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PreBlast YMCA

OK guys, I don’t have many details, but wanted to get some info out for you to start to think about. You are probably aware of the new Y on Robinwood Road. Off to the side is about 40 acres they plan to turn into a running trail. The proposed trail is currently under construction. Along the proposed route are several areas with trash and overgrown brush that need to be removed. This is where YOU come in. If you are willing and able, I am asking for a few hours of your time on a weekend (likely within the next month) to use those muscles that you have been working on-yes, even soccer arms can help. It will involve lifting some stuff and clearing some trash-bring gloves and some yard work tools (loppers, shears, wheelbarrows, clippers, possibly chainsaws, TNT, flamethrowers…) and be ready to work.

When I get info on the date I will let you know but suspect it will be one of the weekends in Feb, possibly the weekend of 2/24. Think of the impact this YMCA will have on Gastonia. You do not want to miss being a part of helping with this project. Based on what I saw out there, I would recommend NOT bringing the 2.0s. There are a lot of unknowns and think it will be difficult to keep everyone safe if 2.0s are wandering around.

I have been bragging about how much we as a group want to help with service projects in Gastonia. Please try to make it for this community service project even if only for an hour or 2. Again, I will let you know when I hear the date.

More Cowbell

Twas a cold and chilly morning in the Gashouse. We had 3 for some EC with a stroll through the area with some weight. I think I may actually like the rucking-good fellowship and had some laughs. Need to come out with us sometime and try it. All it takes is a backpack with some weight, and actually, the weight is optional-no one really checks it anyway….

We got back with 2 min to spare and got to it.

Disclaimer for the FNG-I met him earlier this week and his sounded like a good fit-pretty much where a lot of us were prior to F3-high school athlete, family, some friends, put on a little weight over the last year, wanted to exercise but none of his wife’s friend’s husbands were really into it…..I could tell you more about him but it would be a HIPPA violation…..

WU: 10 or so SSH, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, then 5 burpees OYO then the Pledge.

PainLab went 1 direction and we headed to the library. We started with 1 min of called exercise AMRAP with 2 rounds of each: High Knees, Flutter Kicks, Squats, and Merkins. Thanks to the Pax for remembering this Monkish part for me. My short term memory is not so good. We then partnered up and P1 started lunging through the parking lot while P2 did 3 burpees then ran to catch P1. Swap positions and continue this process around the lot and back to start. At this point the lunges were not fun for me so I Omaha’d-next 2 laps would be (I think) SSH X 5 and Mountain Climber X 10 but instead of lunges, it was Nur. This was better and still provided adequate burn.

Next, mosey to Grier Middle School field and pick up my wife’s cowbells that were secretly hidden earlier this am during the ruck recon mission. We listened to a little Blue Oyster Cult on the way. Think ShortSale made some comments about his favorite musical artist George Strait along the way but I was too focused to let it deter me from my Weinke. The plan was an exercise called the Bear Hunt. The Q had some trouble setting up, but that was merely part of my plan, sort of, maybe. I really wanted to allow you to catch your breath. Partner up again. P1 bear crawls 1 direction. P2 runs about 30 yards to cowbell and rings it then runs back to catch P1. At this point, P1 picks up P2 (piggy back, fireman, by the nose…however) and carries back to the start. We did 3 rounds each, then we did 1 more because we could. We had some time left, so we did a few arm squats then I pulled one from Stroganoff’s playbook on the way back to start and juked left instead of right and we did some Hip Slappers-2 rounds of 10. Somewhere above we did 5 burpees for the train that I heard sometime in the past 24 hours. We moseyed back to start and joined forces with the PainLab for some Mary led by Rudolph then the COT and naming the FNG-HIPPA.

Great work this am. We had an FNG that I think will be back soon-he was making sure about Monday’s workout before he left so if you see him this next week, make him feel welcome. Remember how life changing this F3 thing can be-we all know it firsthand. Kudos to T Square for this past week collecting things for the family with the fire tragedy this week. Think he was in Folsom this am for his 6th workout in as many days to collect these things. Send him a message if you have something to add.


8 Showed on a chilly morning at the Fighting Yank. They were warned about a possible ruck training this am by Twitter the night before and, despite that, 2 put in some EC with 10 miles before we started. If you don’t know who those 2 were, you have not been posting enough.  I gave a quick disclaimer and general theme for today.

WU: SSH, Squat, Merkins, LBCs all IC and somewhere around 11 of each.

Thang: Mosey to the track but stop along the way on the grassy hill for a little game of ” 5 or 10.” This was an “on the fly” game that went something like this. I say, “5 or 10?” and a Pax responds with his preference. He does not know if it is burpees or count off (rest). We did this for a little while and I think I was the only one who thought this was remotely humorous. Definitely, definitely, definitely will use this again. We continued the mosey up to the track for the first part of our “Ruck Training” workout. Mosey/run a lap then do 50 squats, 40 lunges, then plank. Repeat for 4 cycles. Along the way Quiche informed me the track was only 0.20 miles and that if we wanted to do a mile, we needed another lap. We did 4 anyway. Sargento started hallucinating during the second? lap-then all of a sudden…..POOF!!! something appeared on the railroad track similar to what he thought he saw…..Shortly thereafter, we see a train appear and thankfully, Tiger reminded me to salute the train-5 burpees then get back to it. We finished our 4 laps then started on part 2. Tesla gave me the Q earlier in the week and suggested we include a Tesla bear crawl which I immediately thought…..well, I don’t want to say what I thought because A) Tesla is site Q and a pretty nice guy, and 2) My M occasionally reads these BB and I don’t want to soil my pristine reputation I have established over the last 25 or so years with her. So what do we do next, you ask? We did a Tesla Sprint Slalom Bear Crawl, or TSSBC for short. This involved running across the field (approx 50 yards) and back. As Pax return to the start line, they drop into plank position in a line with space between the pax. The first guy back starts the bear crawl slalom through the returning pax as they arrive and drop into plank position. We did 2 rounds of this and probably could have done more, however time was ticking away and we had more to do. I mistakenly left out some flutter kicks at the end of each round so we added 2 rounds of flutter kicks at the end. It was at this point that Quiche inadvertently lost his key which was later found by Abba after the COT.

Next we moseyed to the wall back near the start. We correctly identified the Turd Shack on the way to the wall. The next exercise was a version of EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute). This consisted of 10 Hip Slappers (capitalized because I really like them) then run from wall to turd shack. At the 1 minute mark while at the turd shack do 10 sumo squats (or Bobby Hurleys if you preferred) and run back to wall. We did at total of 8 minutes (4 HS, 4 SS) when I posed a question to the pax-who and why was the flag erected (yes, erected Stroganoff) near the Turd Shack? Abba and Wheezy both (I think both?) correctly answered-it was a girl scout project for her Gold Award. So at this point, we cut the EMOM by 2 minutes as a bonus. We then went back to turd shack and did 22’s with LBCs and Merkins. This is just like 11’s but rep sum is 22 and count by 2’s. This went fairly quickly with the short hill. We finished with Mary with all pax leading a round.

COT, quick namorama, prayers for guys running Joe Davis Run, then find Quiche’s key-good job Abba.

Great work guys-hard to get out there in the cold. Thanks for showing up-fartsacking is overrated.


A Christmas Story

Record number this am at Coconut Horse for a Christmas Eve stroll through G-town. We had pax from Cramerton, G-town, NOGA, SOFA, and everywhere in between along with an FNG. We had non-runners, active runners training for marathons, and retired runners. It was crazy. We even had an un-named public servant runner with some obscene 80’s picture on his shirt (“Scoping out the Babes”). There were multiple pax out for EC who came in early and stayed late. Overall great run this am, even for the Q who is not a fan of running.

Welcome Randy, (respect) our FNG. We EH’d each other into showing up this am-#ISI. He worked out with Roscoe and Whoopee pre-F3 several years ago and couldn’t move his arms later in the day (compliments of Roscoe) so this was a big step for him. Stroganoff pulled the name out of his…….head after a brief pause. Hope to see Randy out there at the running Ao’s in the future…..this will eventually lead to other days but we will keep that to ourselves for now. Merry Christmas-Whoopee


Swimming anyone?

11 Pax showed this am. It was cold. We had a roamer from Florence who was visiting in-laws and decided he wanted to get after it. Glad to have you Belding. We will expect you at least twice yearly (hopefully more often) from now on. I did not realize I had the Q until yesterday. I put together the electronic weinke with a smile late afternoon, but did not think about the cold weather and battery drain so I had to go rogue for the second half when the battery went dead-good! I now get to challenge myself to think on the fly and come up with something painful, probably more painful than what I had on my weinke.

Here is what I remember:

Quick disclaimer, brief explanation of the PainLab-low impact workout for recovering or those with issues related to potential impact injuries. I could have done a better job with the explanation-will make sure to do that next time.

WU: Quick, warmups are necessary but not what we came for. SSH, Merkins, Jump Rope, Mtn Climbers IC anywhere from 3-8 reps-whatever felt right. 10 burpees finished up the WU then we hit the Pledge.

Thang-PainLab split off with 3-good to see Shadrap and SledgeOMatic back. You get kudos Rudolph-great idea starting the PainLab. Hopefully other un-named pax who posted in the past but are not regulars will reconsider their reasons for not posting. I had at least a hundred reasons not to post. More importantly, there were 7 different reasons standing in front of me for why I should post. Those 7 are stronger reasons than the hundred or more I could have thought of to not post.

8 of us moseyed to the back side woods of Schiele for some partner work on the dirt hill. P1 does exercise, P2 runs up the hill to the special tree. At the top of the hill, do 5 Merkins then come back and flapjack. Exercises were as follows: Merkins, Squats, Flutter kicks. Quick break with 5 burpees then round 2 same process but exercises were the following: Mtn Climbers, Jump Squats, and Freddy Mercury. At about this point, my electronic weinke was dead. Not a whole lot of mumble chatter so our partner group got to pepper Belding on some info about himself. He was Head of School when he joined F3 and introduced to F3 by a teacher, but now works in another field (help me out Roscoe). His wife grew up here in Gastonia and her family has a surveying company. He likes long walks on the beach. He received a cat wrapped in a box for Christmas. He has an uncle named Eddie who has a metal plate in his head and a dog named Snotz. He drives a wood panel station wagon…..wait a second, maybe some of that is not right. Back to the workout.

We moseyed up into the parking lot for a lap or so then headed to the wall of the museum. Hmmm, what should we do here? How about EMOM? Every Minute On the Minute. Sounds good, but Q failed on this. I misjudged the timing so for the first few rounds we had very little recovery time. Sorry, 50% discount on your admission cost. For the next 10-15 minutes we started our routine every minute on the minute. The exercises were as follows: 10 high knees, 10 SSH, 5 burpees then run a short distance and back. The “and back” part was the mistake which gave us little recovery time. After a few rounds I figured that out and we modified. Once we did about 8 rounds of this, we modified the Burpees to……..(drumroll please)……….hip slappers. I got a strange look from Monk as I announced this. That was better than mumble chatter. Much better. I can’t help it. I really do like them. They hurt, but in a really good way. For motivation, we reminded Monk that his M and one of his 2.0s were in the Bahamas and probably would be swimming soon.

Next we moseyed back to the woods down to the pond for Dips and Derkins, 11 style. Start with 1 dip, 1 derkin (no, not Jerkin. Save that for tonight, or for coffeerama???#showtoknow) then take a lap around the pond. 2 dips, 2 derkins, take a lap around the pond,…up to 11 dips, 11 derkins, a lap around the pond. There was more mumble chatter at this point, but not enough. I began offering rewards for anyone willing to swim across the pond-we would quit the workout, I would buy them breakfast, throw in a nice, gently-used F3 hat? Any takers? Anyone? Anyone? How about if anyone would throw Stroganoff in? I even offered to join them. Still no takers. I believe there was also discussion about music and we all (UNANIMOUSLY) agreed that…what was it again? Oh yeah, RUSH sucks. Yup, that is exactly what we discussed and agreed. I distinctly remember Stroganoff raising his hand (all five fingers?) when we asked who thinks Rush sucks. We got a quick 10 count for recovery then did 5 burpees. We moseyed back to start and joined the pain lab for modified Mary as a group. Definitely some painful stuff that will provide the burn with a lower chance for impact injuries. We lunged a little way then finished with the COT.

Good stuff this am. Got a lot going on and people going through things during the holidays-current stuff, memories, travel, sick family and friends/co-workers. Remember, if this is not you going through this now, it will be in the future. Build that relationship with the guys around you now so you have someone to lean on when (not if) you are in the ditch. Getting out here and busting your butt early only makes you a better person and helps move you to be the best version of you possible.

Again, come back anytime Belding. Enjoyed meeting you this am. Great work guys.

We had 5 at coffeerama. Be careful where you sit next time you go-avoid the wet spot. It’s not my fault-it’s been a long time for me.


Bumpin’ burpees and knob ticklers

9 showed this am for a Storm beatdown-I got there early with grand plans to ruck for a little while. After about 15 steps, I realized this ruck thing is really code for a boring walk when done alone and in a parking lot at 5 am. I quickly came to my senses and got back in my car, turned on the heat, and tried to sit really still when Boudin and Dolph showed thinking maybe they were like T-Rexes. If I did not move, maybe they wouldn’t know I was there…..no luck so I got out and talked about races I really did not want to HC for while the rest of the Pax showed and 0530 came around. I cannot remember the last time I was Q at the Storm, so I did not want to disappoint. Here is what I remember:

WU: (don’t blink, you might miss it) SSH, Squats, Flutters, Merkins X 5 IC…blahblahblah, not sure if this is what we really did. Got frustrated with the WU so we did a quick fast forward: 5 Burpees OYO then on feet quickly for mosey to the small eye for the…

Thang…Booyah Merkins X 20 then Squats X 20 for 2 sets?, then Derkins X 10 I think. There was some mumble chatter, but I was not deterred. Push on, I’ve got more in store for the Pax.

Mosey to the Big Eye, plank and 2 pax at a time run opposite directions around the Eye, when they meet drop for 5 Merkins, then continue around until back to start. Drop to Plank while next round takes off. Think we did Flutter Kicks X 20 + Merknis X 10 IC maybe twice? then I offered a choice to Dr. Seuss: Option A or Option B? Don’t remember what he chose but we started down the way we came and I heard some unnamed Pax that rhymes with Strolph and Boganoff question whether there really was a choice…so we took a sharp turn and went down the big hill in front of the school and turned into the lower entrance. Run until we can find a wall (short detour, was not part of the original plan) with a 2 burpee penalty at each speed bump. Eventually we made it to the school with Strolph, I mean Dolph leading the way and finding every effin speed bump he could along the way (good work Dolph-ISI). We got to the wall for the next part of the beatdown: Partner work at the knobs….3 step ups per leg, P 1 stays and does Mumpee Humpers while P 2 runs to trashcan and back then swap. Think we did 3 rounds of this before I actually got the numbers right….Thanks to my partner Sargento for the moral support and letting me find my way to the correct number of reps. Thanks to Dolph for the……nevermind. Let’s keep this PG. Never know who will be reading this. Just know, when someone calls Monkey Humpers, don’t turn your back on Dolph and keep at least one eye on him at all time.

Next came my second most favorite part: EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute): 5 high knees, 5 SSH, 5 burpees, then run about 20 yards and back X 10 cycles. This was pretty fun I thought and will be a staple for me for future Q’s. We had about 15-20 seconds of rest btwn cycles which after about 7, was barely enough I thought. I think somewhere along the line, Tesla made some smart-alecky remark about gloves or something….maybe he said he liked my gloves??? Not really sure, all I know is it made me think about Hip Slappers so we did a couple quick sets then moseyed back to start for Mary and the Pledge.

Great work guys-COT was full of friends, family, co-workers with sadness in their lives. Although all of the things mentioned this morning are important and weigh heavy on our hearts, I think the one that stuck with me the most was Stroganoff’s friend Donovan who lost his 24ish year old daughter to colon cancer this week. They struggled for several years and I suspect knew this day was coming, however somewhere deep down there was that little flicker of hope that maybe they could beat it. I hope none of us will ever have to deal with that in our future-losing a child has to rank up there with some of the worst situations ever. I know we all have lost loved ones, some even children. I also realize this is a real possibility for all of us in our future. Keep that in mind when your family member/child/friend does something that gets under your skin-make sure you are being the BEST father, brother, son, friend, whatever it is-that you can be.  Not sure I need to say anymore.

Thanks for coming out this morning and making me a better person-Whoopee

ps: rucking by yourself in the gloom in a parking lot really sucks, and GOOD LUCK TO MAYOR WITH HIS EYE SURGERY PLANNED FOR 12/6/17. LET US KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING.

Sponsored by 11

Today was a great day-weather was perfect, good turnout at Schiele, had an FNG, and the guns were out all around just for my M. That was the topic of our dinner conversation tonight-guns everywhere and “some things you can’t unsee” was repeated by my M. Thanks guys, you made me proud.

I put out a few pre blasts about being sponsored by the number 11. Just to test the literacy of the pax, I varied the number of reps for the warmup and thankfully, Roscoe did not let me down and called me out on my reps. Here is what I remember:


WU: 11 (or so) reps of SSH, Squats, Merkins, ? flutters then…what the heck, lets get some burpees, 11 of them after Roscoe was kind enough to point out not 11 reps on something. I then ‘splained that the theme was 11 and that every 11 minutes my alarm was going off and we would do 5 burpees (Slaw, where are you? I put this one in here just for you-it will return.)

Mosey to the front door of Grier Middle School to the speed bumps for 11’s. Start at 1 speed bump and run to other with 11’s using Burps and CDDs for our exercises on the ends. Think the timer may have gone off???? 7:11 am

Mosey to First Presbyterian Church steps. My original plan was 11’s with hip slappers but last time I did this…..well let’s just say there was blood and I was not really interested in that today since the parking lot was just repaved, so I changed things a little. We went up the steps, 11 hip slappers, came down the steps for 11 WWI (or was it WWII??) situps. Repeato but only 5 or 6 reps at top and bottom. The timer went off so we did some more burpees at 7:22 am.

We had a short mosey to the playground for something I really hate, figured others felt same way, and was excited to put on my weinke-Pull Up Plank Bridge: all pax stay in plank, during the plankorama, 1 or 2 pax at a time jump up, do a pull up with slow down phase. This was so much fun, we did it again but instead of plank, we did squats while pax took turns with the pull-ups.

Mosey to the track at Sherwood Elementary School, partner up for Booyah Merkin Clockwork. P1 starts mosey in one direction and will continue in that direction for whole exercise. P2 goes in other direction around the track. Every time they meet, drop and do booyah merkins. The reps start at 1 and increase every time you pass each other until you get to 11. Also, just for fun (with props to Gastone), every time you pass you change from Run to Nur or Nur to Run. This was a real crowd pleaser. The Nurring was a battery drainer for me. I think we did Burpees twice (7:33 am and 7:44 am) during this one-added a little salt to the wound which made me smile….

We recovered while I briefed the pax on a favor-my M would be dropping 2 of my 2.0s back at start right around 8am. My M is “not a fan” of the sleeveless shirts (AKA: sun’s out, gun’s out shirts). As many of you know, I am completely at the mercy of my (wonderful and loving) M and look for ways to break out from under her Communist-like control any chance I can, even if it is for 60 minutes on a Saturday morning while most of the world is still sleeping while I wear a shirt that makes her worried I may show up one day in a ’77 trans am with T tops and a firebird on the front…..where was I??????? Oh yeah, the favor….I asked everyone to tuck their sleeves and give her the 28 gun salute when she arrived back at home base. The pax happily obliged, some who know my M seemed especially eager-again, thanks.

We moseyed back to home base for some Mary, stopping for our last round of burpees on the way as the alarm went off at 7:55am. We got back for some Mary with a few of us leading and were saved by the bells at 8am. My M showed up a few minutes later with some choice comments, and was heard saying something like “some things you can’t unsee” as she drove away. Not sure who had a bigger grin, me or her…..probably me.

COT: few prayer requests: coworkers struggling with cancer, health issues, friend with daughter fighting advanced cancer and fundraiser going on today (Stroganoff led the charge up the hill on this one and Hushpuppy and I were there to support). Probably a few others I can’t remember. We named our FNG: Remo (Simon Aldridge) brought by Oompa Loompa. Just FYI, Remo will be starting his marine corps service (I think) in April. When you meet him, do your best to get him to keep coming back-let’s get him in shape as best we can and help this young man prepare to go and serve our country.

I had a great morning with all of you-thanks for the privilege of leading. I saw a lot of guys gutting it out this morning. I thought it was tough, but everyone really busted their tails and that kind of stuff really makes me work even harder when I see others pushing. Great work with the “iron sharpens iron” part.




8 men showed for another shield lock. I dug into the old files and found a previous workout I really liked and thought I would bring it back. The last time we did the 300 workout was in December 2015 and I believe Roscoe carried a shield and sword thru the whole workout. No shield or sword today….maybe next time. I started with a quick description then read part of the speech from Testacles (TEST-a-klees) from the sequel movie for 300. That was not his real name, Billy Madison-I know you will correct me at some point, being the movie hound that you are. The speech was basically that if you need a reason to push a little harder, look around you. Your shield lock is the motivation for improving. Enuff said, start the WU:

SSH X 10 IC then 50 single count squats in honor of Sparky’s son Madden who has his VQ today in Folsom. You have probably seen him on elementary school calendar’s floating around. He is the guy with his shirt off and a boyish snarl that makes the boys tremble and the girls go weak in the knees. Hey Madden, if you are reading this, stay away from Audubon Drive. I have 3 girls and need to keep them focused on something other than your guns.

Pledge then 2 for PainLab led by Mayor and 6 pax to mosey to the track at Grier Middle School. Here goes the 300 Workout: 6 exercises, 10 reps each with a lap around the track followed by 6 hip slappers.  6 exercises X 10 reps X 5 laps = 300. I threw in the total of 30 Hip Slappers just to make everyone smile a little. Exercises were squats, merkins, flutterkicks, gorilla humpers, scorpion dry docks, and lunges. The hip slappers were a crowd favorite I think. There was some mumble chatter but nothing too overwhelming. I believe this is when a train came by so we saluted with some burpees-see below.

We then meandered to the little courtyard area with steps and continued with the 300 theme. Partner up, P1 runs up the (approx 15) steps then down the 15 steps (total 30 for you fellers who ran out of toes counting) while P2 does flutter kicks. I got a few funny looks from the Pax when I said we were going to do 10 rounds each…..30 steps X 10 rounds = 300. We got through it and the mumblewhining got more prevalent from an unnamed pax called Stroganoff. That part always makes me happy.

The last part of the 300 workout today consisted of Merkins and Squats. Sets of 30 Merkins followed by 30 Squats for total of 5 sets each (ran out of gas but I will claim it was because time was running short). 30 Merkins X 5 sets + 30 Squats X 5 sets = 300 total reps. We did a few of these sets on our mosey back to home base and arrived in time to close things down with the PainLab.

Announcements: Speed for Need, 3rd F event on Friday, 10/13/17 (next week) at New Covenant Church at 7pm for about an hour or 2-check with HushPuppy, Freight, or Sparky for questions. Roscoe is organizing an F3Dads event with 2.0 and a Kings Mtn/Crowders Mtn Ruck/hike/sprint for 2 Sundays in November (12 and 19)-look for a pre blast soon.

Quick word at end about why we post-it is NOT for the exercise. You can get the exercise any time at all and impress your M (in your mind) by working out. You post for the guy next to you. He needs you and you need him-if not now, sometime real soon. Get out of bed and post or make that trip to Midoriyama you have been wanting to for so long. Someone is counting on you being there.   I just read about Bulldog planning to drive an hour to post in Atlanta. You really gonna complain about the 10 minute drive to a GasHouse AO because you are tired? Really????!!!!!!

enjoyed it this morning guys-see you in the gloom-Whoopee


Hellevens and Blood

I found out on Monday that Wednesday needed a Q. Gastone didn’t really ask so I didn’t really say yes. I was pretty much told I was the Q. That is how Gastone rolls and that is a good thing. I needed to Q. I knew it. He probably did too, even if he didn’t. Guess that is how this thing works. Good lesson learned. I have been going thru a few things lately (aren’t we all??) that have been a bit distracting, so getting out in the gloom as spilling some sweat (and blood sometimes, right TSquare?) helps to reframe things. It was good seeing Spanx out this morning. Snowman put in some serious effort too. It’s the effort like that and seeing new guys post more than once that keeps me pushing hard.

Here is what I remember:

Disclaimer, Pledge, WU: it was quick-just like I like it: 5ish each IC-SSH, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks then we’re off…

The Thang: Mosey to grassy hill by baseball outfield. Mosey up the hill for Jack Webb and come down hill after each set of Merkin/air presses for 20 squats. Total 200 squats and full set of Jack Webb started things off right.

Short mosey to parking lot for HODOR, HODOR, HODOR: partner up, piggy back partner across the lot for Mountain Climbers X 10 each, swap and piggy back to other sidebar more Mountain Climbes-total 3 trips each.

Mosey to Turd Shack for Hip Slapper Hellevens after a quick pep talk by me about the mental fatigue of life and it’s curve balls that come at you and make you feel worn down. Remember, when you feel like your tank is empty, you’ve still got a lot of gas left. Push through it. Your mental  fatigue can be overwhelming if you let it. DON’T LET IT GET YOU DOWN. What’s that phrase…..oh yeah, DFQ.  We then broke into the Hip Slapper Hellevens: 11’s with Hip Slappers on one end and Squats on the other. The hip slappers were full count, big boy hip slappers and my shoulders are still feeling it. About this time I was shown a pool of blood from TSquare’s nose on the ground. Maybe not such a good idea…

We finished this and had a short mosey about 20 feet then we started the final approach to Pelican’s. Start She Hate Me….this lasted for a looooong time. We probably did about 6 or 7 rounds (10 lunges each leg, 10 Merks, 10 Merkins, repeat) until we ran out of time. We did 22 Merkins for the vets then Stone Cold gave us a 10 count (he did Merkins instead of counting) to recover. Couldn’t let him do that by himself so we then did 20 Merkins IC then moseyed the final way to Pelican’s to finish right….on…..time.

Quick namorama, announcements, COT.

This was a tough one for me on a few levels. Definitely wouldn’t have pushed that hard by myself. Having a partner like Gastone for Hodor and Hip Slappers, seeing T Square push despite a bloody nose/beard/shirt, me sucking wind and watching Snowman squeeze out the final merkins instead of cruising in and skipping reps, trying to keep up with Turtleman on the final mosey into Pelicans, seeing newer guys out there working through the soreness, or hearing grunts from various others as we did the merkins or hip slappers. I needed this today and appreciate each of you. The extra COT at the end was the cherry on top-thanks HushPuppy.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this am-Whoopee

To the flag

I got into my car and as I started the engine, the radio came on for some late inspiration: Madonna singing “Papa Don’t Preach.” I listen to 80’s music, now termed “oldies” but I couldn’t give 2 turds if that is cool at this point in my life. Country music just doesn’t always do it for me especially early in the am. I immediately thought this was a sign from God. I needed to be tight-lipped this am, no lectures, no humor, no teaching points. Just get to work and gitrdone. My girls, who often endure long lectures about the benefits of turning lights off when they leave a room, would have cheered at this decision. Of course they were asleep so I just QUIETLY smiled and decided on my plan.

Still tired from the week and sore from Friday at Downtown, I was really just planning to “get through” the Q this am, eat some breakfast, and head back home for some rest. Then Dolph showed up….Whenever I am the Q and he shows up, I feel like I need to kick it up a notch. It’s nothing he does. It’s just the idea that I don’t want anyone to walk away and say hmmmm, that was ok. I want everyone to lay on the ground for awhile afterwards and think “that….was…..tough.” Anyone can go workout and sweat some. Coming to F3 has changed my approach to exercise. I now want to be the catalyst that gets people coming back looking for more ways to push harder and motivate others to do the same. Again, there is Dolph-therefore, kick…..it……up……as much as possible. Not to take away from anyone else, but I know if I can make him sweat (and grunt a little every once in awhile), everyone else will be sweating too. And there you have the “Iron Sharpens Iron” I think at its best.

When I got to Folsom, there were already a few there discussing the fight tonight. We all voiced our predictions as more arrived. Roscoe showed up with the baddest looking gas mask and placed it on top of the shovel flag with cheers from the pax. At 0630 I announced my theme for the Weinke was loosely based on the fight tonight and we got started.

WU: SSH, Jump Rope, Rocky Balboas, Moroccan Night Club (there was a lot of mumble chatter so the reps went on for much longer than usual until there was very little chatter and I got several comments and funny looks about how long the warm up was). I just kept my mouth shut-PAPA DON’T PREACH. I was smiling on the inside.

The Thang:

Mosey to turd shack for Mike Tyson’s X 15 X ? 3 sets. Was planning just 2 but Tadpole was so excited we had to do an extra set. Think we did squats after each set of Mike Tyson’s.

Quick mosey without much rest to the picnic tables for Dips and Step Ups. Wanted to talk about something, but remembered: Papa Don’t Preach.

Quick mosey to other side of parking lot for partner work: Hodor (piggy back carry partner) carry across the lot then 20 sit-ups. Swap and other partner Hodor’s partner back to start for 20 more setups. My weinke said “Rinse and Repeat” so we did it again but only 10 sit-ups each round. There were comments about Arabian horses, donkeys, and something about an ogre and onions-layers I think. Again, I told myself to keep quiet: Papa don’t preach.

Quick mosey to end of parking lot by picnic tables for some sprints: Apollo Creed sprints-think Rocky 1,2 or 3-I can’t remember which but think we decided it was probably Rocky 3 when Rocky and Apollo raced on the beach. We split into 3 groups of 4 each, all dropped into plank position, then group 1 took off in a sprint to other side then dropped into plank. Part way across the lot group 2 was released and they sprinted to other side then dropped into plank. Finally the 3rd group was released for same thing. We repeated this back to the start and somewhere along the way Huckleberry threw a rod in his engine and headed to the garage. Maybe this was not such a good idea….but we kept at it.

Long mosey to the front of Folsom to the flag with some burpees and merkins on the way. A train came by a couple times so we did the required burpees and eventually made it to the front where flutters (I think) were being done. No time for chatter-Papa don’t preach-so we moved over to another lot for some She Hate Me-Slaw mentioned before we started that he was feeling the after effects of the same exercise from day before at Downtown so I was especially excited for this. I am not sure I have heard Slaw say that about any of my previous workouts-Iron Sharpening Iron again. We did the She Hate Me across the lot down the hill, and it was so much fun we just kept going around the turn and back up the hill. No time for preachin.’ Gotta get moving. We moseyed back “To the Flag” but made a detour to the grassy hill for a few trips up and down with squats and merkins at top and bottom X 10 reps X 2 sets (I think). Then it was “off to the flag” but we took a Pizza Man detour-he never goes straight back to the flag when running so we passed the lot and went to the picnic tables to make sure we had turned off the lights. Either Dolph or Slaw suggested that since we had come all this way, we should stop and visit the picnic tables so we did. I think we did about 20 or so dips then back on the road ” to the flag.” Again, we took a little detour to the amphitheater for some Derkins. At this point we were close to mutiny and a few guys (including Dolph) took the lead when I said ” to the flag” and made a bee line for the flag. We did some Mary in the final 4 minutes. I don’t remember much at this point other than I made the mistake of asking Roscoe to lead us in Slurpees. Think I was unconscious after 2 or 3 of the burpees and woke up during the namorama.

Namorama, announcements, and prayer.

This morning was GREAT for me. It was not the “just get through the Q” like I had planned. I was pushed by all of the pax which made me push even harder. Everyone busted their butt. I believe I will be sore tomorrow, but that is just fine. I’ll take a beating like that with any one of you any day of the week. Thanks to all of you for the motivation.

We had 6 at coffeerama sponsored by Sparky-much appreciated brother. Next one is on me. Got to see video of a protestor in Phoenix getting shot in the nuts with a bean bag-still laughing about that. You should have been there.




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