• Post Type:
  • When: 10-31-15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dr. Feelgood, Mayor, Roscoe,Linus, T Square, Monk, Brownstreak, Spiderman, (FNG) Turtleman, Freight, Dolph

11pax Posted for the BlockBuster.

Warmup; SSH, Merkins, LBC’s x 15 IC

Mosey to Flag for Pledge

Mosey to Track pick up Coupon on the way-

.5 Mile Indian Run, 6 exercises x 10 IC with Coupon with .5 mile Indian Run after each round of exercises;  3 rounds.  Squat, Curls, French Curls, Squat Press, Front Raise, Good Mornings.  Finished 3 rounds circled up for Mary.  Freight- Peter Parker Peter, Roscoe- Dive Bomb Merkins; which Brownstreak seemed to like, Dr. Feelgood- Plank Sides, Linus- Freddie Merks, Mayor- V ups, Brownstreak- Russian Twist, Monk- Merkins, TSquare- Dying Cockroach, Spiderman- Imperial Walkers, Dolph- WWII Sit Ups: Replace Coupon to Stack at Top Parking Lot; Line up for Speed Bump Merkins- 5 Merkins at first speed bump, sprint to second for 10 Merkins, sprint to third for 15 Merkins, sprint back to second for 10, sprint back to first for 5.  All Pax 1 minute wall sit, Mosey back to Scheile.  15 Donkey Kicks IC, very tight in the dumpster enclosure.

Strong work by all Pax.  TClaps to Roscoe for Pushing It.  Brownstreak way to push through the Monk Merkins after the Roscoe Dive Bomb Merkins.  We covered about 2.7 miles, Nice works guys.  Always an honor to lead you men.  Thanks Brownstreak for taking us out.  #F3Works