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  • When: 09/17/2018
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  • QIC: Tiger
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  • PAX: Tesla(R), Orangeman (R), Dr Suess (R), Buckeye, Freon, Shadrap, , Blart, Tiger

Eight HIMs posted in Mt Holly to get the week started right.  Heres how it went:

Warmup, SSH 15x, Imperial Walkers 10x, Cotton Pickers 15x, pledge.

Mosey to parking lot behind BBT, partner up for Dora.  100 diamond merkins, 200 flutter cruches, 300 Bobby Hurley.  Partner runs lap around the bank and switch.  Mosey to parking lot at wells fargo.  Blart introduced me to iron hulk at Mirdoryama a couple weeks ago.  That sucked, let’s do it.  Down for 1 merkin, back to feet for four shoulder press.  Down for two merkins, on feet for eight presses.  All the way 10 and 40.

Mosey back but detour to steps in front of community center for deep sea divers.  Five on each step, six steps to the top and back down.  Shoulders blasted by this point.  Those were really hard.  Mosey in front of school to benches.  10 step ups each leg, 25 dips, 15 step ups, 25 dips, 5 step ups, 25 dips.

22 for the Vets.  Time

Workout was hard today, shoulders gonna feel it for a while.  Pax worked hard today, great work.

Speed for need event Saturday, JJ5k, Burpeethon Oct 6.

Prayers requests: Shadrap son undergoing some medical testing Tuesday morning, Dallas family losing a young child from storm, my brother having some health problems, all recovering from the storm

YHC took us out.

As always, happy to be a part.