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All who wander aren’t lost

Gastone asked YHC to Q the Coconut Horse and since my Sunday routine always starts with the horse so of course I agreed.

Whoopee was looking to start early with some EC Rucking so I accepted that and showed up at 0515, ready to go.  The rain/sleet was falling pretty good so when Whoopee showed up and parked beside me I greeted him with a grin and a gesture.

At 0530 we headed out on the normal route and got as far as we could before turning around for my official Q at 0630.  As we approached the HT we passed HushPuppy on a solo run.  Then Breaker Breaker passed by coming out of the HT.  At 0629 Linus showed up and we tried to coax him into the Ruck option as we had an extra Ruck between us.  He wanted to run so Whoopee and I headed off in the other direction.

We returned at 0715 or so and there were more cars than people in the parking lot.  COT only had four but when we entered Starbucks there were a total of 8 as ToolTime, Stroganoff, and Defib were now showing for the Q-Source discussions being led by Stroganoff.  Short Sale returned from a run and then our new PAX Compass showed up after a ten miler.  No one dared run under the tunnels of the greenway as the water was flowing fast this morning.  The discussions were excellent regarding language.  We discussed accountability, candor, love, and self-discipline.

F3 is a great thing.  Give it away.

Active Recovery

This morning was a crisp 25 degrees with clear skies. The Ghost Flag was there as was Bedpan’s dual flag shovel, although it was with a little more effort than usual to plant due to the frozen ground. Here is what happened…


With nine PAX at 0530 YHC called an Indian Run. We spotted some headlights coming in hot so we did a lap to return to pick up the late arrival but as usual Spiderman will not wait and he appeared in the first lap. Now with ten we completed another lap around the other side of the Pavilion and back to start for the warm up.

Rockette Hillbillies x 10

Dying Cockroaches x 20

Mosey to Main Street

Between each light post we alternated sprint, walk, lunge, mosey, lunge, backward lunge, mosey, Godfather Zombie walk. I learned from Bedpan that the Sports Center used to be a bowling alley before our time. Who knew?

Mosey to the Methodist church steps for two rounds of calf raises

Mosey to the parking deck. Lunge up the inclines and mosey the straights to the top.

Partner up for Dora 1,2,3

P1 runs steps to bottom and back while P2 completes:

100 Squats

200 LBC’s

300 Flutters

After this we held an Al Gore and discussed the life saving impact F3 had on F3 Picasso from Summerville. Think about the guy you haven’t EH’d yet while you read his story here: https://mailchi.mp/1dadf7fb1138/anazwdvf4r-1597373

Mosey to the McQuitter wall for alternating step ups and dips


Mosey to start for the Pledge of Allegiance and hold a two minute plank for time.

Lots of prayer requests: Our Nantan, Stone Cold’s father, Ethan Duft, EZ Rider’s family, Montross’ Aunt, Sister Acts Daughter, Whetstone blades and stones

Nameorama and COT

YHC has had a nagging injury so I modified and we did no burpees or merkins. When you are injured or dealing with something which we all are, STAY IN THE GAME! Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t. Mentally it makes it so much better instead of feeling sorry for yourself. If you can’t post to the first F, hit up the second and third F. A good option is the QSource discussions at 0730 Sundays at Crossroads and the Coconut Horse.

Sister Act said a CSAUP is in the works before the P200. Everyone get ready!

YHC with the Q at the Coconut on Sunday. Post somewhere and bring an FNG!

Always a pleasure to lead,


Waiting for the Six

It was 25 degrees at the PUB this morning,  F3 Gastonia’s premier weekday at 0530 Thursday morning running workout leaving from Publix.  YHC was fortunate to be on the Pub’s Christmas Card this year and all I had to do was Q the workout and write this marginal piece of journalism.

At 0529 there were  six of us ready to go and then here comes JJ.  As JJ sets up the American Flag Anthrax rolls in hot.  A very brief disclaimer began with me claiming that I am an idiot and there was agreement all around.  My people!

We started with the Pledge of Allegiance and then were off on the run.  Stroganoff and Breaker Breaker ran towards HT while the rest of us ran  5 miles down  Gaston Day School Road to S. New Hope and then into Gardner park and back up.

Defib was far and away out front today and most didn’t see him after he jetted out of the Hickory Tavern parking lot.  Yes it was dark but he was just that fast.  Anthrax and JJ were the second to last and announced that they got tired of slowing down to run with Tool Time and just ran ahead of him.   At the end of the run as we waited and waited for the six the sweat began to turn into ice on our foreheads and the chill was setting in.   Tool Time must have been really slow today as we never saw him come in.  We were all waiting and waiting and hypothermia was setting in so we went back to our warm cars and left.

It was an honor to lead today.  The PUB is yet another AO that is full of great guys and fellowship.  Aren’t they all?

Prayers for families and friends struggling with loss.

We reflected on the life of George Bush (41) and what a great hero, public servant, and humble and classy leader he was.   We could all try to be more like that.

Enjoy the Christmas Card!




Pickup trucks and flags

It was a cold but beautiful morning.  There were many options on the menu today but most involved running various distances.  Stroganoff took advantage of the Ruck option and left out at a good pace at 0600.  Gastone did some extra running early as did Defib.  Hipaa did his own thing that involved getting in some miles.  No one knows for sure what route he took.  The rest did the normal Coconut Horse loop for five miles.

YHC arrived at 0625 to see a sweaty Gastone and a cold Dr. Seuss waiting for the clock.  Boudin emerged from his truck and then Defib showed up, finishing his first eleven miles.  He asked who the Q was.  “I am”, I replied.

Defib responded, “which route are we taking?”

“The normal route”, I replied.

“Let’s go”, said Defib.

“Yes sir”, I replied, and off we went.

The pace was quick with a sub 8 first mile.  Then Sargento passed us, then Gastone and Boudin took off.

We saw Breaker Breaker getting in 9 miles.  Madoff was getting after it too.  Eventually we all ended up at the same place with at least 5 miles completed.  Stroganoff had rucked a really good pace.  He was already done.

Before we could hit coffeerama we were awaiting Hipaa.  YHC called him on the phone.  “Where are you?”

Hipaa, “a quarter mile out”.

Ten minutes later we see “Hipaa” running back to the group.  He was too late for the team photo but we made up for that with a solo glamour shot later.  Sargento remarked that Hipaa has a funny running stride.

We recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison with the flag hung from the back of Gastone’s pickup truck with duct tape.  (“Redneck”, declared an unnamed PAX)

Prayer requests for Nicki Bailey who is fighting cancer.  Prayers for safe travels during the holiday and for those who have lost family members during the holidays.

It is true that the holiday’s can be a sad time for people.  Isolation, depression, and shorter days can be tough on people.  This should be the season of the emotional headlock.  Get those isolated guys out to the Gloom.  Invite them to join and post with them.  Gastone was putting a solid EH on a school teacher after coffeerama.  This should be a season of joy and gratitude.  Make it happen and bring others along.  Reach out to friends and family and check on them.  They will remember.

Speaking of coffeerama.  There was some gallows humor but the highlight was listening to Sargento and Boudin talk about their M’s fitness contest the day before.  Apparently these two took their shirts off in the parking lot of the fitness competition and were posing down with each other. (Not sure if they oiled each other up first).  However, Boudin was challenging the jacked male bodybuilders to a burpee contest.  No starved, dehydrated, and weak bodybuilder took him up on the offer.  Good work!  #HIM.

It was a great day to be a part of F3 Gastonia and run the #horse.  Until next time.


F3 Dads at Martha’s House part 3

Little Caesar and I showed up before the allotted time and were ready to go.  Before I lit the charcoal I wanted to make sure that someone else would show up for F3 Dad’s at Marthas part 3.  I look into the parking lot full of cars and see an American flag being pulled out of a trunk.  I know that F3 has arrived so I light the charcoal and get the flames burning for the cocoa bar after the beatdown.

Voodoo and his FNG Daughter now known as “Teddy Bear” and Hipaa and his 2.0 son “Hoverboard” show.  Hoverboard was wearing a Speed for Need kids shirt and Hipaa was wearing a bad ass black F3 shirt with his evil skull half-face covered thing.  (It wasn’t that cold out but he looked cool.  In South Central)

We waited for a while and YHC entertained the kids with frisbee throwing for a while.  When we realized YHC failed to promote the event enough and no one else was going to show, we got ready for a kid friendly beatdown.

Disclaimer and explanation of F3 to Teddy Bear.  SSH x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, LBC’s x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10. Squats x 5,  Squats with 2.0’s in the human torture rack x 5

Mosey to an adjacent field.  Frisbee toss/sprint/exercise:  One Pax slings the frisbee…sprint to where it lands, 5 merkins or 5 squats x 10 or so.  The kids were hard to beat to the frisbee as they were willing to go all out Pete Rose style to get it.  Advantage:  2.0’s

Next up was the Leap Frog:  Dad’s versus kids

The kids didn’t want to get down.  They lacked a sense of urgency.  They didn’t work together as a team.  The dad’s rested and re-organized the kids during the event and wouldn’t let them quit when they wanted to go get water.  Advantage:  Dad’s

Next up:  Dora 25-50-90?  Squats, LBC’s, Hipaa was stuck doing the exercise for a while.  Hoverboard was picking daisies or something.  YHC had to herd him back to his dad before his dad stroked out.  Little Caesar claimed some outrageous number of LBC’s, but Teddy Bear got to 90 in one set.  #Impressivekids

The breakdown of leadership and discipline was evident so YHC declared the event over.  We went straight to announcements after a quick water break and so Teddy Bear could go get her toboggan. ???

What are the 2.0’s thankful for?   Food, Basketball, and Basketball

Prayer requests:  My dad’s trip back from Florida on his Motorcycle

YHC prayed us out and we raced to the hot chocolate bar.  I think it was the first time in months Hipaa had chocolate and he savored it.  The kids ate marsh mellows with their cocoa.  A lot of marsh mellows.

We cleaned up quickly.  T-Claps for Hipaa to put out the fire and collect the gear and for Voodoo helping clean up.

A beautiful afternoon to spend with the kids and F3 brothers.  Good to see Voodoo coming out a bunch in a short time!   Thanks for Hipaa being a great leader and taking action on behalf of F3.  #allin

Until next time,


F3 Dad’s workout and Coat Drive

One year ago we met at Martha’s House picnic shelter #1 and encountered a cold snap and rain, making for a memorable F3 Dad’s event.  What was supposed to be a kid friendly beat down and then an ice cream social turned out to be a frozen workout and hot chocolate fest.  It was awesome.

And now we are set to do it again.  There may need to be game time adjustments but here is what you can count on.

WHO:  F3 Gastonia and their 2.0’s (This is also a great time to EH that guy whose kid plays on your kids team)

What?  F3 Dad’s beadown for you AND your 2.0’s, followed by fun and fellowship and some sort of reward for the beatdown  (ice cream?  Cocoa?  Carrots? (40 day challenge is going on now people))

Where?  Picnic Shelter #1 at Martha Rivers Park (the first one beside the sand volleyball court)

When?  Sunday, November 11th 1500-until….(3PM-)

Bring volleyballs, frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, boomerangs.  Hipaa….Kid friendly pain lab option?

If you want to Q 10 minutes or so let me know.  If your 2.0 wants to Q part of the workout, let me know.  If you want to Q the games let me know.  If you want to Q the ice cream,  hot chocolate bar, or Smores let me know.  YHC and ShortSale are Q’ing the Convergeance at the Yank the day before so we may do a kid friendly tag team beatdown.  Who knows?!

I will send out an update based on weather in the near future.  I will ask for items at that time.

There may be one additional F3 Dad’s event at the Chutes at Crowders Ridge again this year.  Unfortunately, they aren’t doing Sunday nights.  We could do Friday or Saturday nights.  As busy as December seems to be on the weekends I may plan this for January.  Check my twitter for a survey and weigh in.


***If you have an extra coat that you don’t use or your 2.0 has outgrown and wish to donate it to a needy child or adult, please bring them to the workout or drop them off to the site Q at any workout.  We have identified 40 kids living in just one hotel and we will be collecting coats for them in the next few weeks. Thank you in advance.

I look forward to seeing your 2.0’s smiling faces.




Leaderless Organizations

When an organization doesn’t have a leader, it forces others to step up.  This was the point of me being late for the start of my Q today.  I hope the PAX all take that lesson to heart.

Okay maybe not.  I admit it was a Q-Fail.  GOOD

I heard a great podcast on sleep the other day.  One of the many things I learned was to not look at your phone or any light source until your alarm goes off.  I have a tendancy (most every night) to wake up sometime between 0100 and 0400 and look at my phone for the time, especially on days when I post to F3.  This morning I fought that urge the first time but then couldn’t take it and looked at my phone and behold!  It was 0530.  My mind immediately went to a picture of the many assembled PAX in the parking lot of the Pub wondering what to do and them scrambling off confused in multiple directions.  It also went to the fact that A. I would own up to being a slackard  B. They would be fine figuring out the route and C. Give me lots of grief for being a loser this morning.

From the Q-Source (Q1.1):  The HIM depends upon his Guardrails to continue Accelerating. The faster his Movement, the stronger they need to be. To get ready for the expected and be ready for the unexpected, the HIM gradually improves his Guardrails by forming Routines that allow for increasing action with decreasing thought. Because it is comprised of habits, a Routine does not require an active choice to perform. Over time, it becomes ingrained into the HIM’s daily rhythm such that it would require his active choice not to perform.

I set an alarm for 0555 and not 0455.  I set the wrong time.  I usually set two alarms.  The new routine is not looking at the clock.  I need to keep the guardrails!


Settled on that I went through my normal preparation about 15x faster than normal and raced out the door barefoot to get on the road.  It was raining.  GOOD

I arrived at the PUB to see lots of cars and a beautiful American Flag flying.  I knew JJ was there.  I put on my shoes and started running around the parking lot, not sure where to go at first.  I ran towards Hoffman and circled the McDonalds then back to the parking lot and then past the gas pumps.  I thought maybe the PAX would be doing the New Hope route so I ran down and after a mile or so I saw Sargento on his way back, and then Tool Time, and then Defib told me who was the six because I had to find the six.  Several runners later…..Monk, Whoopee,

I crossed New Hope and found the 6!  Wojo, ShortSale, and JJ were coming up the hill so I turned and ran with them back to start.  Everybody got 5 miles with the exception of YHC.  Perhaps some did EC?  I owe another 1.63 miles to complete the Pub route which I will make up tomorrow with an EC run from the Schiele to the Pavilion and back before and after the Pavilion workout tomorrow.  0500 at the Schiele if you want to join me.

We got back to the flag and YHC took a little grief for being late.  We did the Pledge of the Allegiance and the Name-O-Rama, Announcements,  and Prayer requests.

Announcements:     Burpees By the Lake.  Sign up, donate, help put something positive at Rankin Lake next Saturday

Prayer Requests are many:   Pray for Maddox Ritch

2.0’s and their struggles at school, driving, etc.

Sly in Afghanistan and ToolTime’s 2.0.  Marriages

Monk’s M on her new job.

Gastone’s MIL and his 2.0’s on the pending health crisis.  Pray for Gastone.

Thanks for giving me grief. Good.  It give me a chance to get better.  Also, T-Claps to Folsom’s twitter account for accountability!  Much respect!




Snowflake Central

Yes I realize this backblast is a few days late but you will have to excuse me because I have been busy GETTING AFTER IT!  So there we were… it was Friday morning at 0530.  Eighteen PAX arrived with no FNG’s and after a brief disclaimer, introduction, and #pledgeofallegiance, YHC called for a Slaughter Starter.  I don’t typically enjoy the Slaughter Starter but my goal was to get the PAX to 100 burpees before the workout was over.  20 Down…80 to go.

Warm up:


5 Burpees OYO

20 Big Boi situps

It was about this time that Round Up appeared…missed his alarm or overslept but showed nonetheless…Good job!

5 burpees OYO


5 burpees OYO

Domino Merkins 5 each

YHC shared a quick word about personal standards, accountability, and giving your best at home #whetstone

Since this workout was less than 24 hours from our 50 mile relay, YHC promised very little running.  We walked to the parking lot adjacent to the Pavilion at the same time a trash truck pulled in to empty the dumpsters.  Modify to the other side of the parking lot. #commonsense

Partner up to ensure accountability

Two light poles approximately 25 feet apart in the parking lot.  Partners stay together.  10 burpees on one end and then walk or run, (your choice) to the other light post for 10 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat with descending # of burpees.  Really good effort here as the partners stayed together and pushed through.  Catamount pushed the Rock on this one.  55 more burpees (10 to go)  Shout out to Sister Act who is stronger and faster than ever and helped push me during this exercise.

YHC called for the PAX to get to the top of the parking deck.  Most chose to mosey and a few ran to the top.  This is my favorite spot because (a) we own the high ground (b) the pavement is smoother than the lower levels, and (c) there is usually a cool breeze (usually with enough elevation to not smell the wafting putrid air the dumpsters emit every Friday morning

Time for Mary…

20 CDD’s

20 LBC’s

Train…5 more burpees

20 Squats

50 LBC’s

20 merkins

5 Very slow and deliberate 8 count body builders

Rudolph called for Wolverine Burpees.  Since YHC will not be influenced by unruly PAX, a cold stare followed.  However, somehow that turned into a Wolverine Burpee speed contest with Whoopee and Rudolph doing Synchronized Wolverine’s at a frantic pace while the rest of the PAX just stood and watched.  This was probably my favorite part of the workout.

We did 5 more burpees to finish 100 (except Whoopee and Rudolph who now had 110.)

We did a little Yoga stretching and hand release merkins before returning to the Pavilion where we did a few sets of Mary.  Dr. Feelgood called French Fries just as the clock went to 0615 and that was it.

Moleskin:  I tend to volunteer to Q when someone asks without looking at the schedule or planning ahead.  I realized sometime during the week that the day before the 50 mile relay may not be the best time to Q or even post but looking back on it I can say it was the right call.  Every time you get an opportunity to Q you should take it.  I was pleased that my pre-tweet about snowflakes prompted some additional PAX to show (I know it worked on Sister Act!)  I am enjoying the new PAX that I get to meet seemingly each week.  This week Hacksaw shared with me a little F3 testimony at 0345 before the relay.  He and the “Medicine Woman’s jacked up leg” are two recent great additions to the PAX.  *(Somebody get Hacksaw a copy of Freed to Lead)

After running the PUB Thursday, this Friday morning beatdown, the 50 mile relay, the outstanding 2nd F event at Sargento’s (T-Claps to Sargento and his M), and the Coconut Horse this morning, I am again reminded of what a blessing F3 is to all of us.

We have lots of prayer requests each week but please keep Stroganoff’s and his family in your prayers.

Doing the hard things prepares you when the suffering hits.  No one is immune.  Keep pushing the rock!

Always a pleasure,


Monthly Murph

Last night Whoopee tweets that he wants to do a Murph every month and he wants to do it at 0500 hours today.  I don’t have any other plans at 0500 so I commit.  I have said before, when I got pulled away from the parking lot at the last minute on Memorial Day, 2016 and about 30 guys did the Murph without me, I tweeted that I was going to do it that afternoon.  Whoopee joined me then for his 2nd Murph of the day #HIM (albeit with a few modifications).  I can’t say no to this #shieldlock

Here is what happened. I wake up early.  I do some laundry (no kidding) I get to Pelicans early.  Within a minute or two Whoopee pulls in.  There is a chance that there is a “Big Deal” that may join us but without certainty we continued to walk into the park where we would begin.

We got to the front of the playground and set off at a decent pace.  IT…WAS…Dark…  We managed until we neared the woods. I turned on the flashlight feature.  We discussed that we wouldn’t want to see a person sitting on one of the benches in there or worse, perhaps a dead body.  Worse than that, what if we tripped over a dead body and got face to face with it like in Indiana Jones.  After that there was no more talking since neither one of us could breathe.  We got back to the playground and it was dark in there too.  The flashlight stayed on.

I brought a pen and pad to count the rounds.  I hit my Pandora station….It went like this…RUSH:  Show Don’t Tell, John Petrucci: Suspended Animation: I am having a hard time with the 3rd song.  No wonder…fatigue makes cowards of us all.  (edit:  Just rememered….Iron Maiden: Stranger in a Strange Land)  I don’t think Whoopee noticed or cared about Rush playing.  I didn’t have the energy to change it anyway.  I think it was better than hearing the two of us gasping.

20 rounds of 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

This whole workout was basically done in cadence.  We ran together, did our sets together, finished at the same time and went back to run the last mile.  Our pace was a little slower but we were shoulder to shoulder and got faster at the end.

This was the best time for YHC and no doubt was faster than doing this workout alone.  We now have a benchmark time for next month.

Remember the Murph is to honor Medal of Honor winner  LIEUTENANT MICHAEL P. MURPHY (SEAL), USN.  It doesn’t have to be Memorial Day to pay tribute to the fallen.


40 Days Part Deux BB

So Hunchback wanted to get some an early update to the 40 Days of Discipline Part Deux so he could use it for his Toastmasters speech he was working on.  I have had a decent showing this go around but have been slack on posting any updates during these 40 days.  (QFAIL)

However, we got a little feedback from the PAX on Twitter and if you missed it I will summarize it.

Here is what we learned:

From Whoopee:  “Discipline.  The exercise part is not difficult-got others to keep me accountable.  The diet modification is my weakness.  There is no one looking over my shoulder at 3pm when I hear the cookies and chips calling for me.  It’s all about discipline with the food for me.

From Roadie:  I am down 12 lbs.  I owe it to running like crazy and hitting at least 6 or more workouts a week.  A good diet helps.  I can’t say my diet is better than any other but it works for me.

From Def Leppard:  “I’m down 8 lbs. while being injured and not being able to run much.  Several guys help keep me honest with my diet by seeing how hard they are pushing.  Trying to post at a lot of workouts had really helped me.

From Sargento:  I’m down about 5lbs.  My key has been cutting down portion size.  Running 109 miles in May helped too!  I’d say everyone should run more.  (Editor’s note:  he would say that)

As for YHC, the original 40 day challenge helped me be more conscious of what I eat.  Being intentional about getting your workouts in is extremely beneficial.  The variety helps.  I got 37 of 40 days, but didn’t count the 100 burpees in 9:32 I did yesterday because it wasn’t a 30 minute workout.  At least I did something.  The themes I shared with Hunchback are what we can all get better at:  Discipline, accountability, self-control, planning, being intentional, confronting your own weaknesses, developing better habits.  I probably lost as much as I want to without being labeled a “runner” or becoming an Ectomorph.

The other parts of the challenge were a mixed bag.  I don’t think we reached our FNG #’s that I hoped.  I put the EH on several but no one came out.  I have to keep trying.  Although I can’t say I had at least two formal “dates” with my wife, I purchased some new cheap chairs and an umbrella for the deck and we had some good times enjoying the outdoors and a few impromptu meals out together.  That works for me.  She probably wouldn’t want to date a guy like me anyway.

What about intentional acts of service for people?  Treating everyone with respect and kindness?   We need to keep trying harder to do this.

I read Way of the Warrior Kid 2 to my 2.1.  I am almost finished with “The Killer Angel’s”.  I have several other books to read when I am through.  Thanks to our mobile library that is Stroganoff’s SUV, you can get a book to read too!

I heard from some people that they had a week or two of discipline.  That is okay, as long as you keep trying to get better.  If you don’t do anything, you get worse.

The Chief Rock Pushers continue to be Roadie, Hipaa, Huckleberry, and many others not named.  Keep getting after it.

I am looking forward to the next challenge and the summer of F3 in the Gashouse.  AYE!


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