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10 Pax showed up for the Vern.  Fresh Prince had a FNG and the disclaimer was given.

Warm Up; SSH, Toy Soldiers, Mericans, LBC’s all by 10 IC.

Mosey 2 laps around sidewalk area surrounding the gazebo, meet back at the gazebo.

10 pullups run a lap around sidewalk

20 dips run a lap around sidewalk

25 Mericans run a lap around sidewalk

30 LBC’s run a lap around sidewalk

Repeato x 3.

2.5 miles put in by the Pax.  Nice work fellas.

Moleskin; Good work by all, Fresh Prince good to see you again brother and FNG- Jason Daniels, welcome brother-working on the nick name.  The VERN is one of my favorite workouts, simple but effective.  Hippa still crushing it in the vest, #TClaps.  Good numbers today men.  I apologize for throwing in the towel and running out on you guys.  Breaker Breaker thanks for picking up the COT and Namorama for me.  Till next time.  #DFQ

Tour of Folsom

9 #HIM showed up for an early beatdown at Folsom.  YHC had thought about bringing the coupons out but didn’t make it much farther than that.

Warm Up; SSH, Toy Soldiers, Mericans, Squats all by 10 IC.


Mosey to lower picnic shelter – 10 dips IC, run to picnic shelter at top of hill 40 LBC’s oyo.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to playground – 10 pullups, run to ampitheater 20 hipslappers both oyo.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to bottom of hill at ball fields – 20 squats at paved path, run up hill to paved path 40 flutter kicks.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to small parking lot at ball fields –  11’s, 1 big boy sit-up run across lot 10 burpees, you know the rest.

Mosey back to start, stop at tennis courts for 25 shoulder tap mericans.

Mosey to start parking lot for Mary; all pax called exercise.  I apologize for not remembering.

Moleskin; Nice work by all men, kept the Pax moving on this tour of Folsom.  There is still a lot out there that we didn’t touch.  Mike Falls –  Gravity, worked hard and never gave up.  Thanks to Pax for pushing each other.

COT; Namorama, Named FNG Mike Falls – Gravity, Welcom brother.  Announcements, Prayer Requests.


BOM; Slaw took us out.



Big Boy Sit Ups and Burpees

8 men showed up this am at #GoatIsland for a mix of exercises and running.  We covered just about all of the AO this am.  Good work by all Pax.

Warm Up; SSH, TS, Mericans, Windmills all x 10 IC


Mosey to the concrete stairs located at backside of the buildings for 10 mericans, sprint up stairs or steep hill for 5 burpees x 3.  Next we moseyed to the gazebo for 5 pullups and NUR up the hill to sidewalk for 20 squats x 3.  Lunge walk across street to first bridge and bear crawl length of bridge to picnic tables on the left.  20 dips and run to picnic shelter in park for 20 CDD’s x 3.  Mosey to 2nd bridge and bear crawl length of bridge.  Mosey to small parking lot for 11’s.  BigBoySitUps and Burpees run short distance of parking lot between exercises.  Mosey back to flag.  Nice work by all.

Moleskin;  I owe Mayor an apology for the questioning Q schedule this am.  I apologize sir.  All pax pushed through a tough workout this am.  I was definitely gassed.  Slim Shady nice work sir.  Good to see you back out this morning.  Where was the Flag?  Must be making an appearance at Mydoriyama this afternoon.  Always a pleasure leading you guys.

BOM; Prayer requests, announcements, Namorama, Slim Shady took us out.

Mumble Chatter

YHC showed up to Parking Lot full of the boot camp girls and had to park in last spot which worked out pretty good.  As the Pax showed up the girls took off on a run.  So we had the parking lot once again.

Warm Up;

SSH x 10, 5 Burpees for the train, and 5 more due to the mumble chatter, Don Quixote x 10.


Curls, French Curls, Squats, Front Raise, Good Mornings, Squat Press

BlockBuster –  Only the twist was to never put the block on the ground.  If you have never experienced the BB, it consists of 1/2 mile run and 3 rounds of 6 exercises with the 1/2 mile run in between each round and at the end.  So when the Pax heard the instructions and ran by the truck to get the coupon and complete the first 1/2 mile with the block, the chatter started.  I think all the Pax had a little anger to get rid of this morning due to the 1st lap.  During the first round of exercises YHC could only hear one or two of the Pax counting while the others were heckling the Q.  OMAHA! Set the block down and complete the 1/2 mile.  All the mumble chatter made it a little difficult to get through the next 2 rounds, but we made it.  Pledge


The mumble chatter was definitely the most I have heard in a while.  Thanks guys.  There was a good push by all this am.  #DRP.  That first 1/2 mile was brutal, but all Pax pushed through and got it done.  AYE!  That will be the goal, to run all 4 laps with the block!  There will be more Burpees next time!


Announcements, Prayer Requests; Sargento took us out.

Just Trying to Stay Warm!

4 #HIMs showed up for yet another chilly workout.  YHC had a workout put together from last week that should keep everyone warm, Maybe.

Warm Up;

SSH x 15 IC, Mericans x 15 IC, Squats x 15 IC, Toy Soldiers x 15 IC, Frog Kicks x 15 IC, 1 min elbow plank.


Mosey to the concrete stairs behind the 100 year old brick building.  Run up stairs and around the building 3 times.  Meet back at the top of the stairs and mosey over to the bridge.  Pax find a piece of wall and perform 20 Donkey Kicks and 20 Hip Slappers both IC.  Mosey to the BBall Court.  Baseline 5 burpees, crab walk forward to foul line, bear crawl to half court, crab walk to next foul line, bear crawl to baseline for 5 more burpees.  Now Reverse it.  5 Burpees, backwards crab walk to foul line, backwards bear crawl to half court, B crab walk to foul line, B bear crawl to baseline for 5 more burpees.  Next was 5 burpees and Inch worm to foul line, alligator push up to half court, then YHC called Omaha.  Lunges from half court to baseline with 5 burpees.  Reverse lunge to half court and Inch worm and alligator push up to base line for 5 burpees.  Partner up, P1 wheel barrow to half court and switch, P2 goes to the baseline.  YHC tried the empty wheelbarrow, which is inverted form of the wheel barrow.  Very tough.  Had to Omaha this as well.  Mosey to the gazebo, stopping at bridge for 10 Donkey Kicks and 10 Hip Slappers both IC.  Plank up at the gazebo for Pax alternating pull ups.  Pax is planking while 1 pax gets 5 pull ups and falls back into plank line.  3 rounds and 1 round of ToetoBar.  Next was Dora at the bottom of the Hill.  20, 30, 40;  2 rounds of 10 mericans, 15 squats, 20 LBC’s.  This dora was completed an individual with a Hill Sprint after each set of 10, 15; we didn’t make it to 20.  Time

COT; Pledge, Announcements, Prayer Requests

BOM; Thanks Dr. Suess for taking us out.

Moleskin; Always a pleasure to lead you men.  Nice work coming out in the COLD and getting better.  TClaps to Dr. Suess for pushing the Q today.  Not much mumble chatter because we were all trying to stay warm.  Didn’t take to long and I appreciate you men that were out there with me.

Where’s the suggestion box?

9 #HIM appeared in the gloom this am at #GoatIsland.  Welcome Timeframe and again Tater Hole.  Start off with the pledge, no FNG’s.

Thang; Mosey about 1/4 mile around grass area side walk 1 lap and circle back up at the parking lot for 3 rounds of 5 exercises with the 1/4 mile mosey after each round.

100 SSH, 100 LBC’s, 100 Squats, 25 Mericans, 25 Burpees

Hipslapper 15 IC

5 min of Mary by selected Pax; Nolan Ryans are great!

Nice work Pax!!

Moleskin; There was not a lot of mumble chatter going on.  The first round went by and it started from Tesla calling out the Q for moving to the grass to perform the LBC’s.  The pax didn’t know that I have a tube of vagisil in the the truck.  15 Hipslappers were added to the weinke.  Somewhere there were a few suggestions made by an unnamed pax and he was directed to send them to the Weaselshaker.  The workout was simple but effective.  Good job fellas.  #TClaps to ShortSale, man was killing the burpees this morning.  BreakerBreaker was pushing the rock as well.  Aye!

COT; Announcements- Toys to Bandit for delivery on the 12th, Jan. 6th Joe Davis Run, Advisory meeting 17th, Shoe drive contact Pizzaman Prayer Requests- Mayor’s recovery, BreakerBreaker’s son, Brownstreak, each other, Country

Thanks Dr. Suess for leading the prayer

ShortSale with the Q next week.



YHC hasn’t ran the VERN in a while so that’s what we did.  10 #HIM showed up and at 0530 we had a train come through for the warmup.


10 Pullups, 20 Dips, 25 Mericans, 30 LBC’s run a lap around sidewalk of the Gazebo area, approx .25 mile after each exercise.  Repeato 5 times.  AYE!

COT, BOM; Pledge, Announcements, Prayer Requests, Pizza Man and family with loss of Grandfather.  Country. Family/ friends of young student, each other.  Namorama

Tophat took us out.

Moleskin; The vern is good workout, doesn’t need much explanation, just work.  Spreads the Pax out a little but allows for some trash talk in passing.  Nice work by all Pax.  #DFQ!  We put in a little over 4 miles!  It’s always and honor to lead you men.


YHC had the Murph planned for this am, however was not sure if Slim Shady was taking the Q or not.  When 0530 hit it was the 3 of us so we decided on a 3Q.  Each of us would lead for 15 minutes.  Pledge

Tesla; SSH, Merkins, IW, Copperhead squats; Mosey to the low end of the parking lot for Burpeecides on the lower parking spaces; Mosey to the bridge and plank 3 yrds apart and bear crawl in out of pax to middle of bridge.  Mosey to end of Bridge.  Time

Dolph; Mini Murph, Run lap around playground perform 5 sets of 10 pullups, 20 mericans, 30 squats, run another lap.  Time

Slim Shady; Triple Nickel across bridge; 5 monkey humpers run across bridge 5 CDD’s run back.  Repeato X 5.  Mary

COT; Namorama, Announcements, prayer requests

BOM; Tesla took us out

Moleskin; We had dedcided on the 3Q and were underway when Shadrap made an appearance.  Good work guys.  #ISI


WAO BlockBuster

Coming off the Tuna 200 YHC thought that the BlockBuster would be a good workout to bring back.  Mayor made the suggestion of incorporating the stairs that led to the upper lot so I couldn’t disappoint. After dropping off the coupons, I made my way to the parking lot to wait on the Pax.  We might have to find a new place to park at #GoatIsland.  I believe there are 4 different workout groups taking place now.  As the Pax rolled in I started counting to make sure everyone would have a coupon.  12 on the money.  Let’s go get it.




Thang; Mosey around sidewalk and incorporate stairs for 2 laps, ( just over a 1/2 mile) then meet in the upper parking lot where the coupons were waiting.

6 exercises with coupon for 10 reps IC per exercise.

Curls, French Curls, Squats, Overhead Press, Good Mornings, Front Raises

Run 2 laps.  Repeat exercises.  Run 2 laps. Repeat exercises.  Run 2 laps.

Circle up for 5 mins of Mary; 10 burpees OYO, 10 Monkey Humpers IC

Moleskin;  Nice work by all Pax, there was a train somewhere in the mix so we hit 5 burpees OYO.   Gastone asked when the fun was going to start and I told him it started when he got out of the car.  Thanks to Spec and Slim Shady for the push on the runs.  I have learned that fitness at any level  is mostly mental.  There is a battle taking place inside your head and all you have to do is keep pushing through what your mind is telling you.  The last leg of the Tuna 200 had me fighting this same battle and no matter what DFQ!  It was an honor to lead you men.


Announcements, Prayer Requests

Thanks Gastone for taking us out.


YHC had to plan for quick beatdown this am at #GoatIsland because of an event at work.  It came to mind on the way over and at 0530 there were 8 more Pax ready to go.  No FNG’s so straight to the warm up.


Mosey to the VFW wall for 1 minute of Hipslappers.  Run past Floyd and Blackies to stoplight, .25 mile. 1 minute of flutterkicks, run back to the VFW parking lot for 1 minute of squats.  Run back to the stop light for 1 minute of mericans.  Run back to VFW for 1 minute of burpees.  Run back for 1 minute plank.  Run back to VFW.  Then YHC handed the lead off to Gastone and all I know is there was more running involved, but backwards.  Nice work this am men.

Mayor started the mumble chatter at the hipslappers with a comment about the past weekend results of the burpeethon, ( little did he know the hill we were getting ready to run up and down for 2 miles) and then there wasn’t much more.  There were discussions about how to handle a turd at one point.  #showtoknow.   Great effort by all Pax.  #ISI  Thanks to all Pax for coming out.  Nice to have a good crowd post.  I’ll be looking for you in the future.  Slim Shady has the Q next week, so come out and see what he can deliver.  It’s an honor to lead you men.

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