• When: 07/08/2018
  • QIC: Clavin
  • PAX: Short sale, Hunchback, Lil Sweet, Stroganoff, Roscoe, Linus (r), abd Clavin(r) ....boot camp

    Hushpuppy ( pain lab qic), Hunchback, T-square , Top Hat, Toto, Mayor, Brown Streak, Hunkajunk, and Hipaa ( sporting a name jersey for pain lab)

Anytime I Q   I wind up not sleeping too deeply or well …. pondering how many will post … is weinke too ambitious or too weak ….etc …. today no exception. Arrive 6:30 and observe I’ve missed EC crew and decide to visit nature trail for 15 minutes.

Pax begin to roll in great to see T square , Toto, Hunkajunk and then even Brownstreak and Mayor!

7:00 strikes , I announce that I am one of today’s tour guides … pardon me if I miss on cadence counts as I tend to do so … but I amaze myself and actually complete the course!

warm up

Imp walkers, toy soldiers, goofballs and side straddle hops all times 15


Linus posted tweet about the …” what do you want on your tombstone “ and comment for addl disclaimer….

it was after the pledge that I came clean about the odd number used in warmup and the tweet… my disclaimer was that today is s special day in my life and that I make no claims to apologize for my views on the subject …. today is my 15th  death day! At approx the time of start of work out 15 years ago I had a myocardial infarction …. sorry that was for Whoopee and Defib!!!! I had a heart attack even though I had quit smoking 7 months prior … but this is a time when body is cleansing and blockage occurred . 2 stents later … To me I embrace and chose long ago to own This !

So having  said all this I then chose to announce that my boot camp would consist primarily of cardio ( of which I later told Pax was my form of a stress test which heart patients need to have periodically and mine is coming in a few months ) … several pax had been on EC run and knew they looked winded… Roscoe pondered but I was glad to have him join!

En route to Grier track we stopped three times along way to perform 15 mountain climbers each

behind school we ran up and down stairs back to end of building to perform 1 burpee intending to continue all the way to 15 …. Omaha’d at 10 …. too humid and we still had 35 minutes to go!!!

Move to benches for dips 4 times to the count of 16…. because I intend to be here next year ( at this time pax was planning my demise … or curious disappearance )!!!

on to the track 50 lbcs ( why ??? Check my age and you will see)

moseyed halfway on track performed 16 squats and then sprinted to beginning ( picked this up from Breaker Breaker in his discussion with Whoopee on improving speed …. found this to be too exhausting for time remaining so instead did 11s  beginning with 1 SSH halfway point 10 squats and so on ….time began to be an issue …so Omaha’d with about 3 to go …. return to Schiele …ask Stoganoff for flutters which he obliges and we perform 30… Hushpuppy calls 5 burpees thinking we did none at boot camp ( little did he know)…Top Hat calls MNC and finally get 13 more box cutters courtesy of Hushpuppy!

announcements were for volunteers for both boot camp and pain labs on Saturdays ( from now until next year!!

Finally before COT I ask Pax if any have prepared s will for their families to know wishes …for which almost half raise hands . I then also point out to the pax present that having lost my father 3 years ago and very soon to be losing mom ( hospice yesterday recognized significant decline) that another thing to consider would be a video message to the suvivors after you pass ….my final thought expressed was …. what do I want on my tombstone ??? Currently nothing as I choose to keep it blank for as long as possible !!

God bless