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  • When: 03/15/2018
  • QIC: Tooltime and Freight
  • PAX: WorldWide, Blart, Sparrow, Swimmer, 2 Stroke, Wojo, Slaw, Ash Pond, Arial, BreakerBreaker(R), Tyson, Oompa Loompa(R), Pockets, Wheezy

16 PAX kept the average strong at F3 Gastonia’s JV workout Midoriyama. Tooltime had the Q but is having some muscle issues so he asked if I could help out. I always like Qing so fo sho I will! TT took a group for a 5 mile run and I lead a group for some bootcamp.

Pledge together


Runners off.

SSH x 10ic, Don Q’s x 10ic, Grasspickers x 10ic, Goofballs x 10ic.

Lets Mosey. We went to the top of the lake hill everyone has been using lately. We saluted it by turning our backs and doing 10 monkeyhumpers ic. Mosey to the shelter.

The Thang:

I explained to everyone I hadn’t planned much and wasn’t really looking to push too much since the Goruck tough is tonight. Let’s get on with it.

Arm squats x 15ic

Derkins x 10ic

Stepups x 15ic

Arm squats x 10ic

Derkins x 7ic

Stepups x 10ic

Arm squats x 5ic

Derkins x 5ic

Stepups x 5ic

Good Work let’s mosey. Along the way YHC had an idea. Lets cross the street and do deep sea divers on the split rail fence. 5 merkins on each rail. This worked much better than expected on the fence! Really look forward to doing this more.

Lets mosey to the stairs. WWI’s at the bottom and top while you wait and 10 calf raises on each step. 13 steps total.

Wall sit at the shack. Start at one end and do 5 jump squats each. That was fun lets do it again starting at the other end. At this point Swimmer had a great idea so we headed back to the flag for some Iron Hulk.

Iron Hulk is Jack Webbs at a 1/4 ratio. We had a few guys experience this for the first time and had the same response most of us do….Why the hell is it so hard to lift my arms!

We did a few abs before calling time


Announcements-CSAUP sign up before Saturday, Community Run, The Forge needs a Q next week, Convergeance on the 24th at Folsom at 7:00

Prayer Request-World Wide Son, Def Leppards son, Several friends and family battling cancer,

Moleskin-Tclaps to the men of the region for helping out Maddens friend and his family who lost everything in a fire. $700 raised to help. The family is VERY appreciative. As always it was a pleasure to spend time with you fellows. I finished up with a message about rewards and not waiting for them but going after them. If we seek God we will find him.

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  1. Nice work men! 👍

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