• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/15/2024
  • AO: Old School
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Broke, Wirenut, Freight, Mayor, Wikileaks, Dr Seuss, Purple Haze, Gumby, JJ, Chili

The HIM came out to the Old School in search of a beatdown. What would happen? They showed and soon they know’d. No weinke was needed either. This is what happened…

Stretching warm up to get loose and some merkins thrown in. Mosey around the corner and stop for some more merkins. Mosey from there to the alma mater of many-o PAX for the Thang

Dora 123 – partner up and do 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Side Straddle Hops. The other partner would take a lap around the bus drive in. Perfect form was done by all. On one of the laps Gumby noticed a pile of what looked like a spilled can of snuff or maybe meth packets.

Next we did Wall sits for a bit and then a bear crawl under the covered drop off. A mini slalom was done and then back with what we did before.

Mosey from there to the wide truck drive behind the Ingles for some 11s. Big boys on one end and merkins on the other. There was quite a bit of corner cutting by the usual suspects who struggle with counting reps. #HTSI

Fellowship mosey to the small cul-de-sac for some more stretching.

Mosey the long way back to the start and the about 12 minutes of Mary with explicit instructions to limit the work to abs and a 10-rep max. Some tried to test the Q’s resolve but those attempts were squashed!

Time! Thanks for the opportunity to pick up the vacant Q. Aye!

Announcements – Tuna 200 needs runners (congrats to Chili for the HC), July 4th at Yank, Lightning workout

Prayer requests – Gumby’s mom, praise and prayers for Wirenut’s mom’ treatment, Purple Haze’s dad knee replacement and a friend from Italy who was in a shark attack