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F3 Southern Discomfort – Saturday, August 1st

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F3 Southern Discomfort

What could be more CSAUP than a 14+ mile jaunt in the hottest month of the year?  Ok, probably lots of events but nevertheless, Area51 will host the 3-option Southern Discomfort on Saturday, August 1st.

RSVP & T-Shirt order Here:!/showSignUp/20f0545aba62ba7fd0-southern/927364


1) RSVP for hydration purposes – Site Q’s of the AO’s we visit will provide water, G2, etc.

2) T-shirt order

Here’s the skinny:

Option 1: “Roshambo” – 14.1 Miles, 7 pain stations – launch from Stonehenge (The Vine – Ballantyne) at 5:00am

Option 2: “Swift Kick” – 10.8 miles, 6 pain stations – launch from Centurion (Charlotte Catholic HS) at 6:00am

Option 3: “Sack Tap” – 6.0 miles, 4 pain stations – launch from Centurion as well at 6am; finish at Arboretum

While this will be a 1st F challenge for sure — the idea will be to keep the pax together with the shovel flag carriers leading the way.  Will be great 2nd F for those not too deep in the pain cave.  The 3 options hopefully will encourage pax of different fitness levels to come out for the appropriate level of discomfort.

Go ahead and put it on your calendars.  Aye!


  1. Iron Horse

    HC – this will be an epic event…pretty certain it will spill to a local watering hole for carb reloading.

  2. Dear Abby

    HC. Can’t wait.

  3. Voodoo

    HC. Looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing, Hops.

  4. Hairball


    Pro tip: Rest up for the DZ pain station. For realz

  5. Bratwurst

    HC. Does Roshambo mean we get to play a few rounds to get “credits” later?

  6. Bratwurst

    where is the SignUpGenius link?

  7. Honey Bee

    HC for Roshambo. Had to check the urban dictionary for a definition – fitting. Bring it on. #CSAUP!

  8. Bratwurst

    Found the link

  9. Cheese Curd

    Where that part about just buying the shirt…IN-Roshambo

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