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Pick A Card

With a little help from the M and the deck of cards that she found for me.  I thought we would let the Pax pick the workout this am.  So the deck of cards is similar to the F3 cards, however each card is pretty much a work out by itself.   Most of the cards indicate  a duration of approx. 45 mins, so YHC thought this would work.

Warm Up – SSH x 15 IC, Toy Soldiers x 15 IC

Thang –

5 rounds

Run 1 mile

25 Elevated Mericans

50 Air Squats

50 LBC’s

Moleskin –

The Pax pushed through and we finished 3 rounds for just over 3.25 miles, not bad fellas.  YHC has been out for about 2 weeks and thanks to the men who reached out, missed you guys as well.  Enjoyed the oppurtunity to lead, you men push me more than you know.  TClaps to TopHat and Hydrant for pushing through, Tophat has a hammy that continues to bother him, but he gets up and comes out and modifies as needed.  Nice Job!!  Gilligan, hope this helped with the training a little.  Nice work put in by all.


Prayer Requests, Announcements, Pledge


Dr. Seuss took us out.  

Goat Island Fun

YHC arrived to find Pac-Man already in the parking lot and wondering if he was in the right place.  He is visiting from the Rock Hill region and we had met on a previous Nomad trip.  He discussed he had an FNG from the Belmont area coming out this am. As we chatted, Pax started rolling in.  5:30 hit and it was go time.

Disclaimer given.

Warm Up – SSH x 20 IC, Toy Soldiers x 10 IC, Mericans x 15 IC, LBC’s x 15 IC.

Mosey up hill behind the resturant for 30 squats, Mosey to upper lot behind buildings for 20 mericans, mosey to corner at VFW for 10 Burpees, Plank for the 6.  Rinse and Repeat.  Mosey to tunnel/bridge for 10 Hipslappers IC.  Mosey to Basketball court for modified crab walk/ burpee suicides.  Start on baseline, crab walk to half court for 5 burpees, crab walk to opposite baseline for 5 more burpees.  Rinse and repeat back to starting point.  Mosey to tunnel/ bridge for another round of 10 hipslappers IC.  Mosey to bridge and circle up for 6.  Big Boy sit ups x 10 single count.  Lunge to start of wood planks on the bridge.  Partner up for wheelbarrow across the bridge.  If you stop both pax perfrom 5 burpees.  Plank at the end of the wood plank.  Switch pax and go back.  Mosey back to flag for Mary.

Moleskin – Strong work by all Pax this am, including FNG, Robbie Smith; aka Tiny Tim.  It was nice to see Pac-Man again this morning as well.  Thanks for making the trip brother.  All pax pushed hard, #TClaps to Anchorman, Tesla, Buckeye, Sister Act, Dr. Seuss for conquering the bridge on the wheelbarrow.  Impressive!!  #DRP.  It was a pleasure men.  Thanks for oppurtunity Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss wrapped this one up for me this am.  Appreciate your help sir.

Wingin It

YHC made an attempt to sit this one out due to a minor foot issue that had occurred earlier in the week while playing basketball.  The effort wasn’t timely so I pulled a little webMD at home care this am on the foot and came up with the workout on the way in this am.  There were 9 Pax at the start and we had 2 show up while we were barley into the first set of Dora.

Warm Up; SSH x 15 IC, Mericans x 15 IC, Toy Soldiers x 15 IC, LBC’s x 15 IC


Mosey to stop sign at the bottom of the hill at the VFW for Dora.  Partner 1 exercise, partner 2 run to top of hill and do 5 burpees, run back switch.

100 Mericans, 200 Squats, 300 LBC’s

Mosey the complete cirlce around the grassy area and back to the gazebo, for 3 rounds of 10 pullups/ 10 dips partner work.  P1 did pullups, P2 runs to top of hill and did 10 dips and ran back, switch.  Next was 5 ToetoBar while Pax held plank.  Each Pax completed the ToetoBar and moseyed to the VFW wall and wall sat for the 6.  Next exercise was HipSlappers x 10 IC for 3 rounds and 30 sec wall sit in between sets.  Mosey back to the flag and circle up for Mary.  Wanderer called HighKnees, CoalAsh called SSH, Crosswalk called Boxcutters, Dr. Seuss called WW1, Slim Shady called Mtn Climbers, Anchorman called Flutter Kicks, Tesla called LBC’s with Twist, Gilligan called American Hammers, Clavin called Monkey Humpers, Buckeye called Mike Tyson’s, YHC called 5 or 10 – Dr. Seuss yelled 10 – Burpees.  Time

COT; Namorama, Announcements, Prayer Requests, Name FNG

BOM; Dr. Seuss took us out.

NMS; YHC didn’t know how this morning would go, but couldn’t let the Pax down.  Pretty good workout, I thought.  Gilligan, good to see you sir.  While we were in the first round of Dora, Crosswalk from Wilmington appears with FNG, CoalAsh.  We finished Dora and I gave a quick disclaimer.  Welcome Crosswalk and CoalAsh.  Nice work by all Pax.  GoatIsland is now in the hands of Dr. Seuss.  You will do well sir, keep doing what you’re doing.  You definitely don’t have to worry about motivation, your actions speak for you.  It was a pleasure to lead you men.  #DRP


YHC was asked to fill in this am for Mayor who is on the DL.  No worries brother, I got you.  The BlockBuster it is.  Not sure how many blocks were remaining at The Storm, so we’ll see.  As the Pax kept rolling in, some new faces but no FNG’s.  Quick introduction and then the workout began.

Warm Up; SSH x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10, Mericans x 10, Bigboy Sit Ups x 10 single count; Mosey to the baseball dugouts.  All Pax grab a block.

3 rounds of Curls x 10 IC, French Curls x 10 IC, Overhead Press x 10 IC, Squat x 10 IC, Front Raise x 10 IC, Good Mornings x 10 IC; Run .25 mile, complete round 2 of same exercises; Run .25 mile, complete round 3; Run .25 mile, 10 Blockees- use the block.  Return blocks to dugout and batting cage area.  Mosey back to the flag.  20 mountain climbers IC, Imperial walkers x 20 IC, 5 Burpees.  Time


Announcements, Prayer Requests- Mayor, Breaker Breaker family.

BOM; Dr. Seuss took us out.

Moleskin; BrownStreak made it out, too long man,  good to see you out this am.  Hunk a Junk nice to meet you sir, keep pushing.  Good work.  All Pax seem to really enjoy this workout, at least that’s I’ll tell myself.  Appreciate the push Buckeye, enjoyed it.  Linus kept the cadence count going, well done brother.  It’s an honor to lead you men and thanks for rolling out of the fartsack this am to post, good crowd.  Let’s keep it going.  Always a pleasure get after it with you men before the sun comes up.  #DRP

Run Around

YHC picked up a Q for Mayor and had conversations about some of TinyTank’s beat downs or his M’s.  As I thought that over I recalled how hard they were and decided against it and went with the simple 10 parking space run around.  Arriving a little early to write exercises in 10 spaces the pax started rolling in.  Tesla coming in during the Warm up,  Varsity should set a better example.

Warm Up;

SSH x 10, Mericans x 10, LBC’s x 10, High Knees, ButtKickers, Karaoke right and Karaoke left, Toy Soldiers x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10.


14 Pax split into 2 lines and Indian Run to loading dock area behind school, plank for six.  Teams of 7 hold plank while one team member sprints to dock and jumps up on dock, performs 5 burpees and sprints back, next team member goes and so on.  Indian Run to 10 spaces in between islands.  Islands approx 50 yrds apart.  Pax perform reps of exercise indicated and run around islands to next space and perform reps of next space exercise and run again. Exercises were

SSH x 30, Mericans x 20, Squats x 20, CDDs x 20, Flutterkicks x 30, Mountain Climbers x 30, French Fries x 30, Burpees x 10, LBC’s x 30, Shoulder Taps x 30.  One full round completed and 2nd round the reps were cut in half.  Mosey back to flag for COT.

COT; Announcements, Prayer requests, Namorama

BOM; Norwood took us out.  Thanks brother.

Moleskin; Hard work by all, no mumble chatter at all!!!  Hipaa said we went a little over 2 miles.  Pax definitely kept it moving this am. It was an honor to lead you men.  #DRP


It was a great to post at Folsom for the summertime monthly 2.0 friendly workout. With 50+ PAX in May how many would show today? The number was 30 with most 2.0’s under that age of 10. Gumby’s 2.0 was sporting an F3 shirt. #Legit
Roscoe was passed in traffic (again) on the way to Folsom by lead foot Tool Time. He truly leads the way. After a late night at the F3 Dad’s event last night at the Grizzlies game, I had to wake up Little Caesar this morning to go post but he was excited and ready to get after it. That enthusiasm unfortunately didn’t last the entire workout as several encouraging PAX (Swimmer, Dolph) tried to prod him along. He wasn’t alone among the 2.0’s in taking some time to do “you versus you” and losing the battle!
The Nantan Tool Time opened up the workout by warming us up after proclaiming that he was the craziest PAX in the Gashouse and subjecting us to SSH, Don Quiotes, Moroccan Nightclubs, and he also tried to break Dolph with jump squats. That is a theme lately with HIPAA devoting the weeks Q at the Goat to try to “break Dolph”. Here is a hint guys, trying to break Dolph is like pushing the Rock. It won’t move but you shouldn’t stop trying.
Tool Time turned it over to YHC (Roscoe) and we headed to the tennis courts. We moseyed to the far side where there was actually some shade. We started out by continuing our war up with some dad squats while carrying our 2.0’s on our backs. Next, we did a little Karaoke across the courts and then back. Then we hit each court and alternated SSH and Mountain Climbers then ran back, followed by squats and Flutter kicks and back. For those that haven’t posted to Folsom, they basically have 95 fenced in tennis courts. I hear the locals call it hell in a cell.
We got back on the end line for some Dora 1,2,3. 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBC’s. Instead of running across all the courts we ran to the second light pole and back. My partner made a habit of walking back to “give me more time”. It was awesome.
YHC then turned it over to Dolph.

I asked for a count off and we had 28. I then asked the Pax to form 2 lines of 14 and Indian Run from the tennis courts to the small parking lot at the baseball fields. Dijion and I stopped at the parking lot early to write some exercises in 10 of the 22 spaces. Once all the pax arrived at the parking lot the instructions were given. 2-3 pax per space and perform indicated exercise that was in that space. Once complete with exercise run a lap around lot to the right and advance to next space and repeat. The exercises were
LBC’s x 10
SSH x 10
Mericans x 5
Flutterkicks x 10
Squats x 10
CDD x 5
Mountain x 10
Lunges x 10
French Fries x 10
Burpees x 5
Once the pax returned to the space where they had started, we did a slow mosey to the amphitheater. All pax were instructed to grab some wall for 7 Dips IC. Next was the plank and run. All pax plank up at the base of the stage in a line. Pax at each end of the line run 25 yrds up hill and back and return to plank. Next pax goes and so on. Time. Nice work by all 2.0’s and Dads. Thanks Sparky for opportunity to lead. Mosey back to the flag for the pledge. Thanks to BedPan for bringing the flag so we didn’t have to mosey to the front of the park.  COT; Namorama, Welcome FNG, Pizza The Hut!!

Announcements: HAPPY FATHERS DAY WEEKEND! Next Friday at First Presbyterian 3rd F event. Saturday Grandfather Mountain Hike.
Monk is doing a great job leading the Whetstone effort. This is a mentoring program designed to place blades (mentees) with Stones (Mentors). This is an exciting thing for our region. If you haven’t filled out the form to be part of the WHETSTONE, click below:
Prayers for Fathers, Families, and Sly, serving our country in Afghanistan.
Kudos to Sparky for the idea to host a monthly 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom. Next week there is F3 Royalty and Gashouse forefather CSpan coming to guest Q. #HIM
Always a pleasure to lead especially with a #HIM like Dolph. His 2.0 is a chip off the old block!

Moleskin; ToolTime got things started with the warmup and threw in 45 MNC’s, those hurt! Roscoe brought the pain in cage of courts for sure. It is good to see the 2.0’s push themselves, they definitely got the oppurtunity today. #DRP!!! 2.0’s are quick to say I can’t, but with a little push and encouragement or challenge they see that really can finish strong. Aflac was ahead of me on the tennis courts and I told him I was going to catch him and he was not going to let happen. Hersey was walking to the COT from the amphitheater and with a little encouragement, she picked up the cadence and finished strong.

BOM; Roscoe took is out! #TClaps to all!!!



YHC sent out a pre blast last night letting all pax know what was coming.  My favorite workout.  Cinderblocks, 6 exercises, and at least 2 miles.  I was talking to Breaker Breaker last night about the blocks and he mentioned that his son was planning to come out.  After having 14 Pax at the Storm on Tuesday, YHC knew there were 14 block but found another one and thought, yeah that’ll be enough.  Well the Pax kept rolling in and 16 HIM were standing in front of me.  Mayor stated that he would Omaha to “air exercises”.  NO Chance we could let that happen.  With the official #GoatIsland Flag in the ground we said the pledge, I gave a quick disclaimer and the warm up began.  All while trying to figure out where I could come up with 2 more coupons.

Warm Up; SSH x 25 IC, Mericans x 15 IC

Thang; Run 2 laps, start from parking lot and go left up behind the buildings, up the stairs, down around the gazebo, meet back in the parking lot.

Exercises; Curls x 10 IC, French Curls x 10 IC, Front Raises X 10 IC, Squat Press x 10 IC, Russian Twist x 10, Blockies x 10

Run, Repeat exercises, Run, Repeat exercises, Run.

Moleskin; While on the first 2 laps I thought, Hippa has kettlebells, we’re good.  He only had a slam ball and battle ropes.  Mayor had a bucket of baseballs with a lid on it, so we made that work.  Time to get a few more blocks.  Great work by all Pax with 2.5 miles.  This isn’t the most fun workout, but it sure is a #DRP in my book.  Pax never quit and kept moving.  Respect to all you guys and thanks for pushing me.  MadMan awesome work man, not throwing in the towel is 90% of the battle.  #TClaps to each of you men.  It again was a pleasure to lead you guys as always.

COT; Namorama, Welcome MadMan.  Announcements, Prayer Requests.  Dr. Suess took us out.


10 Pax showed up for the Vern.  Fresh Prince had a FNG and the disclaimer was given.

Warm Up; SSH, Toy Soldiers, Mericans, LBC’s all by 10 IC.

Mosey 2 laps around sidewalk area surrounding the gazebo, meet back at the gazebo.

10 pullups run a lap around sidewalk

20 dips run a lap around sidewalk

25 Mericans run a lap around sidewalk

30 LBC’s run a lap around sidewalk

Repeato x 3.

2.5 miles put in by the Pax.  Nice work fellas.

Moleskin; Good work by all, Fresh Prince good to see you again brother and FNG- Jason Daniels, welcome brother-working on the nick name.  The VERN is one of my favorite workouts, simple but effective.  Hippa still crushing it in the vest, #TClaps.  Good numbers today men.  I apologize for throwing in the towel and running out on you guys.  Breaker Breaker thanks for picking up the COT and Namorama for me.  Till next time.  #DFQ

Tour of Folsom

9 #HIM showed up for an early beatdown at Folsom.  YHC had thought about bringing the coupons out but didn’t make it much farther than that.

Warm Up; SSH, Toy Soldiers, Mericans, Squats all by 10 IC.


Mosey to lower picnic shelter – 10 dips IC, run to picnic shelter at top of hill 40 LBC’s oyo.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to playground – 10 pullups, run to ampitheater 20 hipslappers both oyo.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to bottom of hill at ball fields – 20 squats at paved path, run up hill to paved path 40 flutter kicks.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to small parking lot at ball fields –  11’s, 1 big boy sit-up run across lot 10 burpees, you know the rest.

Mosey back to start, stop at tennis courts for 25 shoulder tap mericans.

Mosey to start parking lot for Mary; all pax called exercise.  I apologize for not remembering.

Moleskin; Nice work by all men, kept the Pax moving on this tour of Folsom.  There is still a lot out there that we didn’t touch.  Mike Falls –  Gravity, worked hard and never gave up.  Thanks to Pax for pushing each other.

COT; Namorama, Named FNG Mike Falls – Gravity, Welcom brother.  Announcements, Prayer Requests.


BOM; Slaw took us out.



Big Boy Sit Ups and Burpees

8 men showed up this am at #GoatIsland for a mix of exercises and running.  We covered just about all of the AO this am.  Good work by all Pax.

Warm Up; SSH, TS, Mericans, Windmills all x 10 IC


Mosey to the concrete stairs located at backside of the buildings for 10 mericans, sprint up stairs or steep hill for 5 burpees x 3.  Next we moseyed to the gazebo for 5 pullups and NUR up the hill to sidewalk for 20 squats x 3.  Lunge walk across street to first bridge and bear crawl length of bridge to picnic tables on the left.  20 dips and run to picnic shelter in park for 20 CDD’s x 3.  Mosey to 2nd bridge and bear crawl length of bridge.  Mosey to small parking lot for 11’s.  BigBoySitUps and Burpees run short distance of parking lot between exercises.  Mosey back to flag.  Nice work by all.

Moleskin;  I owe Mayor an apology for the questioning Q schedule this am.  I apologize sir.  All pax pushed through a tough workout this am.  I was definitely gassed.  Slim Shady nice work sir.  Good to see you back out this morning.  Where was the Flag?  Must be making an appearance at Mydoriyama this afternoon.  Always a pleasure leading you guys.

BOM; Prayer requests, announcements, Namorama, Slim Shady took us out.

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