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  • When: 02/06/2018
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  • QIC: Medicine Woman
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  • PAX: Montross, Hank, Volt, Roadie, Medicine Woman

It seems like only yesterday YHC had the Q at the prison palace called Folsom. A little chilly walking out to crank up the patty wagon to head into the gloom. I’m  sure the PAX will be prepared. As I leave my neighborhood, I get overwhelmed with the smell of a skunk in the air. Not exactly what you want to wake up to. The thing is, today is about the tenth  straight day of that smell. It has been several different dead ones I’ve noticed all along this eighth mile stretch. Is it mating season for these things or is there just a high concentration of them right outside my hood? Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Rolling into Folsom, I see Allen Tate in the patrol car runnng radar, wait no, that’s not Allen Tate, he would’ve been parked at the very back of the park. Roadie then sends a text out to watch out for the PoPo. Ok, park and set the shovel flag. Here come the rest and it’s 5:30.


ssh, toy soldiers, x15 IC

pledge, wait train 5 OYO, ok now pledge

long mosey up and around by the ball field through the lower shelter and up over to the amphitheater. 8 tenths of mile not bad! Ok, grab the short wall for some dips x20 IC, Rocky Balboas x20 IC (this was exciting), rinse and repeat x3. Ok, balls to the wall for some ring of Fire burpees. All on the wall, Q calls go, PAX one drops and hits 5 burpees, resumes position on the wall then repeat til all PAX are finish. Mumble chatter picking up, so let’s hit the wall for some hipslappers x20 IC, donkey kicks 20 OYO, rinse and repeat. That can’t be the same train? Roadie says nah, it’s a redneck truck horn, either way 5 OYO. Hank says I wonder if the run back the same path would be the same distance. Well, physics I believe would say yes, but that was where YHC was headed anyway. Long mosey back making a brief stop by the pond for you guessed it, Route 66 with Bobby hurlys. It’s become a given at that particular lot. Ok, mosey on up to the park entrance flag pole for some LBCs, sandy V, Flutters all x20 IC. Running out of time, lets mosey back to start.

announcements: Snowbird March 16-18,

COT, prayers lifted up

YHC lead us out in prayer

thanks again for the opportunity to Q. You Men and the vision of F3 are why I’m out there. Thanks for the push, accountability and encouragement. Nice work men!