• When: 09/11/2017
  • QIC: Stonecold
  • PAX: Gastone, Turtleman, JK2, Dfib

It appeared that the threat of rain this morning may have scared off some, but we must move forward.  There were no FNG’s so we started with the pledge.


20 SSH
20 Squats
20 Merkins
20 LBC’s
20 CDD

Continued warm-up to the Bellacino’s dock where we performed 2 rounds of dock jumps with lunges down the walkway.

Mosey to the front of Bellacino’s where we performed 23 Burpees (23 NYPD Officers killed on 9/11)

37 SSH  ( 37 Port Authority Officers killed on 9/11)

We partnered up and made our way to the front of the old Harris Teeter. P1 did merkins while P2 ran to Neal Hawkins.  Team total was originally 343 but I threw in an Omaha to 300, we will make up the 43 later.  (343 NYFD Firefighters killed on 9/11)

From there we ran around the parking lot and did two rounds of Indian Run.  The last man did 2 burpees and had to sprint to the front.  Thanks to Turtleman and Gastone for the push, I had to sprint half the parking lot since they decided to sprint as well.

We made up the 43 with some LBC’s

Lunges then sprints, then sprints and lunges.

1 minute rounds of Rocky Balboa (2 rounds)

More sprints and lunges.  While we were recovering, JK2 had some jokes about….well you can ask him.

Moved over to the Advanced Auto Parts dock (thanks Gastone for pointing it out) and we did 3 rounds of Merkins at the top.

Running low on time (and jokes) we moseyed back for 30 of the World Famous “Gastone Flutter Kicks”.

Once again I was honored to lead on Patriot’s Day.

Prayers for those affected by Harvey and Irma, and to the family, friends and colleagues of the victims of 9/11. We will NEVER FORGET!