merkins!
– 4 each Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Right Arm Stagger Merkins, Left Arm Stagger Merkins, Right Leg Up Merkins, Left Leg Up Merkins, and Mike Tysons in cadence.

Montross takes the lead again: Mosey back to the amphitheater. Merica by Grainer Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr comes on the speaker. Looking back on it, I should not have been too surprised that Tater Hole was all about this song and knows almost every word! Here’s the chorus:

We’re back to back undefeated world war champs
So take a cup, raise it up for my Uncle Sam
You know we sent a man to the moon
And before we’re done
Yeah we’ll probably send a man to the sun

Circuit – 1 minute AMRAP at each station. Balls to the Wall, Divebombers, LBCs, Curls (with a cinder block), Squat Thrusters (with Montross’ 35 lb rucksack), Mountain Climbers, LBCs.

Ladder Merkins! – 3 each Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Right Arm Stagger Merkins, Left Arm Stagger Merkins, Right Leg Up Merkins, Left Leg Up Merkins, and Mike Tysons in cadence. Shoutout to Tater Hole – YHC was pretty gassed and ready to abandon the Mike Tysons but Tater wasn’t having it!

Bedpan takes the lead again and we mosey up the hill back to the parking lot. Time was running sort so other plans will just have to wait until next time. However, we still have some Merkins to finish up! We are going back to back just like Merica did as undefeated World War Champs!

Ladder Merkins! – 2 each Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Right Arm Stagger Merkins, Left Arm Stagger Merkins, Right Leg Up Merkins, Left Leg Up Merkins, and Mike Tysons in cadence.

Ladder Merkins! – 1 each Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Right Arm Stagger Merkins, Left Arm Stagger Merkins, Right Leg Up Merkins, Left Leg Up Merkins, and Mike Tysons in cadence.


Announcements: Happy July 4th, July 20th is tubing, Also on July 20 – No Brainer Nationals at Shadyside Dragway, 7/21 is the Tronmoss 5k, Christmastown 5k registration is now open. YHC took us out in prayer.

Special thanks to Bedpan for helping me out today! I had a few things in mind for today to keep it partriotic, but Bedpan brought it to another level with the 1776, his 4th of July facts throughout the workout, and of course, his awesome bald eagle shirt! Bedpan is one of the guys you know you can count on to be there and bring joy and fun to the workout! I really appreciate ya BP!!! To the other PAX who posted today, thanks for coming out and resisting the fartsack. Hope the beatdown was worth your efforts to join us!

Crossroads 7/7/19

14 including  myself decided to get out of the fart sack to push themselves this morning.  Some ran some rucked and even walked but all got better. I must say I do enjoy this workout it has become one I truly look forward to and hope to continue to be able to attend. If you have not tried this one .what are you waiting for?.. come get some.

Out of the Comfort Zone

YHC told Linus a few weeks ago that I wanted to get around to some other AO’s a little more.  There are a lot of guys that we know only by name if we don’t get out of out comfort zone and travel to some other sites occasionally.  Linus posted that Q was open, so let’s make it happen.

Q rolls in about 10 minutes ahead of time, Roscoe and Whopee getting back from EC.  May have been others as well, if so I apologize for not mentioning.  0700, let’s get rolling!  Okay, maybe not, can’t get started with Hipaa and Hunchback just arriving.  MNC until they join.  Nice to see you, 20 burpees. Pledge

Boot campers with YHC to middle school track.  Progressive 4x4s (burpee with 4 merkins and 4 mtn climbers at the bottom).  Run to first corner do one, next corner do two.  Made two laps and progressed to eight 4x4s.  Good work.  Mosey to First Pres parking lot for seven of diamonds.  Mapped out our route with corners.  Started with seven diamond merkins, 14 bobby hurley, 21 American Hammers, 28 smurf jacks, 21 crunch frogs, 14 copper head squats, seven derkins, all of these in cadence.

Next we borrow a page from the Tesla playbook.  YHC sees that we are standing on top of a hill and have another hill about 150 yards away.  Half pipe triple nickel with turkish get up at each end.  Quiet group today.  Five rounds of that was tough.

Back on top of hill after nickel, have curb at each side of parking lot.  YHC can’t VQ at a new site without throwing in some Tiger squats.  11’s with Mike Tyson’s on the other side.

Head back of the flag, arrive just in time to the bell ring.

Pain lab rejoins for Moleskin.  Q reminds the group that last November we took a few weeks and read the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Now that we are mid year, it is a good time to pull out Proverbs again.  31 chapters, and is a great book to read a chapter a day each day of the month.  Saturday was July 6, and a few verses from chapter six remind us “There are six things the Lord hates,     seven that are detestable to him:  haughty eyes,  a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,       a heart that devises wicked schemes,  feet that are quick to rush into evil,  a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.”

Announcements: Tubing coming up, 2.0 workout at Folsom, possibility of another Ragnar team if enough interest. Montross 5k

Prayer requests, our leadership, Montross mom, Bed Pan mom, Monk and his family.  Q took us out.

Always an honor


Another Folsom Block Party

15 men resisted the fartsack this morning and put in some work at Folsom.  1 FNG present, so a short disclaimer was given.  Everyone was told to grab a block and circle up, time to start.


10 Blockees

The Thang:

If you have made it to one of my Qs before at Folsom, it isn’t a secret that I enjoy using the tennis courts for the majority of the workout.  It has lots of room, smooth surface,  and painted lines which work well with a variety of workouts.  Unfortunately, the courts are under maintenance and the courts are locked.  This wouldn’t fare well with the pax here today.  This meant that my workout would still stay the same, but would just have to relocate to another area.  The area chosen is one that isn’t uses a lot, and takes a short mosey to reach.  So after the quick warm-up, pax are told to grab their block and follow me.  It wasn’t a very far mosey, but when you add the block, even the shortest of mosey sucks.  We made our way to the pond area, which is over to the very far left of Folsom.  There is a walking track that goes around the pond and some picnic shelters.  After much complaining, the pax finally arrive at the pond area.   Here is where the first exercise is called.  5 exercises are called:

10 Thrusters

15 Tri-cep Ext

20 Incline Merkin on Block

25 Curls

30  Chest Press

You are to complete the 5 exercises and then run a lap around the pond.  Do this for 5 rounds.  This was a challenge and  I appreciate everyone pushing on this.  My upper-body was toast after this.

Next we took a short fellowship mosey to the large parking lot near the ball fields at the back left of Folsom.  Here we would do some 4 Corner Escalator.  There wasn’t a lot of positive mumble chatter.  At the first corner, we would do 10 Blockees.  Walk to the 2nd corner for 10 Blockees, 20 Decline Merkins.  Go to 3rd corner for 10 Blockees, 20 Decline Merkins, 30 Leg Raises with holding blocks extended from chest.  Then the last corner we did 10 Blockees, 20 Decline Merkins, 30 Leg Raises, 40 Squats w/ block.  Time running short, we make our way back to the flag with our blocks.


7/20 is 2.0 workout at Folsom, 7/20 tubing trip, 7/21 Tronmoss Legacy 5k

Prayer Request


Welcome FNG Gump.


It was an honor to lead today men.  Appreciate the push today.


Sister Act

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