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Road Kill

3 of Gastonia’s finest assembled for another helping of Diablo Sammich. We were in a hurry, so we started with the pledge then took off like…..well we got out of there on time and started to ruck. All had packs and the fellowship was epic. Every 3 minutes we did an exercise ranging from squats, Merkins, low slow squats, upright rows, flutter kicks, overhead presses, and a new exercise we made up on the fly called ROAD KILL. This is a GasHouse original as far as I can tell. Basically it is similar to a burpee but slower. The exercise starts in the standing position with ruck on, pax drop to the ground like a dead animal (choose your own position, preferably on the side and not in the middle of the road), then get back up. We went up Gastone’s hill, out to Union, back up Gastone’s hill again, then back to start for a quick round of exercises to finish up on time.

I have heard some chatter about more ruckers planning to come out after P200-looking forward to that. We’ve got a good solid group coming out here and would love to see it grow. It’s a great leg burn that can involve upper body as much or as little as the Q wants. I will have some 6-8 foot telephone poles out there for fun sometime soon.


can’t hurt me

There was some chatter on Twitter…Rudolph started talking junk and being the bone head that I am, I fired right back and we went back and forth a few times with threatening comments and gifs. In the end, we all won. Iron sharpening iron was at its finest and I will be sleeping well tonight. Eighteen men showed, 1 of them being an FNG thanks to TSquare. I started with the disclaimer and the FNG just stared me down with no fear in his eyes at all. He is married after all and there is very little that scares a married man.

We started with the Pledge then the Disclaimer. Once the disclaimer was completed, I started  with my FAVORITE PART, the warmup. After being warned about an FNG, I decided to use the warmup as a “teachable moment.” We went over the 5 core principles of F3 as part of the warmup with a new exercise called Burp-Threes. I asked for one of the principles: all I heard was ” It’s three!” so we started with 3 burpees.  They later corrected me with core principle #1 which is “it is free.” I asked for another: “It’s outdoors, rain or shine” so we then then did 6 burpees. I asked for another and heard “It’s men only” so we did 9 burpees. I asked for another, and TSquare said there were only 3 core principles……no, no, no, that is not right. Someone said “it is peer led in rotating fashion” so we did 12 burpees….DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE WARMUPS??? There were some (not so) under the breath comments and the Q was getting a bit out of breath so we semi-Omaha’d (for the sake of the FNG to show him how to count F3-style) and did 15 SSH after someone said principle #5: We end with a COT.

At this point, we split into BootCampers and PainLabbers. See Montross’ backblast done earlier today. Nice work-thanks for stepping up to Q and stepping out of Folsom to push your brothers in GasHouse.

I told the group we would head to the football field but we would climb the hill and jump the fence. All of us made it without any bloodshed or falls that I am aware of. I explained the first exercise as we lined up near the goal line: BEAR BITCH-thanks for poking the bear Rudolph. I had something else planned but it was not hard enough….Here is what BEAR BITCH is: split into groups of 3. P1 and P2 do exercises (flutter kicks or squats) while P3 bear crawls as far as he wants, keeping in mind his partners will be exercising then bear crawling to catch up. Once P3 stops, he gets up and starts doing one of the exercises (flutter kicks or squats) and one of other partners (P1 or P2) drops down and bear crawls to P3 then starts doing one of the exercises. The last man bear crawls to his partners and starts back doing exercises while P3 starts bear crawling again. The only way to move across the field is to bear crawl. When you are not bear crawling you are doing one of the exercises. My plan was more than one trip and use other exercises, however I don’t think it would have ended well, and I had plenty more planned. FYI, there is a pax whose name rhymes with Spanchorman that you do not want as your partner if you have to bear crawl. He was our first man to bear crawl and he made it across with only 1 stop.

To cool off, we did a Bojangles biscuit-run around the track with all you’ve got on the straight part then mosey or walk on the turns. Stroganoff pulled a “slow and steady” and easily cruised around in first place without looking like it was much trouble at all.

We moseyed from the field over to Sherwood Elementary School making 2 alma maters for Stroganoff. He suggested we hit one of the high schools to make it a trifecta for him but I had other plans. On the way we hit 3 speed bumps and did 3 burpees at each speed bump. We took a trip or 2 up and down the steps before getting to the field. Once at the field, we did another Bojangles (run the straights and jog/mosey the turns). We finished at the end with the hill and I told the pax we would be doing “Hillevens.” This would be similar to “Elevens” with a few modifications. Start at bottom of the hill with 1 Merkin. Run up the hill, bear crawl across the hill (probably 30 yards), run down the hill, and 10 Burpees. Each lap we go up on merkins and down on the Burpees. The bear crawl was too much for everyone except the Q (I was really barely breathing hard at all and could have done this all day without a problem at all) so I Omaha’d to just do odd number counting after the 3rd lap. This was pretty tough and the bear crawl stuff was a battery drainer for sure. Once we finished this, I gave TopHat a choice: exercise A or exercise B. I am really not sure what he picked as it made no difference to me….think he picked B and we moseyed back to the steps. Partner up and P1 does either Squats or Burpees while P2 runs up steps, at the top he does 2 burpees, then runs back down. Partners swap positions. We did not have much time so we only did a couple rounds of this and to the best of my recollection, NONE OF US DID SQUATS-WE ONLY DID BURPEES, RIGHT? #showtoknowthetruth

We moseyed to the back of the church to the newly paved parking lot for another new exercise/game called “Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Burpee.” We made it across the parking lot with about 5 minutes to spare….turn around and let’s do that again. An un-named pax named Stroganoff gave me a not-so-nice look but he kept on going. We reached the other end then moseyed back to start in time for a few LBCs then the bells rang and we were finished. I think I laid on the ground for a few minutes to recover.

During our bootcamp, I talked about David Goggins book called Can’t Hurt Me. From the title, I thought it was about how tough this guy is and how he can’t be physically hurt. After reading the first 2 chapters, I think it is more about how he grew up in a broken home with a broken father and suffered mental and physical torture that no young man should ever have to go through. He also has a podcast I got from PizzaMan recently where he talks about “outworking the chart” among other things. Look it up and also read his book if you have a chance-it will be time well spent.

Once I got my tired but up off the ground, we did our COT and named our FNG Clark Lee: Honey Bee. Seems like our kind of man and I will be surprised if he is not back really soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and for pushing me harder than I can push myself.


outwork the list

5 men with rucks gathered this am for some Diablo Sammich-good turnout especially for the predicted weather. We started with a disclaimer-do what you can do- then got into the warmup:

3 Burpees, 6 Burpees, 9 Burpees with 1 minute of rest between sets, and yes, with your ruck on. I had other plans but felt the Weinke was not right for this morning so I scrapped my plans and modified to something still challenging but different. We moseyed to Gastone’s Hill and on the way we talked about David Goggins podcast I watched recently compliments of Pizza Man. Look him up, but basically he is a bad MF’er (yes, that was for you fellers who just traveled to New Orleans for marathon or half marathon) who wrote at least one book (Can’t Hurt Me) and did some tough stuff. In his podcast he said he tried to “outwork the list.” His idea of “the list” is the list of accomplishments each of us individually is capable of doing that you will be accountable for when you get to heaven. Did you reach your potential? Were you a good father? Did you physically do the things, accomplish the goals, or run the races you were capable of doing? Topics that make up this “list” goes on and you get the idea. So I was watching this between 0530 and 0630 on the day I was running the half marathon in New Orleans…the same race I have been whining and bitching about for the last few months…..the race that I said was going to be my last EVER long run. So after watching this I decided this race was not going to be that bad and I would need to run another with better goals. I needed to OUTWORK THE LIST. In order to do that, I need to be accountable to those around me (F3 and others) and I need to quit my bitching. I also needed to have a different perspective about some things. I think one of the good things about being a Q is you get to do a backblast and remind yourself of things that are important or that you learned recently, whether it happened at the workout or just came in your head while writing the BB is really not the point. Anyway…….where was I?

Oh yeah, we just finished the warmup and were walking/rucking to Gastone’s Hill talking about ONE. BAD. MF’er. We got to the hill and marching orders were thrown out there: go to top of hill and do 5 squats at each mailbox on the right. Voodoo told us about his goal for daily squats, Merkins, and LBC’s. He has a trip coming up and I know he WILL MAKE HIS GOALS on the trip. This is a great idea for all of us and a lot harder than is sounds, especially on about day 15.

We rucked to the bottom (did we do more squats at mailboxes on the way down?) and reminisced about the previous workouts on the hill. We all gave our recollection of how many mailboxes there were on the right and could not come to a definitive answer, so we went back up again and did escalating Upright Rows using our rucks at the mailboxes on the way up. Just for the record there are 13 mailboxes to the top of the hill on the right including the one at the end of the cul de sac. On the way down we did several merkins (with ruck on) at each mailbox on our left. Some were uphill merkins, some were downhill merkins-they were pretty tough for me as I have been working on developing soccer arms for the last few months.  SPRING BREAK IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER SO……sun’s out/gun’s out is my new motto. I’ll be breaking out the sleeveless red F3 shirt before too long.

We hustled back to start and arrived right at 0615 so no one would turn into a pumpkin. We did our COT and closed with prayer. I believe I forgot the pledge so I owe all of you an extra pledge of allegiance next time I am Q.

Thanks for the opportunity-Whoopee


Diablo Sammich was pretty cold this am. We had 4 ruckers out there-I was likely to make it but needed backup just in case so Gastone was prepared to take over. Thankfully it was a quiet night in GasVegas and I made it there for the 2nd week of Diablo Sammich. Voodoo and Pedal were ready to go so the four of us started with the pledge then took off like greased lightning…..well, we took off like……hmmm, like……well, we started on time and we were walking. Yeah, we were walking, not too fast but not too slow…..kind of like……..walking…..with rucks and some weight. We talked about GoRuck and what they have done to elevate the popularity of rucking with equipment (all made in USA) and events. If you haven’t done so, look them up. Great quality stuff and the events are true endurance testers-ask Boudin or Freight about the GoRuck Tough event or any of the others that did the GoRuck Light event (I was not at the light event but a few of the Folsom regulars and I think JK2 were there). Before I knew it we were at Harris Teeter for the beatdown.

Circle up in the parking lot, strip down naked, then dump buckets of cold water on each other and see who can stand there the longest. Gastone cheated and peed on himself. It was great. After about 35 minutes Pedal’s nose fell off and Voodoo passed out. We took him inside Harris Teeter and poured some hot coffee on him. Pretty soon he was ok. We duck taped the nose back on Pedal and we were set.

We went back outside and continued with the workout. We circled up again and started back into the workout. We did about 15 minutes of AMRAP-turned out to be 4 rounds of the following: 50 flutter kicks while holding ruck in front over your head, 25 squats holding ruck over your head, then 10 Merkins with ruck on back. After each round, we swapped rucks so everyone had a chance with each other’s rucks. Gastone won the contest with the least-easy-to-hold ruck with his weighted vest. It actually was a good thing-it was uncomfortable and that is almost always a good thing. We saw some of the Pub-runners come by and yelled at a few of them but don’t think they heard us. Once we got back to rucking we passed a few-only one I could tell was Anthrax since I was not wearing my glasses and my eyes were cloudy from the cold water we had dumped on each other.

We rucked back to start for COT.

One of the side effects of F3 is you tend to pick up habits from the guys you hang around with. Probably the one habit I have picked up has been reading more regularly. I am currently reading a book that Jocko talks about often-About Face. It is written by Col David Hackworth (US army retired) and although it is very long, it has kept my attention so far. There is a quote from Shakespeare in the most recent chapter and it reminded me of F3 so I read the quote to the guys at COT. Here is the (slightly paraphrased) quote from Henry V:

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day who rucks with me

Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition and the ruck shall strengthen his back;

And gentlemen now in GasHouse in their fartsacks

Shall think themselves accursed were they not here,

And hold their justifiers cheap whiles any speaks or reads thy backblasts

To those that rucked with us upon Diablo Sammich.”


We closed with announcements and quick prayer. Hope you can make it next week for Diablo Sammich. Don’t forget the hike up Mt. Mitchell on ? May 2 and look for some info coming soon on BRR and BRR-Ruck.


diablo sammich

Today was the launch for Diablo Sammich, the premier (and only) rucking AO in Gastonia. I got there just a few minutes early and saw HIPAA unpacking his trunk with his ruck and shovel flag ready to go. A few others were under the overhang thing at Snoballs trying to avoid the rain for just a few minutes. When 0530 hit, we started with the pledge (no disclaimer but no FNGs so minor Q fail). I explained my general plan and we took off with our packs on a fellowship mosey-this is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of rucking-getting to know the guys around you and what is on their mind. The pace is very comfortable and you can adjust how hard you want to work by loading more weight or carrying things. First time, we are just going with the rucks and no extra weight…..for now….this will change in the future. We went up Gastone’s hill and reminisced about doing burpees at each mailbox-none today. We continued on past Food Dog (the name mine and Dr. Feelgood’s kids called Food Lion years ago) then back to start. On the way we saw a few neon flashes go by-they sounded like Diva, ToolTime, and Defib but not really sure who it was. We got back to start and everyone gloved up.

I introduced the group to “BEAR WITH ME”  from GoRuck. This involves a lot of bear crawling with exercises using the ruck. We started with bear crawl X 20 yards and went back and forth with the following exercises on each end: Squats X 20 (bear crawl) + Merkins X 20 (bear crawl) + Ruck Curls X 20 (bear crawl) + Flutter Kicks holding ruck above head X 50 (bear crawl) + Mountain Climbers X 20 (bear crawl). This was a good shoulder burner and I think I actually enjoyed the bear crawls-first time EVER for me and I can promise you the bear crawls will be part of future diablo sammich workouts for me. We still had some time so I pulled out the sandbag and we did a few rounds around Snoballs in groups of 3. Either (PAX 1) carry the sandbag or (PAX 2 and 3) carry 2 ruck sacks and do a lap around Snoballs or plank (PAX 4 and 5) while the other 3 PAX do the lap. This was actually not too bad and could benefit from more weight in the future. I have plenty of options and will improve this in the future. We were almost out of time so we loaded up our rucks for 1 final lap around Snoballs with the last third of the lap in a bear crawl which finished in Lake Whoopeegonnagetcha in the parking lot.

BIG THANKS to those who showed. I really think this can be a great introduction to F3 for those who are uncomfortable coming to a boot camp or a running AO. By adding weight and carrying heavy coupons during the hiking part, you can push yourself as hard as you want. I promise you it will be as easy or hard as you are willing to try. Like all other workouts we do here, it won’t get easier but you will get better. Bring an FNG so they can see what F3 is all about. We have some great guys here in GasHouse. Rucking is an easy way to get to know the guy in the dark you work out with. Giving this a try might even get you bold enough to try a GoRuck event-at least one of these should be required for every GasHouse PAX in my opinion. It is incredibly hard but a huge team-building experience that will push you farther than you think is possible. Check out their website when you have a chance.

We finished with announcements, namorama, and quick prayer. Come check us out next week. Bring a (durable) ruck or weight vest or whatever weighted object you want and try some Diablo Sammich.


Diablo Sammich

OK, you have been waiting patiently and now the wait is over. It’s coming….it’s almost here….can you feel the excitement? Next week, starting on Thursday, January 24, 2019 we will start another AO in GASHOUSE. It’s going to be a…………..


Come be a part of this momentous occasion. We will start at 0530 and meet at Snoballs, near Martha Rivers Park. The plan is low impact (come on you PainLabbers) hiking with weight lifting mixed in during the workout. I’ll need some help with the lifting ideas PainLabbers. Running with your ruck is generally discouraged so that will not be part of my plan. Although it will coincide (that means happen at the same time Stroganoff) with The Pub, this should help grow F3Gastonia by allowing those men not ready for a running AO to ease into F3 with less apprehension (that means they won’t be skeered Stroganoff). Hopefully this will lead to more PAX who can run and join the bootcamps also.

Please help spread the word. All are welcome. Bring a ruck or weight vest (or not) and put as much weight as you want to start with then hopefully grow this amount over time. Some have used store-bought weights, other have used bricks, frying pans, water bottles, cat litter, fruit, small animals, siblings, furniture, and other various objects to show off their talents. Come be a part of DIABLO SAMMICH, the newest AO in GasHouse starting Thursday, January 24 at 0530 at Snoballs by Martha Rivers.

see you then-Whoopee

Pizza Canoe and a FartLetts too

Last night I Tweeted that I had something different planned for The Pub this morning. I knew that would not be popular with everyone, but that’s ok. We had a reasonable number of Pax this am and as I have learned in the past, QUALITY trumps QUANTITY every single time.

Before we started, ToolTime mentioned the SLACKBOT issue with SA and particular phrase that followed SA’s name recently on Slack. Just ask a Folsom feller if you don’t know about this. Since ToolTime was (completely) responsible for this, he announced the issue was taken care of and would go away. Pizza Man apparently felt this was inappropriate (no judgement about the SLACKBOT phrase either way on my part, but I appreciate Pizza Man stepping up and speaking his mind) and suggested it go away. In reality, it was extremely funny and inappropriate. One of the Pax (can’t remember exactly who) suggested he do the same with Pizza Man so that every time someone says “Pizza Man,” the slackbot asks “Do you mean Pizza Canoe?” It got a hearty laugh from a few, but clearly TT was not interested. I won’t expect that to show up anytime soon….

So then I called time to start and a few guys started to mosey….wait a minute, I’m the Q and we will start with the Disclaimer then SSH X ? many followed by a gentle lap around part of the parking lot….with a lot of bitching and moaning about why are we doing this???? Enter LARGE GRIN ON MY FACE……Stop back where we start for some squats….again with the bitching and moaning……………………….

When I could stand it no more, I gave the instructions:run max speed to the Firehouse towards Panera. It is just over 1 mile so push yourself accordingly. For those looking for a light mosey and injury prevention, feel free to mosey as per usual routine. I have been told if I want to improve my long distance time, I need to do speed work with interval training with short distances and mile repeats. ToolTime got to the firehouse first with Gastone hot on his tail. SA and I arrived a little while later and while we recovered briefly, the others moseyed past us with smiles on their faces and kept going on a usual Pub Pace. Once we had recovered enough, we did the same thing back to start. I was definitely different but not necessarily better or even something I will do again at The Pub……maybe. After we arrived back to start, ToolTime took off for a run to get his miles in and Gastone, SA, and I did the same with a moderate pace until we had to turn around due to time. We got just under 4 miles I think. ToolTime got about 18 miles in the same amount of time. Pushing the pace was different and I think provided enough pain to make me at least see the benefit.

We got back for COT and shared some things going on in our families, friends, and other F3 guys. I have been guilty of not posting lately. Work, family, and life in general has been busy but not so busy that I couldn’t make it out. I just chose to do other stuff-I have been exercising but not posting. I’ve got to get back on track. I will be out of town for a few days but plan to start getting back out into the gloom. For those of you reading this, keep in mind your brothers out here need you to keep them on track. If they are not posting, reach out to them and let them know they are missed. No one should feel alone-NONE OF US. EVER. Thanks to the guys there this am for reminding me of that.



I missed my scheduled Q a few weeks ago and today was my redemption Q-sorry for the mistake-it was all my fault and BreakerBreaker was kind enough to let me back in for a Redemption Q. It was very clear that the Pax would be expecting something worth getting out of the fartsack….I believe the work BreakerBreaker used was “epic.” While in my mind I often, scratch that, SOMETIMES think I have done something epic, I do realize that this is a relative term and my opinion of myself and my so-called accomplishments are not often described as “epic.” My kids are  essentially teenagers and the mystique of “dad” has turned into some old guy with stupid jokes that (I often find) I am the only one laughing at while my wife just shakes her head and my kids roll their eyes and try to ignore me……………where was I? Oh yeah, the backblast, the EPIC workout backblast that is.

I rolled in and quickly realized there was going to be a crowd-this is GREAT!!!!!-I remember posting at the STORM a while back in the rain and there were only 4 of us-one of the best workouts ever believe it or not. At that time I still wondered if this AO would be around for long. Great work out here by the veterans-you know who you are and so do the others so no need to call out names.

We started at 0530-I gave a quick rundown of the fact that I have been accused of ALLEGEDLY listening to bad music and having quick/nonexistent warmups. I thought I could combine these 2 rumors into a nice…..long……warmup. I cranked up my semi-waterproof speaker (my gift from the hospital after 10 years of service??!!!) with some Johnny Cash: It Ain’t Me, Babe. We would do SSH until hearing the word “Babe” at which time we would drop into a burpee then resume the SSH. This lasted for about 2 stanzas and even I couldn’t handle it after that. Where are Stroganoff and Shortsale when I need to torture someone with my music-I really do think if either or especially both of them were there, I could have played that song at least once completely, possibly twice. There were a few comments (I think) but I couldn’t hear them over the most excellent music. I saw a few pax stop doing SSH and I am not sure if it was a cue to cut the music or that they were just in awe of the epic music….we will never know.

Enough of that, mosey to the wall for (you asked for it Monk), some hip-slapper type of stuff. Get on the wall for some Crazy Indian Run thing-not in the F3 official exercises-it’s a Whoopee original. All pax on the wall in BTTW position, first guy drops down and moseys to the other end of the line and gets back into BTTW. As he gets past the guy next to him, that next pax drops down and runs to the end of the line and back into BTTW. We repeated this for all 21 pax to perform this twice-that was a good starter. We made it across most of the front of the school. We quickly moseyed to the back of the school near the loading dock for some partner work. P1 does exercise, P2 runs to loading dock, jumps up on it, runs back to P1 and swaps. This was a bit of a Q fail but the pax did not complain much. We finished this then moseyed around to the small Eye of the Storm at the bottom of the hill-we did some moseying and lunging but all got in place around the circle for a quick review of the 5 rules of F3 and some “Whoopee Says.” Basically one pax yells out an exercise, all other pax perform this exercise while first pax runs around the circle. At some point, Whoopee yells next. The timing of this is mainly due to how much I want to do your exercise and how much I like you, and possibly how hard your exercise is to me. We did a lot of things including burpees X 3 or 4 times, flutter kicks, merkins, sandy v’s, protractor, squats, Bobby Hurleys, dying cockroaches, MNCs, diamond merkin (I did 1 DM then called for next person) and maybe a few others that I cannot remember.

We then moseyed up the hill to the larger Eye of the Storm. Sargento carried the speaker while I played some “Cliffhanger” yodeling from the old Price is Right with Bob Barker more than once. Once we got to the top I talked quickly about the Alcatraz book I am reading-a repeat discussion but not sure anyone today was present for previous talk. Basically it was about how F3 has the potential to keep us on the right path and lack of F3-type of stuff allows us to wander off the path with a really hard time to get back on the path-that type of inertia is hard to correct.

Enough of that, I had a couple things in mind so I gave the pax an option: A or B? Cannot remember what was picked, didn’t matter-both options were 25 Mountain Climbers. After we finished, I again asked the pax: Option A or B? Again, does not matter, run down the hill in front of the school and plank for the 6. Again, Option A or B? At this point, Sister Act accuses me of some type of duplicitous behavior. Me???? I was in no way being deceitful. There were 2 options: A or B. Just because they both had the same answer was irrelevant at the time. We then did 25 more Mountain Climbers and moseyed back up the hill where we came from. I think we did some more Mountain Climbers at the top then moseyed back to the bottom. There was a quick headcount on how many pax made it to C-SPAN’s send-off. There were 3 so we moseyed back to start with (initially) 3 burpees per speed bump. There were a few derogatory remarks by some cheesy guy that will go un-named that rhymes with Fart-gen-toe….so we changed to 4 burpees at each speed bump. I had to defend my (little that I have) honor. In retrospect, I wish I had picked a larger number (like maybe 237) but I am sure I would have regretted that. We got back to start with time for a few rounds of Mary then the Pledge.

COT: HIPAA gave us a quick run down of all the events (see recent newsletter) and a warning of upcoming pre-blast type of thing for the Burpeethon on October 6 (I think). If you are able, get to one or more of the upcoming events and remember, even if you cannot be there, you can financially support. Like in the movie Grease, if you cannot be an athlete, you can be an athletic supporter (prime example of a “dad joke” around our house.)

I closed us out with quick prayer then we all took off.

Thanks again for the “redemption” Q opportunity. It is great to see so many pax out here. Kudos to those pax who have stuck out the thinner times and kept this AO going. Also, I would encourage those pax who have not been routinely posting out here to make the short trip and post. This and Goat Island are great AOs with a lot of good stuff for our type of workout. I will say the acoustics at the STORM could be little better. Johnny Cash was not getting me going like it usually does.

Keep up the great work.



I saw ShortSale at church Sunday morning and he mentioned Gastone was Q on Monday and possibly also Wednesday this week so I gave it some thought and by the end of the day I had wrestled the Q from Gastone-usually not a difficult task-he Qs enough so he is more than willing to give them up when asked. I started thinking and came up with the Weinke but then did a few Omahas (unbeknownst to the Pax) due to Q-fatigue, which for me today was 100% due to Saturday’s Q by SisterAct which is still causing some problems but I will just keep that to myself (sort of).

Gastone and I did a little EC and came in hot to find about 10 guys ready to get going. There were no FNGs so I gave a quick disclaimer and we started into it.

WU: SSH, Merkins, Plank stuff, 5 wolverine burpees (enough of those).

Thang: Mosey to AutoZone for 20 BB situps.

Mosey to old HT parking lot and meander to the far wall for some Hip Slappers X 10 then quick count off (12 of us) then another 12 Hip Slappers. Mosey to the school dodging traffic along the way and go to the breezeway thing. 4 pax were volunteered to remember a specific exercise and we did 1 min of the first 2 then rinse/repeated (Set Ups/Derkins). We then moved on the to second set (Sit Ups/Squats) which is when the WHEELS FELL OFF. Someone let some gas slip out (not me) and like a bunch of 3rd graders we all erupted in laughter and made a few comments that had us all on our back a little longer. I think we had to skip the second set of Sit Ups/Squats and moseyed around the back to do some stair work with a coupon we “borrowed” on the way. On the stairs we all walked up and down the steps with 20 squats at each end. While the pax were stair-walking, we took turns with the coupon on the stairs and did 20 Merkins when we got to the top or bottom. This took longer than I expected but achieved a desired burn with time for chatter. We moseyed back to start (Spiderman had enough gas in the tank to come blazing past me and come close to catching Gastone back at the start). We had just enough time for the Pledge and a quick cup of chocolate milk then COT. I closed us out with a prayer.

While at the fart-hall, I mean breezeway, I took a couple minutes to briefly discuss my recent trip to San Francisco and tour of Alcatraz. I picked up a book written by an ex-inmate named James Quillen. I am about 50 pages into it and he has not arrived at Alcatraz yet-he is giving background for how he ended up there-basically a really crummy home life which led him to make bad decisions. He took the blame for making the choices, however he also pointed out the situation he was in when he made those poor choices. He talked about how when he was younger, he knew what was right and wrong, but once he started down the wrong path, it was really hard to get back on track and the “easy way” was clearly the wrong way. At the time he did not have the insight and strength to do what needed to be done. Clearly, if he had something like F3, he would have had a better chance to end up somewhere other than Alcatraz.

Reading this book is helping me re-remember how lucky I have been to be surrounded by a loving family who encouraged me early on to make smart choices, ultimately leading me to where I am now-posting at a frozen icee place at dark-thirty in the morning surrounded by some great guys who can’t stop laughing at a fart. IT REALLY DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!

Hope you all had a great day and thanks for being there this morning and all the other mornings.


Red Whoopetta

I have been in a “Q slump” lately. One of my Q’s recently was a disappointment for me. I made a concerted effort to work on what I thought would be a good workout-one that was challenging and allowed for mumble chatter, kept the group together without too much abuse on any new guys, and had a little something extra to keep people interested. Today was good for me-hoope it was for the others who posted. I thought it was challenging and although the mumble chatter was not intense, it was sort of like an old pair of Chuck Taylors-it got the job done but was nothing fancy. I met someone at church this week and mentioned our workout. Immediately I realized this guy was going to be all in-he was a big time runner in the past, has a lot of self motivation, and has a bit of sharp and witty humor that fits right in with our group. Also, he did not flinch when I mentioned 530am….I have been wrong before so I was relieved when I saw John Robinson, AKA RaRaRa get out of the car (with gloves!!!) just before we started-you will have to ask him what his name means…#showtoknow.

0530 rolled around and I gave a quick disclaimer, we said the pledge, then we started with a quick warmup: 5-6 SSH, Merkins, Squats, then a few burpees to get us going.

Mosey to Martha’s…..hold up, there’s a trash truck in our way….salute him with some Monkey Humpers until he moves then mosey on again. Along the way we stopped for some Sumo Squats at a few lights then got to the hill by the baseball field. I had Pax get in 2 lines, turn toward each other and there is your partner-A) plank, B) run up the short hill for 5 burpees then back down, flapjack, rinse and repeat for total of (I think) 5 sets. Quick recover then mosey to the Turd Shack. We stopped along the way for some flutter kicks (stay as a group, listed the 5 CORE principals of F3 for our FNG’s benefit mainly). On the way, some un-named pax named Gastone or Defib mentioned something about a wall at the turd shack and asked if we could do some Hip Slappers. Well call me Sally and smack me on the butt, no way I’m gonna turn down that request. Get on the wall britches and let’s do some Hip Slappers!!!! We did some Hip Slappers then I think LBCs then some more Hip Slappers. I was watching the clock-the “meaty” part of my Q was still to come. There was some complaining, I mean mumble chatter on the wall but I was not deterred. We kept slapping until I thought the pax had been sufficiently slapped.  Recover quickly then mosey to the soccer field. It is still pretty dark at this point but we made it without any real issues.

At his point I asked the FNG a very important question…one that would determine whether we, scratch that, whether I would ever invite him back to be part of our inner circle or even speak with him….and the question was something like “Have you heard of the song by Rush called Red Barchetta?” And his response (sorry Stroganoff, ShortSale, and Roscoe, I REALLY wish you were here for this one) was “Who is Rush??”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost hugged this guy. If I was smart enough, I would have planned this the day before.  At this point I got a bit giggly like one of my teen-aged daughters. I might have peed or sharted on myself as well but I’m not really sure. Yeah, pretty sure I peed on myself but really, so what. I could have sharted on myself and I would not have cared AT ALL. I gained what little bit of composure I could and quickly reminded the Pax what the Red Barchetta workout involves. Then I told them that was NOT what we would be doing. We would be doing the Red Whoopetta. Basically it is the same thing but instead of counting reps, we would continue doing the exercises until I got tired and then mosey back to start and plank. The routine went sort of like this: Run 100 yards, SSH until Whoopee gets tired and run back then plank. Recover, run 75 yards then Mtn Climber until Whoopee gets tired, mosey back, plank. Recover, run 50 yards, flutter until Whoopee gets tired/bored, mosey back then plank. Recover, run 25 yards, then 25 merkins OYO, then mosey back, plank. Recover, run 10 yards, 10 Burpees OYO then back to start. I wanted the opportunity for mumble chatter for the Pax so I took the counting out of the equation. I believe we did some Jack Webb’s (set of 10) somewhere in here but I am not sure when.

We moseyed back to the wall, re-partnered back up and P1 did LBCs while P2 did balls to the wall. I think we each did 2 sets of 15 and Sister Act helped with the counting on this. Honestly, I was a bit gassed at this point. We did some chair also but I cannot remember when.

We then started the mosey back to start-we stopped along the way for some Sumo Squats and other stuff that I cannot remember. I do remember Defib telling a funny joke about cellophane and a patient he recently saw in the office…can’t remember it now, maybe later. Where was JK2 or Squirt with his 2 boys full of endless jokes???

Once we got to the road someone (maybe me?) yelled jailbreak and out of nowhere this blue streak came by me-It was Linus making a bee-line for finish at top speed. Again, Linus is busting his butt. I said it before and I will say it again-Linus has stepped up his game since becoming site Q at Schiele/GasHouse. Nice work.

We got back to home base for a quick little bit of Mary then the bell rang to finish us up. Quick announcements, prayer requests, then named our FNG-John Robinson-RaRaRa-great guy, says he will be back on Wednesday but I will be out the rest of the week. I will be surprised if he is not there. I think he smiled the whole time. Continue to make him feel welcome and direct him towards those Cramer Mountain guys-he just moved in over there and suspect he will be looking for more workouts soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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