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  • When: 09/29/2018
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  • QIC: Yahtzee
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  • PAX: Boudin, Defib, Sargento, Shad Rap, Sledgeomatic, Yahtzee

Back In Black

Linus lead the pledge and warmup before we broke out to Bootcamp and Pain Lab.

For YHC’s VQ, I chose the easy way out. A no cadence Pain Lab, no need to look at a clock, and an easily self-modifiable beatdown. Appropriately, all PAX wore black.

Music provided the soundtrack and the timer for the workout. The album chosen for my VQ was the #77 greatest album of all time as voted on by music critics: Back in Black by AC/DC (42 minutes 11 seconds).

The beatdown included 10 stations, and each station contained 2 exercises. The PAX were to do 15 reps of the first exercise, then 15 reps of the second exercise, then rinse and repeat these two exercises until the end of the song, unless otherwise instructed.   Printout sheets that showed the form of each exercise were provided, so if anyone wants to repeat this beatdown in the future, hit me up and I can provide the files.

All PAX were instructed to pick a station, and at the end of each song rotate clockwise to the next station (I explained gently that this was to their left).  Any coupons at a station were left behind. If any coupon was too heavy, soccer players had the option to replace any exercise with 15 burpees. Emphasis was placed on full range of motion, and slower pacing. The amount of rest taken between sets by each PAX dictated their personal difficulty level.

The Thang

Quick instruction was provided on how to use a macebell as some PAX seemed confused by this strange implement, which could completely destroy a Prius in two strokes if you put your back into it.

Station 1: HELLS BELLS – ONE 40 lb. Kettlebell
This is the station that created the most complaints and tested the manhood of the participants, but the PAX got it done much to the benefit of their overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Kettlebell Swings
  2. Behind the head tricep extensions 

Station 2: SHOOT TO THRILL – TWO 6.6 lb. Dumbbells
A couple PAX let it be known that these weights “were light”, a welcome respite from the brutality of Station #1, but as the repetitions increased and the shoulders started to burn, the mumble chatter heard from station #2 dissipated.

  1. Lateral Arm Raises
  2. Front Arm Raises

Worked in some core exercises, and gave the arms and shoulders a chance to rest.

  1. Flutter Kicks
  2. LBCs

Station 4: GIVEN THE DOG A BONE- ONE 20 lb. or 10 lb. Macebell
Two sizes of macebells were provided at station #4, a 20 pounder for football players, and a 10 pounder for runners. The exercise is just as it sounds, move the macebell from the ground to over your shoulder with a half-lunge movement, just like you’re digging a grave. At some point a PAX commented this exercise worked muscles that had been dormant for a couple decades. Mission accomplished.

  1. Gravediggers (LEFT)
  2. Gravediggers (RIGHT)

Comedy relief station. 

  1. Monkey Humpers
  2. Crab Humpers

Station 6: BACK IN BLACK – One 40 lb. Kettlebell
Foundational compound exercises that should never be avoided as they prevent chicken-leg-syndrome, but I feel the weight should be a bit higher for the next time, or increase the burn by utilizing more time under tension.

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Goblet Squats

Station 7: YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG – TWO 20 lb. Kettlebells
This station was easy, moderate or difficult based on where you started the workout. Also foundational compound exercises.

  1. Military Presses
  2. Bentover Upright Rows

Station 8: HAVE A DRINK ON ME 
Defib keep perfect form on his plank for the entire duration of the song. He won this station hands down, and also provided inspiration for the other PAX. YHC on the other hand, had to ruck around the circle for a bit. Not my best effort. I still feel shame.

  1. Plank until failure
  2. Plank until failure

Station 9: SHAKE A LEG
Blood to the chest. Blood to the legs. Blood to the chest. Blood to the legs. = Beatdown

  1. Merkins
  2. Mountain Climbers

Station 10: ROCK AND ROLL AIN’T NOISE POLLUTION – TWO 17 lb. Dumbbells 
This was a good weight for the Hammer Curls, but a bit light for Flys. YHC commented on Sargento’s pump after he completed this exercise. His bicep definition was coming through in 4k, although it may have been the lighting. Not quite sure.

  1. Hammer Curls
  2. Flys

PAX helped load all the coupons into the car, and we circled up for some Mary until the bootcamp crew returned victorious with Linus leading the way.



Linus lead prayer requests, announcements, & Nameorama.

Post beatdown selfie (hard pose):