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Day: June 20, 2015

The Hurricane is coming!

F3 brothers the Hurricane is coming to North Charleston SC!

On Saturday, 27 June at 0700 F3 Summerville will kick out its first created #CSAUP! It will be a four hour event with lots of pain, suffering, and brotherhood. We have planned a great workout for you – challenging all parts of the body! To top it off we will hang out and drink some great beers brewed by the Low Country’s own Coast Brewing Company. You will also earn a Hurricane patch to boast of your exploits.

Since F3 Summerville first launched Faultline in January we have been blessed with tremendous growth. That first AO has spawned into so much more – Bootcamps – Faultline, Seismic, Aftershock and Magnitude. Running – Tremor. Biking – Oscillator. Swimming – Tsunami. Service – Landslide. Fellowship – Liquefaction. Faith – Epicenter. Even for all of us it is still incredible to see and feel the changes in ourselves and experience this as brothers. We have men who have never run a race prepping for the Blue Ridge Run. We have men who were in mediocre fitness levels training for a GoRuck in September. Men are challenging themselves and each other everyday and in doing so improving their lives all around – and serving the community!

F3 Summerville wants to thank all of our brothers that came down to get us started and show us the ropes. You have also offered guidance and direction in an ongoing manner! We are all appreciative of your support and this is a time to thank you! Please come out and join us – HC today and enjoy a great event with F3 Summerville.

Click here now for more details and to HC –

BackBlast – Wolfpack Grinder and 311 with Love

17 men, including 1 FNG, faced the Saturday morning heat for the #GasHouse workout from Stroganoff & Wink.

Stroganoff led the mosey to the Flag for the Pledge and run over to the GMS Football Field to play a little sprinkler dodge warm up.

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hop (x15)
  • LBC’s (x16) – Stroganoff thinks – He attended NC State and has trouble counting past 10
  • Imperial Walkers (x18)
  • Freddy Mercury’s (x16)

Run 1 lap back around to behind goal post.

The Thang Part 1 (Stroganoff with VQ)

WOLFPACK GRINDER – On your own and group play

  • Prayer Squats (x15)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Merkins (x20+)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Mountain Climbers (x20/Leg)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Merkins (x10+)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Lunges (x10/leg)

Next we partner Up for the Sideline Follies…

First Folly

  • Partner 1 – Bear Crawl to mid field/Run to other side and back
  • Partner 2 – Plank Jacks (x20) + Freddy Mercury’s (As many as possible)

Second Folly

  • Partner 1 – Run across field and back
  • Partner 2 – LBC’s (As many as possible)

The Thang Part 2 (Wink with VQ)

Mosey to opposite side of GMS to courtyard (at least we found shade at the end).

  • Elevens with Merkins and Bomb Jacks!
Wink’s ADD shines through as we Mosey back to opposite side of GMS to another courtyard (Wink’s ADD shines through – we can stay in once place too long.  Oh… we see stairs.)
  • Tunnel of love
  • 300’s (100 Dolly’s, 200 LBC’s, 300 flutter kicks)
This series shall now be forever called “311’s with Love”
PAX mosey back to Schiele parking lot for COT and BOM.

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