• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/11/2020
  • AO: PainLab
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tube, VooDoo, Clavin (R), Sledge-O-Matic (RR), Bandit (R), Gump, WOPR, Hermey

DaVinci needed a Q since he had a family conflict. I’ll take it! YHC began planning weinke. I wanted to try some new things so I did a little bit of recon Friday afternoon. Didn’t find what I wanted so back to the drawing board, literally. Found out earlier that week that Neil Peart, Drummer from Rush, had passed away battling brain cancer. I immediately knew what my playlist would be. Coincidentally, our FNG today said he was a drummer. Thought it was fitting to call out “Rush” during naming ceremony, glad it stuck! Weinke completed, let’s load up the M’s minivan because the Prius couldn’t hold all this gear! MVC FO LIFE!! FYI, YHC found a lovely tractor trailer tire on the West Blvd. Exit off 485. I’m sure Huckleberry, Big Pappy and Boudin have seen said tire. Been eyeballing it for couple weeks, finally had a chance to snatch it up. Nice size, not terribly heavy but still has some good weight to it.

Warm-up by JJ of The Bootcamps

Group split – we got 9!

The Thang

Tabata stations – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I stressed to the PAX why I chose 20 and not longer. I made it 20 as it’s the perfect length to push your hardest while keeping form. Many times, especially with ropes, 30 seconds or longer and you begin to give up and not moving the ropes the way you should be, you become Lazy. Lazy is unacceptable in Pain Lab!

*Enjoy the weinke creation drawrings. Courtesy of my Samsung Note 8. Android Fo Life Britches!

4 compound stations


Station 1 – Diamond Merkin then move to Medium battlerope for alrernating waves. Then move to…

Station 2 – Normal Merkin then move to Tire with 17lb. Sledge hammer and beat the piss out of it. Then move to…

Station 3 – Wide Arm Merkin then move to 20Lb. Slam ball for Slams. Then move to…

Station 4 – Pseudo Planche Merkin then move to Heavy Rope for power slams.

Do this for 1 round


Let’s Indian Tire Flip around the parking lot.

PAX flip tire twice goes to end of line where he does 5 merkins, fall back in line until your turn again. Move to 3 flips, repeat. Move to 4 flips, repeat. Move to 5 flips. Fin!

Back to our station circuit for another round.


Move to benches. Dips IC. I slowed down on #10 & 11, feel that tricep burn baby! Step-Ups, 20 OYO, count right leg only.


Still got time. Time for some EMOM! Everyone grab a kettlebell or slam ball or sandbag.

EMOM for 12 minutes
Min 1 – 10 curls
Min 2 – 5 Burpees
Min 3 – 15 curls
Min 4 – 6 Burpees
Min 5 – 20 curls
Min 6 – 7 Burpees
Min 7 – 25 curls
Min 8 – 8 Burpees
Min 9 – 30 curls
Min 10 – 9 Burpees
Min 11 – 35 curls
Min 12 – 10 Burpees


Join Bootcamps for Mary

As always it’s a a true pleasure to lead all of you men. And for the last mother frikin time, 10 seconds on my timer is 10 dang seconds. 🖕!  WOPR, glad to see you out again. Consistency is key. Hermey, you have been posting at Pain Lab for over a solid month, would love to see you graduate to the next level and experience a Bootcamp! Trust me, you are ready! For the rest, keep up the great work and glad to see you posting at other AO’s during the week. Gump is a beast, when I see him push as hard as he does it makes me want to push that hard. He’s encouraging me, and I’m sure others, and he doesn’t even know it!!