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Day: June 26, 2020

Merkin Mania

2 started with EC then another 5 showed for a total of 7 posting at The Goat. It’s been a REALLY long time since I have Q’d or even posted here. It was great getting back out there-thanks Buckeye for giving me a little nudge to come out here. We started with a disclaimer, WU, and pledge. We then took off for a Merkin-fest. We took a few laps with 25 Merkins at each of the corners. Honestly, I thought there were 4 corners last time I was here….someone stole one of the corners. There were only 3???? We made it work. I think we also threw in a few flutter kicks. At some point we saw 2 trains!!! I know, strange. We saluted the first with 5 burpees, moseyed a little and saw ANOTHER TRAIN!!!!?????? Can you believe that???? 2 trains pretty much at the same time. If we had moved just a little faster I think there was a 3rd train but we didn’t get there in time.

We then moved over to “the wall.” Roscoe gave us a quick history lesson-for those of you young kids who were not around, we ALLEGEDLY did donkey kicks on one of the walls, got busted, and had to pay a few hundred dollars for a fresh coat of paint a few years ago. Bandit handled this PR nightmare like a pro and fortunately we did not get booted off of Goat Island. Rather than tempt fate this morning, we used the steps for some partner work. P1 did Merkins AMRAP while P2 went up the stairs for a burpee or 2 for a few rounds each. Next on the menu was some work at the top of the stairs in the parking lot. We did a version of 11’s but I think we cut this short-Hip Slappers  starting at 11 and working our way down with a short mosey to the other side of the lot with 25 flutter kicks on the other end of the parking lot. Next we moseyed to the bridge for a few more merkins: start on 1 end of the bridge with 3 lunges to each leg then do 10 merkins. This. Took. Forever. To. Get. Across. The. Bridge…….Once across we slowly recovered with some hanging time, more merkins, some derkins, calf raises then moseyed back home for a few burpees then finished up with a  short plank while we discussed the 5 rules of F3 while planking.

We finished with COT-special prayers for Vanilla Ice with his job interview-middle school English teacher. Hope it went well. Roscoe and I figured we got just under 300 merkins this am. Very good work men. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and bring back some good old memories from “back in the day.”



Annihilation Preview

Haha you thought YHC would tell you what the Annihilation will look like? Show to know. Those who did today will tell you they were lucky to get a peek!

See you tomorrow!


Be There for Each Other…

17 PAX posted at Midoriyama for a Pizza delivery.   It went like this:


SSH X ? IC (Did these until Purple Haze decided he was ready…Lol)

Let’s Mosey….

There was a lot of soccer going on so we stopped at the first field to put in work.

1st up was the “Zachary Tellier” Hero WOD:


10-Burpees, 25 merkins

10-Burpees, 25 merkins, 50 Lunges

10-Burpess, 25 merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 Big Boy Sit ups

10-Burpess, 25 merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 Big Boy Sit ups, 150 Squats


25-Hand release merkins

Lap around the soccer field

Rinse and Repeat X 4

Mosey back to the flag…

5 burpees for the train

22 for the VETS


Strong work by ALL today.  In COT, YHC discussed that we need to reach out to someone that we haven’t seen post in a while.  We never know what someone is going through.  It could be the smallest thing to you but to that person it could be the biggest or worst thing going on.  We just need to be there for each other during these times of uncertainties.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead a great group!!  Until next time…..Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!


Annihilation – June 27th at Folsom 6:30am

PT Test – July 18th at Gashouse 7am



Freight’s WOD

12 Pax rolled in to the toasty confines of Midoriyama and the mumble chatter started immediately. Only way to try to quiet the noise is start the warmup.
SSH x 15, Cotton Pickers x 10, MNC’s x 10. Let’s mosey.
I did a drive around the park before we started and noticed all of the soccer fields were occupied as well as all of the parking lots so we settled into a shaded area on the right field line of baseball Field #1. On Freight’s last few Q’s he has been recreating the hero WOD’s for select guys in our Pax so I decided today was the day for, yep, FREIGHT’S WOD!
F Flutter Kicks x 40 (count right leg), run a lap around the ridiculously large baseball field.
R Reverse Crunches x 40 (single count), lap.
E Elbow Plank 60 seconds, lap
I Imperial Walker Squats x 40 (count right leg), lap.
G Goofballs x 40 count right side, lap.
H Hand Release Merkins x 40 Single Count, lap.
T Travolta’s One Arm Plank moving free arm Staying Alive Style 20 each arm, lap. Some didn’t embrace the dance.
S Seal Jacks x 40 Single Count, lap.
W Werkins x 40 Single Count, lap.
O Outlaws like Flutters but make circles with each leg x 40 single count, no lap.
D Dying Cockroaches x 40 (count right leg), no lap but take the long way back to the flag planted at Broke’s truck!

A trick was used to keep the bat flippers humble (not sure it worked). They had to do the exercises in Cadence and I decided Digger, Slaw, Seuss and Broke were bat flippers. They mostly cooperated but there were a few protests mostly by Broke.
I said a few words about my guy Freight. I doubt I would be at F3 without Freight. He was the one who took me in and showed me how F3 works. I admire his strong opinions yet willingness to get along and how he loves to laugh and have fun. I admire his desire to be better each day in all 3 F’s and with his family and I believe he can do anything he puts his mind to. Thanks Freight!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: PT TEST at Gashouse on July 18th.
Prayer Requests: SA’s family, Clavin’s M.

NMM – Thanks to all the guys who came out today as it was definitely a lively bunch! Good to see Montross back at Midoriyama again. Purple Haze may be trying to grow a Folsom beard so we need to keep an eye on that! Tater Hole’s beard is reaching Duck Dynasty level! Oompa is turning 60 this week so be sure to give the extra RESPECT for that!

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