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Leaderless Organizations

When an organization doesn’t have a leader, it forces others to step up.  This was the point of me being late for the start of my Q today.  I hope the PAX all take that lesson to heart.

Okay maybe not.  I admit it was a Q-Fail.  GOOD

I heard a great podcast on sleep the other day.  One of the many things I learned was to not look at your phone or any light source until your alarm goes off.  I have a tendancy (most every night) to wake up sometime between 0100 and 0400 and look at my phone for the time, especially on days when I post to F3.  This morning I fought that urge the first time but then couldn’t take it and looked at my phone and behold!  It was 0530.  My mind immediately went to a picture of the many assembled PAX in the parking lot of the Pub wondering what to do and them scrambling off confused in multiple directions.  It also went to the fact that A. I would own up to being a slackard  B. They would be fine figuring out the route and C. Give me lots of grief for being a loser this morning.

From the Q-Source (Q1.1):  The HIM depends upon his Guardrails to continue Accelerating. The faster his Movement, the stronger they need to be. To get ready for the expected and be ready for the unexpected, the HIM gradually improves his Guardrails by forming Routines that allow for increasing action with decreasing thought. Because it is comprised of habits, a Routine does not require an active choice to perform. Over time, it becomes ingrained into the HIM’s daily rhythm such that it would require his active choice not to perform.

I set an alarm for 0555 and not 0455.  I set the wrong time.  I usually set two alarms.  The new routine is not looking at the clock.  I need to keep the guardrails!


Settled on that I went through my normal preparation about 15x faster than normal and raced out the door barefoot to get on the road.  It was raining.  GOOD

I arrived at the PUB to see lots of cars and a beautiful American Flag flying.  I knew JJ was there.  I put on my shoes and started running around the parking lot, not sure where to go at first.  I ran towards Hoffman and circled the McDonalds then back to the parking lot and then past the gas pumps.  I thought maybe the PAX would be doing the New Hope route so I ran down and after a mile or so I saw Sargento on his way back, and then Tool Time, and then Defib told me who was the six because I had to find the six.  Several runners later…..Monk, Whoopee,

I crossed New Hope and found the 6!  Wojo, ShortSale, and JJ were coming up the hill so I turned and ran with them back to start.  Everybody got 5 miles with the exception of YHC.  Perhaps some did EC?  I owe another 1.63 miles to complete the Pub route which I will make up tomorrow with an EC run from the Schiele to the Pavilion and back before and after the Pavilion workout tomorrow.  0500 at the Schiele if you want to join me.

We got back to the flag and YHC took a little grief for being late.  We did the Pledge of the Allegiance and the Name-O-Rama, Announcements,  and Prayer requests.

Announcements:     Burpees By the Lake.  Sign up, donate, help put something positive at Rankin Lake next Saturday

Prayer Requests are many:   Pray for Maddox Ritch

2.0’s and their struggles at school, driving, etc.

Sly in Afghanistan and ToolTime’s 2.0.  Marriages

Monk’s M on her new job.

Gastone’s MIL and his 2.0’s on the pending health crisis.  Pray for Gastone.

Thanks for giving me grief. Good.  It give me a chance to get better.  Also, T-Claps to Folsom’s twitter account for accountability!  Much respect!




Snowflake Central

Yes I realize this backblast is a few days late but you will have to excuse me because I have been busy GETTING AFTER IT!  So there we were… it was Friday morning at 0530.  Eighteen PAX arrived with no FNG’s and after a brief disclaimer, introduction, and #pledgeofallegiance, YHC called for a Slaughter Starter.  I don’t typically enjoy the Slaughter Starter but my goal was to get the PAX to 100 burpees before the workout was over.  20 Down…80 to go.

Warm up:


5 Burpees OYO

20 Big Boi situps

It was about this time that Round Up appeared…missed his alarm or overslept but showed nonetheless…Good job!

5 burpees OYO


5 burpees OYO

Domino Merkins 5 each

YHC shared a quick word about personal standards, accountability, and giving your best at home #whetstone

Since this workout was less than 24 hours from our 50 mile relay, YHC promised very little running.  We walked to the parking lot adjacent to the Pavilion at the same time a trash truck pulled in to empty the dumpsters.  Modify to the other side of the parking lot. #commonsense

Partner up to ensure accountability

Two light poles approximately 25 feet apart in the parking lot.  Partners stay together.  10 burpees on one end and then walk or run, (your choice) to the other light post for 10 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat with descending # of burpees.  Really good effort here as the partners stayed together and pushed through.  Catamount pushed the Rock on this one.  55 more burpees (10 to go)  Shout out to Sister Act who is stronger and faster than ever and helped push me during this exercise.

YHC called for the PAX to get to the top of the parking deck.  Most chose to mosey and a few ran to the top.  This is my favorite spot because (a) we own the high ground (b) the pavement is smoother than the lower levels, and (c) there is usually a cool breeze (usually with enough elevation to not smell the wafting putrid air the dumpsters emit every Friday morning

Time for Mary…

20 CDD’s

20 LBC’s

Train…5 more burpees

20 Squats

50 LBC’s

20 merkins

5 Very slow and deliberate 8 count body builders

Rudolph called for Wolverine Burpees.  Since YHC will not be influenced by unruly PAX, a cold stare followed.  However, somehow that turned into a Wolverine Burpee speed contest with Whoopee and Rudolph doing Synchronized Wolverine’s at a frantic pace while the rest of the PAX just stood and watched.  This was probably my favorite part of the workout.

We did 5 more burpees to finish 100 (except Whoopee and Rudolph who now had 110.)

We did a little Yoga stretching and hand release merkins before returning to the Pavilion where we did a few sets of Mary.  Dr. Feelgood called French Fries just as the clock went to 0615 and that was it.

Moleskin:  I tend to volunteer to Q when someone asks without looking at the schedule or planning ahead.  I realized sometime during the week that the day before the 50 mile relay may not be the best time to Q or even post but looking back on it I can say it was the right call.  Every time you get an opportunity to Q you should take it.  I was pleased that my pre-tweet about snowflakes prompted some additional PAX to show (I know it worked on Sister Act!)  I am enjoying the new PAX that I get to meet seemingly each week.  This week Hacksaw shared with me a little F3 testimony at 0345 before the relay.  He and the “Medicine Woman’s jacked up leg” are two recent great additions to the PAX.  *(Somebody get Hacksaw a copy of Freed to Lead)

After running the PUB Thursday, this Friday morning beatdown, the 50 mile relay, the outstanding 2nd F event at Sargento’s (T-Claps to Sargento and his M), and the Coconut Horse this morning, I am again reminded of what a blessing F3 is to all of us.

We have lots of prayer requests each week but please keep Stroganoff’s and his family in your prayers.

Doing the hard things prepares you when the suffering hits.  No one is immune.  Keep pushing the rock!

Always a pleasure,


Monthly Murph

Last night Whoopee tweets that he wants to do a Murph every month and he wants to do it at 0500 hours today.  I don’t have any other plans at 0500 so I commit.  I have said before, when I got pulled away from the parking lot at the last minute on Memorial Day, 2016 and about 30 guys did the Murph without me, I tweeted that I was going to do it that afternoon.  Whoopee joined me then for his 2nd Murph of the day #HIM (albeit with a few modifications).  I can’t say no to this #shieldlock

Here is what happened. I wake up early.  I do some laundry (no kidding) I get to Pelicans early.  Within a minute or two Whoopee pulls in.  There is a chance that there is a “Big Deal” that may join us but without certainty we continued to walk into the park where we would begin.

We got to the front of the playground and set off at a decent pace.  IT…WAS…Dark…  We managed until we neared the woods. I turned on the flashlight feature.  We discussed that we wouldn’t want to see a person sitting on one of the benches in there or worse, perhaps a dead body.  Worse than that, what if we tripped over a dead body and got face to face with it like in Indiana Jones.  After that there was no more talking since neither one of us could breathe.  We got back to the playground and it was dark in there too.  The flashlight stayed on.

I brought a pen and pad to count the rounds.  I hit my Pandora station….It went like this…RUSH:  Show Don’t Tell, John Petrucci: Suspended Animation: I am having a hard time with the 3rd song.  No wonder…fatigue makes cowards of us all.  (edit:  Just rememered….Iron Maiden: Stranger in a Strange Land)  I don’t think Whoopee noticed or cared about Rush playing.  I didn’t have the energy to change it anyway.  I think it was better than hearing the two of us gasping.

20 rounds of 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

This whole workout was basically done in cadence.  We ran together, did our sets together, finished at the same time and went back to run the last mile.  Our pace was a little slower but we were shoulder to shoulder and got faster at the end.

This was the best time for YHC and no doubt was faster than doing this workout alone.  We now have a benchmark time for next month.

Remember the Murph is to honor Medal of Honor winner  LIEUTENANT MICHAEL P. MURPHY (SEAL), USN.  It doesn’t have to be Memorial Day to pay tribute to the fallen.


40 Days Part Deux BB

So Hunchback wanted to get some an early update to the 40 Days of Discipline Part Deux so he could use it for his Toastmasters speech he was working on.  I have had a decent showing this go around but have been slack on posting any updates during these 40 days.  (QFAIL)

However, we got a little feedback from the PAX on Twitter and if you missed it I will summarize it.

Here is what we learned:

From Whoopee:  “Discipline.  The exercise part is not difficult-got others to keep me accountable.  The diet modification is my weakness.  There is no one looking over my shoulder at 3pm when I hear the cookies and chips calling for me.  It’s all about discipline with the food for me.

From Roadie:  I am down 12 lbs.  I owe it to running like crazy and hitting at least 6 or more workouts a week.  A good diet helps.  I can’t say my diet is better than any other but it works for me.

From Def Leppard:  “I’m down 8 lbs. while being injured and not being able to run much.  Several guys help keep me honest with my diet by seeing how hard they are pushing.  Trying to post at a lot of workouts had really helped me.

From Sargento:  I’m down about 5lbs.  My key has been cutting down portion size.  Running 109 miles in May helped too!  I’d say everyone should run more.  (Editor’s note:  he would say that)

As for YHC, the original 40 day challenge helped me be more conscious of what I eat.  Being intentional about getting your workouts in is extremely beneficial.  The variety helps.  I got 37 of 40 days, but didn’t count the 100 burpees in 9:32 I did yesterday because it wasn’t a 30 minute workout.  At least I did something.  The themes I shared with Hunchback are what we can all get better at:  Discipline, accountability, self-control, planning, being intentional, confronting your own weaknesses, developing better habits.  I probably lost as much as I want to without being labeled a “runner” or becoming an Ectomorph.

The other parts of the challenge were a mixed bag.  I don’t think we reached our FNG #’s that I hoped.  I put the EH on several but no one came out.  I have to keep trying.  Although I can’t say I had at least two formal “dates” with my wife, I purchased some new cheap chairs and an umbrella for the deck and we had some good times enjoying the outdoors and a few impromptu meals out together.  That works for me.  She probably wouldn’t want to date a guy like me anyway.

What about intentional acts of service for people?  Treating everyone with respect and kindness?   We need to keep trying harder to do this.

I read Way of the Warrior Kid 2 to my 2.1.  I am almost finished with “The Killer Angel’s”.  I have several other books to read when I am through.  Thanks to our mobile library that is Stroganoff’s SUV, you can get a book to read too!

I heard from some people that they had a week or two of discipline.  That is okay, as long as you keep trying to get better.  If you don’t do anything, you get worse.

The Chief Rock Pushers continue to be Roadie, Hipaa, Huckleberry, and many others not named.  Keep getting after it.

I am looking forward to the next challenge and the summer of F3 in the Gashouse.  AYE!


SWOLE PATROL at the Pain Lab

YHC purchased a Pain Lab T-shirt several months ago because it was cool and had the Iron Maiden “Eddie the Ed” feel with the famous Gashouse mascot on the back.  HIPAA is quite the designer and is basically an F3 Genie.  Think of something and he gets it done the same day.  The problem I had was I had never attended the Pain Lab although I have had great respect for Rudolph for the vision that really allows for a more realistic F3 experience for those that are on IR or unable to mosey.  I decided I needed to Q and earn my shirt.

I had a vision for what this Pain Lab was going to be and had printed out sheets of paper with exercises and in my mind I was going to do the workout in the parking lot with the car stereo bringing the tunes.  HIPAA agreed to bring his Pain Lab accessories and Short Sale agreed to bring his dumbbells we were all set until 0658 when the rain started.  Modify as needed.

JJ warmed us up with SSH and Merkins before we hit out sixes and did some LBC’s in the puddles of water and listened to the funny noises our now wet shirts were making on each rep.  We moseyed to the flag for the Pledge and then we broke into our groups.  Realistically I thought I had 3 HC’s for the Pain Lab.  When we broke up I realized that we had 9 for the Pain Lab.  We got back to the parking lot and the rain was steady.  I knew I needed to modify the plan and so I ordered everyone to grab the Kettlebells, jump ropes, Slam balls, mats, and dumbbells and take a hike on the nature trail for some pain by the pond.  The farmer’s carry with the weights could have been the worst thing called all day as the forearms and shoulders were spent by the time we made it to the pond.  There is a small cabana of sorts with a roof and I set up the pain stations which were something like this…1.  Goblet squats 2.  one leg deadlift  3.  100 reps jump rope  4.  One arm ground to overhead  5.  7×7 (in order without stopping…grab dumbbells, 7 curls, 7 overhead press, 7 triceps extensions, 7 bent rows, 7 jump lunges each leg, 7 burpees with weights to overhead)  We had multiple kettlebells from #20-#50 and dumbbells from #20 to #35.  The 7×7 with 35’s was a kicker.  Basically this was an AMRAP but since we had more people than pain stations we began to modify and add to the workout.  We added slam balls, wall balls, pond runs, picnic table presses, kettlebell swings, and curls.  I did some dips on the memorial benches by the pond that some #HIM’s donated in memory of a good friend who is no longer with us.  Basically everyone got after it for about 45 minutes.

Because I didn’t have a plan for music since I couldn’t bring my car to the pond, I played my IPhone which was not adequate at all for the large area we were covering or to overcome the steady and pounding rain.  I got heckled and tried to say something about bringing my son’s Beats Pill speaker and the Honorable Mayor shut me down immediately.  Something about not taking extreme ownership.  This was my favorite part of the workout.  I knew I had failed and I got zero slack for it.  Thanks for keeping me humble and accountable Mr. Mayor!

We continued on.  BA broke the jump rope.  The Mayor lamented having to use the #35’s each time.  When everyone was totally soaked from rain and sweat and with a little time on the clock YHC called Omaha and we circled up for Mary.  Each PAX had to pick one weight and then call an exercise in order for 5 reps.  Pretty standard exercises were called until we got to BA who called his favorite exercise…you guessed it….”Neckies!”  His instructions were clear.  Put your hand on a weight and do 5 Neckies.  Classic BA.   Glad to have him back in the Gloom.  He is one of the early and reliable Q’s and original Gashouse Pax.  Now to EH that Godfather fellow!

When we finished with Mary it was time to Farmer’s Carry the gear back to the parking lot.  JJ had the rest of the PAX waiting for us for more Mary but the bells rang before we could do the next exercise.  JJ covered the COT in his backblast so I won’t rehash it here, but this was probably the longest COT in the rain in F3 history!

I will admit this was a rough week for me with many things going on and not much down time to work on the Weinke.  But as usual a little spontaneity and lots of good men stepping up helped us make it a decent workout.  There was no clock and no particular order to do the workout.  You could take what you want and it was you versus you.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead and be held accountable.   I admit this BB is posted late as well.  I won’t even make a defense as to why it is late.  Thanks Mayor!

I promised that the PAX would join the “Swole Patrol” and I can say most were probably at least a little pumped up.  Hopefully everyone is feeling the effects of the workout and you got your money’s worth.  I am looking forward to my next post and/or Q at the pain lab.  What a great thing we put on the menu for the men of F3 Gastonia.   Take advantage of it sometime!





40 Days of Discipline Part Deux

The first forty days of discipline was a great success with many PAX becoming more intentional in putting in the work and eating better.  The results speak for themselves.  Several PAX have lost the equivalent of a ruck sack.  I am not a mathematician but I would approximate that our attendance at AO’s in our region have increased by at least 9000 percent.  Hopefully most of those habits have stuck with you.  If so, the fitness and diet part of this challenge should be the easy part.

This 40 day  initiative begins on April 29th and ends on June 7th.  (Start it out at the Coconut Horse for that first post of the challenge)


1. Workout a minimum of 5 xs per week from April 29th through June 7th.

Don’t eat sweets, soft drinks, or junk food.  Four cheat meals.  You can earn more.  Don’t drink alcohol or limit it to one or two drinks.  Hold yourself accountable by journaling your efforts.

  1. Cherish your M: Take your wife out on at least two dates in the forty days.  
  2. Bring at least one FNG to a workout in these 40 days. For every three FNG’s, you get a cheat meal.  #AlwaysbeEH’ing.  If you EH a guy who posts and you aren’t there, that is a 50 burpee penalty #nojoke
  3. Acts of Service: Do something for someone else daily with no expectation of anything in return.  Be grateful you get to do it.  Encourage others.  Lead or participate in a service project.  Make a point to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.  Journal your efforts (honor system) Extra credit if your 2.0’s watch your example and/or participate. 
  4.  Read a book.


Your fitness is important and you are pushing the rock.  You workout with your brothers in the shieldlock.  You are blessed to continually strive to experience all 3 F’s and you know that when you are striving to be your best, you need to share it.  Be the example.  Be the man you know you were made to be. 

Now for the fine print….


You must workout a minimum of 5 times per week (at least 27 workouts in 40 days) using the #F3 250 model.  Any workout that is a minimum of 30 minutes counts.  This could include running, cycling, rucking, any F3 workout or workout you put together at home.  Two a day workouts count.  Example, you complete an F3 bootcamp in the morning and a minimum 30 minute run in the afternoon=2 workouts.

Diet:      You still cannot have Mountain Dew T-Square.  No other soft drinks, desserts, sweets, potato chips, junk food, fast food, etc.  You know what your food vices are so stay away from them.  Fast food is allowed if it is salad or chili and unsweetened tea or water…you get the idea.  If you defile a chicken foot in a blender and claim that is nutritious, you are automatically DQ’d (I’m talking to you Gastone!)

Protein shakes within 30 minutes of ending the workout.  Get some protein powder and a shaker bottle and make it a habit.   Drink more water.  You will be working out more and this will help you recover.

You are allowed four cheat meals.  Your choice but they must be named and claimed. If you work out more than 5 times per week, you can claim an extra cheat meal.  An example is a couple of slices of pizza but don’t blow it on a whole pizza.  Even though you will be getting the workouts in you can’t out train a bad diet.  Remember you can earn more by bringing in 3 FNG’s or going on a date with your M.

Alcohol:  I am no nutritionist but have seen enough articles about red wine being good for the heart and beer being a good recovery drink.  However, I am not recommending anything here.  Moderation and limit yourself to one day a week if you have to have it.

You must keep a daily journal of both your workouts and cheat meals. The journal is for your eyes only.  I use the “notes” on my IPhone since I always have it with me.  I journaled all my workouts on my phone in 2017.  It is helpful to look back and see types of workouts, two a days, and extra credit workouts that make journaling worth it.  You can also see where you failed to work out and why.  It is a good habit.  I also saw where I was injured and what I did to modify workouts until I was healed up.

Journal what you are grateful for and start with your M.  Try not to take her for granted.  Chances are she is the best thing that ever happened to you.  As Will Munny (Clint Eastwood) said in Unforgiven, “I ain’t like that no more. I ain’t the same, Ned. Claudia, she straightened me up, cleared me of all that drinking and killing and such” (I know that isn’t totally accurate but that is how I like to remember it).  If she likes to stay home, stay home and spend time without distactions.  Write her notes…send her flowers…cards…Text emoji’s are nice but they don’t count.  If you are on a date with your wife, you can eat a free cheat meal.  If you don’t have an M, be nice to your dog.  (If this isn’t in your comfort zone and your M is taken aback in your sudden change in behavior, it will probably be amusing so share it with your bros)


If you missed an opportunity to bless someone by an act or gesture of kindness, try not to miss the opportunity the next time.

Read a book that would do you good.  Make it about something that interests you or inspires you.  You have the time.

Give it away.  Think about that friend that you have mentioned F3 to many times.  You know he needs it so get him out.  And then do it to someone else.  Pick them up.  Post with them.  If they post and you aren’t there, you will do 50 burpees the next time you post.  I am sure the Folsom crew won’t mention that you failed to post with your FNG on their Slack channel or group text.

Be grateful for your family.  Be the example for your kids.  Push the rock and hold yourself accountable.  Give it away.  Realize it isn’t about you.  Serve others.  Be the best you can be.  Maybe we will all be a little better in June because we will be intentional about it.    Make positive change in yourself and make it contagious.

It all begins Sunday so prepare yourself and plan!





Stay Clean

The PAX showed to know at the Pavilion on a brisk 38 degree Friday morning.  Short Sale couldn’t hard commit to the co-Q so our famous tag team style beatdown will have to wait.  However, it will appear on a Saturday morning soon.  Big T-Claps to Slaw for breaking out the neon armband and wearing it throughout the workout.  He was prepared, ready, and worthy to wear the flair!

YHC gave a brief disclaimer and asked what today was.  “420” was the answer.  What does that mean?  It means this is the anti-420 workout.

There were ten PAX to start.  We formed two teams of three and one team of four.  The PAX were instructed to do 129 reps of the exercise one at a time.  We began with Air Squats.  The pace was too slow and about the time I was going to modify the instructions I saw Breaker Breaker pull in hot.  He joined one of the teams.  Each team hit 129 reps.  SLAW wanted to know the significance of the 129.  Great question but he would have to wait for the answer.

Fast mosey to the “art” circle for Decline Pushups.  Now YHC authorized two PAX at a time.  The pace quickened as two PAX now exercised at a time.

Fast mosey to the top of the parking deck for 129 single leg deadlifts. (someone said DL looked like a drinking bird toy)

Fast mosey back to the “art” for 129 dips.

Fast mosey back to the top of the deck for 129 broad jumps.

Fast mosey down and out to the bank for 129 one foot stair hops, followed by 129 merkins.

Fast mosey to (Whoopee guessed it) “McQuitter’s Wall” for 129 Step Ups.

Fast mosey to the train bridge.  Bearcrawl the bridge.

Fast mosey back to Pavilion for 129 Big Boy situps.

It was a this point I asked Whoopee (who had gotten me fired up the night before from his backblast) if he wanted to proceed off the weinke for 129 burpees or do Murph training.  Whoopee said Murph training.  I don’t believe Slaw heard that part or he may have protested.  Another fast mosey back to the deck for 1,2,3/2,4,6/4,6,9 pull ups, merkins, and squats for three rounds.

Mosey back to the “art” for 129 4-ct SSH’s.

Back to the Pavilion for the Pledge of Allegiance and then time.
There were 129 LEO’s killed in 2017.

Prayer Requests:  F3 Olive and his family.  Breaker Breaker’s Aunt, JK2’s Dad, and Medicine Woman’s acquaintance who needs prayers for healing and faith.

Moleskin:  Thanks for Whoopee and his backblast.  I took a couple rest days this week and wasn’t feeling it but his timely backblast gave me the kick I needed.  He also didn’t disappoint with the Friday “guns out” toward the end of the workout.  Great to see Island pushing the rock and posting regularly!  Squirt was back which was awesome.  Def Leppard and Medicine Woman were getting after it in lieu of nagging injuries with no complaints.  Slaw was his usual inspiring, positive self, and Breaker Breaker earns Respect each time he posts.  Thanks for Spiderman for putting away his “Pain” weinke and giving me the Q.  I probably saved the PAX some pain and certainly too many deep sea divers this morning.

Always a pleasure,


The Ministry of Silly Walks

It was a great day to post downtown.

0530  Disclaimer

Warm up

SSH- I saw car headlights as soon as we started and knew we had to wait for the unknown late arrival to jump in and get at least one SSH before we stop.  The late arriver was none other than Blart.  He…..took…..his……sweet……….time………          PAX SSH=41?     Blart=1

Next exercise was Deep Sea Divers in honor of the absent site Q Spiderman.  These are easier when you are fresh.
10 Squats
Mosey to the Methodist Church small parking lot with the incline.  Start at the bottom for elevens/Jacob’s Ladder.  One Squat at the bottom, ten Bobby Hurley’s at the top and Jacob’s ladder until one Bobby Hurley and ten Squats.  HushPuppy didn’t say DFQ but he was thinking it.    Gastone was a beast today.  He embraced a leg intensive workout.  Who knew he liked doing legs?

Plank for the six and then 16 Mountain Climbers IC.
Mosey to the steps in front of the church for 50 calf raises OYO.

Mosey to the big parking lot, and lunge walk the length of it heading uphill.

Back bridge leg raises.

Mosey to the parking deck.  Steps to the top for partner squats x 20.  P1 jumps on P2’s back and P1 does 20 squats.  Switch.  YHC is very thankful that Hushpuppy has been pushing the rock lately and is only 17.1429 stone.  (a little British weight reference since we were dedicating this workout to Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks skit).  Good work here.  Guys are different sizes so 20 squats with manly men on your back was tough.

Back down the steps and across the street to the McQuitter’s wall for a set of leg work.

Wall jumps x 20

Step ups x 20

Box squats x 20

One leg lunges x 10 each leg

Mosey across the street.

At the first 3 light poles 10 Sumo Squats

Then lungewalk to the three way stop…the blinking three way stop.  This exercise wasn’t so bad because Medicine Woman and Slaw were busy talking about whether or not the first three way stop was the one where we should stop.  The problem is there was no flashing light.  Gastone was first to the top of the street and confirmed that it actually was a three way stop.

Mosey to the Pavilion and 50 calf raises OYO.

5 minutes of Mary

5 burpees OYO because we didn’t do any.  Come to think of it, I don’t ever remember a downtown workout without a train going by.  Maybe we just didn’t hear it?

On your back, cross your right leg over your left and grab your knee and pull it close.  Then release your hands and keep your knee in place.  Switch….lots of mumble chatter about this stretch.  It must have taken longer than I thought because the alarm sounded at 0615 and the workout was over.

Random thoughts…

I forgot to do jump lunges because I never looked at my Weinke.  #Qfail!

It was good to see Slaw come in early wearing the Oakley t-shirt.  It looked familiar and then he reminded me it was the “smedium” shirt that I gave him.  It looks better on him and the cool factor is over the top.  We got our 25 V-up things done for the monthly challenge right away before the workout.  Day 16 done!

Eat lots of protein today and keep hydrated.

Hipaa was wearing his weighted vest again.  Get some.

It was great to see Pockets, Medicine Woman, and Oompa Loompa downtown.

Lots of events coming up….Gastonia CSAUP relay race “Going the extra Mile coming April 7th.  Sign up by March 17th.  Community Foundation Run-April 14th, Christina Latini Memorial 8K in Huntersville, April 21st.

Prayers for our four PAX doing the Ruck event with MECA tonight in Concord.  Woody, Boudin, Whoopee, and Freight are going to get after it!

Prayers for Def Leppard’s son Logan and for all the PAX that push the rock and all the men that don’t know they need F3.

Final thought….I listened to F3 Houston’s roundtable call yesterday and although we know each other, if an accident happened to one of us during a workout, would we be prepared to give aid?  We are good about carrying at least one cell phone but where is the nearest hospital?  Would we wait for an ambulance or scoop and go?  Who would we contact for you in an emergency?
This is a problem we need to solve and find a best practice.  Collecting the emergency contact information won’t be hard.  How do we put it into a retrievable file that we can access in an emergency?  If you have thoughts DM me.

Always a pleasure to lead!  Hopefully your walk will be adequately silly and we can get that government grant.

Forty Day Challenge Backblast

Today is the 40th day of the challenge.  Some of you chose to participate in this challenge.  Some attempted it and stopped or didn’t do it at all.

To the ones that stayed with it, there are some pretty amazing results.  Special TClaps to Roadie, Tool Time, Time Frame, Breaker Breaker, Mayor, and others for some pretty remarkable weight loss and increased focus on their personal goals.  To Sargento and Queeeeishce or however you spell it for their hounding me throughout the 40 days about what they can eat.  (the rule was…as long as you don’t enjoy it, you can eat it)  To Gastone for sharing that picture of a chicken foot in a mason jar that seemed to “trigger” some PAX.

TClaps to Freight, Whoopee, Boudin, and “kotter” Woody for signing up for a March GoRuck in MECA.  Due to their additional training, it has been an opportunity to get some extra credit before workouts.   Stronganoff and YHC have been taking advantage of that extra training and if you haven’t tried it, walking around with a bunch of weight on your back talking to your old friends is good for the soul.   Def Leppard is catching on too as a good rehab for his hip.  Strong work!

TClaps to Hipaa, a recent convert to F3 Gastonia.  Whoopee gave him the solid EH and under doctors’ orders he has been a posting machine, including already wearing a weighted vest.  As an inside joke, Hipaa was challenged to buy the coffee after the Coconut Horse.  He stepped up and lead and actually publicized it and we had a sort of mini convergence  that day with lots of Rucks and Runners.  It is a great routine on Sundays now and other people routinely are picking up the coffee tab.  Hipaa is similar to our friend Bulldog.  He comes out of nowhere and is all in.  Great work!

So as we conclude this challenge, I hope it helped you and you can consider keeping the good habits you formed and stick with them.  Self-discipline….journaling, making better food choices, prioritizing your workouts, and supporting each other along the way.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Before this began I asked myself how I could be more disciplined?  The answer was simple.  Don’t do it alone.  You held me accountable.  Thank you!

Stop doing the things that you know are wrong and keep getting after it!

 “People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.” –F.M. Alexander

F3 Dad’s at the Chutes BB

Dr. Feelgood made the connect with Crowder’s Ridge in 2016 when he worked out a deal for us to stay at the cabins at Crowder’s Ridge for a #CSAUP event called the “Climb”.  It was Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 16th and F3 Royalty and veterans Dredd and CSPAN came to the mountain for a Friday night talk.  Saturday morning we were awakened at 0530 to the Miley Cyrus song “The Climb”, followed immediately by Iron Maiden’s The Trooper.  Then a huge beat down with two climbs up the mountain and back and 8 memorable pain stations throughout the Camp which included Dolph’s World.  This was a memorable event and there was some shared nostalgia as we entered the property and some clamoring for a repeat of the “Climb” in future months.

In any event, I inquired as to whether we could do an F3 Dad’s event at the Chutes.  The Chutes are on a steep hill with four tubing lanes surrounded by fencing and football field AstroTurf.  You slide down on a tube and walk back up the side on the turf.  Employees have spray bottles of WD-40 or liquid graphite or H2O to help keep things fast.  Crowder’s allowed F3 Gastonia its own slot for an hour of tubing.  In typical manly fashion, not one person had purchased a ticket one week out from the event and my contact at the camp was concerned.  However the hard commits starting coming in and when I arrived with my two 2.0’s the PAX and families kept coming.


After a safety video we made our way to the tubing section.  We had a combination of PAX, M’s, 2.0’s, and friends.  One lane was smooth, one had a small jump, one had a bigger jump, and one had a ridiculously steep jump that required lots of speed to get over.  The teenagers and Squirt were the first to try that and got some big air.  Little kids required a big push at the top to carry the speed down the hill.  Everyone got the hang of it in short order and it was nonstop action for the full hour.  The men of F3 were very much like the teenagers.  Papa John ran downhill from outside the tube park to his tire to try to get more speed.  Boudin’s 2.0’s and friends raced and actually had a pass on one run.  Rubbing is racing!

There were a few mishaps at the bottom as kids were getting off their tubes and others were barreling down unable to stop.  The Mayor came in hot and wiped out his 2.0’s for the spare!  Other than a few bumps and bruises we managed to stay healthy.

When out time was up we posed for the F3 Dad’s team photo and some PAX left for the day.  The rest went to the Gaga ball ring and it was on!  For close to another hour we saw women and children and boys and girls of all ages playing a game with intensity and cunning to see who could be the last person in the circle.  Who knew that Squirt, Billy Madison, Hipaa, and Billy Madison’s M would be such competitors!?  YHC left 2.1 at Gaga ball while the 2.0 and I had two games of HORSE on the basketball court.  Soon night descended and everyone went their separate ways.  It was a successful and fun outing for F3 families.

I want to thank Crowder’s Ridge for giving F3 our own time slot.  While we were still on the chutes there were several church buses coming in and the next time slot had a gazillion kids that would have made for some crowded tube lanes.  We were able to tube as much as you wanted with no delays.  It was awesome.  Thank you Crowder’s Ridge!

Moleskin:  If we are honest we know that F3 takes up our time away from our families when we are gone Saturday mornings or other times for various F3 events.  When we put on events like F3 Dads the 2.0’s get to experience the same level of camaraderie, bonding, sharing, and fun that we have at our workouts.  I know this was a great success when my teenager had as much fun as my younger one.  It was great seeing the M’s sliding down and carrying their little ones back up the slopes!

The next F3 Dad’s (Gashouse) event will most likely be a spring workout, summer baseball game, and another fall workout.  The greater Charlotte area F3 Dad’s camp will be at Camp Thunderbird sometime in August.  Blackjack is the F3Dad’s Q for F3Nation.  They are supposed to launch the registration for the Camp Thunderbird camp in March.  I will do my best to get the dates and communicate that with you if you are interested.

Always a pleasure to lead!



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