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Slow Post

Friday morning, ready to post. Let’s get it on!

Warm Up

Goofballs, Don Quixote’s and Gorilla Humpers all IC.

Gather in the middle of the Rotary Pavilion for a little Bring Sally Up. Technology fail and this time YHC isn’t going a acapella. Mosey to the end of the parking lot. Bear crawl the bridge over the railroad tracks. Keep moseying to the parking lot behind the courthouse.

The Thang:

Lindsay’s- like elevens but higher reps going from 30 to 5 reps. On one end do 30 Monkey humpers , run up the steps, across, then down to the bottom and do 5 Flutter Kicks. Go back the way you came. Flip each time by 5 until it’s reversed.

We had time remaining so we did actual Elevens, this time doing Dips and DDCs.

Mosey toward start but this time we headed down the road to the new “educational” garden that will block the new waste water treatment plant.

Back at the start we did some Mary and wrapped up with COT.

Moleskin: I procrastinate writing backblasts, that’s no surprise to anyone. I’ll do better men! It’s been a while since I posted regularly due to studies and race training so I’m happy to get back to being with you guys. I love you man!


It was a little rainy this morning. YHC left the house knowing about a Q fail due to some miscommunication with the M. The bricks I packed for Pain Lab got hijacked so we were empty handed for the workout. Oh well, we’ll make the most of it. Thankfully Freight showed up with blocks in his bed so we used those instead. Boom!

YHC gave a disclaimer for the FNG that Voodoo brought. Keep EHing!


Moroccan Night Clubs x10 IC

Don Quixotes (exercise version) x11 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

The groups split up for Pain Lab and Bootcamp. Pain Labbers grabbed Freight’s blocks and headed to the secluded area at the entrance to the museum. After a little fiddling with the music we settled on Godsmack radio to set the mood.

The Deck of Death!

Spades = Dips

Hearts = LBCs

Clubs = Squats

Diamonds = Curls

We worked through the whole deck with about 20 minutes left so we had a ruck/mosey intermission and came back for as much more as we could fit in but switched the script on the exercises.

Spades = Merkins

Hearts = Dying Cockroaches

Clubs = Monkey Humpers

Diamonds = Overhead Presses

We made it through a few more rounds of these before there were about 5 minutes to go so we gathered up the supplies and went back to the start for a little Mary.

Nolan Ryans, Hillbillies, Box Cutters, LBFCs were all done. And we’re done!

Prayer Requests: Pizza Man’s M, Slaw’s foot, Watts Up’s daughter,

Announcements: CSAUP next Saturday, Mt. Mitchell hike May 5th

It was a small but fun group this morning. Way to push the rock men! Take care until next time.


Fastest backblast ever

Lucky number 7 was the number of HIM’s that posted in the frigid 22 degree gloom this day at Bulldog. Even my bricks were cold, made the fingers numb. Here’s what happened.

I attempted to play the album Soup by Blind Melon because it’s awesome and it was recorded in New Orleans, which is where many of our PAX will be heading in a couple weeks to run races.

Warm Up

Don Quixote (exercise version)

Toy Soldiers

Mosey over to my chariot to pick up the bricks stowed in the trunk. Return to the start. We did…

Heavy Freddies (actually I made them Cockroaches) x15 IC

Dodo Birds x15 IC

Hands of Time (several rounds)

Oblique Crunch x15 IC each side

Newton’s Cradle x15

Stay put for a round of Flora 1-2-3. Partner up and do the following…

100 Merkins (10 at a time, swapping with your partner who was holding plank)

200 LBCs (25 at a time with bricks on chest, partner holds plank I think)

300 Goblet Squats (25 at a time, I can’t remember what the partner did in between)

We still had plenty of time so we did another round of the earlier exercises. Whoopee had to leave to save lives somewhere in all of this. He was missed.

Still had some time and my Blind Melon had stopped playing likely due to the freezing temperature so YHC modified for us to listen to Bring Sally Up via bluetooth. This was working well until it too stopped playing which led to what was possibly the most beautiful and horrific experience the local PAX has witnessed in a while, my acapella version of Bring Sally Up while doing said exercise. It was tremendous if I do say so myself!

End with prayer requests, announcements and namorama.

Sargento out!

Cotter Q…kind of

Today was YHC’s first Q of 2019 and my what an occasion it was!The not so elusive ghost flag had bobbed around the Gastonia region for about a month with no takers until today. After we ambushed the Rock region in Shelby to steal the flag they  came back for more and sent 13 men to finally take it. The energy was high and weather was perfect. Let’s get it on!

An FNG was present so the Disclaimer was given.


The Goofball x15 IC

Awesome, another FNG showed up so another Disclaimer was given!

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Don Quixote x15 IC

Mosey across the street to the Pit for Elevens.

On one side do Donkey Kicks, on the other do Derkins using the big concrete things. Plank or hold the people’s chair for the six. After this we started going through the 5 key principles of F3. More on this later.

Mosey around the corner to the street beside the railroad tracks for a round of Dan Taylor. Four lunges with a squat at the end. Go all the way to the end and LBC for the six.

Mosey back across the street, catch the Pledge of Allegiance on the way, up to the track.

Forest to the Sea: bear crawl half way across the field, crab walk the rest of the way. Feel the burn shoulders!

Mosey around to the front of the school, waving at the wall that won’t be used for anything, especially hip slappers or things like that. Once up front the explanation of the Sargento original commenced.

The Figure 8!

At each point the PAX performed 15 reps of each exercise.

  • Merkins
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Dips
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Bobby Hurleys
  • CDDs

Plank for the six. Hey there’s Tool Time! That routine was so much fun, and there are 15 more minutes to go, let’s do it again. Repeato x2.

To wrap it up we covered all 5 principals of F3.

  • Free
  • Men only
  • Always outside, rain or shine
  • Peer lead
  • Ends in a Circle of Trust

Mosey around to the covered place for some Mary. We did Nolan Ryans, flutterkicks, crunchy frogs and american hammers. Time!

Announcements: Rooster March 2nd

Requests: Hoffa (Monroe PAX who hit deer on motorcycle), Waterboy has kidney stones, Breaker Breaker family, Anchoman’s M-in-law in hospital, Bubazela job offer

Moleskin: It was totally awesome being back to lead everyone today. F3 never disappoints. Even with a bunch of guys who’ve never met we still have so much in common. AYE!!!

Mt Hollywood, F3’s first Skiing AO

20 was the count for this Christmas Eve workout. The PAX was totally pumped to be about to get one last workout in before the festivities and fun of the next couple days. Let’s get it on!

Disclaimer, no FNGs present.

Warm Up:

Don Quixote’s x20 IC

Finkle Swings x5 each side IC (not to be done again)

Goofballs x15 IC

Mosey around the parking lot until we reached slippery slope #1 for Elevens!

At the top do Derkins using the benches. At the bottom do Flying Squirrels (a new favorite of the Mayor). Oh yeah, on the way up we Nur just to get more for your money. This was fun.

Mosey from there to the nice parking lot across the street at the elementary school for some partner work. Partner 1 does continuous reps of Happy Jacks while Partner 2 does a lap around the lot. Flapjack and repeato x3.

Mosey from there to slipperier slope #2 for the Triple Nickel.

At the top do Jingle Balls (it’s Christmas Eve of course) at the bottom do Monkey Humpers. Bear crawl up the hill and try to crab walk down it. The steepness of the hill made the downward trip more of a skiing exercise than what was called. Have to say that it was totally fun though! No one got hurt either, WIN!!!

Mosey back to the nice parking lot for several sets of Mary. YHC called Nolan Ryans, Monkey Crunches, Flutterkicks, American Hammers, Dying Cockroaches and Oblique Crunches. A lack of judgment meant that Slaw was asked to call the next exercise, burpees. Never again Slaw! After that some other of the PAX called theirs but my mind went blank after the burpees. SLAW!!!

One last slow mosey to the start for the Pledge of Allegiance. Good work men. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Announcements: none

Prayer requests: Safe travels for all those away from home, Golddigger and Broke’s daughter are getting married next Saturday, Hacksaw’s father-in-law passed, Breaker Breaker’s family

The Deck

9 HIMs posted on this Tuesday at the Storm for the first Q by YHC in a long, long time. So long that there was only one workout I felt would be a crowd pleaser.


Basic due to no FNGs.

Warm Up:

Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC

The Thang:

We did the Deck of Death. The straight forward approach we would take was to do the exercise. We made it all the way through with a few minutes to spare. We did some mary to wrap it up.

Thanks for letting me lead again men. It’s bee too long. My apologies for the late backblast. I’ll be back!


Bourbon Chase Van1…and 2

YHC started thinking of this thing soon after our last relay, the Tuna 200 in eastern NC last October. After identifying the relay it was noted that there is a lottery for getting a spot. You had to sign up for the lottery in February. The relay is in October… thankfully we got a spot. To say that we had this mapped out for a while is an understatement.

So its only fitting that we had a few kinks in the plan along the way, most of which were super close to the actual event. YHC came up lame with a hamstring issue, Stroganoff has had an ongoing respiratory problem (get better soon brother) so we needed to find a couple of replacements and to top things off the good Lord blessed us with a hurricane to see us off on our journey! Good times!!!

Thursday finally came and we were to meet at 10 in the remote lot on Frank’s property. Mayor beat YHC to the gravel spot in the drive by just a few seconds so I relocated Van 1 to the grass. Once everyone got there we were ready to shove off promptly at 10:30. Even though HIPAA was 30 minutes late, he made up for it with pumpkin gift baskets for all the runners in our van, complete with a bottle of Maker’s Mark! It had poured down rain for hours before we left so our fully loaded down van struggled to do more than plow through the soggy field but we eventually barely made it out to the road.

The drive out of town was crappy but once we got to the mountains the rain stopped and the rest of our drive was really nice. We made our first stop at the Zaxby’s in Waynesville for a lunch break. This is where YHC unveiled the gifts that were sure to calm any disagreements, inflammations or general Sandy V’s. The gift that keeps on giving, Down There wipes and Vagicaine ointment, for when things get a little itchy in the vans.

On we drove with nice blue skies up the interstates of Tennessee and Kentucky, hopped off to cut across to our first night’s stay place of Bardstown, KY. After checking in and debugging at least one of our beds, we walked, yes walked, at least 5 blocks to downtown in search of food. Since the Rickhouse was too high falutin for our crew we settled on Mammy’s Kitchen. It was good. On the way back some of us made a pit stop in the corner liquor store to see the local selection. It was good too.

We woke up the next morning after a good night’s sleep ready for our start at Jim Beam distillery. It was kind of chilly but perfect running weather. YHC led us off so Freight wouldn’t feel like we were taking it easy on him. I felt pretty good on my run and handed the slap bracelet to Quiche. Of course he crushed his run but somehow got blown away by some freak of nature running a sub 6 minute mile. Wojo took the baton for his run through downtown Bardstown. We drove ahead as usual to find our next stop was at the Heaven Hill Bourbon experience.

FREE BOURBON!!! The pre-race literature had to have reiterated there would be no drinking during the relay. These chicks must not have gotten that memo because they were pouring as much as you’d like to have. A couple of different bourbons including bourbon iced tea. My personal fav was Larceny. It was great. Basically we were not even done with leg 3 and already throwing down at 10:30 in the morning.

Back to the relay. Wojo motored up the ridiculously steep last hill to hand off to Edison. We followed and made the next exchange for Boudin to get going. His leg was insanely hilly, both up and downhill. Glad he’s such a bid deal and can handle it. He handed off to Broke somewhere in the middle of nowhere and we drove on to the big exchange zone, Maker’s Mark distillery. Broke handed off to Oompa Loompa and van 1’s first set was done.

FREE BOURBON!!! This place was pretty awesome. The next time you’re in KY and have time to drive to the middle of nowhere you should go to Maker’s Mark. Super nice facility and grounds, almost like a park. And they have bourbon.

We moseyed across the countryside to Danville, KY where the next big exchange zone was to happen. It was different than any other relay exchange zone I’ve been to because it was in a city, almost no green space to be found. Most of us in the van brought our vaginas so we spread out beside a drive through teller for some shuteye. Of course no one really slept, just rested mostly. Boudin went looking for beer because, well, he’s Boudin.

Once it was time to switch, YHC took the slap bracelet from Def Leppard to run 4.6 miles onto the quickly darkening route. I felt pretty good. Thanks Freight. Quiche, Wojo, Edison, Boudin.

Boudin handed off to Broke at the same place YHC took the slappy from Def. It started raining. Then it started raining harder. And it was dark. It was not good. We drove ahead to spend time with the other van. YHC made a visit to them and noticed there was a bit of angst going on. SV?

We switched off to Oompa and the drove through the pouring rain up to Lawrenceburg, home of Four Roses Distillery and Wild Turkey Distillery. This is where we tried to get some more shut eye. We were one of the first vans there so some of us snored in the van. Broke, Quiche and I slept outside beside a rackhouse. It’s funny how even though you’re super tired it never quite seems like you get to sleep. There’s always the Bang…boom boom of the port-a-potty door.

Freight came down the hill after a super hard leg to hand off to Wojo (we switched so his hips wouldn’t have to lie any more). Quiche went off for his super fast leg. YHC took the baton for a painful last one. Edison was a beast. Boudin went along through horse country on to Woodford Reserve which was a cool smaller distillery.

NO free bourbon. What’s up with that? They had coffee though.

Broke went off to the next EZ to meet van 2. He got there and handed off to Oompa. By this time we were all pretty much done with running, including van 2. Hang in there brothers.

Van 1 was done and hungry. We drove toward Lexington in search of grub, hopefully good stuff too. We settled on Denny’s…. Denny’s….Denny’s? Yes Denny’s. I’m not sure how we arrived at this choice but we did. It was an experience. YHC got a whole tray of water spilled toward me (some would say it was my fault but it wasn’t). After about 45 minutes of waiting for breakfast we got some food. Wojo’s wasn’t even cooked fully. Disaster…

We drove on to the finish area and actually found a great pizza place that served good beer right at the finish line. YES!!! There wasn’t much to do for a while and it was cold so we went back inside the mall area to hang out. Broke got pornographic on a bench. Had to be there.

Van 2 got in but got a call from Freight that he couldn’t go any further. HIPAA to the rescue! Van 2 rode him to switch with Freight. We made our way back to the finish to see HIPAA round the corner and the Van 2 wasn’t even back so YHC had to stop him from finishing so we could do it together as a team. After about 30 minutes (actually it was about 5) the others got to the finish and we crossed the line together as a team! AYE!!!

FREE BOURBON!!! Pretty cool finish experience where we sampled up to 4 different varieties. Too bad they weren’t selling that stuff.

We departed about 4:30 down the road to Richmond, home of Eastern Kentucky University. As luck would have it, I think we were part of the presidential motorcade to the university where president Trump was to hold a rally. Being the Gashouse crew that we are, we stopped on the interstate to let Edison drain his weasel. Now that’s funny! I think Trump even waived at him from the limo as he passed by.

Moleskin: I love you guys and relays are a unique way of spending good quality time together. Sorry so late for the backblast.


Death in a Box

YHC still hasn’t been posting much while training for the Bourbon Chase relay next week. Still, it’s important to keep up with that full body fitness that we all need. As such, YHC signed up for the Q on this day. A snag came up Saturday on a run when that stupid old hamstring started giving me some problems. What to do? Gotta Q. As everything seems to have a way of working out sometimes, the week before YHC finally received his very own officially licensed and produced Deck of Death from F3 that he’d ordered back in 2014 it felt like! Perfect non mosey type of stuff.

Here’s what I remember…

Warm Up:

Goof Balls x20 IC

Morrocan Night Clubs I think x20 IC

Dying Cockroaches I think x20 IC

The Thang:

Break out the deck, preshuffled of course. These cards are slippery. Our goal is to make it through the whole deck before time’s up.

The mission this time is to do whatever exercise is listed on the card, there was a lot of variety. Lots of different kinds of merkins, I know that much.

Number cards would be 10 reps.

Face Cards are 25 reps.

Aces were 100 reps of that one.

We made it through 44 of the cards, 8 left over. We’ll have to do better next time. Maybe we’ll skip the warmup next time.

Moleskin: Still love the deck of deck. The new version has several different kinds of workouts baked into it. We’ll explore more next time. Best thing about it is that it keeps us close together and almost helps create mumble chatter. Love it!

Prayer Requests: Breaker Breaker’s family, Orangeman’s daughter, Boudin’s brother in law

Announcements: Burpeethon was today at 9. Were you there? Christmastown 5k, Gilligan has VQ next week!


The few

On the day after our BRR team finished up a strong performance in the mountains, just a few guys made it out to the Teeter this morning.

The Thang:

We ran. A couple rucked.

Roscoe, Short Sale and YHC casually EH’ed a couple guys after our run. Then I had to leave. We’ll see if they come out with us sometime.


Last Chance

It was the 31 of the month and a bunch of HIMs showed to know what YHC had up my sleeve. Actually it was in my pocket!


Pledge of Allegiance

Warm Up:

Moroccan Night Clubs x15 IC

Air Shoulder Presses x15 IC super fast

Don Quixotes x15 IC for all the haters. Whoopee felt so strongly about these exercises that he decided to run around by himself instead of staying with the PAX for the workout. Hmmm.

Mosey through the streets of downtown Gashouse. Stop for a brief wall sit by the church, get some Rocky Balboas on the curb, wind around here and there until we arrive at the top of the parking deck for…

The Deck of Death: once of YHC’s favorites!

Spades – Peter Parkers

Diamonds – Derkins

Clubs – American Hammers

Hearts – Donkey Kicks

The deck of death works great for giving a great workout and also promoting plenty of mumblechatter. We were having so much fun that Whoopee felt left out and joined in about 2/3 of the way through. There were a couple of hiccups and their paying attention for their turn or counting for some veteran unnamed. That’s ok though, keep coming out, you’ll get the hang of it one of these days.

Mosey around downtown some more until we reached the start. Done

Prayer requests: Sly is deployed, safe travels for the holiday weekend, praise YHC’s M doesn’t need surgery

Announcements: JJ 5k September 22, Stop Suicide 5k, BRR needs a runner, Q vs Q September 14

It was a pleasure leading today men. It’s time for more PAX to take their turn at the helm of our workouts. You’ll be glad you did. Aye!


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