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April 5th – It’s 38 degrees

Wow, it’s cold for April.

What do you want to do?  Run?  Ruck?  Both?

2 ran 4; 1 ran 5; 1 rucked for 45

It was fun.

Let’s do it again sometime.

Until the next one….Aye!


Going to the Library shouldn’t hurt

After yesterday’s leg beatdown by Roscoe downtown, I had to rethink the workout today.    My legs were in agony this morning….what would we do?

I showed around 6:15 to get in some light running/walking so I could stretch the legs and get warmed up a little before the main workout.  I guess it worked….I also did some recon (I know….how many times have I posted at Gashouse, why do I need to do some recon?) to come up with something new.  I’m sure the PAX would be disappointed  if we did not have the Wolfpack Grinder portion of the program but it might not happen today.

13 PAX showed by 7:00 am (4 for the Painlab; 9 for the boot camp) and T-Square made sure YHC knew that 7:00 am was upon us.

Let’s get in some IC warm up:

SSH X 22

Appalachian Americans X 10


Groups split up (Thanks to Roscoe for grabbing his phone as we need one with us at every workout)

The Thang

Mosey across Garrison to the lower parking lot behind the Library for something new from me.  For those of you that have been posting for a while and know me, this is big when I come up with something knew.  I have yet to come up with a name for this but here’s what we did:

Partner Up

Partner 1 runs up the two sets of steps to the backside of the Library and back to the start while Partner 2 performs as many reps as possible of the following exercises:

Merkins X 4 Rounds

Very short rest before starting the next exercise/running session

Flutter Kicks X 4 Rounds

Very short rest before starting the next exercise/running session

Deep Squats X 4 Rounds

This was so much fun we decided to do 2 more rounds of each with no rest between changing exercises

Merkins X 2 Rounds

Flutter Kicks X 2 Rounds

Deep Squats X 2 Rounds

After Monk gave us a quick 10 count, we moseyed back across Garrison to the track at Grier Middle School for another new short exercise:

Run/Mosey/Sprint a Half Lap – 5 Burpees – Run/Mosey/Spring a Half Lap (back to the start) – 5 burpees – 50 LBC’s

Mosey to the picnic tables (now this is how we end a Stroganoff workout) for some IC work:

Dips X 20

Step Ups X 20

Derkins X 15

LBC’s X 25

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Derkins X 10

LBC’s X 20

Time is running out.  Time to mosey back to the Flag.  There was much curiosity at Hipaa’s Painopoly game, I will await that BB.  Just enough time for some IC Flutter Kicks X 40………finished just as the First Pres bells were ringing.

Several announcements:  October 6 – BurpeeThon will return; CSAUP coming up on April 7 (Today is last day to register) – Sounded like an HC from JJ and Roscoe; Community Foundation Run on April 14th; Christina Latini Memorial 8k (Operation Sweet Tooth) on April 21

Several Prayers including JK2’s Dad, Monk’s Daughter (State Gymnastics Competition), Gashouse Goruck Team, Def Leppard’s Son, and others.

Name-O-Rama with video (I normally forget) – Sorry, no group picture.  Several for Coffeeteria at Panera.


After travelling and being on the DL briefly over the past few weeks, I realized how much I rely on you men to keep me focused and grounded (and in shape – did I say my legs are killing me?).  When I miss posting or working out somewhere for several days, I lose that sense of daily accomplishment and progess.  I know I have said it many times before but F3 matters and you guys are making a daily positive impact on the persons around you.  Keep it up.

I hope today’s workout was worthy of your time.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Until the next one.  Aye!


10,000+ reps; salt; Timberlake; Kotter; Grinder; 5’s….makes perfect sense

Friday gloom.  Was I late?  Boudin seemed to think so or maybe he thought in my advanced age I was lost and confused (he is much younger) as he came to check on me as I scoped out the parking lot.

Large crowd downtown including a Kotter……..welcome back Woodstock.  Great to see you…Go Wolfpack!!  Montross is a Timberlake fan….Go Team!

A few had already completed some EC.  I attempted to get in my 25 burpees before the workout but only got in 15 due to time.  I missed Wednesday but caught up with 50 last night……..that was brutal and will not allow that to happen again.  My youngest child (12 years old) is now asking me each night if I’ve gotten my burpees in yet…….nice work Pizza Man.

Not sure if it was just laziness, lack of creativity or I’m just a simple guy but on the way to the AO, I decided I would just do a repeat of my Q from this past Saturday at Gashouse, or at least get in as much as I could in 45 minutes.

No FNG’s.  No disclaimer needed.  Let’s do the Pledge with a short IC warm up:

SSH X 15

Appalachian Americans X 12

The Thang

Mosey east through the parking lot and around to the back side for some Stroganoff 5’s:

Start at one curb – bear crawl to other side – 10 merkins – lunge back (that’s one)

Rinse – Repeat for 5 full sets.  Fun time #1.  Gastone should have brought gloves.

Mosey for some frogger across Long Ave (or Airline or Ozark or whatever it is right there at the Courthouse) and down behind the social services building for the Rally to 1000.

Partner up for some short running – merkins – exercise rotation for cumulative reps:

Partner 1 performs exercise – partner 2 runs up left side steps to upper parking lot – 5 merkins – run back down right side steps to switch with partner for cumulative reps as follows:

Flutter Kicks X 200 (that’s 200 per leg…..why is this so hard?)

Mountain Climbers X 200

Freddy Mercury’s X 200

Plank Jacks X 200

LBC’s X 200

Lot’s of reps, over 10,000 plus a giant load of merkins.  Fun time #2.

Count off before another frogger mosey back to the parking lot at the pavilion for a modified Wolfpack Grinder until time to quit:

For those participating, today marks day 35 of Roscoe’s 40 Days of Discipline…..might have an impact on the reps below.

10 Squats IC – run to other side of parking lot – 35 merkins – Plank AT THE DISCRETION OF THE Q BOUDIN!

10 Low & Slow Squats IC – run back to the beginning point of parking lot – 35 Plank Jacks – Plank for the six

Rinse & Repeat for one more round before moseying to the flag for one last set of IC Flutter Kicks X 30 (not sure why I didn’t take it to 35). Fun time #3

Announcements/Prayer Requests/Name-O-Rama

Good work men.  I appreciate the opportunity and apologies for the lack of creativity, especially if you posted Saturday at Gashouse.  Apparently I have tapped out my thinking cap already this week.  I’m a simple guy.

Until the next one.  Aye!


1000 Wolfpack Grinders leads to Manly Men

Dark.  Colder than the last few days.  Chance of rain.  Just another F3 Workout at Gashouse.  As the week went along, no one stepped up to Q the workout so I put together what I hoped would be a respectable beat down.

As I have done for the last few Saturday’s I’ve been in town, I showed up a little before 0600 to get a ruck in……the parking lot was full.  Must be an overnighter inside the Schiele but no one waiting…..however, Woody’s and Boudin’s vehicles were already parked and vacant…..they started early.  Looks like another Saturday morning of ruckerbation.  It was fun.

As I strolled back in there was a good crowd waiting to join my bootcamp or Billy Madison’s appropriately named Painlab for the morning.  Tooltime was here…..at least I knew it wouldn’t be a quiet workout.  Kotter JK2 also made an appearance.  Let’s get after it.

Quick warm up in cadence:

SSH X 10

Appalachian Americans X 12


Time to split the groups up – 14 for the boot camp…..but wait……we’re taking the flag with us today.  YHC grabbed it for the mosey to the main parking lot at Grier Middle School.  I believe 8 total (including the two FNG’s) stayed for the Painlab.

The Thang

The Stroganoff 5

Start on one side of the parking lot – Bear Crawl to opposite side – 10 Merkins – Lunge Back (That’s one)

Rinse & Repeat for a total of 5 and plank for the six.

Somebody grab the flag, it’s mosey time to our favorite steps behind First Presbyterian.

The Rally to 1000

Partner Up:  Partner 1 performs exercise while Partner 2 runs to top of steps and performs 5 Merkins and runs back and switches to the exercise reps.  Cumulative reps of 200 for each of 5 exercises:

Flutter Kicks  (Yes……that’s 200 per leg)

Mountain Climbers  (Yes…….that’s 200 per leg)

Freddy Mercury’s  (Yes……that’s 200 per leg)

Plank Jacks  (Yes….that’s..wait)


If I counted correctly, we knocked out 7,000 reps at the bottom and a load of Merkins at the top.  Good work men.

Mosey time to the track at Grier Middle School.  During this mosey, Belding (a true gentlemen) ran with me and informed me that in Florence, they typically do not run ahead of the Q out of respect.  Apparently, we hold no such respect here at Gashouse.  At least someone grabbed the flag.

Time for a round of the Wolfpack Grinder

Let’s start with some…..some…….squats……..however, the Q was practically assaulted during the attempt but it went something like this:

10 Squats IC (assault # 1) – Run 1/2 lap – 25 Merkins OYO – Plank for the 6

10 Squats IC (assault #2) – Run 1/2 lap – 20 Mountain Climbers OYO – Plank for the 6

10 Low/Slow Squats IC (assault #3) – Run 1/2 lap – 20 Merkins OYO – Plank for the 6  (I believe it was during this 1/2 lap mosey that I asked JJ if we had any personal injury lawyers in the PAX…..no luck)

10 Low/Slow Squats IC (assault #4) – Run 1/2 lap – 30 Mountain Climbers OYO – Plank for the 6

For the record, the assaults were orchestrated by Roscoe, Tooltime and Dolph……YHC is luck to have survived.  I just wanted to get home and shower.

However, we had plenty of time to mosey to the picnic tables for some IC work as follows:

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Derkins X 15  (There was much rejoicing during these reps)

Dips X 10

Step Ups X 20

Derkins X 10

Time to mosey back to the start.  Grab the flag.

Painlab was winding down and we joined in for some calf raises before finishing with some Mary:

Monk called out some crazy side ab work….something…..something……

Last was 30 reps of Flutter Kicks IC.

Well done men.

Announcements & Prayer Requests




It’s always an honor to lead this group but especially when we have a Kotter (JK2) getting  back after it and two FNG’s from the Pain Lab (T-Mobile & Kodiak).  They had spent the night at the Schiele and joined the Painlab as they were leaving.  That Dad is on the Path with his son.  Well done.

One of my most recent books that I have finished is Stephen Mansfield’s “Book of Manly Men”.  I would highly recommend it.  It’s a relatively simple read but has some strong messages about what it means to be a real man.  Here’s an excerpt:

“……a real man is willing to subordinate his own desires and aspirations to greater causes:  his God, his nation, and his family.  He puts the welfare and security of others before his own.  He knows he is blessed by a sovereign and loving God to be an American, and he believes his family is a gift from God for which he is responsible.”  The author goes on to explain there are four Manly Maxims:

  1.  Manly men do manly things (Take action)
  2.  Manly men tend their fields (Take care of their own, their territory, guard it)
  3.  Manly men build manly men (Iron sharpens iron)
  4.  Manly men live to the glory of God

This hit home for me and one reason I stay involved with F3.  To me, you men exemplify the statements above.  We are responsible and have the opportunity to go out each day into our community and show our families and those around us what it means to be a man.  You may experience push back in our society that no longer want us to be that “biblical” man.  Stay the course.  Our children, our wives, our friends, our coworkers, our community are watching and hoping for men like us to carry on and lead the way.

Until the next one.  Aye!


We’ll Come Up with Something

So…..it was cold again.  My trusted Ford Explorer told me it was 22 degrees when I arrived and 19 degrees when we were leaving.  The moon was freaky bright….blue, blood moon or something going on with it.

As the PAX started to arrive I started to think about what we would do.  I really had no idea at the start of the warm up that went like this:


Imperial Walkers X 10 IC

The Pledge

The Thang (We’ll figure something out during the mosey)

We moseyed to Martha Rivers and headed for the far end of the parking lot……hey, let’s do some 22’s.  I haven’t done them in a while at this AO.

Merkins and Monkey Humpers

Run across parking lot – 20 Merkins – Run back to start – 2 Monkey Humpers

Run across parking lot – 18 Merkins – Run back to start – 4 Monkey Humpers

You get the count.  This was done OYO until the last set was 2 Merkins & 20 Monkey Humpers.

What now?

Let’s mosey down to the large soccer field for………………some 4 corners.

First round (OYO):

Run to 1st Corner – 20 Merkins

Run to next corner – 30 LBC’s

Run to next corner – 40 Squats

Run back to starting spot – 50 Flutter Kicks

That was fun.  Let’s do it again in reverse.

Run to 1st corner – 50 Flutter Kicks

Run to next corner – 40 Squats

Run to next corner – 30 LBC’s

Run back to starting spot – 20 Merkins

Still much time remaining.  I….must……do………work………in……….the………shelter.

I can’t help myself so we moseyed to the closest picnic shelter for some IC work:

Dips X 20

Step-Ups X 20

Derkins X 15

LBC’s X 20

Dips X 15

Step-Ups X 20

Derkins X 10

LBC’s X 20

Mosey back up the parking lot to one of the light poles for a quick round (except for Gastone and Spiderman) of Ring of Fire:

Circle up around the light pole and plank – each man does 5 merkins around the circle until all are complete.

Mosey back to Snoballs.

50 Flutter Kicks IC

5 Burpees (I swear I heard a train)

Announcements:  Flag football on Super Bowl Sunday (not me)

Prayer Requests

The Moleskin

Nice work men.  It was especially nice to see a few out I have not seen in a while such as Brown Streak.  Keep it up.

It was an honor to lead the group this morning as always.  I hope the work was worthy of the time spent.

Until the next one.  Aye.



Let’s Mosey 3 X 3 & 3 X 5

Welcome to The Pub Oompa Loompa.

It was cold………again.

We moseyed.  3 for 3 miles & 3 for 5 miles.

Good mumblechatter makes the time go by.

Nice work for a Thursday morning.

Go Wolfpack!


Until the next one.


Dora and Forrest Gump are friends

It’s still cold in the gloom.  Who knew how many would show as some of the Saturday regulars were working or participating in The Rooster.  Having not done my ‘Forrest Gump’ workout in a while, I decided a pre-Ruck was in order for some EC and recon to make sure ice would not be a problem.  Turns out the normal Lineberger Park sections for parts of the ‘Forrest Gump’ were icy and probably a little unsafe so we would have to improvise.

11 Total were ready to roll by 7:00 am including an FNG that showed on his own accord…..that’s strong, welcome Padre.  Quick warm-up before splitting off for the Pain Lab and Boot Camp with some IC work as follows:

SSH X 10

Imperial Walkers X 10


Split off:  7 for the modified Forrest Gump & 4 for the Pain Lab led by Hot for Teacher

The Thang

The Forrest Gump is so called because it includes a little more running than some of our normal workouts and goes like this:

Mosey west along Garrison Blvd for the first stop at East Garrison Baptist Church for some IC work:

Merkins X 10

Squats X 20

LBC’s X 20

Mosey further west to second stop at Hillbilly’s:

Hillbilly’s X 20 (Appalachian Americans for T-Square)

Merkins X 10

Squats X 20

LBC’s X 20

Mosey to Lineberger Park.  However, the route to the flag area was covered significantly with ice so we stayed on the Garrison sidewalk up toward the upper field with the train track.  Time for some Dora 1-2-3

Partner up:  Partner 1 runs the path and circles around the fountain/water play area and back while partner 2 is performing the following exercises for cumulative totals as follows:

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 Flutter Kicks

After the first round, we switched paths as the original path to the circle was iced over slightly.

After completION, we moseyed to one of the covered picnic shelters near the pool parking lot.  The normal location would be the picnic area inside the train track but the wooden walkway to that area was completely covered in ice so we improvised with some IC work:

Dips X 20

Step ups X 20

Derkins X 10

Dips X 15

Step ups X 20

Derkins X 10

Meander back to the Garrison sidewalk….is that a train?  Yes/no?  Not sure……how about 3 burpees since we weren’t sure.

Mosey back to Hillbilly’s for another round of IC work as follows:

Merkins X 10

Low-Slow Squats  X 20

LBC’s X 20

Mosey with one more stop at East Baptist Church (yes Freight, the Methodist stopped twice in a Baptist parking lot).  The tradition has always been to finish the ‘Forrest Gump’ workout with a set of Monkey Humpers toward the road….Monkey Humpers IC X 15……this was the glorious portion of the workout.

Final mosey back to the Schiele to complete the workout.  Great timing as the First Pres bells were ringing as we entered the parking lot.  My apologies to the Pain Lab for not getting back in time for any Mary.

Good work men and especially nice to have an FNG show on a Saturday.

Announcements – several prayer requests – Name-O-Rama

FNG naming – Padre

The Moleskin

As always it was an honor to lead the group this morning.  Several good discussionS along the route including the 5 tenets of F3 along with a quick discussion about why we are here.  It’s not about beating the guy beside you.  It’s about lifting up the guy beside you and trying to be better today than you were yesterday and being better tomorrow than you were today.

Keep Moving Forward.

Until the next one.  Aye!


PS:  40 Days of Discipline starts today…….that Oatmeal at Panera was GOOOOOOOOOOOD!


Once again it was cold.  My trusty vehicle thermometer told me it was 19 degrees when I arrived at The Black Knight to kick off the week.  This has become a recent theme during the Gloom.  My high dollar Casio watch told me it was 5:32 am (it’s 2 minutes fast and I do not know how to correct it) so we started with a quick warm up IC:

SSH X 10

Imperial Walkers X 10 (after the Don Quixote juke)

The Pledge

Wait, is that Pockets coming in hot?  Let’s add one more warm up with some Hillbilly’s X 10

The Thang

Time to mosey to Martha Rivers Park and Field #4 or what most call the Upper Back Field for something I’ve never done before….who knew I could come up with something new.  This came to me on the drive to the AO this morning.

It would be a ‘Murph-Like” workout…..clearly not The Murph but similar in the manner in which we performed the reps/sets.

Line up on one side of the field facing across the short side.  Here we go:

Sprint to the other side followed by a set of 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBC’s – Plank for the six

Rinse-Repeat for 4 more rounds

For round 6 we added a second set of reps after the sprint across the field so it went like this:

Sprint to other side – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBC’s – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBC’s – Plank for the six

Rinse-Repeat for 4 more rounds

For those counting, this yielded 10 total sprints – 150 Merkins – 300 Squats (ask Gastone, I think YHC only finished 290) – 450 LBC’s

The ground was frozen solid so my apologies to those who did not have sufficient glove protection.  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, correct?

Plenty of time left so we moseyed to the picnic shelter for my normal Q routine of IC work as followed:

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Flutter Kicks X 20

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Flutter Kicks X 20

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Time became an issue so we moseyed back to the start and finished off with one set of Mary:

Flutter Kicks (IC) X 30

Quick announcements plus a few prayer requests:

Tube’s Grandmother

Gastone’s monther-in-law

F3 Gremlin’s family and the PAX from Mint Hill/MECA.  Godspeed.

Namo-O-Rama;  Nice to see Hippa out for his second workout and a Kotter (Tube).

Second round of apologies for the grass/straw that is now all over my car and my house.  What can I say, F3 workouts are outdoors.

I was unable to come up with a good name for this backblast so I just put up the temperature plus the number of reps we did during the wacky field sprint work.

As always, it was great to start the week out with you men in the gloom.  I hope the work was worthy of your time.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Until the next one.  Aye!



Let’s Do Some Steps

It was a summer time gloom this morning Downtown at the Pavilion.  After the last few weeks, the 62 degrees this morning felt like July.  It was fantastic.  YHC arrived with a few minutes to spare without knowing for sure if I was Q’ing today or not.  I knew that EZ Rider was potentially injured and might not make it so mentally I had prepared myself but was totally unprepared with any details of a workout.

Let’s improvise.

Warm up IC

SSH’s X 20

Imperial Walkers X 20


Let’s go

The Thang

Mosey to the parking deck due to the threat of rain with a few juke moves along the way (my Wolfpack did win last night) to psych out the PAX.  I’m sure it confused them all.

Time for some 22’s utilizing the parking deck steps for the laps:

Do an exercise on the bottom floor, run the steps to the top deck, do another exercise, come down the other set of steps back to the bottom to rinse/repeat reps in descending/ascending numbers that add up to 22 per round counting up/down by 2:

Round 1:  20 Merkins – Run steps up to top deck – 2 Squats – Run down to bottom floor

Round 2:  18 Merkins – Run steps up to top deck – 4 squats – Run down to bottom floor

Round 3:  16 Merkins – Run steps up to top deck – 6 squats – Run down to bottom floor

I think you get the idea as this continues until the final round of 2 Merkins at the bottom and 20 squats on the top deck.  This was awesome.

Short rest before some partner work.

Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs the same loop we just ran during 22’s, up one set of steps to the top deck and back down the other set of steps to switch off with Partner 1.  Cumulative reps as follows:

LBC’s X 300

Flutter Kicks X 300

Freddy Mercury’s X 300

This group was so pumped that we still had plenty of time for a quick mosey up the steps to the top deck for a set of 10 OYO Sumo Squats; run back down other set of steps to the bottom level for a set of 10 OYO Merkins followed quickly by 5 burpees (I had ignored an earlier train passing by)

Mosey to the courtyard area with benches for some final IC sets as follows:

Dips X 15

Low-Slow Squats X 15

Dips X 10

Low-Slow Squats X 15

Dips X 10

Low-Slow Squats X 15

Mosey back to the Rotary Pavilion for one quick set of Flutter Kicks X 35.

As I already stated…..it was fun.

Announcements:  T-square still collecting items for the displaced family; Roscoe leading 40 days of discipline starting January 20th

Several Prayer Requests sent out

New word discovered:  Monkish

Honored to lead the workout this morning.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Weathermen & Thermometers Lie & Scarfs Can Freeze

The weatherman last night just before bed told me the low was going to be 21 degrees.  I woke up and my outdoor thermometer told me it was 16 degrees.  As I pulled into The Pub around 5:20 am, my car told me it was 13 degrees.  Hmmmmmmm…………

Not sure which was accurate………..it was not warm.

Just before 5:30 am, 3 more idiots showed for a cold Thursday mosey at The Pub.

The last few workouts my face was hurting by the end so I ‘borrowed’ one of my M’s old lightweight scarfs to see if I could us it as a warmer around my neck and lower part of my face so only my eyes are exposed.

Off we went.

About 2 miles in, it was apparent the scarf idea was a total fail as it began to freeze (just as Sargento had predicted) so I removed it and it still helped my neck stay warmer than recent workouts.  You know it’s cold when your breath is not able to keep a scarf warm enough to not freeze.  However, it was solid as a rock by the time we arrived back after getting in 5 miles.

Thanks for the push gentlemen.  No way would I have done the distance or the pace today without you.

Good COT this morning as we shared parenting advice (never an easy topic) with each other.  This is the real reason we come out and should continue to come out.

By the way, on the way home my car told me it was 12 degrees.  Regardless, good work men.

Until the next one.  Aye!


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