• When: 01/06/2018
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: Sargento, Quiche, Abba, Dr. Seuss (RESPECT), Wheezy, TopHat, Whoopee, Tiger

8 Showed on a chilly morning at the Fighting Yank. They were warned about a possible ruck training this am by Twitter the night before and, despite that, 2 put in some EC with 10 miles before we started. If you don’t know who those 2 were, you have not been posting enough.  I gave a quick disclaimer and general theme for today.

WU: SSH, Squat, Merkins, LBCs all IC and somewhere around 11 of each.

Thang: Mosey to the track but stop along the way on the grassy hill for a little game of ” 5 or 10.” This was an “on the fly” game that went something like this. I say, “5 or 10?” and a Pax responds with his preference. He does not know if it is burpees or count off (rest). We did this for a little while and I think I was the only one who thought this was remotely humorous. Definitely, definitely, definitely will use this again. We continued the mosey up to the track for the first part of our “Ruck Training” workout. Mosey/run a lap then do 50 squats, 40 lunges, then plank. Repeat for 4 cycles. Along the way Quiche informed me the track was only 0.20 miles and that if we wanted to do a mile, we needed another lap. We did 4 anyway. Sargento started hallucinating during the second? lap-then all of a sudden…..POOF!!! something appeared on the railroad track similar to what he thought he saw…..Shortly thereafter, we see a train appear and thankfully, Tiger reminded me to salute the train-5 burpees then get back to it. We finished our 4 laps then started on part 2. Tesla gave me the Q earlier in the week and suggested we include a Tesla bear crawl which I immediately thought…..well, I don’t want to say what I thought because A) Tesla is site Q and a pretty nice guy, and 2) My M occasionally reads these BB and I don’t want to soil my pristine reputation I have established over the last 25 or so years with her. So what do we do next, you ask? We did a Tesla Sprint Slalom Bear Crawl, or TSSBC for short. This involved running across the field (approx 50 yards) and back. As Pax return to the start line, they drop into plank position in a line with space between the pax. The first guy back starts the bear crawl slalom through the returning pax as they arrive and drop into plank position. We did 2 rounds of this and probably could have done more, however time was ticking away and we had more to do. I mistakenly left out some flutter kicks at the end of each round so we added 2 rounds of flutter kicks at the end. It was at this point that Quiche inadvertently lost his key which was later found by Abba after the COT.

Next we moseyed to the wall back near the start. We correctly identified the Turd Shack on the way to the wall. The next exercise was a version of EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute). This consisted of 10 Hip Slappers (capitalized because I really like them) then run from wall to turd shack. At the 1 minute mark while at the turd shack do 10 sumo squats (or Bobby Hurleys if you preferred) and run back to wall. We did at total of 8 minutes (4 HS, 4 SS) when I posed a question to the pax-who and why was the flag erected (yes, erected Stroganoff) near the Turd Shack? Abba and Wheezy both (I think both?) correctly answered-it was a girl scout project for her Gold Award. So at this point, we cut the EMOM by 2 minutes as a bonus. We then went back to turd shack and did 22’s with LBCs and Merkins. This is just like 11’s but rep sum is 22 and count by 2’s. This went fairly quickly with the short hill. We finished with Mary with all pax leading a round.

COT, quick namorama, prayers for guys running Joe Davis Run, then find Quiche’s key-good job Abba.

Great work guys-hard to get out there in the cold. Thanks for showing up-fartsacking is overrated.