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Make It What You Want

It’s been said that weinke inspiration can come from various places. Even for The Pub, you never know what can inspire the upcoming Q. That happened to YHC while watching TV and catching the latest Subway commercial. It appears their new tagline is “Make it what you want.” Good idea.

YHC arrived a little earlier than usual and found The Pub lot was full of cars. Nice. However, I didn’t see any PAX. Not nice. I then remembered there was a women’s run group that met from time to time. Good work by the ladies.

Eventually the PAX started rolling in along with some of our guys that had gone for some early EC. The PAX was 12 in total which was a great number.

The Pledge

Shared with the PAX that this was going to be a “make it what you want” mosey. The plan was to run down Hoffman Snoball’s at Martha River’s Park. There and back would be just over 5 miles. However if you wanted a shorter mosey, turn around at any point, and you are halfway back.

Most ran at least 5 so good work by all.

Races during the upcoming weekend
Burpees by the Lake

Prayer Requests
Sly and the soldiers
Broke – friend that passed
Mayor’s M
Nicky Bailey
Sargento’s guess appearance on CSPAN’s roundtable
Flood victims


Until next time…


Earlier in the week, YHC wasn’t quite sure what to expect come Thursday morning, but it turned out to be a nice, yet humid, morning for a mosey at The Pub. 8 PAX gathered for a run around South Gastonia prior to the weather that was pending towards the East.

After discussing the route, the PAX set off on the The Pub Route

Out of the Publix parking lot and right on Hoffman
Left onto Pamela
Left onto Gardner Park Dr
Left onto Armstrong Park Rd
Back to The Pub

The Pledge

Q vs Q at the Gashouse on Saturday
JJ 5k and Stop Solder Suicide 5k/10k on 9/22
Run supporting Veterans in Cramerton

Prayer Requests
Praise – BRR went well
Folks in the path of Florence
Gastone in-laws

Great work men.

Till next week…

I Think We Ran

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes it gets so busy you can’t find time to write a backblast. Sometimes it gets so busy you can’t even find time to write a backblast for The Pub. It’s been almost a week, but YHC thinks he remembers what was done as 5 PAX posted on a beautiful, but humid, morning.

We ran…

Out onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Left onto Berry Rd.
Right onto Lee St.
Left onto New Hope Rd.
Right onto Armstrong Park Dr.
Right onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Back to The Pub


Maybe some others

Prayer Requests
Stroganoff and family
BRR runners and drivers

Good work by all, especially Defib who came out the day before leaving for the BRR.

Until next week (tomorrow)

Stretching is way overrated

If you don’t know who Bob Wylie is, you are missing out. He’s the offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns who has a personality about as big as his waistline. In a video with language not suitable to show your mama, he shares that America “won two World Wars, two World Wars” by doing pushups, jumping jacks, situps, climbing a rope and running. In honor of the treasure that is Bob Wylie, the PAX at The Pub concentrated on one of those foundational principles of American greatness. We ran…

The “Pub Route”
Out of the Publix parking lot and right on Hoffman
Left onto Pamela (to be clear, that is take a left turn onto Pamela St)
Left onto Gardner Park Dr
Left onto Armstrong Park Rd
Back to The Pub
Thanks to the PAX for helping recover the lost sheep. Q fail on that for losing the six.

The Pledge

Prayer Requests
Stroganoff and family
Gastone’s in-laws
Dunce and M for the baby on the way

Close in Prayer

Good work by all.

Until next week…

Mission Impossible

OK. That title was just click bait. My son just went to see the new MI movie, and that was the first catchy title that came to my mind. The mission was difficult, but 8 PAX posted at the The Pub to prove it was possible.

YHC showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find some PAX waiting. YHC also had to dodge Gastone and Madoff as they were getting in some EC. Good work men.

0530 hit and we took off for “The Pub Route”. Right on Hoffman from The Pub down Red Bud. Left on Pamela St. Left on Gardner Park Dr. Left on Armstrong Park Rd and back to The Pub.

YHC and Stone Cold returned to find Oompa Loompa. He was there so he gets credit for the full 5 miles. He could have run 8. He also could have saved some orphans from a burning building or saved a cat from a tree. Not sure exactly what work he got in , but the key was he beat the fartsack and posted.


CSAUP Run and 2nd F on 8/25
Christmastown 5k registration open

Prayer Requests
Nicky Bailey
Stroganoff dad’s test results
Gastone’s in-laws


Until next week…

Good Workout Cheap

A while back, Brownstreak Q’d the Gashouse and took us on a journey that eventually led to the Ollie’s parking lot. Along the way, he and others shared the impact F3 had on them in various areas of life. YHC knew that he’d not posted at Gashouse and gone that direction in quite some time so today was the day. I’d put out a note the day before on Twitter promising a “good workout cheap” as a play on Ollie’s “Good Stuff Cheap” motto.

YHC showed up a few minutes before 0700 to find the PAX waiting for the fun that was to come. After confirming that Rudolph was ready with the Pain Lab Q, we got started.

No FNG’s so the disclaimer was short.

SSH x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
LBC’s x 14 (Was thinking ahead and hit the inflection count a little early)

The Pledge

We started our journey to run an errand while the Pain Lab PAX stayed behind for their own beat down.

Mosey up the road towards Ollie’s. Stopped at the Grier parking lot for some lunge work. Starting at the beginning of the parking spaces, lunge to the speed bump, stop and do 10 merkins. Lunge to the next speed bump, 10 more merkins. Lunge to the final speed bump, 10 more merkins. As noted by the PAX, the parking lot was a bit longer than I’d remembered when mentally planning the weinke, but all PAX survived.

Continued the mosey towards Ollie’s with another stop at Idlewood Circle to gather the PAX and let everyone catch their breath. Since we stopped, let’s do 20 LBC’s.

Continued the mosey with another stop at the office building behind Ollie’s. Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the building to the other entrance and then back again while the Partner 2 does Mountain Climbers. Once partner 1 returns, flip flop and Partner 2 runs while Partner 1 does MC’s. Repeat with another round of SSH while the partner runs.

Mosey to the Ollie’s parking lot. At this point, the PAX found out that Madoff had returned to the Pain Lab with Hercules. Down to a PAX of 5 at this point.

YHC explained to the PAX that this was the CHEAP part of the workout that was promised. More partner work. Partner 1 ran up the parking aisle while Partner 2 performed an exercise. When Partner 1 returned, Partner 2 ran while Partner 1 performed the exercise. After each exercise, the partners would move down one parking aisle.

H Humpers (it was noted that “Humpers” of any kind were acceptable, but it was clarified that it was probably
safe to keep it to either Monkey or Gorilla).
E Eleven of any exercise (and once you got done with the 11, do 11 more, then 11 more, until the partner
A American Hammers
P Plank Jacks

There was time so we ran CHEAP back. This time we only ran half way up the aisle using the light poles as markers. Ollie’s is a self-described “bargain outlet” but running only half way up the aisle didn’t seem like much of a bargain. So to get their money’s worth, we did escalating burpees when turning around at the light poles. Aisle 1 = 1 burpee; Aisle 2 = 2 burpees; and so on until Aisle 5 = 5 burpees. Judging from the feedback, the PAX were a group of satisfied customers.

Time to mosey back. Stop at Idlewood again to gather the PAX. LBC’s x 15.

Mosey to Grier entrance. LBC’s x 25

Mosey back to the Schiele to meet up with Pain Lab. When we returned, they were doing their manliest yoga poses.
YHC and Rudolph led 4 rounds of dueling Mary that included Box Cutters, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers (I think), and Dying Cockroaches. The bells ended the duel.

Just to note, we ran 2.9 miles in our travels.

Burpees by the lake – 10/6 – benefitting Special Olympics
Get school supplies to Hushpuppy for The Least of These
8/25 Gashouse 50 mile relay and 2nd F at Sargento’s

Prayer Requests
Mayor – Brother-in-law, Craig- seizure/brain defect
Nicky Bailey
Hushpuppy – consult w/ spine surgeon this upcoming week
Ethan Scott
Pedal – dad w/ Parkinson’s


Thanks for the chance to lead.

We Ran

YHC is a week late in posting this BB but believe that I still have a good memory of what took place.

YHC rolled in about 0528 to find the PAX waiting on the Q.
YHC shared the route which sent everyone quickly back to find a light or vest.

We ran. Left out of Hoffman Village onto Gaston Day School Rd.
Right at the round-about down Kendrick.
Right on Country Club Dr and left on Brentwood Circle for the extra mileage
Right on Kendrick
Right on Robinwood/Hoffman and back to The Pub

Others may have made additional turns to pick up mileage, but YHC was holding down the Q from the 6 so I missed that.

Tool Time and Diva came back to pick me up, and we found the PAX there when we arrived.

The Pledge

Tool Time was a fountain of information for announcements (Thanks, Nantan!)
8/4 Tesla leading a group to Revolution Park AO
8/25 F3 Gastonia 50 mile relay
8/25 2nd F at Sargento’s home that evening
10/6 Burpeethon
JJ 5k coming up

Prayer Requests:
Stroganoff – Dad’s test results
Scott Family – Ethan (cancer)
Sly and the soldiers protecting our freedom


Passing the Flag

A few weeks ago, Monk contacted me and asked that I consider taking over responsibility as site Q at The Pub. My first thought was, “Why me? I’m not really a runner.” But the more I thought about it, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. It was less about the 3-5 mile runs every Thursday morning and more about the chance to challenge myself and encourage others to take the lead as Q or simply post more frequently. I accepted, and we set the official transfer date as 7/19.

One of the great things about F3 is the chatter that takes place between workouts on Twitter or Slack. I had the idea of setting up a Twitter account for the often-forgotten running AO. This would offer a chance to gain attention to keep the PAX coming out. As we learned from the IHOB experience a few months ago, it’s all about getting attention on social media. IHOP was all the talk when they announced a name change to IHOB, but since then, I haven’t really heard it mentioned. My goal as the new site Q is to continue to foster the interest in running that has developed in F3 Gastonia and not fade out like an over-hyped menu option.

We used the new twitter account to hype up the mystery site Q in hopes of building interest and getting the PAX out to post. Monk and I talked the night before to come up with a flag-passing ceremony worthy of the occasion. After some deep thought, we basically decided that Monk would say a few words, and then we’d stick the shovel flag in the ground.

I showed up to find only Monk as he unfurled the flag. I thought this was going to be a real memorable ceremony if it was just the two of us. Shortly after, Gastone and Defib came running up after some EC. They were quickly followed by Sargento and Madoff who drove up.

We began the ceremony with Monk sharing a few words, and then the two of us jointly planted the flag into the sacred soil of the Publix parking lot. I believe there were tears, but I’m not naming names. At that point, Monk called for 5 sprinter burpees (burpees with mountain climbers in the plank position). This was met with some glances around by the PAX . Wait, this is a running AO. Monk reiterated that he was serious and that these were not really an option. He was the out-going site Q. What were they going to do, vote him out of office?

After the sprinter burpees, YHC took the Q and led the PAX on the mosey. We headed down Armstrong Park Rd. Left on E Perry St before the CVS. Right on Lee St to get back on New Hope. Left on New Hope. Right on Armstrong Park Dr. Right on Armstrong Park Rd and back to the Pub.

I held the position of the six solely to make sure no one was left behind. You believe that, right?

Announcements and prayer requests.

The Pledge

Close with Prayer

I want to extend a sincere and hearty thank you to Monk for his leadership at The Pub since the beginning. He had the idea that this AO was necessary and could be successful. He stuck with it during lean times and was faithful to the PAX in keeping this going. He’s moving on to continue to lead the PAX of F3 Gastonia with his work on the Whetstone project. Monk is truly a HIM of the highest standard.

No Merkins and Mosey

I had the honor to Q at The Black Knight on Monday, and the pain was  dealt through a heavy dose of Merkins.  However, this was The Pub so that meant there would be no Merkins on the menu.

I showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find Defib stretching.  A minute or so later Diva walked up.  It was 0530 and time to go.

I didn’t get too creative with the route so we took the journey down Hoffman, through Gardner Park, and back down Armstrong Park Rd.  Diva was wearing some sort of lighted vest that made him look part Avenger / part Power Ranger.  Once we hit Armstrong Park Rd, I started to think that vest was a jet pack or contained some sort of energy boost.  Diva took off like he was shot out of a cannon.  We’d finally catch him once he stopped back at the Publix parking lot.

Thanks to both men for the push and conversation to make the time go by.  It had been too long since I posted at The Pub so thanks to Monk for the encouragement to Q.

Until next time.

Merkins and Mosey

The Sunday School lesson this week was from Exodus 16 which dealt with Moses and the Israelites’ journey after God freed them from slavery in Egypt. They were given food through manna provided daily by God. This somehow led YHC to think of the daily 333 merkins that were part of the 10,000 merkins in June challenge.

After getting confirmation from Whoopee that in-post merkins counted towards the total (he’s the original F3 Gastonia nantan so YHC figured he had the power to make that call), the foundation of a weinke was formed.

It was a pleasant June morning. A perfect morning to post. No FNG’s so the disclaimer was short.

SSH x 15
Merkins (Single Count) x 20
LBCs x 15
Merkins (Single Count) x 20

(That’s 40 Merkins so far)

The Pledge

Mosey to the parking lot of what was the Harris Teeter in front of Bellacino’s.

There are 3 light poles next to the old HT building. Mosey to each one and stop for 20 Single Count Merkins.

(That makes an even 100 Merkins)

Mosey through the Food Lion parking lot, over Union Road, through the church parking lot, and down beside Robinson Elementary. All this running was merely an opportunity for our arms to rest. Continue to the track behind Robinson.

Partner up. One partner runs one way on the track and one runs the other. Meet on the other end and do 20 Single Count Merkins. Finish out the lap, meet back at the start, 20 Single Count Merkins. Repeat for another lap and a total of 40 Single Count Merkins. One final mosey to the other side of the track and 20 Single Count Merkins. Then, a mosey back to the start. LBC’s were done while we waited on the 6.

(That’s 200 Merkins at this point)

Mosey back up the hill towards Robinson and a left turn down the walkway at the school. Line up on the bench for Step Ups x 12. Merkins x 15. Step Ups x 12. Merkins x 15. Step Ups x 13 (I lost count). Merkins x 15.

(That’s 245 Merkins)

Slow mosey across the parking lot at Robinson for some 11’s. Bet you can’t guess what one of the exercises will be…

10 Squats, short mosey across the parking lot for… wait for it… 1 Single Count Merkin
9 Squats, 2 Single Count Merkins
Some more Squats and Merkins…
1 Squat and finally 10 Single Count Merkins

(That gets us to 300 at this point).

Mosey back across Union and down Riverwood stopping at Gastone’s Hill. There were groans and thoughts of the number of mailboxes up that hill. However, we were short on time and in need of only 33 more Merkins.

11 Single Count Merkins

Mosey to the next road leading off of Riverwood

11 Single Count Merkins

Mosey to the final road leading off of Riverwood

11 Single Count Merkins

(And that’s our daily goal of 333)

Mosey back to Snoball’s with a strong push from Whoopee to be the first one back.

This gained him the honor of choosing the exercise for a quick 2 minute round of Mary.

He chose 5 Wolverine Burpees which fortunately involved more Merkins.

At this point, time was called.

During all the moseys, we’d covered over 2.25 miles.

F3 dads – Friday 6/15 @ Gastonia Grizzlies game
2nd F Event 6/16 – Contact Sargento if you’re interested
3rd F Event 6/22 – 7:00pm at First Presbyterian on Garrison across from Grier
Upcoming Boone hiking trip
Whetstone – Check twitter or F3 Gastonia email for details

Prayer Requests
Seniors/grad week
Summer travelers
Self family
EZ Rider – family members


Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Great push by all.


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