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  • When: 7/16/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Brownstreak
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Banister, BA, Thimble, Anthrax, JoBoo, ABBA, E4, Stroganoff, Top Hat, OutHouse, Bandit

‘Twas minutes before launch and all through the goat not a pax in sight except for 1 looking to gloat….. When what to my wondering eyes did appear….10 more pax arriving in fear…..And so the story continues a lil like this…….


Small circle run with: high knees, butt kicks, side shuffle left/right

COP: SSH-20ic, Cherry Pickers-15ic, Merkins-10ic, LBC-10ic

The Thang:
The 12 Days of Christmas
Day 1: 1 Minute of “something”…Mason Twists, Planking, High Knees, Fake Jump Rope
Day 2: 2 Up & Backs (sprint to top of parking lot and back)
Day 3: 3 Squat Jumps
Day 4: 4 Tricep Dips IC
Day 5: 5 Burpees OYO
Day 6: 6 Plank Jacks IC
Day 7: 7 Calf Ups OYO
Day 8: 8 Monkey Humpers IC
Day 9: 9 Mountain Climbers IC
Day 10: 10 Merkins IC
Day 11: 11 Freddy Mercury IC
Day 12: 12 Side Straddle Hops IC


Small talk from everyone this morning: football, school,kids trips etc.

The mosey on to the island was upbeat and energized…… That changed quickly!

Mumble Chatter started with day 1 (Q seemed unprepared)

Day 2 with the sprints was PAX fav as BA lead the Charge with “TAKE THE BRIDGE” followed by yelling and heavy feet crossing the bridge. BA started  to worry the neighbor watch would start complaining.

ABBA started dbl Dutch with other pax with fake jump rope on one of the day 1’s. He also showed off some dance moves (maybe we should change his name to “Ren” from footloose)

Pax got quiet later as the “days” passed by. They was getting winded…. From mumble chatter or the workout. The jury still out on that.

Time started to get away from the Q…..so fast forward from day 9 to 12. Wanted to make sure to get all the days in.

Between “taking the bridge” and Footloose all the pax showed to be strong.

Thanks men for letting lead this am. Nice work it was and always is a pleasure.

~the end~