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Game, Set, Match…A Slim Shady Remix

  • When: 08/26/2017
  • QIC: Slim Shady
  • PAX: Quiche, Zig Zag, GQ, Freight, Buckeye, Dr. Seuss, Flush, Tool Time, Pizza Man, Broke, Tesla, Pockets, Sargento, Top Hat

Sargento had thrown out the challenge a few times in past workouts…and I felt it was time for the real SLIM SHADY to please STAND UP…So, I did my homiework throughout the week to come up with a solid workout filled with some catchy F3 exercises – a remix that would make even Eminem proud. Here’s the low-down:

We MOSEY from the Fighting Yank meeting spot to a nearby lot for

THE WARMUP – Happy Jacks, Annies, Goofball, Shady Moroccan Night Club (Leg Lifted while do exercise), Slow-mo-LBCs…ALL In cadence sort of ( Definitely lived up to the Shady of my name) The CHATTER was definitely high as my cadence was a little less than perfect. Sargento did warn me earlier in the week but hey, GO BIG OR STAY HOME! So, with the giggles going, we MOSEY to the tennis courts near Davis Park

THE THANG – I lived on the court when I was young, playing in constant tournaments and playing all throughout high school. So, back to the courts we went, covering the court with reps of 15, 30, 40 to mirror tennis scoring.

15 burpees from baseline then run to service line, Al Gores from service line then bear crawl back to baseline. 30 Gorilla Humpers from baseline then run to net, mountain climbers with bear crawl back…Repeat with 40 Captain Morgans, 40 Big Boy Sit-ups for full court…Then, in true SHADY fashion = full sprint around 3 tennis courts, basketball D style slide run around 3 courts…To make sure no one including myself didn’t MERLOT, through in some count offs. Then, went back to it with the same exercises as above with baseline, service line, net, full court…Then followed this with some line to line suicides in teams of 5. We MOSEY back to the school wall for the final SET to WIN THE MATCH (Man, how cheesy but let’s go with it)  Now, it sounded better and looked better on paper but I realized quickly from some more wise PAX that what we were about to do was a bit much for 15 PAX. Any ways, we went with it at first. All on the wall, in wall sits while each ran down the hill across the field to the workout station of Stowe Park and when each return, they were to do 10 Werkins. From there, I threw in a couple audibles to get us back without any going down for the count. We all made it back to the YANK and Pizza Man called in the well deserved 22 Merkins for all those military that have and are serving our country.

So there it is – VQ in the books…It was an honor gents…SLIM SHADY OUT!


  1. Great VQ Slim Shady!

  2. Great work on the VQ brother! Creative, active, and simple. Looking forward to more just like it!

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