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Day: June 18, 2020

Welcome to The Ricky Bobby!

Last night Sargento posted he had been EHing about 9 guys and felt good that a couple would be out to the gloom @ TRB AO. YHC prepared the Wienke and was ready to deliver a beatdown to all PAX that avoided the fartsack and came out to TRB!

4:45 AM alarm goes off, out of bed, get dressed, wake up Serena, and out the door we go! Show up at TRB and looks like we have a good crowd. Sargento felt good that his EHing was going to start paying off. 1 FNG, 2 FNG, and 3 FNG along with a Kotter, CandyMan. Sargento’s persistence is paying off. 

FNGs, Welcome to The Ricky Bobby! Let’s get to work!



Hillbillies x 20 I/C
Don Qs x 20 I/C
Toy Soldiers x 12 I/C
Burpees x 10 OYO


Mosey around front parking lot

80 SSH (This was a crowd pleaser!)

Lap around front of school building and buses

25 LBCs
25 Freddy Mercury
25 LBCs
25 Freddy Mercury

50 SSH

Lap around parking lot

Legs and Arms 

25 squats with overhead presses
25 Lunges, each leg
25 squats w/overhead presses
25 Lunges, each leg

50 SSH

Lap around parking lot

25 merkins
25 chest flies (I/c)
25 merkin
25 chest flies

50 SSH

Lap around parking lot


25 American Hammer (I/c)
25 flutter kicks (I/c)
25 American Hammers
25 Flutter Kicks

Lap around parking lot

50 SSH

10 burpees


Prayer Request

YHC closed in prayer

Thank you men for allowing me to lead this morning. As always, it is an honor. Welcome FNGs

Breaker Breaker


Fast Paces at The Pub



Good crowd of HIMS at The Pub today for the ” Up-around-Snowballs and Back” run .

YHC couldn’t catch Diva, who commented that he ran a sub-seven. No wonder.

Stroganoff said it was one of his best.

Sargento ran a 7.37, which, he said, was the fastest he’d done in a while!

Broke said he wasn’t going to run all five, but he did..in his new Saucony’s..and Breaker thanked him for the push!

JJ, Roscoe, Leppard, Defib, Oompah are all an inspiration!

(Hushpuppy citing, see Watts Up’s  2+1 Backblast)


First Annihilation- June 27 at Folsom-Goldigger Q

Coconut Horse-back to normal meeting this Sunday



SA family and daughter

Jennifer Davis’ husband’s death

Prayer: JJ took us out.


Always great to catch up at Pub with guys I don’t see as often..good camaraderie!




Tour De Folsom part Deux

It was a nice cool damp morning rolling into Folsom this morning. With the turnouts we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks, YHC had no doubt today would be different. After a minute or two of chatter, QIC called time to clock in.

No FNGs, but a disclaimer was in order.

SSH and Gravel pickers X10 IC
Mosey up the road and around to pond 1 parking lot.

Thang starts here;

Line up for Route 66. We’re doing Bobby Hurley’s and lunges walking each parking space in between; 1 up to 11

Mosey down to the larger parking lot by the ball fields.

Line up on the curb for some 11’s. Mike Tyson’s on the curb, run across to the other curb for squat jacks. 10/1, 9/2, 8/3, you know the drill, but each time you cross the center of the lot get a burpee in.

Short recovery here for some words. YHC has a quote that I keep in the back of my mind daily. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. This should be an encouragement for men to step up and be men. Lead as we were designed by the Sky Q. With all that’s going on, just remember that people are watching. We should shine in the darkness. We are called to lead in our families and our communities. We should be open minded, but at the same time stand true to our beliefs. Lastly, love each other and those around you. It doesn’t take much to have a positive impact on the ones you are in contact with.

Now, mosey on down to the lower main lot for some hill work. Triple nickel was called here. Big Boy sit-ups at the top run to the bottom for hand release merkins. Repeat it 5 times. Mumble chatter started to pickup even from the newer men, but all went to work.

Mosey back to the tennis courts. With a couple minutes remaining, Q calls for some Mary and asked several PAX to call their picks. Time was called at 0615.


Prayers: RoundUps wife(baby), HIPAA surgery Friday, Pockets mom Recovering, our country leadership

Moleskin: it was an honor to lead the fine men of Folsom, the Premier AO of the region. It had been a while since I had. With all my mess going on, I want to thank you men who continue to encourage me and check in to see how I’m doing. That’s what has motivated me more than anything to be out there. Remember, be a leader. Lead by example. Respect and love others because it is contagious and will help generate and expand it to make our communities better.

MDub out!

2 +1

Its the Sammich…


We rucked except for Hushpuppy, he ran off somewhere and was gone when we got back.

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