• When: 03/13/2018
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • PAX: Volt, Montross, Hank, Sparky, Oompa Loompa, Roadie, Bedpan, Medicine Woman(QIC)

It was a little bit chilly rolling into the Folsom gloom. YHC was anxiously awaiting what mumblechatter might be continuing from last Thursday’s episode. YHC was prepared for such scorning. ShowToKnow!!  Roadie is already present and after the Big White Truck was parked, the headlights start pouring in. Looks like the fartsack was weak on this particular day! Let’s get to work.


Gravel pickers, toy soldiers, Don Q, x15 IC; well here comes the site Q on time as usual. NightClubs til Sparky joins the group.

Pledge the shovel flag(I believe many have forgotten that there’s a shovel flag present and mosey to the parks flag instead?)


Mosey………….For a solid mile before a break. Hey, there’s Oompa rolling in. He can catch up, and did rather quickly. These Folsom PAX are really getting the hang of this running thing. Finish up at the top of the lower parking lot. Triple Nickel time, 5 Burpees run up the hill to designated light pole for 5 squats, repeato X5. Mosey back to start to grab a jump rope then run up to the tennis courts. Line up, 25 jump ropes drop for 10 burpees then run to the other end of the courts and back, rinse-repeat. 20 jump rope, drop for 15 plank jacks run to the end and back, rinse repeat. 15 jump rope, drop for 10 Merkins, run across the courts and back, rinse-repeat. Oops, Q went over time a couple minutes, but no mumbelchatter heard!

Announcements: Convergence Saturday At Folsom! 0700. Sign up for CSAUP by the 17th.

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out!

nice work men! Awesome to see the energy and encouragement that is surrounding the Folsom AO! It really makes it easier to fight the fartsack to get out there and hang out and sweat with you guys!