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Cadence or OYO?

It was a warm morning for mid February at Goat Island. 8 showed for a Sargento special. This is how it went I think.



Good Balls x20 IC

Don Quixote x15 IC

Monkey Humpers x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey around the back of the downtown buildings up the stairs to the secret parking lot.

Happy Jacks x20 IC. This was the first time trying this exercise and after a disastrous attempt at cadence we Omaha’d and finished up at 10 reps.

Mosey under the train tracks down to the basketball court.

Monkey Drill the length of the court. At the end perform 10 Monkey Jumpers and Monkey Drill back to the start. Repeato for three rounds.

Mosey back to the secret parking lot.

Happy Jacks x10 OYO! This one went much better.

Mosey down to the base of the bridge.

Mountain Goats x10 IC. This too was a disaster to try and call in cadence. Abort! Abort!

Bear Crawl the wooden span of the bridge. Once across the PAX was to Skip to the next bridge. That was fun!

Fellowship mosey down to the back parking lot for…

Elevens – On one end perform Scorpion Dry Docks, on the other it’s squats. Strong effort was given by all.

Mosey back onto the island to one of the picnic shelters for a rousing round of everyone’s favorite…

27 or 40?!? This was in honor of it being the 27th day of our 40 day challenge which everyone loves. When called upon, the PAX would call the number they want and YHC would name the exercise. Suffice it to say that I can’t remember who or what was called but here’s my best recollection.

Merkins, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Dips, Flutter Kicks, Nolan Ryans

Mosey back to the start for the Pledge.

Prayer Requests

Announcements – F3 Dads tubing at Crowder’s Ridge Sunday

It was a pleasure to lead today men!


It was a beautiful morning at the Yank. YHC didn’t realize it but this would be his first Q of the new year. Man time can fly by when you’re having fun!

Today 10 brave men and 1 overgrown pubescent youth found their way out of the trappings of their fartsack to the glory of the AO. Let’s get it on


Mosey across the street with boombox in hand (insert moans from PAX) for a little alleyway warmup.

Sidestraddle Hop x25 IC

“Flower” by Moby was played. Of course, that lets us bring Sally up and bring Sally down. Man that was fun!

Mosey back across the street, drop off the speaker, and continue down the sidewalk. Watch out for the dog poo ahead and take a right at the corner heading for the front of the middle school. Once the PAX comes together, it time to explain the Thang.

The Figure 8: At each stop each PAX performs 20 reps of each particular exercise.

1 – Merkins

2 – World War 1 Sit Ups

3 – Goof Balls

4 – Flutter Kicks

5 – Dips

6 – World War 1 Sit Ups

7 – Goof Balls

8 – Monkey Humpers

Plank for the 6 when done. After each round, YHC talked some and heard from the PAX that they wanted more because they loved it so much! Aye. In all we finished 3 rounds.

Mosey in front of and away from the school until YHC noticed a usually closed off area of our AO. There were plenty of sturdy picnic tables that almost begged to be worked on.

A few rounds of step ups and derkins had the PAX whining and moaning which YHC takes as a compliment. Thank you!

Mosey back toward the back of the school.

After a brief Wall Sit, the PAX was instructed to do do 10 Hipslappers. The FNGs really liked this one YHC thinks.

Mosey down to the covered picnic area for the last leg of our morning workout. Thanks to Whoopee’s Q a couple months ago where he unveiled the awesome game known as 5 or 10 along with JJ’s mention of a theme at Gashouse using the number 8 for the days of our current challenge and 40 for the total days in the challenge, YHC came up with the game 8 or 40!!! This was so much fun it’s sure to become a staple in all of our workouts! Unfortunately this was harder to than it seemed for the Q to find an appropriate exercise when a number was called by the PAX. Some weren’t so bad, like LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, or even burpees. The worst came when the juvenile known as Queso asked specifically for 40 Merkins at the end of all this. My own blood betrayed me!

One last mosey down to the hovercraft for a quick Nolan Ryan to send it home. We’re done!

Moleskin: YHC having posted Friday morning and getting in a 4 mile run that evening was beyond the point of creativity for building a good weinke later that night. It’s a good thing that I save most of my weinkes and was able to pull an old favorite. Hence the Rewind. Also let if be known that Tiger EH’ed FNG Cam for today’s workout but was conspicuously absent. There was plenty of razzing and mumblechatter aimed at Tiger but he later showed up at Cherubs and explained that his family has the stomach bug. Thanks for staying away brother!

My apologies for not remembering the prayer requests or announcements men. I’ll do better about that and obeying the 24 hour rule.

Until next time, Sargento is out…

Now I know my ABCs, aren’t you very proud of me!?! (Goat Island)

YHC contacted site Q Dolph Wednesday evening to see who had the Q Thursday at the Goat. An idea had come to mind and YHC wanted to share it with everyone. This meant that Dolph postponed his beatdown until a later date. You’re welcome men. This is what I remember…


Moroccan Night Clubs x Infinity at high speed IC until Short Sale came in hot

Mosey to the bottom of the lot where there was light to see my weinke for The Thang.

Alphabet Soup: Go through the alphabet picking an exercise beginning with each letter. So much fun!!! All exercises would be completed with 20 reps (or some version of counting YHC felt was appropriate).

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps IC

B – Burpees OYO

C – Carolina Dry Docks

D- Daniel Sons IC (awesome!)

E – E2K IC (look it up)

F – Fairy Jacks OYO

G – Gorilla Humpers IC (ouch)

At this point YHC was notified that he hadn’t given a disclaimer. I am not a professional. Any recommendations are merely suggestions. Is your V sandy?

H – Hip Slappers IC (this is where the counting started to slide)

I – Imperial Walkers IC

J – Jack Ass Merkins (not nearly as easy as you would think)

K – King of Hearts (whiny mumble chatter was shared by more than one PAX)

L – Lt. Dans (more mumble chatter because YHC moved from his start position but stopped, half the PAX kept going, the rest never moved)

M – Mountain Climbers IC

N – Newton’s Cradle IC

O – Outlaw (10 each direction)

P – Peter Parkers IC

Q – Quadriphilia (performed on the best hill available to the song Black by Sevendust)

R – Rosalita IC

S – Side Straddle Hops IC

T – The Chinook IC

U – Up Straddle Hops IC (10 each leg)

V – V-Up Roll-Up IC kind of

W – Werkins OYO

X – X Factor IC (this was a real crowd pleaser)

Y – Yeah! (performed to said song by Usher, Ludacris and Little John – YHC felt this was a much better choice than the slow, boring country song listed in the exercise register. The PAX would hold the Al Gore position and do a squat every time Yeah was said. Good times!)

Time’s up but the PAX didn’t feel it was right to end without finishing! AYE!!!

Z – Zebra Kicks OYO

Prayer requests: Coworker of Mayor and Dolph passed unexpectedly. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Announcements: Joe Davis run, New Year’s Day workout at Martha’s House

Thank you for the opportunity men. I appreciate you putting up with me!

Sargento out!

the W workout

So as YHC mentioned in his last backblast, I printed off the latest list of exercises on the F3nation website last week. It’s like being a kid in a candy store! To my surprise and joy there are lots of new routines and exercises to be found that we haven’t experienced before. Being the kind of guy who likes to try almost anything at least once, when Qing I like to throw in a couple new things each time. This is what I remember…


Morrocan Night Clubs x15 IC, Monkey Humpers x15 IC, maybe something else

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey toward the car that came in hot and do a couple quick laps to welcome Madoff to the workout then head up to the wide sidewalk.

Wheel of Animals (from the W section in the exercise listing)

From the full trash can over to the knobs near the entrance to the school, the PAX will:

Frog Hop then do 10 Merkins

Bear Crawl back then do 10 Merkins

Duck Walk to the knobs then 10 Merkins

Crab Walk back then 10 Merkins. This was a pretty quick routine but got the blood pumping real fast.

Mosey up to the softball and baseball fields, get a count off then mosey back to where we started for

The Thang: Walls of Jericho (also from the W section in the exercise listing)

Using the practice soccer field fence as the “walls” of Jericho, the PAX would work it’s way around doing 7 exercises with 7 reps of each for 7 circuits around the “city”. The exercises were:

  • Mountain Climbers (led by Madoff)
  • Don Quixotes (led by TimeFrame) Certain unnamed members of the PAX made mention that this isn’t really an exercise but instead merely a stretch. YHC contends that if it is just a stretch and not worthy of being elevated to actual exercise status, why do so many PAX fear and avoid said EXERCISE? Nuf said.
  • Burpees (led by previously mentioned unnamed PAX)
  • Lunges (led by Tesla)
  • Rockette Dips (led by Boudin) These will definitely go down as having been the most fearlessly and effectively led Rockette Dips any of us have ever performed.
  • Goofballs (proudly led by Dr. Seuss)
  • Dying Cockroaches (led by Steve Lawing)

This was a pretty cool and fun routine that kept the PAX together which led to much mumble chatter and good times. Unfortunately my extended moseying and stuff made us run out of time and only achieve 5 circuits. Q fail, YHC will do better next time.

Mosey back to the start for 15 Nolan Ryans IC. We’re done.

Prayer requests and announcements.

Thank you for the company this morning men. It was a blast! Merry Christmas!!!

Gimme the Beat

10 Pax joined YHC for a beautiful Friday morning in the metropolis of downtown Gastonia. Thanks to Spiderman for the directions back to the place. It’s been a while! A few pleasantries between the locals and we’re off.

Pledge of Allegiance

No FNG’s so no disclaimer. Mosey over to the parking lot for the main event.

The Thang: ALARM

A = arms, L = legs, A = abs, R = “r” exercise, M = “m” exercise.

As an added bonus, the PAX got to enjoy the musical stylings of MC Sargento. A plethora of awesome tunes that are perfect for getting a good sweat on! The workout went like this.

1st set: Shoulder presses IC, lunges IC kindo f, LBCs IC, Rockette Hillbillys IC kind o, Merkins OYO then run a lap

2nd set: Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, Squat Jumps OYO, Peter Parkers IC, Rosalit IC, Mountain Climbers IC then run a lap

3rd set: Burpees OYO, Squats IC, Dying Cockroaches IC, Rocky Balboas IC, Merkins IC then run a lap

The PAX wil perform reps of each exercise then take a lap around the parking lot after each set. Each set would be 15 reps, then 10 then 5 and then after the 3rd set do 5 laps around the pavilion. Aye!

YHC wasn’t sure how this workout would go since it was so weinke intensive but the time ended up being perfect. Except for my choice in music I think everyone had a good time and got a sweat on. Thanks for hanging in there and pushing through.

Prayer requests: Slaw’s wife’s best friend’s family, Boudin’s wife’s aunt’s family, Tool Time’s coworker’s family

Announcements: Advisory meeting 12/17/17 at the restaurant formerly known as Tequila’s.

It was great being back downtown men. You are AWESOME! Aye!!!

Thanks are given

The regularly appointed time for today’s workout was delayed until 7am due to the fact that it was Thanksgiving! Hope you guys enjoyed the extra sleep. This holiday can be minimized or overlooked sometimes but it is a important day to reflect and recognize all that the Lord provides us. We should never take all of our blessings for granted, especially one as awesome as the opportunity to work our bodies. Let’s get it on!

Pledge of Allegiance


Goofballs x15IC

Shoulder Presses x15IC

Grass Pokers x10IC kind of

Mosey up the road but then a quick about face down to the bridge to Goat Island.

Thang part one

Bear Crawl the wooden span of the bridge to the other side. Once the six arrives perform about 10 Fairy Jacks IC. Then karaoke to the bridge at the other side of the island. Crab Walk the span of this bridge and plank for the six. Mosey across the bridge then karaoke to the other bridge, cross it for more Fairy Jacks. Bear Crawl the length of the bridge again and plank for the six. Skip (yes like when you were a kid) all the way to the other bridge.  Crab Walk this bridge again then mosey down to the parking lot.

Thang part two

Doracides – Partner up and do cumulative 100 World War II situps, 200 Peter Parkers, 300 Dying Cockroaches and 400 LBCs. While partner 1 exercises the other does suicide runs to the first light pole, then the second, then to the end of parking lot (not the next light since there wasn’t one!). This six pack maker should help with the mega meals we were sure to indulge in later on.

We finished with just enough time to mosey back to the start.

Announcements and Prayer Requests

Great work today men. I’m still sore. You are all awesome and I am Thankful for you friendship!

What’s my name?!?

Gloom. For those not in the habit of posting regularly of late, finger pointed squarely at YHC, it takes unusual effort to get up the gumption to show. This morning there seemed to be many PAX who said they haven’t posted in a while. Great to see you out men! This is what I remember.

Semi disclaimer given, I’m not a professional.

Pledge of Allegiance

Warm Up:

Goof Balls x10 IC

Hallelujah Don Quixote’s x10IC

Hallelujah Squats x10 IC

Mosey down the sidewalk to the building in the middle of the baseball fields for a quick Dora 123. Gastone led the count off and we had 11 this morning. Partner up and the PAX performs cumulative reps of 50 Mericans, 100 Jump Squats (these sucked) and 150 LBCs. While partner 1 exercised, partner 2 would bear crawl around the building. This was lots of fun. During one of the circuits I made my first incorrect PAX name references. This would be a recurring theme. Proof that I need to show more regularly than I have of late.

We finished this and moseyed around the way to the parking lot near the playground. YHC then led the PAX on a demo route and naming of locations for the next event. This explanation turned out to be more tedious than expected.  Next exercise, the Figure 8. Let’s get it on! At each location, in a figure 8 pattern, the PAX would perform 10 reps of the following exercises.

  • Dips
  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Mericans
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Bobby Hurleys (for the return trip)
  • Mericans again
  • World War II situps

Once we did a circuit of this the PAX got the hang of it and we were good to go. Plank for the six. Easy Riser ably filled the role of time reporter after each round. Rinse and repeat for 3 full rounds. Aye!

Mosey back toward the start but with a stop along the way for some 11’s since Early Riser said we had enough time. On one end do 10 CDD’s run to the other for 1 Hallelujah Squat. Back and forth, flip flopping the number of reps to reach 11 each time until we’re done. ER said we needed to head back.

Back at Pelicans for one last exercise, the Nolan Ryan. We’re done, AYE!

Prayer Requests: T Square’s M during the holidays, Easy Rider has several needing prayers, those travelling for Thanksgiving, a couple more I can’t remember, sorry.

Announcements: Christmastown 5K, Christmas party Friday 1st, convergence Saturday the 2nd at Gashouse, others I can’t remember.

Moleskin: God is good all the time and gives us everything we need by his mercy and grace. The Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder of this fact.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today men. It is an honor. AYE!!!



It was a cold but very significant morning, Veterans Day! We salute those who’ve served to protect us and give the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you! Did I mention it was cold? 17 of us were crazy enough to overcome the strong pull of the fartsack (I’ve relented way to much of late) and were ready to get it on.

Pledge of Allegiance


Goof balls x? IC

Don Quixote x10 IC

Prayer Squats x15IC

Mosey across the street to the newly discovered clear parking lot behind Sammy’s I affectionately have dubbed the Pit. It’s a great space we haven’t used before to my knowledge and today we break it in.

The Thang

Elevens – While we do this routine, we get to listen to some very patriotic military style music! Start at one end of the Pit and do 10 donkey kicks against the wall. Run to the other end and do 1 derkin using the tall highway barrier things.  Repeato back and forth flip flopping the number of reps until we finish with 1 donkey kicks and 10 derkins.

Mosey around the corner to the long quiet road lines with parking spaces. Do a zombie walk, lunge in between lines and do a squat at the line. Man, that’s a long walk!

Mosey back around to the Pit for the next routine, Dora 123. Partner up for the following.

  • 50 World War situps
  • 100 Mericans
  • 150 Bobby Hurleys
  • 200 Squats

While partner 1 exercises, partner 2 runs all the way around the fence and back.

The next routine was supposed to be the Drill Instructor but we were running short on time so on to the next one. Keep the mosey going around the fountain a couple of times to collect the 6 and end at the amphitheater.

Next routine, NorTime with Sargento, not to be confused with CoreTime with ToolTime or CoreWood with Norwood. Trust me, this is totally a unique creation. What’s so special about this is the total burn you get by the end! On your six to get shredded.

  • Flutterkicks x25IC
  • Nolan Ryans x10 IC each side
  • Dying Cockroaches x25 IC
  • V-Up Roll Ups x10 IC
  • LBCs x25 IC
  • Oblique V-Ups x10IC each side
  • American Hammers x8IC

Time’s up! Great work men!

Announcements: Advisory meeting last Sunday, F3 Dads last Sunday, mountain to mountain ruck this Sunday, Christmas party Friday 12-1-17

Prayer request: Brownstreak and his family on loss of his dad, Guts’ uncle passed, our service men and women

Moleskin: It was great to be back after a few weeks off. You men reminded me once again of why I love you and F3! I’ll be back.

Sargento out!!!

Return of the Mac (n’ cheese)

It was a beautiful morning for a beatdown, at least as far as YHC could tell in the gloom. Eight strong men showed for the event and YHC hoped not to splash merlot due to his lack of posting of late. This is what I remember.

Pledge of Allegiance


Goof Balls (what else?!?) x15IC, Don Quixote x10IC, Imperial Walkers x15IC

Mosey around the corner, up to the picnic shelter, back down to the amphitheater for a second attempt at the Bearway to Heaven. While Led Zeppelin’s classic song Stairway to Heaven plays, the PAX would bearcrawl up to the level step of the amphitheater, do 1 burpee. Crawlbear back to the start. Bearcrawl up to the second step, 2 burpees, crawlbear back. Rinse and repeat all until 7 burpees was reached. We finished before the song was over. AYE

Mosey up to the picnic shelter for the main event: The Deck of Death!!!

Clubs – Peter Parkers

Diamonds – Dips

Spades – Merkins

Hearts – LBC’s

The number of the card pulled corresponded to the number of reps. Aces meant a lap around the track. Joker were a wild card for the drawer to pick their own exercise. YHC knew that the deck wasn’t all square beforehand, I think it got messed up when Dolph and Tiny Tank got their mitts on it at Goat Island earlier in the year. There was an extra Ace and extra King of Hearts! AYE

Mosey back to the amphitheater for Mary. We did LBC’s, Flutterkicks, 6″, Dying Cockroaches and many more I can’t remember. AYE

Announcements & Prayer requests.

Moleskin- It’s been over a month since I’d Q’ed and until Thursday’s Goat Island VQ by Dr. Suess, hadn’t been at a weekday workout in a month either. It was time for me to start getting back in the groove and being with you men reminded me why I love F3. You guys are awesome!!!

Until next time, Sargento is ooooouuuutttt!!!

Game Day

10 strong men showed in the fading Saturday morning gloom for a game day edition of The Fighting Yank. No FNG’s so a very short disclaimer and off we go. Moans were heard when YHC pulled my portable speaker out of my ride. Mosey across the street to the warm up arena.

YHC asked a few of the PAX’s favorite exercises:

Top Hat – Morrocan Night Clubs (nice try) x10 IC

Canteen – Goof Balls x15 IC (because I forgot to stop at 10)

Pockets –

YHC then stopped the proceedings for a session of everybody’s favorite Bring Mary Up. Hold 6″ and raise your legs when told. FUN!

A short lesson of how the NC State Wolfpack philosophy goes hand in hand with F3’s shield lock. “The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf.” We are here for each other men!

Mosey back across through the park to the track behind the middle school where the Thang was revealed.

Courtesy of Stroganoff and used with his permission, we embarked on the Wolfpack Grinder. I figured that none of the Yank regulars had ever witnessed the fury of the Grinder, so it was sure to be a crowd pleaser. Here’s how it went.

  • Prayer Squats x20 IC, run half a lap
  • Merkins x20 OYO, Prayer Squats x20 IC, run half a lap
  • Mountain Climbers x20 OYO, Prayer Squats x20 IC, run half lap
  • Merkins x 20 OYO, Prayer Squats x20 IC, run half lap
  • Mountain Climbers x20 OYO, Monkey Humpers x20 IC, run half lap
  • LBC x40 OYO, Monkey Humpers x10 IC, run half lap
  • Plank Jacks x20 OYO, run half lap (YHC forgot about the Monkey Humpers!)
  • LBC x40 OYO, Monkey Humpers x10 IC, run half lap
  • Plank Jacks x20 OYO
  • Run full lap just for the fun of it!!!

After trying to find a spot on the outside of the field to run across that wasn’t infested with fire ant mounds, YHC explained our next routine:


  • American Hammers at the start represent the beatdown the Wolfpack is going to inflict on the SC Game Chickens today.
  • Fairy Jacks at the other side stood for the weak sauce of the Game Chickens.

There wasn’t very much mumble chatter during this routine, oh well.

Fellowship mosey up to the wall for some new exercise work. Jack Webbs (one merkin followed by an air press) were kicked up a notch into the Iron Hulk (4 air presses for every merkin). We also made it an escalator going from 1 to 2, 3, 4 then 5 merkins and back down. The grand finale was 20 air presses IC.

Mosey back down to the field for Railroad Tracks. Hold low plank position in a row, the PAX on the end hurdles each man until he reaches the end, then he holds plank. We did this until everyone had hurdled 3 times.

Mosey down to where we started. YHC grabbed his speaker from the car again for one last musical interlude. If you don’t know about Bill Withers, look him up. His classic tune “Lovely Day” was played. When the chorus of lovely day is sung, the PAX performs mountain climbers. Awesome.

Finish up with the Pledge of Allegiance. AYE!

Prayer requests: Top Hat’s daughter was in a car accident, all students now back at school

Announcements: Burpeethon to benefit Special Olympics is in 2 weeks, September 16th at Rankin Lake Park. An extra driver for the Tuna 200 relay is still needed.


It was a pleasure to lead you men again today. I haven’t been posting as much lately for many reasons but I appreciate our friendships and how we are always welcomed back no matter how long we’ve been out of the routine. Reach out to those men who maybe haven’t posted in a while, it may be just what they need. Until next time, Sargento is OOOOOUUUUUUUUTTTTT!!!!!


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