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No Merkins and Mosey

I had the honor to Q at The Black Knight on Monday, and the pain was  dealt through a heavy dose of Merkins.  However, this was The Pub so that meant there would be no Merkins on the menu.

I showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find Defib stretching.  A minute or so later Diva walked up.  It was 0530 and time to go.

I didn’t get too creative with the route so we took the journey down Hoffman, through Gardner Park, and back down Armstrong Park Rd.  Diva was wearing some sort of lighted vest that made him look part Avenger / part Power Ranger.  Once we hit Armstrong Park Rd, I started to think that vest was a jet pack or contained some sort of energy boost.  Diva took off like he was shot out of a cannon.  We’d finally catch him once he stopped back at the Publix parking lot.

Thanks to both men for the push and conversation to make the time go by.  It had been too long since I posted at The Pub so thanks to Monk for the encouragement to Q.

Until next time.

Merkins and Mosey

The Sunday School lesson this week was from Exodus 16 which dealt with Moses and the Israelites’ journey after God freed them from slavery in Egypt. They were given food through manna provided daily by God. This somehow led YHC to think of the daily 333 merkins that were part of the 10,000 merkins in June challenge.

After getting confirmation from Whoopee that in-post merkins counted towards the total (he’s the original F3 Gastonia nantan so YHC figured he had the power to make that call), the foundation of a weinke was formed.

It was a pleasant June morning. A perfect morning to post. No FNG’s so the disclaimer was short.

SSH x 15
Merkins (Single Count) x 20
LBCs x 15
Merkins (Single Count) x 20

(That’s 40 Merkins so far)

The Pledge

Mosey to the parking lot of what was the Harris Teeter in front of Bellacino’s.

There are 3 light poles next to the old HT building. Mosey to each one and stop for 20 Single Count Merkins.

(That makes an even 100 Merkins)

Mosey through the Food Lion parking lot, over Union Road, through the church parking lot, and down beside Robinson Elementary. All this running was merely an opportunity for our arms to rest. Continue to the track behind Robinson.

Partner up. One partner runs one way on the track and one runs the other. Meet on the other end and do 20 Single Count Merkins. Finish out the lap, meet back at the start, 20 Single Count Merkins. Repeat for another lap and a total of 40 Single Count Merkins. One final mosey to the other side of the track and 20 Single Count Merkins. Then, a mosey back to the start. LBC’s were done while we waited on the 6.

(That’s 200 Merkins at this point)

Mosey back up the hill towards Robinson and a left turn down the walkway at the school. Line up on the bench for Step Ups x 12. Merkins x 15. Step Ups x 12. Merkins x 15. Step Ups x 13 (I lost count). Merkins x 15.

(That’s 245 Merkins)

Slow mosey across the parking lot at Robinson for some 11’s. Bet you can’t guess what one of the exercises will be…

10 Squats, short mosey across the parking lot for… wait for it… 1 Single Count Merkin
9 Squats, 2 Single Count Merkins
Some more Squats and Merkins…
1 Squat and finally 10 Single Count Merkins

(That gets us to 300 at this point).

Mosey back across Union and down Riverwood stopping at Gastone’s Hill. There were groans and thoughts of the number of mailboxes up that hill. However, we were short on time and in need of only 33 more Merkins.

11 Single Count Merkins

Mosey to the next road leading off of Riverwood

11 Single Count Merkins

Mosey to the final road leading off of Riverwood

11 Single Count Merkins

(And that’s our daily goal of 333)

Mosey back to Snoball’s with a strong push from Whoopee to be the first one back.

This gained him the honor of choosing the exercise for a quick 2 minute round of Mary.

He chose 5 Wolverine Burpees which fortunately involved more Merkins.

At this point, time was called.

During all the moseys, we’d covered over 2.25 miles.

F3 dads – Friday 6/15 @ Gastonia Grizzlies game
2nd F Event 6/16 – Contact Sargento if you’re interested
3rd F Event 6/22 – 7:00pm at First Presbyterian on Garrison across from Grier
Upcoming Boone hiking trip
Whetstone – Check twitter or F3 Gastonia email for details

Prayer Requests
Seniors/grad week
Summer travelers
Self family
EZ Rider – family members


Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Great push by all.


Sister Wives

Earlier in the week, YHC had to travel to Utah for a vendor meeting. While out there, I got a message from Stroganoff asking about the open Q at the Gashouse for the upcoming Saturday. YHC had already gotten several messages about being in Utah after posting about a trail run so I knew there was some decent material to create a weinke.

With the threat of rain looming, YHC arrived to find a number of guys already circled up and ready to go. The rain drops started to fall almost exactly as 0700 hit the clock. No FNGs so the disclaimer was short.

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBCs x 15

Mosey as a group to the flag at the front of the Schiele for the Pledge.

At that point, the Pain Lab PAX were going to go back and do their thing while the rest of us were headed towards Grier. I looked back to see how many of the PAX were going in each direction, and I quickly realized I needed to work on the marketing in the pre-Q message on twitter. Roscoe had the Pain Lab Q. He’d sent out a message with a ripped Arnold Schwarzenegger and the promise to get swole. YHC had sent out a gif of a pale guy in a skin tight Utah Jazz uniform doing some weird gyration. Can’t blame anyone for making that choice. Roscoe EH’d me and was Q at my first post so I have nothing but respect for the push he gives when he has the Q. Had YHC not been Q, there may have been one more in the Pain Lab PAX.

The plan for the Utah-inspired weinke had been work with multiple partners. We typically partner up in groups of 2, but the idea was to work in groups of 3 or 4. However, there were only 5 so breaking off into groups wouldn’t work. So we would just work in one big sister wife group of 5.

The group moseyed to the track at Grier for an Indian run in a lap around the track.

Mosey to the Grier parking lot out front for a couple of rounds of Conveyer Belt. Each Sister Wife would line up on a parking space line in the plank position. The PAX on the end would bear crawl to the other end of the line while the other PAX would move down one line towards the line that was just vacated. Once the bear crawling PAX hit the other end, the group did 10 merkins. Then, the next PAX now on the end would bear crawl to the other end, everyone moves down one line, 10 more merkins. Rinse and repeat until all 5 PAX had bear crawled to the other end. This was repeated with lunges to the end of the line, Al Gore while he lunged, and 10 squats once he got to the end until all 5 PAX had lunged.

Mosey to the steps at FPC steps for a round of BOMBS (Burpees, OH Claps, Merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups, Squats). One Sister Wife would run up the steps and back down while the others performed the given exercise. Once all 5 of the PAX had run/down the stairs, we’d move on to the next exercise.

Mosey to the top of the stairs. Since the theme was multiple partners, we had to get in a little OPP (OH Clap, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers). Mosey down the back road and stop at the bottom of the hill. OH Clap x 20. Mosey to the bottom of the stairs. Plank Jacks x 20. Mosey up the stairs. Peter Parkers x 20. Let’s run that back. Mosey down the stairs. OH Clap x 20. Mosey towards the bottom of the hill. Plank Jacks x 20. Mosey up the back road. Peter Parkers x 20.

Now for a round of Dora with a slight twist. This is usually done with one partner, but that didn’t fit the theme. So we did something similar to the earlier BOMBS in which one Sister Wife ran down the stairs and back up while the others performed Merkins, LBCs, and Squats. One trip up/down per PAX for each exercise.
Mosey back to the Schiele using the back road down the hill and behind FPC. We got back with no sight of the Pain Lab PAX so we took an extra lap around the parking lot to kill time.

Quick round of Mary. We may have done something before, but I know we did flutter kicks. Then, the ball was passed to Short Sale. By the time he chose an exercise and did the demonstration, the bell was ringing. Time was up.

Murph on 5/28 at Marth’s 7am
Burpees by the lake 10/6 – Family-friendly so all levels of fitness encouraged to come.
Light Ruck 7/22 1pm
Crossroads – new running AO in Dallas

Prayer Requests
Hipaa Brother-in-Law’s mother
Cotter- Good to see BA out there
Roscoe parent’s neighbor has cancer


Until the next time…

During the mosey from Grier to FPC, the discussion was around a friend of a PAX who was a smoker and not in good shape. The fear was him coming out to post and having a heart attack. It was noted by another PAX that he was going to have a heart attack sitting on the couch and smoking. “Plus, I know CPR B*tch.” If that’s not encouragement enough to EH someone, I’m not sure what is.

Play Ball!

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The reasons are numerous, but they include plenty of great things in the world of sports. There is the NCAA tournament, the Masters, and of course the start of baseball season. Say what you will, it’s still America’s pastime. So to celebrate the start of another baseball season, YHC decided to put together a baseball-themed weinke. And remember, Chris Weinke was a professional baseball player before he was a Heisman-winning QB at FSU.

As I parked and walked through the parking lot, there was a group of men that had put in some early EC. Kudos to those HIMs for the dedication.

No FNGs so a quick disclaimer.

SSH x 11
LBCs x 11
Merkins x 10

The 11’s were for the 11 runs the Yankees had put on the Rays the night before. For some reason, I stopped at 10 on the merkins. This would not be the last case of absent-mindedness for YHC during this workout.

The Pledge

Mosey to the building in the middle of the baseball fields at the park.

Instructions were given to the PAX on how this homage to baseball would work. As a group, run down the first base side to the end of the outfield.
Perform exercise at 1st base. 56 squats (Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak record)
Run back to home plate
Now, run to second base but stop at 1st base again for 56 more squats
At second base, 56 merkins (Jose Ramirez led MLB in 2017 w/ 56 doubles; the merkins were also a tribute to Willie Mays Hayes)
Back to home plate
During this whole time, there were various discussions about second and third base, but we tried to keep things focused on baseball.
Next was third base with stops again at 1st for 56 squats and 2nd for 56 merkins
At third base, 36 flutter kicks (Single season triples record set by Chief Wilson in 1912)
Back to home plate
And finally, the home run trot with stops again at 1st for 56 squats, 2nd for 56 merkins, and 3rd for 36 flutters.
Once the PAX reached home plate, 59 american hammers (2017 home run total for MLB leader and current Yankee slugger Giancarlo Stanton)

Everyone loves offense, but nothing beats a great pitchers dual so we also had to do a little bullpen work. The pitcher/catcher partnership is crucial in baseball so the PAX partnered up for a Dora-style bullpen session.

Partner 1 ran to the end of the outfield while partner 2 performed the exercises. Once partner 1 returned, partner 2 ran. You know the drill.

65 Burpees (Carlos Carrasco’s win total 18 + Alex Colome’s save total 47 – both MLB leaders)
225 Mtn Climbers (Corey Kluber’s MLB leading 2.25 ERA)
308 LBCs (Chris Sale’s MLB leading 308 strikeouts)

A call was made to the bullpen to cut the burpees off once each partner had run one lap so the total of 65 was probably not met by all groups. Other counts were completed as planned.

Mosey back to Snoballs

Gashouse has Q spots available for the next couple of Saturdays
Pain lab shirts available for pre-order

Prayer Requests
Hushpuppy’s friends going through adoption process; having a virtual run to raise money; contact him if interested
JK2’s dad
EZ Rider – special request
Drone – need for encouragement and EH
Thanks for the prayers for my mom. Her hip replacement went well, and she’s recovering and doing well.


You may notice that I did not include Name-o-rama. That’s because on the way home, I realized we did not do a name-o-rama. YHC humbly apologizes. If you were there, you know who you are.

Special thanks to Billy Madison and his effort to ensure that at least one of us looked like an actual baseball player.  Well done sir.

Until next time.

UNO with Green Cards

As I searched for weinke inspiration, I watched the Olympics and thought of all the athletes who had trained their entire life for these two weeks. Some of their events would last mere minutes, and they had one chance to live in sports glory. I thought about trying to come up with exercises that would relish in the spectacle of events like the Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, or the Skeleton. This seemed really complicated so I went with a much simpler game that seemed more our pace… UNO.

YHC arrived at the AO to find some HIMs already in full mosey as they finished up some EC. Good work Gastone, Boudin, and Whoopee. It was a very mild morning for late February but perfect none the less.

No FNGs so let’s go…

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBCs x 15

The Pledge

Mosey to the building between the baseball fields in the park. YHC pulled out his cards and explained how this game of UNO would work.

Each color represented a workout:
Red = Merkins
Green = Seal Jacks
Blue = LBCs
Yellow = Squats
Number of reps based on number on card = 1-4 x 10, 5-9 x 5, 0 = 30 reps
Skips of any color = Flutter Kicks
Reverses of any color = American Hammers
Draw 2’s = 5 Burpees
Draw 4’s = 10 Burpees

The cards were shuffled. No deck stacking or funny business going on. As with any hand of UNO, seven cards were dealt face down. May the cards be in our favor…

First hand:
Green 9 = 45 Seal Jacks
Draw 4 = 10 Burpees
Red 2 = 20 Merkins
Yellow Skip = 30 Flutter Kicks
Green 8 = 40 Seal Jacks
Red 9 = 45 Merkins
Green 9 (Seriously?!) = 45 Seal Jacks

Mosey around one of the baseball fields and back for the second hand.

Second hand:
Green 2 = 20 Seal Jacks
Blue 8 = 40 LBCs
Green 7 = 35 Seal Jacks
Red 9 = 45 Merkins
Yellow 4 = 40 Squats
Yellow Reverse = 30 American Hammers
Yellow 0 = 30 Squats

Mosey to the shelter for a modified third hand:

Red = Derkins x 15
Green = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
Blue = Dips x 15
Yellow = Step Ups x 20

Third Hand:
Green 5 = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
Yellow 1 = Step Ups x 20
Blue Skip = Dips x 15
Green 9 = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
Red 0 = Derkins x 15
Blue 8 = Dips x 15
Green 5 = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20

Mosey by the playground and through the parking lot and back to the shelter.

Abbreviated Fourth Hand (3 cards):

Blue 2 = Dips x 15
Draw 4 = 10 Burpees
Draw 4 = 10 Burpees

YHC then asked Woody for a 10 count to catch our breath after 20 burpees. He omaha’d the 10 count to a recommendation of 10 Pull-ups. Sure, let’s do it. Mosey to the top of the hill to the pull-up bar.

Each of the PAX did 5 pull-ups, some with assistance, while the others did Squats while they waited.

Mosey back to Snoballs.

Since we didn’t draw enough green cards and we have a minute left, let’s do some Seal Jacks (x10).

Monk recommended a lecture at Belmont Abbey on 8/26 at 8pm. I believe the title was “Business as a Vocation”
The upcoming convergence, nomads, and site launch with Telsa were all mentioned. Just check twitter or the email for details.

Prayer Requests
Brownstreak. We miss having you out there with us brother.


Until the next time…

Eight(y) Is Enough

The theme of the workout came from the fact that it was day 8 of the 40 days of discipline. Even though it’s early in the 40 days, YHC hopes everyone is still on track at this point. Discipline involves giving up things that are bad for you. It also includes doing things that you don’t necessarily like but you know you need to get better. For YHC, this includes burpees. So if we were going to have a discipline theme, it would have to involve burpees… and lots of them.

As the PAX started to roll in, there was an FNG. We were informed by Rudolph that he was EH’ed by Rudolph and Gastone the night before at the WA Bess Elementary School dance. This not only gave Time Frame an opportunity to showcase his extensive set of dance moves, but also gave inspiration for an extra funky round of Mary that we’ll talk about later.

Disclaimer for the FNG.

SSH x 8
Merkins x 8
LBCs x 8
Imperial Walkers x 8

The Pledge

The Pain Lab broke off while the rest of the PAX moseyed to the office building beside First Presbyterian. Once we got there, we realized there were eight of us which fit perfectly into the theme of the day.

The first round of 8’s went something like this:

Lunge Walk across the parking lot to the short wall on the other side of the lot (1).
Derkins x 8
Bear Crawl back across the parking lot (2)
Shoulder Taps x 8

Repeat Lunge Walk (3)/Derkins/Bear Crawl (4)/Shoulder Taps

Lunge Walk (5)
Dips on Parking Bumpers x 8
Crab Walk back across the parking lot (6)
LBCs x 8

Repeat Lunge Walk (7)/Dips/Crab Walk (8)/LBCs to finish out round 1.

Mosey to the steps at the back of First Pres and the second round of 8’s.

Run to the top of the steps and complete a round of BASS, then run back down and do 5 burpees. One letter each time up the steps. This confused the PAX because they expected 8 burpees. However, there’s a plan for all this. There was also more discussion than necessary over what exactly constituted a Sumo Squat.

BASS was:
Big Boy Situps x 8
American Hammers x 8
Sumo Squats x 8
Seal Jacks x 8

Two rounds of BASS meant 8 trips up the steps and 40 totals burpees.

Mosey to the track at Sherwood Elementary for the third round of 8’s and a burpee countdown.

Partner up. Partner 1 runs in one direction while Partner 2 runs in the opposite direction. Where they meet, they both do 8 burpees. Run back around to the start. Where they meet, they both do 7 burpees. Rinse and repeat for 6 burpees, then 5, then 4, 3, 2, and 1 final burpee at the start.

That’s 36 more burpees for a total of 76. The PAX seemed to know we were going for 80 burpees so with a push from the group, we did the final 4 burpees at the track to get them out of the way.

Mosey back to the office building beside First Pres and onto the sidewalk for some Monkey Humpers x 16.
Squats x 16 (no squat discussion necessary this time)
Monkey Humpers x 8
Squats x 8

Mosey to the Schiele to meet up with The Pain Lab. When we arrived, the group was heavily involved in some serious zen-ish yoga poses.  We tried to join in with lackluster results.

With some time remaining, it was time for some Mary.  As I mentioned earlier, this was to be an extra funky round of Mary inspired by the dance the day before. With the Cha Cha Slide playing in the background, it went something like this:

Flutter Kicks
More Flutter Kicks
American Hammers (maybe, I think)
Box Cutters

It appears that the Cha Cha Slide had drowned out the bells so at 8:02, we called it a day.

F3 Dad Event – Feb 18th – See pre-blast for details
F3 Bowl vs F3 Metro – Super Bowl Sunday

Prayer Requests

Extensively long naming of FNG, The Duke (Wayne Finley).


Until the next time…

A Brickwall and Coupon Laps

While in Tennessee over Thanksgiving, YHC posted at Stonewall which is an AO of F3 Nashville. After that hour, YHC was about as spent as he’d been after a post. It could have been several days of constant eating and watching football, or it could have been the beat down that was placed upon us. No matter the reason, YHC thought it was a workout that needed to be shared with the PAX of the Gashouse. YHC couldn’t bring back the massive duct-taped bricks that we used as coupons or the Stonewall surrounding the park in which my sorry carcass was dragged, but YHC had some ideas on how this could work.

Under the light of a super moon, a good crowd started to gather at the Black Knight.

Disclaimer for the FNG. This weinke was being brought across state lines so any injuries could result in federal charges if things got out of hand.

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
Moroccan Nightclubs x 15

The Pledge

Mosey (watch out for the hole) to the KFC rock quarry to pick out a coupon.

Mosey with coupon to the parking lot of the old Harris Teeter. As the PAX started to line up in the parking lot, I quickly realized I would have to Omaha on some things from the TN workout.

In groups of 2 to 3 (at first I had the bright idea that we might do this one at a time, uh no), the PAX ran a coupon lap around a section of the parking lot while holding the coupon above their head. While one group ran, the others stayed in line and did Squat Lifts with the coupons. When a group returned, the next group ran the coupon lap. After all groups ran, we cycled back through the groups with each one running another lap. During the second coupon lap, the other groups did flutter kicks while holding the coupon above their chest.

Mosey with coupon to the wall of the old HT (not a Stonewall, but a Brickwall will have to do). Line up against the wall for Dragonflys. What are those you ask? Lie on your back with your head against the wall with your legs extended. Pull your feet over your head and touch the wall. Good for the core. YHC called for 50, but that was met with groans and bellyaching so YHC being the merciful Q, we Omaha’d to 25. In hindsight, 25 were probably enough.

More Coupon laps. The PAX got in groups of 4 (or at least 4 was called; there was a group of 3 and a resulting group of 5 to make things add up and maybe some actual groups of 4; YHC lost track) and ran to the other end of the parking lot with their coupon and did 5 Merkins. To prove we could actually get into groups of 4, we tried the routine one more time except this time we only ran to the first curb. Once the group got to the curb, this time they did 25 Merkins.

Mosey around the back side of the building to the front of Bellacino’s. The PAX got back into groups of 4 (successfully to our credit this time) for one more round of coupon laps. This time each group would choose an exercise for the other 3 groups to perform. While the other 3 groups performed that exercise, the group ran to the dock, jumped the wall, and bear crawled back down the walk way and returned to the group. Once they were back, the next group ran, jumped, and bear crawled while the PAX did their called exercise; rinse and repeat until all 4 groups had ran, jumped, and bear crawled.

Group 1 chose Sumo Squats; Group 2 chose Leg Lifts; Group 3 chose Burpees (funny, hunh?); Group 4 chose Merkins.

To return the favor for Group 3, YHC called for a reverse. This time, the group would perform the exercise they chose for the other 3 groups, while the other 3 groups ran, jumped, and bear crawled. We cycled back through all 4 groups.

Mosey to the wall in front of the bank (watch out for the hole).

Coupon Step Ups x 20

Mosey to return the coupons to KFC

Back to the wall for Dips x 20

Mosey back to Snoball’s

Finish off with 22 Merkins for the vets.

Advisory meeting on 12/17

Prayer Requests
I don’t think any were mentioned, but if they were, I apologize. I failed to type them on my phone.

Naming of FNG Bookman. In hindsight, this was appropriate at a Q by JJ (different JJ, but still). Dynomite!



After a weekend of fellowship at the Bi-Annual Christmas party and Convergence, it was great to see so many out on a Monday morning. F3 is truly a special group made so by the men who make it up. I was reminded of this in Nashville in my two attempts to work out. On Thanksgiving, I went to the gym with my nephew. I’m sure the gym serves its purpose, but it just felt empty. No mumble chatter; no jokes about a man walking into a doctor’s office covered in… Anyway, I didn’t look for the plant mentioned in Freed to Lead, but I did see a guy who looked just like a slim version of Kelvin Benjamin. I never actually saw him lift a weight in the hour I was there, but he seemed to know how to strut around. Contrast that to the F3 post at Stonewall. I immediately bonded with four other guys that I’d never met because we were there to push each other and make each other better.

Thanks for the chance to lead this morning. Aye!

Working 9 to 5

Inspiration can come from many different sources. It can come from books we read (the Bible usually works well), coaches who lead us, or family that loves us. Inspiration for development of an F3 workout weinke can sometimes come from the most obscure places. After the most recent beat down from Gastone, I volunteered to lead a workout at Martha’s. On the way to work that morning, Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’ came on the radio, and I knew I had the inspiration I needed to develop a weinke.

I arrived a little earlier than usual (which is typically 5:29) to find a few men already stretching. A few more rolled in prior to 5:30, and it was time to get started.

SSH x 15
LBC x 15
Merkins x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

The Pledge

Mosey to the building at the center of the baseball fields at the park.

To allow everyone time to quickly catch their breath, I explained the ‘9 to 5’ theme of the workout to the PAX. Dolly Parton is known for her famous pair… of talents… those would be singing and acting (of which she did both for the movie ‘9 to 5’). So in honor of her famous pair of talents (singing and acting), we paired up with a partner for some Dolly Dora 1-2-3. Partner 1 ran to the end of the path between the baseball and softball fields. Partner 2 worked to complete the sets of exercises. Once Partner 1 returned, flip flop and Partner 2 does the running. Exercises were:

Merkins x 95
Squats x 195
LBCs x 295

With this completed, mosey to the picnic shelter near the restrooms. Had to get in 95 reps here:

Step-Ups x 30
Dips x 15
Steps-Ups x 30
Dips x 20

After some mumble chatter about the performance of the cast in ‘9 to 5’ (Yes, Dabney Coleman was in that movie. Think it was Stroganoff who got that one.), mosey around the running path to the bottom of the hill near the picnic shelter.

Here we did some 9 to 5’s:

Run to the top of the hill and do 1 American Hammer (using 4-count)
Run to the bottom of the hill and do 5 Burpees
Run back to the top of the hill and do 2 American Hammers.
Run back to the bottom of the hill and do 5 Burpees
Repeat until you’ve made it to 9 American Hammers.
Think most of the PAX got to 9. At some point, I believe I lost count of American Hammers. Time and my lack of oxygen required that this be called at whatever point you were at.

Mosey back towards Pelican’s.

To gather everyone together, we stopped on the curb near the entrance for a round of Derkins (total of 9 in a 4-count).

Mosey back to Pelican’s.

To finish it off, a round of Dolly’s x 14.


Prayer Requests:
Bandit – Aunt, Nancy Todd
Easy Rider – Brother
? (sorry) – Friend’s Son – Deployment to North Korea
Udders – Missionaries in Guam
Stroganoff – Dropping son off at college


At this point, the PAX is just sort of standing around and not dispersing as normal. I felt something was wrong but couldn’t quite place it. Then, T-Square mentioned, “The Nameorama”. Oh yeah, that’s what I was missing. And how could I have missed that? I’ve been to countless F3 workouts, and each one has contained a Nameorama. Yet somehow in my attempt to not make a mistake, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

So we circled back up for a better late than never Nameorama.

Thanks as always. Let’s do it again sometime. In the meantime, I’ll be working on a Steal Magnolia’s themed workout.


With the 11th pick in the draft…

Been a while since I posted at Martha’s, so first of all, thanks to Gastone for the encouragement to Q. As I thought about a theme for the weinke, I was still thinking about the NBA draft last week. I’d heard the Hornets had drafted Monk and traded for Bacon. My excitement dwindled when I found out that neither one was our F3 brother of the same name. I also thought about a tweet from Freight that night questioning whether I had started to accept my F3 name. I had to look back and see where my namesake was drafted. He was drafted 11. And there was my theme.

SSH x 11
LBCs x 11
Imperial Walkers x 11

The Pledge

Mosey to Gastone’s Hill for the first round of Eleven’s.

Sumo Squats at the bottom of the hill. Lunge walk up the hill a little ways. CCD’s at the top. Run back down the hill. Between the mumble chatter and the lunges, I lost count of what round I was on. Given that and the fact there were several more rounds of Eleven’s, YHC called that round of Eleven’s early.

Mosey to the Dollar General parking lot for round two of Eleven’s.

American Hammers on one side. Bear crawl to the other side. Plank Jacks on the other side. Run/Jog/Walk back. The pax made it all the way through round two.

Mosey to the old Harris Teeter/Lowe’s parking lot for round three of Eleven’s.

Hip Slappers against the wall. Flutter Kicks on the other side (1-2-3-ONE, 1-2-3-TWO, etc. was the count on the Flutters). The pax also made it all the way through round three.

Wall Sits with Shoulder Presses x 11

Mosey the long way through the parking lot and stopped at the wall in front of the bank.

Dips x 22

Mosey back home. We had time left so one round of Mary. Stone Cold – LBC x 20

New site coming to post backblasts. Continue to use current site for now.

Prayer Requests
Gastone – Mother-in-law
Easy Rider – Unspoken
Outhouse – Brother-in-law
Special prayers for T-Square – If you’re readying this, we love you brother. We are all praying for you, your M, and your family.


It was great to be back out at Martha’s this morning. Thanks to everyone for the push and the encouragement. Until next time…

Gashouse Draft

As the Q for Gashouse was still open on the eve of the Saturday workout, the theme of a workout hit me as I drove home. Some may think I was ready to have a Tar Heel celebration in which we stayed in the Pete Chilcutt plank position for an hour while we sang the school fight song, exchanged our favorite memories from the championship year, and belittled all of the other fan bases that fell short this year. However, my mind went to the direction of the main topic on sports radio over the past couple of days, the NFL draft. So with this in mind, I prepared like any NFL GM would do to make sure that everything was scouted when the time came.
As I drove up, I found Roscoe, Squirt, Smalls, and Papa John talking in the parking lot. Still impressed that these two young HIMs come out to push the rock with us time after time (and I’m not calling Roscoe and Squirt young). Good work guys!

The clock hit 7am, and with no FNGs, a short disclaimer was given. I’m an idiot; you’re an idiot; you know the drill.

SSH x 15
LBCs x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

Mosey to the flag for The Pledge

Mosey to the parking lot beside First Presbyterian. The PAX was told that the theme of the workout would be the NFL Draft. However before the draft, you have to go through the combine to test your skills. Here’s how we modified the combine stations:
40 yard dash: Sprint to the length of the parking lot
Bench Press: Merkins x 15
Vertical Jump: Jump Squats x 15
Broad Jump: Lunge back across the parking lot
Cone Drill/Shuttle Run: Karaoke back across the parking lot

With the combine completed, mosey to the stairs behind First Pres.
The PAX counted off into two teams. As with the NFL draft, the teams got to choose an exercise each round (from a list of two). The teams alternated selecting first each round which meant the other team was stuck with the exercise the first team didn’t choose. This sounded good on paper the night before but may have been as confusing at the start as it sounds reading this now. Each exercise consisted of a 50 count.

First Round: Team 1 – Flutter Kicks; Team 2 – Dying Cockroaches
Second Round: Team 1 – SSH; Team 2 – Seal Jacks
Third Round: Team 1 – Squats; Team 2 – Calf Raises

Teams ran up the stairs and performed First Round. As a team, ran down the hill towards the field and performed Second Round. Then as a team, ran back to the bottom of the steps and performed Third Round. Teams did two laps of this.

Mosey to the track beside Sherwood Elementary School.
Each team ran a half lap around the track and performed Fourth Round.
Fourth Round: Team 1 – Reverse Crunches; Team 2 – WW1 Situps
Ran other half lap around the track and performed Fifth Round.
Fifth Round: Team 1 – Shoulder Presses; Team 2 – American Hammers
Another half lap around the track and performed Sixth Round.
Sixth Round: Team 1 – Diamond Merkins; Team 2 – CDDs
Final half lap around the track and performed Seventh Round.
Seventh Round: Team 1 – Mountain Climbers; Team 2 – Freddy Mercuries

Mosey back to the parking lot at the side of First Pres. The NFL Draft now only has seven rounds, but we went back in time when the draft didn’t stop at seven rounds.
Eighth Round: Team 1 – Imperial Walkers; Team 2 – Hillbillies/Appalachian Americans

Mosey to the steps at Grier Middle
The last pick in the draft is referred to as Mr. Irrelevant, but at this point, the last two choices would not feel irrelevant. The PAX paired up within the teams. Partner 1 ran up the stairs and back while Partner 2 completed the exercises. Then, flap jack. 50 count in aggregate
Ninth Round: Team 1 – Hip Slappers; Team 2 – Donkey Kicks
There seem to always be trades in the draft so we did a little maneuvering. The teams swapped exercises for the Tenth Round
Tenth Round: Team 1 – Donkey Kicks; Team 2 – Hip Slappers

Mosey back to the Schiele. Wall Sits w/ Shoulder Presses for the players you always see sitting in their homes with their families waiting to hear their names called.

Mosey back to the starting point. With time remaining, we did a little Free Agent Mary for the undrafted exercises with the each PAX making a choice.
Protractor, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, LBCs, Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, 5 Burpees for a train that we thought we heard during an earlier Mosey

Foundation Run later that morning
Looking to start a core-type workout for non-runners

Prayer Requests
All of the PAX on IR

Thanks for the chance to lead this strong group of HIMs.  Until next time…

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