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Took Too Long

I lead a workout. I smoked from the crackpipe of manana and did not post the backblast.  wanted to get it on the books to give the pax the credit.

It was before burpeethod.  We did a warmup. I read from the Q source, we did some planks and shoulder taps and stuff, then we moseyed and got some rocks from the rock farm.  We went to the parking lot and did some curls with the rocks.  We did some Dora 123

100 dying cockroaches

200 flutters

300 LBC’s

Partner ran around the light post.

Went back to the snoballs parking lot and did a Circle Burp and got to 64 (I think).  I Omaha’d and we did about 4 minutes of mary.

We prayed.

That is all.  Sorry for the delay in posting Huckleberry.

What’s in a name?

When I heard my Friend Bambi may be posting on Wed Morning I knew I could not fartsack.  My running has been hampered of late by a nagging injury which has led me to skip a few workouts for fear of the 3 mile sprint.  I asked on the twitterer who had the Q for Wed morning and Gastone said it was open if I wanted it.  Not sure which day was Snoballs and Which day was the Black Knight, I blasted out that “Hushpuppy has the Q for Marha’s Black Knights Snoballs on Wed”.  Needless to say, Gastone was not impressed and pointed out (again) that each workout has it’s own name and promptly loaded my name into the Q list on google drive as Hushpoopy.  Welcome to the kitchen, there’s the heat.

Bambi was already present when I arrived, Several runners came in from EC as the clock wound down so we began.  Disclaimer: I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot for being here, i’m not a professional.  Modify as needed, there’s no one to sue because if you do something to get hurt then you’re a big idiot. Everyting I say is a suggestion and my biggest suggestion is that you go back home and go to bed.

No takers, so we honored the stars and stripes.


Imperial walkers IC x 15, Merkins IC x 10, Flutter Kicks X 15 IC,  and the runners training for the BRR took off.

Introduced the Split Jack, which is like a Merkin only with feet kicking out front, one at a time like a dancing girl.  15 IC.

Mosey to the Martha’s parking lot.  Circle up, count off for effect, then the next exercise, Aiken Legs:

Frankly, I didn’t get past the A’s in the Exicon as I searched for something for my Weinke.  Aiken legs looked cool and seemed to fill some time, so I called it.

20 Box jumps (on the curb), 20 Squats, 20 lunges, 20 Split Jacks: OYO.  Wash, rinse, repeat for a total of 3 times.

After a 10 count it was time for some Dora 123.  100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s.  (I originally called LBFC’s but realized that would take a really long time so Omaha’d).

after another 10 count, time for 4 corners on a short parking lot around some islands.  Started at 12 and worked downward at each corner, Merkins OYO.

After another 10 count, the time was 10 til finish so we mosey’d back to Snoballs Black Knight’s Parking lot.

6 minutes of Mary, with some LBFC’s (really wanted to do these), Flutter kicks, Dying Cockroaches, and I think crunches.

Runners arrived just in time.  6:15

Announcements: BRR, a driver is needed, Support for the Ladies getting after it on Saturday morning launching a women’s morning workout weekly at Dallas park 8am on Saturdays.  Encourage your M to be a part.  Convergence this Saturday for CSPAN sendoff from Fort Mill, Clown cars leave the Roses parking lot Belmont at 5:30am.  Whetstone project is in effect.  More than mentorship, Whetstone is designed to sharpen a man for life.  The Stone gives up something when he is applied, The blade gives up something when he is sharpened, but both gain wisdom and purpose through the relationship. See Monk if you’d like to be involved as a Stone or a blade.

Prayers for Monks coworker, who’s child passed from cancer.  Madoff prayers for Nikki Bailey fighting cancer, Sargento’s wife with knee injury, and some others.

Moleskin: It’s easy to get whiny and make excuses to quit.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always hurt.  But the fact is, I hurt more when I sit still.  I hurt less when I move and when I move with you.  See you in the Gloom.





A different kind of painlab

I had the privilege of leading pain-lab on 7/7 this week.  Claven captured the names in his death anniversary backblast so I will not re-type them here, but I was honored to have so many stick around and carry bricks with me.  Glad Brown Streak is getting after it again, Glad Mayor survived Tonsillitis,  Glad Hunk o Junk Keeps getting after it and I hope he has his mind a year down the road.  You will see results.  All of us have.  Also Honored that Toto hung out with us and I knew I had to bring it when he circled up with us.

It rained Friday night so all my Q-pons were covered in Mud.  at 0600 I was outside hosing them off and loading them in the trunk of the pup wagon.  0700 Claven leads the warm up and reminds us of how precious life is.  Then the boot camp took off and it was time for Hushpuppy’s revenge.

Step into the circle:  I submitted this to the Exicon Saturday afternoon.  Performed to Thousand Foot Krutch’s song “move”, plank up and listen to the music.  Every time he says move, plank walk one step left, then when he says circle, spin in a circle, then when he says move, plank walk one step right.  3.5 minutes of this and sweat is dripping and the shoulders are burning.  Then DJ snake and”Get low”.  Start in the peoples chair, hold the squat as low as you can, when the beat drops, squat up and down in time with the music.  When the song comes round again, drop to a merkin and hold the low part of a merkin until the beat drops, then (if you can) do merkins in time with the music.  Brutal.

At this time I shared about how I have had a pars fracture in my L5 vertebrae for over 20 years and will be getting surgical consults in the coming weeks.  I try to model a workout that protects that part of my back.

Grab the Q-pons, down the nature trail.

Curls 20x in cadence, hold at the top for a 10 count, hold halfway for a 10 count, recover.  Down the hill to the bridge with the Q-pons.

Merkins on the bridge 10 ic.

Lunge walk around the trail to the other bridge, then more merkins.  Had Toto count cadence for that one as I was getting a little winded.

Lunge walk back to the Q-pons and more curls.  Hippa mentioned something about colt 45 curls and I offered to let him lead it.  That generated some mumble chatter and we decided against.

Walk backwards up the hill carefully with the Q-pon.  Got the quads burning good.  Mayor almost ended up in a tree and no one was spotting him.  I got you bro.

At the top, feet up for 10 dirkins IC and then 10 shoulder taps IC.  30 flutters ic and 15 crunches ic,

Carry the brick around the wall towards the road for some pushup bra’s.  Rocks to the chest, push em up and push em out.  10 ic.  then recover.  Attempted another set of 10 but got 5 and had to stop. 30 second breather, 5 more.  Out to the road for some squats and monkey humpers to show Gastonia our best side.

Almost forgot, wanted to get some hamstring and glute work in without bending at the waist.  Plank up with hands on the curb, Right leg up, kicking up and out right leg x 10 ic.  Switch legs, left leg ic x 10.  Squeezing the hammies and glutes kicking the leg up and out.  Feeling it today as I sit on said glute’s and type this bb.

Back to the pup wagon with the Q-pons.  Some more curls, then some chest presses overhead with the bricks, and stow them away in the trunk.

Return to Startex for some Mary with the boot camp. Stroganoff called 30 flutters ic, I called 5 burpees, (not a mary exercise but I wanted to do them), then I called box cutters and the bells saved us.


Tried to keep it more traditional but still low impact.  Not a yoga guy and don’t know much about ropes but Bricks I can do.

Pup out.


Keeping it short and sweet.

Disclaimer, you should go home and go back to bed.

Pledge to the stars and stripes

Expected an FNG, He didn’t show.  Had a great name for him, but he didn’t get to hear it.


SSH, X 15 IC,

Italian night clubs (bacwards Morrocans) x 20 ic

Low slow squats x 15 ic,

overhead claps to get the shoulders opened up, x 15 ic

Mosey to the park,

Do some Murph prep with 100 pullups and 100 swing crunches, 5 sets of 20 alternating each.

Mosey to the KFC parking lot, grab a rock.  10 curls right arm in cadence, then 10 curls left arm in cadence.

Mosey to a spot on the wall at the old HT.  Next exercise is the Pushup Bra while in the people’s chair:  What, never heard of it?

Rocks to the chest, push them up, push them out.  10 in cadence (Push up over head 1, back to  chest 2, push out 3, back to chest: One rep).

we then did more curls, alternating back and forth. Total of 60 curls per arm, and 30 sets of rock pushing.  After the pullups at the park, arms were pretty whooped.

Mosey to the ramp and loading dock.  Wall sit with your rock to the chest.  Each pax down the line runs around the railing, jumps up the wall, bear crawls back to the spot.  next pax goes, everyone else holds the wall sit and the rock.  That hurt.  Davinci had a pretty bad fall and skinned his knee.  I felt bad that someone got injured but he walked it off and i’m sure his M took care of him when he got home.

Mosey back, return the rocks to their homes, mosey back to Snoballs and we were finished.

Arm day

The biceps are often neglected in a Gashouse so I wanted to get them worked in.

Disclaimer, I suggest you go home and go back to bed.


Warm up: Moroccan night clubs, IC x 30

Appalachian Americans, IC X 10

low slow Merkins, IC x 5

Mountain Climbers

Whoopie, Boudin, Woody went off to ruck somewhere, and the rest of us mosey’d on.

Mosey down Neal Hawkins, into park, around clubhouse, down to play ground.  It was taped off, but we were daring and jumped the tape.

Partner up, do 20 pull ups of some sort, while partner does 10 crunches from the plank position with feet in the swings.

alternate, and repeat for 4 sets total.

Repeato but exchange merkins for pull ups.

Mosey to back corner of park, wait for 6 (might have been me), 10 count, and 5 burpees on your own.

Mosey out to well lit street and Easy Rider called whisper cadence for some Rocky balboas, x15 ic.  We were all quite so we didn’t wake the neighbors.

mosey to top of hill, 10 count for 6, then mosey some more to lit turn off where there just happened to be some Q-pons (blocks).

partner one did curls while partner 2 did planks and Merkins.

15 count of up/down, curl the block, Merkin.

Hold at top for 10 count, hold at middle for 10 count, hold at down for 10 count, hold back at top for 10 count.

switch and repeato. Thanks to Stroganoff for the cadence

switch and repeato

switch and repeato.  Thanks to Hippa for the cadence

Mosey back while carrying the blocks.

Chest press IC x 10

Flutters x 20 ic

lbcs x 20 ic

twistie, ankle slappy things x 15 ic

Freddy Mercuries x 20 IC.


Announcements, sign up for Csaup, 2nd F at Growlers Thursday eve for drinks and basketball, Some other stuff

Prayers, not a lot of prayers this morning.

COT, Thanks for letting me lead.



Block party for the Black Knight. What’s in a name?

No, this was not in honor of Batman.  At least, I don’t think it was.  As brave King Arthur searched for the Holy Grail, he came to an important river crossing being guarded by the Black Knight.  Unsuccessful to convince the Black Knight to join his crusade, King Arthur attempts to cross the bridge, only to be blocked by the Knight.  “None shall pass!” challenged the Knight. Soon an epic battle ensued, and King Arthur was victorious as he doomed the Black Knight to a life as a quadruple amputee.  If you’ve never seen footage of this epic battle, click here:


Meanwhile, The Gashouse pax celebrated the great victory of King Arthur by renaming the lands of Martha to the name of his arch nemesis, The Black Knight.  Yet as historical accuracy is often called into question, so are the memories of the pax after a workout.  Thus, the mistaken name of “Dark Knight” was born.

Enough with the Chivalry, now time for tha thang:

As Brave sir Whoopee and valiant Stroganoff galloped in from the land of EC, coconuts rattling, YHC began with the pledge:

Warm-up: Imperial walkers, take a lap around Snoballs, Grass pickers, take a lap, Flutter kicks, take a lap, get some blocks out of the car, take a lap. Moroccan night clubs, take a lap, plank merkins, recover.

Partner up, grab a block, carry it to the realm of the Black Knight.  Mike Tyson’s on the curb, IC x 20, mosey some more to the shelter of feasting for some sort of medieval Dora.  100 step ups on the picnic table, 200 chest presses with the blocks, 300 dips, and for good measure, 300 bicep curls with the blocks.  Partners swap running up the parking lot, around the shrubbery on the 4th island, and back to the shelter.

Then for 20 Mike Tyson’s in cadence, then 20 little baby box jumps onto the curb.  grab the block and carry it half way through the parking lot, rest the arms with the blocks and do 20 more Mike Tyson’s, then with time running out, mosey back to the parking lot.  Brave sir Whoopee led us in 15 merkins ic and then YHC with 40 low-medium squats in cadence to finish out the workout.

Strong work by all.  Reminder of the Convergence at the Schiele for the toy drive this Saturday, Forgot to mention the Christmas party Friday night, and prayers for Stroganoff’s Aunt who recently lost her Husband.

Honored to lead you in this valiant crusade to be 3rd.

Hayzus VQ, GAShouse

Warm up
Mosey to school parking lot for dying cockroaches, lunges, captain thor, lunges x5
Mosey to church stairs- partners, merkins, lbcs, calf raises and stairs
Mosey to track- indian run
Playground- planking, dips, hold legs 6″ up, pull ups
Imperial walkers, mountain climbers, howling monkeys
Mosey back to parking lot
Video of Name-o-rama:

Too many lunges

It’s O-dark 30 and YHC was raring to go, but startex was nearly 2 hours away.  What should he do?  Start on the Backblast! After pumping full of vitamins, coffee, and peanut butter I began pre-planning my post-workout activities.

What will we do?

Warmup: Imperial walkers, Low-slow squats, Moroccan night clubs, and plank merkins, then on the 6 for Flutters.

Say the pledge: (forgot at the start, but finished strong with it)

Tha thang: Mosey to 321 and up to Main ave for some Light post zombie walks.  Lunge to each light post, then do a burpee!  We will repeat this until Hushpuppy is no longer cold or until we reach the traffic light.  We ended up going 2 blocks with this, with Block 1 being burpees and block 2 being squats.

Then Mosey down to Franklin and up to the church.  11’s on the church steps, up one side and down the other. Squats on one side, Irkins on the other,  Due to “wanderers around the pavilion and our cars we stayed close by and ended up doing this across the pavilion steps.  Of course, when the train passed we did 5 burpees oyo.

Mosey down the street towards Franklin and NUR back up.  Back to the pavilion for some Rocky Balboas,  run down the hill, Nur back up for some Dirkins called by Spider-man.  Mosey down the hill, do some step ups on the benches, then NUR back up to finish out with some Mary.  10 men, 10 reps of an exercise.  sounds simple right?  Get to Stroganoff and he calls 30 flutters, eliminating all the time we had for the remainder.  Q Jacking in progress.

Sad that I started on the Back Blast 2 hours before the workout and it still took me 3 days to post it!

F3 dads on Sunday, 2:3 pm

Prayers for Brown Streak and family.

Walls of Jericho

For some reason, Sunday afternoon, Hushpuppy got the urge to Q Monday’s workout.  Maybe it was a drive to do more, or sheer stupidity, or maybe YHC just wanted a workout that didn’t include backwards running up hills.

Warm up: Imperial walkers, Toy Soldiers, LBC’s, Planks, Flutters, Mosey, Pledge:

Tha Thang: Mosey down to the SECU bank because it was the best building I could think of we could run all the way around.

Walls of Jericho: 7 reps of exercises, followed by a lap around the building:  7 merkins, then a lap, 7 hip slappers, then a lap, 7 SSH, then a lap, 7 squats, then a lap, 7 shoulder taps, then a lap, 7 hillbillies, then a lap, 7 Burpees, then a lap.  Mosey up union, through the neighborhood and to Marthas front yard.  Whoopees favorite, Jack Web 11’s.  Jack Webbs at the top, squats at the bottom.

Jailbreak back to startex:

Strong work.

Sorry it took me 6 days to post the BB.  Q’ing again Friday 11/7 Down Town.  Can’t wait!

A light in the Gloom

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.  By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”

I can’t help but think that F3 is an example of the “evidence” of things unseen.  When those men gathered in the gloom on 1/1/11  I’m sure they never imagined I would be typing this backblast 6.5 years later.  Just as Dredd described “paving the road 43 feet ahead of us”, I can’t imagine he would imagine 19 men gathering for coffee and sharing their faith 30 miles across the river.  But with each passing week; each example of multiplication by division, there was evidence of a force not seen.  An undeniable truth that the men who gathered together in the gloom each morning had a vision for something beyond themselves that could only be described by one word: Faith.

As the elders of F3 allowed this force to grow and create momentum in the pax, they too demonstrated a good testimony .  They allowed this thing to grow from the bottom up rather than control it from the top down.  Through the reverse-flow incubator, they gave any man with a burden on his heart full support and encouragement to bless their neighbor and pick up the 6.  F3 is clearly an example of something visible that grew because the invisible was not stifled or ignored, but given liberty to take each man on to a higher purpose.

As I stood before 18 men in my spiritual house and shared my testimony of how faith in Christ had saved me I couldn’t help but wonder, “why me?  Why am I standing here before these men?  How can the story of my mistakes help them?”  But as Freight so uncomfortably put it, sometimes the why and the when of faith is not our time, but HIS time.  I found it no coincidence that as I shared how the prayers of my mother had stifled the plans against me (through her faith), my phone began to ring as she called me.  We all got a laugh at the timing but it was clear that wherever I was and whatever I was doing, it was all a result of her Faith.

I personally was convicted at Sparky’s call for personal Holiness.  As he shared from Psalm 61:2 “From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” He challenged us to all lead our families and those around us to the rock that is higher than ourselves.  As my mother had always pointed to that same rock, I was convicted to point my own family in that direction.

I want to thank Tool Time for sharing his heart on what must have been a terrible year of his life.  How he stood strong for his family and had to lean on his savior for his own strength.  How his M, even after the tragedy in her life saved the life of another.  And the wisdom and heart of Def Leopard is an inspiration to us all; directing us towards the most valuable things in life, our faith and our families.

A special thanks to Midwife for Opening up shop for us and sharing with Hayzus on their mission to Florida.  By repairing broken roofs you demonstrated how lives can also be restored from the damages of life.

Also, thanks to T-square for sharing how F3 had helped him be strong for his M as she went through the tragedy of a losing a child. Strong work to all.


Until we pray together again!  Post!

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