• When: 02/08/2018
  • QIC: Dolph
  • PAX: Breaker Breaker, Dr. Suess, Mayor, Slump, Sargento, Top Hat, ABBA, Shortsale

YHC showed up to Parking Lot full of the boot camp girls and had to park in last spot which worked out pretty good.  As the Pax showed up the girls took off on a run.  So we had the parking lot once again.

Warm Up;

SSH x 10, 5 Burpees for the train, and 5 more due to the mumble chatter, Don Quixote x 10.


Curls, French Curls, Squats, Front Raise, Good Mornings, Squat Press

BlockBuster –  Only the twist was to never put the block on the ground.  If you have never experienced the BB, it consists of 1/2 mile run and 3 rounds of 6 exercises with the 1/2 mile run in between each round and at the end.  So when the Pax heard the instructions and ran by the truck to get the coupon and complete the first 1/2 mile with the block, the chatter started.  I think all the Pax had a little anger to get rid of this morning due to the 1st lap.  During the first round of exercises YHC could only hear one or two of the Pax counting while the others were heckling the Q.  OMAHA! Set the block down and complete the 1/2 mile.  All the mumble chatter made it a little difficult to get through the next 2 rounds, but we made it.  Pledge


The mumble chatter was definitely the most I have heard in a while.  Thanks guys.  There was a good push by all this am.  #DRP.  That first 1/2 mile was brutal, but all Pax pushed through and got it done.  AYE!  That will be the goal, to run all 4 laps with the block!  There will be more Burpees next time!


Announcements, Prayer Requests; Sargento took us out.