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  • When: 11/05/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Edison
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dolph, Sargento, JJ, Flush(Respect), Mayor, Quishe, Edison

7 men came to the Yank in Belmont Saturday morning to make themselves better. No FNG’s so a very short disclaimer, ” I’m an idiot, you probably shouldn’t follow me.” We have a lot of ground to cover so we should get started.


Burpiesx10 (in honor of the train that passed before we began)


Don Quixotex20 IC

Hillbilliesx20 IC

Imperial walkersx20 IC

The Thang:

Each man will grab 2 bricks apiece and lets mosey.

Up the hill, first stop Nellies Restaurant. 20 CDDs, 1 minute of military presses with our bricks and 20 more CDDs. Lets mosey.

Next stop Taste Buds Popcorn parking lot. 20 werkins, 1 minute of flys with our bricks and 20 more werkins. Lets mosey

Up the hill to the intersection of Main St and Central. 20 MNCs, 1 minute of straight arm raises with the bricks and 20 more MNCs. Lets mosey.

Down the hill to the funeral home (these bricks are starting to get heavy). 20 military merkins, 1 minute of tricep extensions with the bricks and 20 more military merkins. Lets mosey.

Next stop is the library for 20 merkins, 1 minute of curls with the bricks and 20 more merkins. Lets mosey.

To the flag in front of the middle school for the Pledge. Then over to the benches for something different. 20 each of the following: dips, flutter kicks, squats, merkins. Followed by a lap around the front of the school with our bricks. Rinse and repeat x 2.

Almost out of time so we headed back to the park for a few minutes of Mary… TIME.

I think we covered around 2.5 miles with our bricks but my arms and shoulders thought it was more.

Announcements: CSAUP

Prayer requests: Each other, our country

It was an honor to lead. I look forward to next time