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So the forecast from the weather man was 100% chance of rain. Which means 50% real chance. Many, I believe didn’t even set their alarm clocks. 5 other men posted to see what I would look like at 37 for the last time. They were rewarded with the greatest workout in F3 Gastonia history. I mean this workout was insane! Some would use words like awesome, unbelievable, ridiculous, mind blowing, and mind numbing. People were laughing. People were crying. Burn boot camp shut the doors, turned off the lights and went home. Someone died and someone was born. Street lights went off in the dark. Roosters crowed even though it wasn’t time. Flowers bloomed. There was a partial lunar eclipse and a full solar eclipse all at the same time! We saw trains but they made no noise. The grass was wet but dry to the touch. There was a fire but it didn’t burn. I mean it was crazy.

The Thang:

I’ll never tell. Show to know!



Announcements- SFN sign up, Burpeethon-you better be there!, JJ5K in Stanley, Possible trip to the gulf to help out

Prayer Request- Wet Nuts friends Son, Those affected by Harvey

Mental Toughness…

14 warriors posted for a Pizza Man Q on mental toughness.  Today felt a little different at Midoriyama with the humidity and heat down.  17:30 hit and  it was time to get this thing rolling.  With no FNG’s, still a short disclaimer due to some injuries at Midoriyama over the past weeks.


Seal Jack X 20 IC

Don Q’s X 10 IC

And now to get the mental toughness started…

10 burpees OYO on every minute X 5


Now with the heart pumping lets mosey to the soccer field but remember 5 humpees at the speed hump.

Circle up for some Tabata work:

The PAX were to perform each exercise for 30 sec. and then go to the next.  We did this for 3 sets.

Exercises were:

Merkins(Regular, Wide, Walking Hand)

Squat to calf raises


With that complete, lets go…mosey to the hill at the dog park for a little TRIPLE NICKLE.  PAX were to run the hill, at the top perform 5 American Get-ups(We aren’t Turkish) then run back down and do 5 WWI sit-ups.  With it being called TRIPLE NICKLE, that means repeat for 5 times.  Good work men…this is when mental toughness was needed.  QIC explained that when your body is saying I can’t or wants to stop, that’s when you need to tell yourself you can and to push!!! Look around at all the HIMS around you and feed off of that.

Lets keep that heart pumping…mosey on to the playground for some more Tabata work.

This time the exercise were:


Windshield wipers

Planks(Rows, Alt hand lifts)

We modified to 2 sets due to time

With around 6 minutes to go lets mosey back to the flag for real mental toughness.  With your body worn from the previous 40 minutes, tell your body to push and you can do it!!

That’s right…circle up for 10 burpees OYO on every minute X 5


Much respect to Oompa Loompa for posting for the COT…Get better brother!!



  • SPEED FOR NEED- Nov.25th
  • Burpeethon-Sept. 16th
  • JJK5- Sept. 23rd
  • 50 mile Relay Dry Run- Sept. 30th (Tentative)
  • Giving Help to Houston after Harvey- 1st week in Oct. (Sparky will post more info.)


Good work men!! Way to be strong and push through!!  As I mention throughout the workout, the reason all the HIMS post is to not only better themselves but be there to push each other.  Just remember going forward that when you think you don’t have it in you, dig deep and tell your body you can!!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!


time to run

2 men today.  various reasons why people were missing.  working, tired, stomach bug, knee problems.  no problem, two men showed up and: said the pledge, ran and prayed.


Training Day

With football as the most popular sport, it is a fair estimate that most, if not all of our PAX are excited for the various seasons to begin. Two weeks of high school games have been completed; college begins Labor Day with the NFL opening the week after. A demanding game which requires year round conditioning but really increases a month before the season with training camps, many of them having dreaded “two-a-days.” With the GasHouse slot open an idea sparked and I grabbed the Q. As a scrawny 130 pound teenager with a few broken arms on my medical history, my body was not designed for the grid iron. Sure there was neighborhood two hand touch and later in college, intramural flag-football, but I never had the pleasure to experience the cardio beat-downs under a piercing sun, in a helmet and pads. With that in mind, I researched various drills designed to make boys into men and men into, well tougher men.

Missing from the plan was the heat, a pleasant reprieve from the August humidity, it was a relatively nice mid-70’s. I arrived to join Hushpuppy and Shrink in a 3rd F lesson about Jonah and the challenges he faced. Slowly cars began to fill the parking lot and the circle formed with two FNG’s. The disclaimer was emphasized: “the QIC’s will provide suggestions and you may choose the follow them; modify as needed; find your limit and challenge yourself when you can. I threw a bit of a twist into the warm-up asking the PAX to get on their knees (shut-up and get your mind out of the gutters…)


  • Child’s pose Merkins (hands stretched out front, put your butt on your heels; move forward into plank, 1 merkin. Back to start with butt to heels, forward for 2 merkins. We built to 5. A slow starter that gently stretches the shoulders. Some mumble chatter about knees on asphalt achieved desired affect).
  • Don Quixote – IC x 10
  • Toy Soldier – IC x 10
  • Seal Jacks – IC x 10

That was it; not as fast as a Whoopee warm-up, but pretty quick. The PAX separated with five following Rudolph for the Pain Lab and 11 coming with me, but pausing to pay our respects at the flag with The Pledge. We continued up the sidewalk making our way to the Grier Middle School football field, picking up the bucket of water left by the Q. In researching the workout two things were noticeable, a practice plan and water breaks. In honor of Brownstreak, the Weinke or Practice Plan was distributed for review. With full disclosure, the PAX would know the exercises and the reps so they could manage their pace. A quote was provided at the top of the page: “I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game.” Bear Bryant. The practice plan was intentionally hard and challenging.

The Thang:

Slaughter Starter

  • 20 Burpees OYO ; Run to the 50 yd line; plank for 6
  • When last man arrives, yell “go”; team performs 10 merkins OYO
  • Run to the goaline, plank for the 6
  • Rest/Repeat


  • Line up on left side of goal line (single file), follow Q
  • Karioke Left to Right; NUR to the 10 yd line
  • Karioke Right to Left; NUR to the 20, etc. continue to the 50

Gut Busters

  • Line across the 50 yard line; High Knees in place
  • Q calls for 10 up/downs (burps) OYO;
  • With high knees, move forward to 40 yd line
  • Q calls for 10 merkins OYO
  • Continue pattern until reaching goal line

Boo-yah Merkins – partner up

  • Partners face each other on opposite sides of 20 yd line
  • Perform 10 merkins, alternating shoulder taps on partner
  • Partners run opposite directions 20 yards, perform 20 squats
  • Partners return to 20 yard line; 10 merkins, etc.
  • Aggregate team total of 100 merkins/200 squats (If you went to Chapel Hill, that’s 5 rounds)

Shuttle Drills

  • Q called for P2 to rest but Pele began SSH’s so the resting partners joined in and removing the rest.
  • P1 begins at the 50 yd line; Q signals to ‘go’
  • P1 sprints right to 45 line, then left to the opposite 45 yd line, then returns to the start. Switch – 3 rounds per man

Water break – PAX sprinted to the bucket of water bottles. Q informed them there were 10 minutes left and this was the gut check time, to finish strong.

Walk – Jog – Sprint

  • Line up on the goal line
  • Walk to the 10 yd line; Begin jogging to 30, Sprint to the 50
  • Perform 10 CDD’s, 10 plank jacks, 10 in/outs in successive order
  • Perform this circuit three times

Slaughter Finisher

  • Begin at goal line, 2 burpees OYO
  • Run 10 yards, 2 burpees
  • Repeat pattern until reaching the opposite goal line

Jailbreak to the parking lot for Mary where Rudolph and his crew were waiting. Since I had the warm-up, Rudolph took the closing 5 minutes. I’m a little fuzzy on all the exercises and reps as the PAX choice was invoked. From what I recollect we did: LBC’s, Flutter Kicks for a pretty good bit with the Q slowing, speeding up and holding various counts. The Warden (a real football coach) led us in leg raises, toying with the PAX on a few hold counts as well. The Bandit was called upon and surprised us when he didn’t announce his favorite dying coach roach but 10 Burpees! Mumble chatter flowed until the bells rang and the workout was complete.

The Mayor arrived with his M and 2.0’s to accept applications for The Burpee Workout (9/16 at 9:00 am). We made note of the JJ 5k. Prayers were lifted for T-Square and his M. Smalls and Papa John found some poison ivy as young boys often can, prayers for their healing (and less itching). We then named our FNG’s. Rudolph EH’ed his neighbor, Joe Sherrill for three years with this morning being the payoff. Joe pushed for a cool name and nearly paid the price but the PAX were kind naming him as Over the Top (Joe runs a trucking company). Next is Max Rheinson, a member of Gaston County Police department whose favorite restaurant (or the last one visited) will be known as Bo Berry. YHC closed us out in prayer.


As stated, Training Day was designed to be a tough workout for any PAX. For the real football players, the grueling two-a-days transform into daily practices and weekly games which fans can appreciate from the comforts of their recliners or live in the stadium. The single hour of punishment we experienced pales in comparison to the boys and men in uniform on the field of play. That is something to keep in mind as we cheer our respective teams this season. My daughter plays soccer and I’ve been guilty of cheering a little too hard. While we all want our kids to experience the highs of success, we need to appreciate the opportunities to enjoy and learn from their competitions whether its dancing, running, swimming…any type of performance. I’ve witnessed overweight adults with large rear ends planted in chairs, taking a break from their chips and soft drinks to scream at their kids, identifying their mistakes in front of others. Imploring their kid (and sometimes others) to run faster when their own fitness is challenged by a walk from the field to the car. So Training Day reminds us of the challenge athletes of all ages face. We should strive to appreciate their efforts; cheer the positive and support through the negative. Those players are doing their best, just like all of us. The late Joe Paterno once shared with his Penn State team: “Today, you’ve got a decision to make. You’re gonna get better or you’re gonna get worse, but you’re not gonna stay the same. Which will it be?”

Game, Set, Match…A Slim Shady Remix

Sargento had thrown out the challenge a few times in past workouts…and I felt it was time for the real SLIM SHADY to please STAND UP…So, I did my homiework throughout the week to come up with a solid workout filled with some catchy F3 exercises – a remix that would make even Eminem proud. Here’s the low-down:

We MOSEY from the Fighting Yank meeting spot to a nearby lot for

THE WARMUP – Happy Jacks, Annies, Goofball, Shady Moroccan Night Club (Leg Lifted while do exercise), Slow-mo-LBCs…ALL In cadence sort of ( Definitely lived up to the Shady of my name) The CHATTER was definitely high as my cadence was a little less than perfect. Sargento did warn me earlier in the week but hey, GO BIG OR STAY HOME! So, with the giggles going, we MOSEY to the tennis courts near Davis Park

THE THANG – I lived on the court when I was young, playing in constant tournaments and playing all throughout high school. So, back to the courts we went, covering the court with reps of 15, 30, 40 to mirror tennis scoring.

15 burpees from baseline then run to service line, Al Gores from service line then bear crawl back to baseline. 30 Gorilla Humpers from baseline then run to net, mountain climbers with bear crawl back…Repeat with 40 Captain Morgans, 40 Big Boy Sit-ups for full court…Then, in true SHADY fashion = full sprint around 3 tennis courts, basketball D style slide run around 3 courts…To make sure no one including myself didn’t MERLOT, through in some count offs. Then, went back to it with the same exercises as above with baseline, service line, net, full court…Then followed this with some line to line suicides in teams of 5. We MOSEY back to the school wall for the final SET to WIN THE MATCH (Man, how cheesy but let’s go with it)  Now, it sounded better and looked better on paper but I realized quickly from some more wise PAX that what we were about to do was a bit much for 15 PAX. Any ways, we went with it at first. All on the wall, in wall sits while each ran down the hill across the field to the workout station of Stowe Park and when each return, they were to do 10 Werkins. From there, I threw in a couple audibles to get us back without any going down for the count. We all made it back to the YANK and Pizza Man called in the well deserved 22 Merkins for all those military that have and are serving our country.

So there it is – VQ in the books…It was an honor gents…SLIM SHADY OUT!

To the flag

I got into my car and as I started the engine, the radio came on for some late inspiration: Madonna singing “Papa Don’t Preach.” I listen to 80’s music, now termed “oldies” but I couldn’t give 2 turds if that is cool at this point in my life. Country music just doesn’t always do it for me especially early in the am. I immediately thought this was a sign from God. I needed to be tight-lipped this am, no lectures, no humor, no teaching points. Just get to work and gitrdone. My girls, who often endure long lectures about the benefits of turning lights off when they leave a room, would have cheered at this decision. Of course they were asleep so I just QUIETLY smiled and decided on my plan.

Still tired from the week and sore from Friday at Downtown, I was really just planning to “get through” the Q this am, eat some breakfast, and head back home for some rest. Then Dolph showed up….Whenever I am the Q and he shows up, I feel like I need to kick it up a notch. It’s nothing he does. It’s just the idea that I don’t want anyone to walk away and say hmmmm, that was ok. I want everyone to lay on the ground for awhile afterwards and think “that….was…..tough.” Anyone can go workout and sweat some. Coming to F3 has changed my approach to exercise. I now want to be the catalyst that gets people coming back looking for more ways to push harder and motivate others to do the same. Again, there is Dolph-therefore, kick…..it……up……as much as possible. Not to take away from anyone else, but I know if I can make him sweat (and grunt a little every once in awhile), everyone else will be sweating too. And there you have the “Iron Sharpens Iron” I think at its best.

When I got to Folsom, there were already a few there discussing the fight tonight. We all voiced our predictions as more arrived. Roscoe showed up with the baddest looking gas mask and placed it on top of the shovel flag with cheers from the pax. At 0630 I announced my theme for the Weinke was loosely based on the fight tonight and we got started.

WU: SSH, Jump Rope, Rocky Balboas, Moroccan Night Club (there was a lot of mumble chatter so the reps went on for much longer than usual until there was very little chatter and I got several comments and funny looks about how long the warm up was). I just kept my mouth shut-PAPA DON’T PREACH. I was smiling on the inside.

The Thang:

Mosey to turd shack for Mike Tyson’s X 15 X ? 3 sets. Was planning just 2 but Tadpole was so excited we had to do an extra set. Think we did squats after each set of Mike Tyson’s.

Quick mosey without much rest to the picnic tables for Dips and Step Ups. Wanted to talk about something, but remembered: Papa Don’t Preach.

Quick mosey to other side of parking lot for partner work: Hodor (piggy back carry partner) carry across the lot then 20 sit-ups. Swap and other partner Hodor’s partner back to start for 20 more setups. My weinke said “Rinse and Repeat” so we did it again but only 10 sit-ups each round. There were comments about Arabian horses, donkeys, and something about an ogre and onions-layers I think. Again, I told myself to keep quiet: Papa don’t preach.

Quick mosey to end of parking lot by picnic tables for some sprints: Apollo Creed sprints-think Rocky 1,2 or 3-I can’t remember which but think we decided it was probably Rocky 3 when Rocky and Apollo raced on the beach. We split into 3 groups of 4 each, all dropped into plank position, then group 1 took off in a sprint to other side then dropped into plank. Part way across the lot group 2 was released and they sprinted to other side then dropped into plank. Finally the 3rd group was released for same thing. We repeated this back to the start and somewhere along the way Huckleberry threw a rod in his engine and headed to the garage. Maybe this was not such a good idea….but we kept at it.

Long mosey to the front of Folsom to the flag with some burpees and merkins on the way. A train came by a couple times so we did the required burpees and eventually made it to the front where flutters (I think) were being done. No time for chatter-Papa don’t preach-so we moved over to another lot for some She Hate Me-Slaw mentioned before we started that he was feeling the after effects of the same exercise from day before at Downtown so I was especially excited for this. I am not sure I have heard Slaw say that about any of my previous workouts-Iron Sharpening Iron again. We did the She Hate Me across the lot down the hill, and it was so much fun we just kept going around the turn and back up the hill. No time for preachin.’ Gotta get moving. We moseyed back “To the Flag” but made a detour to the grassy hill for a few trips up and down with squats and merkins at top and bottom X 10 reps X 2 sets (I think). Then it was “off to the flag” but we took a Pizza Man detour-he never goes straight back to the flag when running so we passed the lot and went to the picnic tables to make sure we had turned off the lights. Either Dolph or Slaw suggested that since we had come all this way, we should stop and visit the picnic tables so we did. I think we did about 20 or so dips then back on the road ” to the flag.” Again, we took a little detour to the amphitheater for some Derkins. At this point we were close to mutiny and a few guys (including Dolph) took the lead when I said ” to the flag” and made a bee line for the flag. We did some Mary in the final 4 minutes. I don’t remember much at this point other than I made the mistake of asking Roscoe to lead us in Slurpees. Think I was unconscious after 2 or 3 of the burpees and woke up during the namorama.

Namorama, announcements, and prayer.

This morning was GREAT for me. It was not the “just get through the Q” like I had planned. I was pushed by all of the pax which made me push even harder. Everyone busted their butt. I believe I will be sore tomorrow, but that is just fine. I’ll take a beating like that with any one of you any day of the week. Thanks to all of you for the motivation.

We had 6 at coffeerama sponsored by Sparky-much appreciated brother. Next one is on me. Got to see video of a protestor in Phoenix getting shot in the nuts with a bean bag-still laughing about that. You should have been there.




No guns downtown

I started off reading something to the pax-something from Eagle’s Perch that I (and a few others) receive daily-it was about “now” and getting stuff done, not waiting, enjoying the moment kind of stuff. “Now Cannot Wait” is the title and it ends with “Be thankful for problems. If they were less difficult, someone with less ability might have your job.” Made me think about a lot of stuff when I read that-insert your own difficult work memory now…

It’s been a rough week or so at work, so was in the mood for some pain this am. The weinke was ready early and the evening before I put out a little Twitter chatter to stir the pot. The cherry on top was my M’s comments as I left the house this morning-“Don’t get arrested” and with my puzzled look she followed with “no guns allowed downtown” as I left with my SleevelessforCheech muscle T. Anyone who knows my M is not surprised at this. So I left with a smile on my face, an angry weinke, and a skip in my step this am. I’ve missed a bunch of workouts lately and was looking forward to getting back out there. Here is what I remember:

WU: SSH, Mtn Climbers 5-7 IC then move out

Thang: Mosey to the parking lot for a lap-in comes Roscoe hot so we did a few SSH to get him warmed up, then we jumped straight into a Burpee Plank Bridge (plank in a row, first Pax does burpee then jumps over each other pax until gets to the end and gets into plank position. As soon as end guy gets jumped, you jump up and do a burpee and follow other guy to end eventually ending up in plank position. We did this for about 3 rounds and then I got bored….mosey to the wall for hip slappers and donkey kicks for 2 sets each. Quickly mosey around the corner to empty parking lot for She Hate Me: start on one end and lunge X 10 each leg then 10 burps then 10 merkins, repeat until across the lot (3 rounds I think) then turn around and do same thing back to start. It was at this time that some of Gastonia’s finest drove by for some early morning conversating that got our attention. Apparently Mr. X was ‘splaining to  Mr. Y something he felt very passionately about. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself and was eager to share this news with his across lane neighbor so much, he almost jumped out of the car. It was a lovely site.

Next we moseyed after Gastone to McQuitter’s Wall, stopping along the way at a light to do some Merkins. Once we arrived at McQuitter’s Wall, we paid tribute to Richard and Hazel with some Dips and Derkins. We quickly moved along to the parking lot, finding it unlit. We were not deterred and attacked the stairs-20 merkins at the top and 20 LBCs at the bottom. Think we did 2 rounds of this and then moved to the side and I challenged the pax to name the person that said the following: ” In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it the life in your years.” Not even before I finished, Slaw correctly answered Abraham Lincoln-the reward was supposed to be 20 squats instead of 40-sorry guys, the brain was running low on oxygen so I deviated from the reward…we did hip slappers then quickly went to the 20 squat reward. At this point, I believe I tasted more than a little Merlot…

I was pretty gassed, so we went back to home base for some Mary-ish exercises. I called on a few pax to lead some exercises: Spiderman with the Deep Sea Diver, Roscoe with a Burp and Merk, Gastone with some sumo squats, Bandit with dying cockroaches, Time Frame with American Hammers, think I did some flutter kicks (slooooooooooowwwwwww motion for part of it-thanks Roscoe).  We then moseyed to the back wall for some Tunnel of Love. At this point, I think I blacked out and woke up during the pledge.

We did the namorama, announcements then a quick prayer.

It was a GREAT morning for me today-got my head back on straight after missing a little more than a week. I missed seeing everyone and getting back out in the gloom is truly a privilege. I think it is important to be reminded of this every now and then. We are all very lucky to have each other and to have our families-try to keep that in mind and pause every once in awhile. Everyone eventually has that life-changing event that will knock you on your butt-make sure you have a good foundation with your brothers so when the shieldlock is needed, you are prepared, both for your sake and for the guys around you.

Enjoyed it-Whoopee


Hungry Hippos……sort of…..

3 Pax fought the sack to hit the Folsom gloom for a beat down. Chatter was high about how great it felt. The air was nice, cool, and finally breathable. Whoops. 5:31 so we clock in.

warm up;

smurf jacks, mountain climbers, X10 IC………….we hear a sound from a distance……there’s Roadie coming in super hot and joins us just in time for 10 burpees OYO.  Mosey to the park entrance for some core with LBCs, American hammers, XYs x 15 IC( well the XYs were a little tough for the Pax including YHC to maintain cadence, so maybe 12-32?) recover for Pledge. Mosey a loop back to start.


Hungry Hippos was the theme YHC had in mind. Partner up, P1 wheelbarrow P2 about 10 yards while in said position, grab a rock and move it into a bucket, which was placed prior to start, then backward wheelbarrow the 10yards where all Pax perform number of exercises. Rotate Pax after each moved rock totaling 6 trips. 1st round with 10 hand release burpees, 2nd round 20 merkins, 3rd round 30 crab cakes, 4th round 40 high knee lunges, 5th round 50 Al Gore SQUATS, 6th round 60 french fries……..mumble chatter……..Ok 60 LBCs. After round 1 of wheelbarrow, modifications quickly were made to prevent further injury to a couple Pax, instead of wheelbarrow, lunge walked each round. With a few minutes left, mosey to the lower shelter for dips, step ups x15 IC, fellowship mosey with some real fellowship back toward start, at about half way, YHC calls for All You Got back to start.

Announcements, JJ5k, Christmas Town 5k with #Speedforneed


Nice work men. thanks for the opportunity to lead. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of a Real Men’s organization where you get 3 very important aspects of life rolled into 1. I saw a quote the other day, “The Task Ahead of You is Never As Great as the Power Behind you.” F3 is always behind you, whether it’s just a push during a brutal workout or encouragement and support during a hard life struggle. Let’s push Tha rock and continue to grow these relationships and build manly leaders within our communities.

“Be strong in the lord, and in His Mighty Power.” Eph 6:10

TBQ for all!

11 Showed for Gastone’s first Q at Midoriyama. The forecast and Freight were calling for a cooler day but if that is cooler than I am really not going to come out of the gloom that often.

The Thang:

35 SSH

Plank, Raise one arm then the other, then 6 inches until Freight joins us. He took his time.

Jack Webb up to 7 and then back down.

Run around baseball fields to the soccer fields in the tall grass.

Stop along the way at a 15 yard hill for 10 to the top backwards. (We got 2 young guys to join us that made it around the field and when we started the backwards stuff one of them got a phone call from his mother and they had to leave)

Mosey to soccer field.

Partner up for some wheelbarrow all the way across the field.

Next was the 11’s near the dog park. Conveniently a sidewalk between the soccer fields and then on the other side of the fields was a good hill. We started with 1 Partner Hand Slap Merkin then each partner ran in opposite direction to the top of a hill for 10 Get Up’s. We switched sides to run after each set up Partner Hand Slaps. Now this sucked far worse than I would have expected and I will explain. One hill had shade and the other put us closer to the sun. One field was dry and the other field was a swamp that had just been watered. I personally was only done with the second set and realized how much of a suck this was going to be for everyone. Many times during this workout I felt overheated, dizzy, and a close to vomit feeling in my throat. Pizza Man at the end joined several other groups for extra credit, Kudos on that. Slaw had it all under control. Tooltime is a beast and stayed near the front. Freight the Natan, had a serious look on his face and stayed in the front the entire time as well. The rest of us got it done and survived.

The Moleskin:

Midoriyama, one of the only pm workouts in F3 is alive with HIMS. When I look around F3 Gastonia I find that I have friends, some of them new and some I have know for a while.  The surprising thing is that most of even the new friends are like we have know each other for years. I don’t even have the words to express how much I appreciate everyone. F3 Gastonia is a special group of guys and we will grow and should be really proud every day of what has been made with sacrifices from all of you.

Everyone did a great job or the best we could do.

Prayer request for many of our brother’s out here, family, and friends. Let’s pray for all of them.

Always and honor and thanks for the opportunity, That was Fun!

Gastone Out!


Goat Island Madness

Had quite the day at Goat Island as the heat and humidity started to left just a little bit. YHC had led The Charge over in Metro the previous day when the appointed Q did not show os for the old man it was all about gathering up the strength to di it all over again. It went something like this:


20 SSH

25 IW

4 burpees OYO

20 Copperhead squats

6 burpees OYO

20 heels to heaven

8 burpees OYO

20 lBCs

10 burpees OYO

Mosey down the sidewalk and over to the Gazebo for pain station number 1

three rounds of dips, pull ups and LBCs 5, 10, 15 increment

Mosey up to the next corner for more madness.

dirkins, squats, merkins three rounds 5, 10, 15 increment

Mosey back to gazebo.

Step ups, pull ups, merkins, three rounds, 5, 10, 15

Time for some field work.

1st round: run to midfield, 5 hand release merkins. Run from there to parking lot, 10 hand release merkins, mosey back.

2nd round: Lunge walk to midfield, 10 burpees. Mosey back.

Up to sidewalk for Indian Plank slalom to end of pavement.

Triple nickel time: 5 merkins, 5 jump squats, run to intersection , rinse and repeat 5 times.

Mosey to parking lot and some short Mary:

Flutter kick X 10

Rosalita X 15.

Train alert! Close it all out with 5 burpees.

Naked man Moleskin:

Have to admit I was not feeling it on the way over this morning. Yesterday’s Q took it out of me. was ready to follow but it turned out, all things were good! Lesson applied: Suck up your guts and get in motion. Kill the negative inertia and good things happen. Helps to be around positive guys a lot!

Great to lead this group. Always a pleasure AND and honor! Welcome back Radar (Kotter). looking forward ot seeing more of you brother.

Let’s turn out for Slim Shady’s VQ at Yank Saturday. Somebody buy that man an egg! Or a beer later on. Whose in for that Saturday afternoon maybe?



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