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Where’s the Backblast?

  • When: 06/16/2018
  • QIC: Rev Flo Rida
  • PAX: Broke, Tesla (Respect), Dr. Seuss (Respect), Anchorman (Respect), Buckeye, HIPAA, Dirt (Respect), Tiger, Wanderer (Respect), Madman, Breaker Breaker (Respect), Rev Flo Rida (Q)

It’s been a couple of weeks since Tesla had Rev Flo Rida come to the Yank for a guest Q, but still no backblast. Since Rev is not a Gashouse regular and unsure whether or not he would be able to withstand the wrath of our Weasel Shaker for his failure to perform, I decided to step in and bail him out.


A pretty good indicator of how the workout was going to go down was when Rev pulled up to the curb in his vintage F150 and declared, “Where can I unload my toys?”. After he and Tesla disappeared for a few minutes, they were back and it was time to clock in.


Here’s what I remember:



Warm up (We did one, but no idea what we did)


Mosey to the middle school for Hair Grinders, Farmer’s Carry, a bunch of ab work with coupons and 11’s on the hill.


Mosey back to the start for some Mary until time was up.


I know there were announcements and prayer requests, but my memory isn’t that good.


Rev took us out in prayer.


Sorry there isn’t more to the BB, but at least there is now a record that the workout actually happened. Thanks to Rev for crossing the river and delivering a great beatdown.



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  1. Thank Broke for making this beat down official.

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