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Parking Deck Leap Frog

13 men of purpose arose out of the gloom this morning to get some. We started with a couple F3 warm-up usual’s.


SSH – 15

Moroccan Night Clubs – 15

Mercans – 10



The Thang

We do a quick count off and then mosey towards the Parking Deck and stop along the way for 15 hip slappers.  Once those were complete we finished our trek to the bottom level of the parking deck. Once there we started with the fun stuff.


Partner up

Partner 1 starts the exercise on the first parking line; while Partner 2 goes to the next line and planks. We followed this from one ramp till we reached the other…mostly as some chose the expansion joints as they were easier to see then most of the lines.

Level 1 – 5 burpees at each line. Get to the end and collective with your partner do 50 burbees.

Level 2 – 10 mercans at each line. Get to the end and collective with your partner do 100 mercans.

Level 3 – 15 mtn climbers at each line. Get to the end and collective with your partner do 100 mtn climbers.

Level 4 – 20 flutter kicks at each line. Get to the end and collective with your partner do 100 flutter kicks.

Level 5 – 25 squats at each line. Get to the end and collective with your partner do 100 squats.

At this point we ran out of time and had to double time back to the Rotary.


For those interested in helping out, Medicine Woman would like to start a fund for a parking deck at Folsom and also an ice bath.


Keep one of Whoopee’s coworkers in your prayers as she just found out she has terminal cancer. Continue to lift up F3 Sly as he is “boots on the ground”.


Nice work men and thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Better late than never

Not much is remembered about this Q other then I promised several fellas on Sunday afternoon that there would no burpees for this workout and they still didn’t come! So, true to my word there were no burpees.

The Warm-up

SSH – 10       Morrocan Night Clubs – 10     LBC – 10

The Thang
We moseyed to the old Harris Teeter parking lot and ran a set of suicides using the lights as our turnaround spots. Once those were complete we did the following
30 – Rocky Balboa’s
20 – Squats
10 – lunges
Then we went for a mosey around the lot.

We returned to do some ATM’s(alternating shoulder taps/slow mercans/mercans).  We did the 3 exercises in random order for 3 sets with each one being 15 once, 10 once and 5 once. This sucked, by the way, but that’s what I get for taking an exercise off of the list without trying it out!
Then it was time for another mosey around the lot.

We then found a parking lot line and did the following:

10 – side to side jumps
10 – back and forth jumps
Time for another mosey around the lot.

Since the pavement was wet and I didn’t want to get wet we headed over to the cover for some ab work.

We lined up single file on our backs and did the following exercises. We went thru the following:

LBC’s                                                                                                                                                                                            Flutter Kicks                                                                                                                                                                                  WWII sit ups                                                                                                                                                                                    Dying cock roaches

Once finished with those we had some more fun. While the group did the exercise 1 man took off and ran to the loading dock and bear crawled back. Several men would go before we changed exercises.

Squats                                                                                                                                                                                          Mercans
CDD’s                                                                                                                                                                                           Lunges

After that fun we headed to the wall for 2 sets of hip slappers.

We then headed back and stopped along the way for some arm squats. Fun was had by all.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead; it was a privilege.

Post Super Bowl Slaw Special Coming Up

I started prepping for this workout last week and the Tar Heel vs. Pitt game over the weekend played very well into my plan. With a final score of 96-65 I set out to see how those numbers would fall into my plan. After some thought I sent out a simple tweet saying it would be a “slaw special”.  And anyone who knows Slaw knows he is a bit nuts and likes burpees. So, if you were able to read into it; you were forewarned that a lot of burpees were planned. That and the fact that Hushpuppy tweeted my plan hoping for an omaha due to a Super Bowl chicken wing hangover. But alas, my dear friend, an omaha was not in the stars. So, I started out to Snoballs amid the dense fog ready to start my day and week strong with some like minded men.


At the appointed time I started with a simple disclaimer and begun with a short warm-up:

SSH- 15

Imperial Walkers – 10

Mercans – 10

Burpees – 5 OYO

The Pledge


The Thang

We did a quick mosey to the old Lowe’s Food supermarket. It was where we would spend the next 40 mins making ourselves better. I explained how last week we had to suffer through a NC State themed workout so this week we would celebrate the reigning National Champs victory over Pitt. We started at the far light post and karaoked to the next light post. There we did 5 burpees. This was repeated until we circled around having hit all 6 lights. After a quick halftime with what could possibly be the worst motivational speech ever we hit the 6 light posts again. Giving us a total of 65 burpees at the moment. I told the men that if we were losers like the Pitt team we would have stopped right there. However, we are winners so we pressed on the magical number of 96!  My Tar Heels made playing 4 corners a big thing so I thought we should incorporate it here today. We began at one corner and ran to the center for 5 burpees. We then ran to the next corner where we did 50 LBC’s; followed by a sprint to the middle for 5 more burpees. This was repeated with 50 dying cock roaches in the next corner, 50 flutter kicks in the next corner and ending with 50 Freddie mercury’s.  After each exercise in the corner we would run to the middle for 5 burpees. If you are good with numbers you come up a bit short at just 85 burpees at this point and I was aiming for 96. So a quick 11 burpees was in order to get to the magical 96 number. Fortunately for the men I could not leave us so close to the century mark and not take us there. So, it was 4 more burpees.


We finished with plenty of time to spare. So a short fellowship mosey was taken to the loading dock. There we did 10 squats, run and jump onto the loading dock, 5 mercans and bear crawl out. I made the statement that we’d do these until “mercy” was asked for. I was into my 5th round when “mercy” was called. We were wet, sweaty and tired…perfect time for a quick run around the building. We stopped twice, thank you Gastone, and did 2 sets of 15 dips. Once we made it around the building we completed 2 sets of 10 hip slappers…always a fan favorite of the gang. It was now about 5 till and we moseyed back to the finish line. While waiting on the 6 we did a quick wall sit. Once everyone arrived we did another wall sit with 10 air presses added for good measure. We made it, time was up and it was time to go home.



Pray for Bed Pans M – taking some tests this week

Pray for AZ firefighter shot and killed

And not mentioned but we need to continue to lift up Kiwi


It was an honor and pleasure to lead; thank you for the opportunity.

HIIT Workout – how hard can 10 exercises be?

Disclosure: This was written 2 days ago on Friday after Gaston reminded me to do one. Been a little busy since then and this is the first chance I’ve had to post this. Have a great Memorial Day everyone.

Since 2 days have passed since this workout took place I’ve had some reflection time and I’ve come to the conclusion that it hurts! Every time I take a step or climb a set of stairs I’m reminded of the soreness of my hamstrings and butt muscles. Yesterday was quite painful but as they say “no pain, no gain”…I must be getting huge. But I digress and must move on to the important part…the workout. I broke what seems to be a Gas House tradition and did not do Side Straddle Hops to start off the workout! To be honest I’m not quite sure what all we did as those were unplanned and did them on the fly. Pretty sure we did some Don Quiotes, maybe some Mercans and we did eventually do the coveted Side Straddle Hops. After which we said the pledge and headed to the abandoned Lowe’s Foods parking lot.

A day before the workout I was reminded that I hadn’t put together a workout and decided to look at my F3 Pinterest board that I created. If you haven’t found Pinterest you need to check it out. Put in a topic and articles from all over the web appear. You can check them out or “pin” them to one of your boards. Although a lot of women use it, Pinterest has a lot of manly stuff as well…check it out. Sure enough I found a HIIT, high intensity interval training, workout I had pinned. It required very little preplanning but hit all areas of the body for a great full body workout. We did the following:

10 Burpees

20 Mercans

30 LBC’s

40 Squats

50 Mtn. Climbers

40 Alt Reverse Lunges

30 Side Straddle Hops

20 Plank Jacks

10 CDD’s

Total we completed this circuit 4 times with 1 to 2 minute breaks between. I was greatly encouraged by C-Spans method of encouraging us during breaks and took the opportunity to share about not giving up or stopping and to keep pushing.  I also shared about being a leader in our homes, businesses and communities.  One quote I shared and have shared in the past is from Dan; he is an ultra-marathon runner and said “run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must…just never stop moving”. This quote is powerful and can be applied to almost any area or situation we may face. So let me encourage now, whatever situation you may find yourself in…don’t stop, don’t give up and whatever you do don’t quit. It always encourages me to see that one guy who may be dead last in the group but his feet never stop; they plow forward and keep going.

After 4 rounds we headed back in time for 1 more exercise. I asked Stroganoff to finish us out with his favorite; flutter kicks. He willingly blistered us with 40 or 50 to end the workout! You are an awesome group to workout with and it was an honor to lead you. Keep those feet moving and I’ll see you next time.

You’re Killing Me Smalls

Saturday morning rolled around and no one was more excited than Smalls. He’d been begging me to Q a workout since he’d joined F3 just 2 weeks earlier. So, Friday night I sat down with and gave him suggestions as he planned out his first workout. His goal was simple, get a lot of “you’re killing me Smalls”.

Warm-up                                                                                                                                                   10 each of the following:  SSH, Morroccan Night Clubs, LBC’s, mercans. Followed by a lap around the parking lot with high knees, butt kickers and skipping to bring us to the flag pole for the pledge.

The Thang

Moseyed to the library for 15 – LBC’s, 20 – flutter kicks, 25 – rocky balboa’s, and 30 – squats.  We then moseyed to the pharmacy for the use of their brick wall. We started off with 60 sec planks, 10 – donkey kicks, 60 sec planks, and finally 10 – hip slappers. From the pharmacy we had a short mosey to the Presbyterian church for some stair work. But before the stairs can commence we had some other work to do. From the back curb we lunged to the next island. From there we bear crawled to the next island and begun lunging to the next. This was finished by bear crawling to the final curb. We then karaoked all the way around the parking lot to the stairs. We did one lap up the stairs and back down followed by 5 burpees. It was now time for 2 more laps with 10 burpees. Followed by 3 laps and 15 burpees.  After we had a short countdown we moseyed to Parkwood for some work. We circled up and did 10 – carolina dry docks, 20 – squats, 30 – SSH, 40 – LBC’s, 50 – calf raises. We then worked our way back down the ladder doing the same exercises. Once these were completed we headed back towards the Schiele. At Grier Middle School we stopped off to do experience a new exercise for us, The Howling Monkey. Everyone got in the monkey humper position and held it while each person did 10 monkey humpers until the group was complete. Now we turned towards the finish line with about 5 to go. There we did wall squats with arm raises and some marching. To finish up we did some dips and what Gashouse workout would be complete without some dying cock roaches. We did a short mosey to the parking lot where we finished with the COT.

Thru out the workout Smalls achieved his goal with several “you’re killing me Smalls”. He’s super excited about leading again.

Improv at the Schiele

When participating in F3, we have to be ready for whatever is thrown at us. Needless to say I was ill prepared to receive a text as I drove to workout on Sat. Thinking my brother, Davinci, might need a ride I responded to his text. Little did I know I was on his short list to fill his now vacant Q slot due to a hurting M at the house. With a little hesitation I took the challenge…I mean how hard can it be to throw together a few exercises for a couple knuckleheads waiting for me. So, without a weinke in hand I proceeded to make it up as I went along; pulling from some of my fondest memories of the past year. Below is my best memory of what happened…

Warm-ups included a quick disclaimer of the current situation and 10 of the following: SSH, mercans, squats

Slow mosey to flag for the pledge and then over the library to start the beat down. I took a stroll down memory lane of my first post; Freight was the Q and we started at the library with burpees. Now mind you, I considered myself in good shape but was not ready for that. I was determined I would finish this round.  We started on line 1 and did 1 burpee, went to the next line and did 2 burpees…all the way to 10 lines and 10 Burpees. It was on and I could tell the boys were happy that Davinci laid out! We moseyed up to the store front where I talked more about the last year and some of the ways I’ve remembered my workouts. We started with clock pushups, 5 on the 12 position, 5 on the 3 position, 5 on the 6 position and 5 on the 9 position. To give our arms a rest we moved to wall squats followed by a personal favorite, hip slappers. I thought everyone was enjoying it so we hung around for some donkey kicks before running to the next set of stores across the side street.  We found a great place to do 2 rounds of dips and then we were off to the other side to continue. Here we enjoyed some dercans followed by a bear crawl to the other side of the lot. There we did squats and karaoked back. We did this 3 rounds. The guys were really liking the direction we were going so why not stay here but shake it up. 3 rounds of incline mercans (the name has escaped me) then we skipped to the other side for dying cockroaches.

We moseyed to Grier for phase 2 of the workout. Here we partnered up for some 4 corners. We choose someone we normally don’t partner with to try and push ourselves a little harder. Just my luck, I was paired with a super hero…looks like no slacking for the Q. We started with booyah mercans, LBC’s, squats, and WWII sit-ups. Once we all finished with that we moseyed to the side stairs to further our partner bonding time. Here we did a little bit of dora…partner 1 ran while partner 2 started doing 100 mercans, LBC’s, and squats. They switched off when partner 1 returned until the totals were reached. We had plenty of time once we finished up so we went for round 2…more of the same, only different. Same story but this time we did 40 up/downs, 100 calf raises, and 200 Moroccan night clubs. Once we all finished we moseyed back to the Scheile to finish up. We did a few wall squats while JJ explained how he was standing in solidarity with the Duke nation and not wearing anything Duke related. We finished with Olive giving a short testimony about Operation Sweettooth.

That testimony is what F3 is all about. Men rising up as leaders and working along aside one another. Although it was last minute I am great full for the opportunity to lead and look forward to doing it again. Stay strong, DFQ, and keep moving!

Muddy clear directions and cadence challenged

I’ve been a part of F3 now since March of 2016. After surviving the first few workouts after having shoulder surgery 5 months prior, I knew I was going to enjoy these workouts. I also knew my day would come to lead one.  Finally the day arrived. I truly thought I would have had a mere handful with a large portion of our group out of town running the BRR, but 15 came out to support me for my VQ. After a great 3rd F by Dr. Feelgood I made my first VQ mistake and didn’t start on time! I gave the usual your an idiot for following me disclaimer and jumped right in. At several points throughout the workout I completely forgot I should be counting or even how to count (seems super easy when I’m following along, didn’t think I needed to practice to be Q!).

Warmup – The warmup consisted of the usual suspects; SSH, LBC’s, Don Quizotes, and finally some Merkins to get the arms warm.

The Thang

After a quick warmup we moseyed to the flag for the pledge and then on to Grier for some track work to help us remember the fun our BRR brothers were having.  After having the group count off in 2’s, I quickly gave what can only be called clear as muddy water directions (trust me they were crystal clear in my head). Along the track I had laid out numbers 1 thru 4 with an exercise written along with the number. With the 1’s starting on one side and the 2’s starting on the other we were to run around the track stopping at the 1’s and doing 10 of each exercise. Then around a 2nd time stopping at the 2’s and doing 20; so on until we completed 4 laps and a combined 1 mile and 200 reps of the following:

Lap 1-Diamond Merkins/Burpees X10 ea. Lap 2-Seal jacks/Plank jacks X20 ea.                                                                              Lap 3-LBC’s/Moraccan Night Clubs X30 ea. Lap 4-Squats/Flutter kicks X40 ea.

After a quick gathering to count off and a chance for the Q to catch his breath we moved over to the tables for a trip down memory lane and my first workout one cold March morning. We did 3 rounds of the following exercises with each round increasing by 5, starting at 10, with a lap down to the ballfield and back up in between each set; dips, Merkins,step-ups, and Derkins.

Each round the mumble chatter got a little louder and I could tell the guys were really starting to like me and the workout I had chosen!  After finishing up we gathered at the “G” and recycled the numbers with workouts on them, playing a little F3 Roulette. We completed another combined set of 200 of the track exercises and still had 15 mins left to go!  We moseyed back to the Schiele for a brief pause while I encouraged the men to “climb on” whatever mountain they may face and in this case it would be the trail at the bottom of the property. Down we went with some mumble chatter behind me. We made it down and commenced to do 10 8-count body builders (telling ya, the guys were loving me). After that we moseyed back to the top for what had to be the ringing of the bells that signaled an end to our misery. Alas, it was not so. It seemed that a new exercise I had just learned must be shared. We zombie lunged about 15 or 20 yards and bear crawled back. The bells were delayed some more so I did what any good Q would do, I picked an exercise on our six (which at this point can not be recalled). Finally the bells rang and we finished out with the COT and announcements.

It was truly an honor to lead this group of men and I look forward to leading more sessions (with counting practice of course and clear directions or easier exercises). Thanks for the opportunity.




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