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Day: June 8, 2020


Some HIM’s worked on breathing exercises by running.

Verse of the week:

Philippians 3:14   I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  ESV

So what is the upward call of God in Christ Jesus? That call is our Sanctification or being molded more into the image of Christ. It’s impossible to be become more like Jesus when we’re looking in the rear view mirror of our lives, whether  we’re looking and dwelling on past sin we committed, or that was committed against us, or reveling in our past accomplishments or “mountain top experiences”… either way, looking back and not looking up to Christ will lead to defeat.

Prayer Requests:

Our Nation, Our Leaders, Police Officer’s and First Responders, Mayor’s Wife, SA’s daughter and family, RoundUps Wife and Family

Thanks men for the opportunity to lead!

Wichita out and on to the next one

Something Like Midoriama Q’s……

Beautiful Saturday morning, nearly equal amount of Pax for Painlab and Bootcamp.  Disclaimer, pledge, a bit of warm up that went something like:

SSH:  20 ic

Merkin:  10 ic

LBC:  10 ic

Squats:  stopped around 9 ic, time to roll, Painlab follow Big Pappy.

Upward stroll to Grier parking lot.  I borrowed a maybe or maybe not so renowned exercise from Pizza Man implemented at Midoriama.  We picked a length a bit close to a football field length, maybe twice as long who knows…….The length will be to run after we perform the following at each side:

Burpees:  5

Merkins:  10

World War something or Big Boy sit ups:  10

Squats:  10

Rinse and repeat 4 times.  PM’s original version contained 10 burpees.  I figured my modification was best if we were to keep the Q (that would be me) from having to be carried back to homebase.

Finished, guys were looking at me for more whooping and I’m like, wait boy’s, I’m whooped.  Too bad, I’ve got the Q, let’s try another Midoriama favorite via straight from Freight’s book.  I had recently downloaded an interval timer.  Have to say for only $19.99 per month this thing works great?  Anyway, we did some modified from Freight’s original order AMRAP for 40 seconds on and 10 seconds off.  Freight’s original version was in the rain so we skipped the running after each completed round.  Instead we did Burpee’s.  Well, relying on my original notion of it would be better if I returned to homebase on my own we did a not so quick or too slow mosey a couple of hundred feet out and back.  The intervals looked something like this:

AMRAP:  40 seconds on and 10 second break…..

Merkins / Jump Squats / Flutters / SSH – Mosey not too quickly or too slowly a couple hundred yards

CDD’s / Monkey Humpers / American Hammers / Calf Raise – Mosey, mosey

Diamond Merkins / Rocky Balboa’s / Freddie Mercury / Goofballs (car came down the parking lot as we were doing this) – Mosey on……

Last round was Open Mic pick from original intervals.  I think we did Flutters, Hammers, and something else, who knows.  You can rest assured there was some exercise involved.

Almost time to go home, needed a time burner.  My typical go to is a mosey and hold position splitting half the group.  Count off 1’s and 2’s.  1’s run a certain distance while 2’s hold position…….1’s return and hold positions while 2’s run……and so on and so on.


Crabwalk Plank (you figure this one out)

Al Gore

6 inches

Time to go back, finished a set of flutters with Painlab.

8:00, time.


Gashouse Bootcamp Q’s for June:

Freight 6/13 (5 year anniversary), Hushpuppy 6/20 (Birthday), Whoopee 6/27

Still need 7/4

Painlab:  Sledge-O-Matic with Painlab Q 6/13

Little Theatre is conducting an awareness campaign featuring a Masked Singer.  There may or may not, or just may be a contestant standing in our circle today performing a rendition of Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

CSpan’s recent Roundtable Podcast featured some excellent thoughts and words regarding current events happening in society

Check out Stroganoff’s recent interview on F3 American Yammer

Farmers Market is giving out facemasks


Prayer Vigil being held at the Rotary Pavilion Sunday night at 6:00 pm

Clavin’s M

Anniversary of D-Day Normandy landings

Always an honor……






Rock Pushing at The Sandlot

I volunteered to Q at The Sandlot to start off the week right so I drive from NOGA to SOGA to get some work in on a muggy 75 degrees with 80% humidity. That’s why it is called The Gloom!

Warm Up
SSH, Cotton Pickers, Low Slow Squats, MNC’s all x 10 IC


Mosey around the new Planet Fitness parking lot and back to the rock pit. Everyone select a rock and fellowship mosey to bank parking lot.

Partner Up for Rocky Dora (I made that up).
100 Triceps Extensions, 200 Chest Presses on your six, 300 Curls while your partner runs around the bank and back and switch after each lap. Use your own block and Slaw chose poorly. Hard working group this morning with not a lot of mumblechatter. It could be possible that I have gotten used to a ridiculously high amount of mumblechatter and this morning was closer to the norm.

Mosey to the bottom of the Park’s parking lot for four corners.
5 Burpees, mosey to next corner.
10 LBC’s IC (called by Slaw), 5 Burpees, next.
15 Squats IC (called with varying degrees of speed by Watts Up), 10 LBC’s IC, 5 Burpees, next.
20 Merkins IC (Yes I said in cadence, called by Gastone), 15 Squats IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 5 Burpees, back down.
15 Squats IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 5 Burpees, next.
10 LBC’s IC, 5 Burpees, next.
5 Burpees. That may be a record number of Burpees in one of my Q’s. I’m not happy about it but Sister Act has been pushing me lately.

Mosey to a picnic shelter for what was supposed to be 80 D’s but modified to 40 D’s for time.
10 Dips, 10 Derkins, 10 Dying Cockroaches, 10 Diamond Merkins.

Mosey back.

Quick word about F3 stance on recent events that you may have seen but is worth repeating.
F3 Core principle. F3 is open to ALL men.
“A statement is not needed, our leadership is what’s needed… we’ve got to figure out, in each of our spheres of influence, how we will step into the void that exists where leadership should be. I’m not saying we should run for office, though that may be one way to do it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pray, as certainly there is power there. I’m saying we must become something different. We must learn from these things that we are facing and strive to be better. We must embody grace and mercy and love, as that is what virtuous leadership should be built on.”
Now get missional, quit worrying about your little baby feelings and your ego, AND GET TO LEADING! We have been preparing for the times like these, men! This is our day. A few weeks ago when F3 made shirts that read “The Gloom Belongs To Us” ….that wasn’t just the morning Gloom we were talking about. Look around, the leadership situation in our world is GLOOMY. This is what we’ve been knowingly or unknowingly getting ready for. If you believe in what F3 stands for, then let’s get invigorated and get to work.”
Again… Core principle. F3 is open to ALL men.

Prayer Requests Dry Rub’s M is doing better. Clavin’s M, Sister Act’s daughter, Whoopee’s daughter, Stinky Bird’s foot, Roscoe, Stone Cold, Allen Tate and all police officers and our country.

COT Gastone took us out!

**NMM Thanks for coming out this morning guys! It was a nice time. I asked Slaw to pick up the six for me but everyone was right with us the entire workout. Way to push the rock!

GD Abs

YHC was a little banged up from the weekend, as he usually is…don’t worry about it…so he decided to show off his 8 pack and call 1500 reps worth of Dora, aka Cora. Then just to make everybody shut up about how stupid that was, YHC called for Colorado suicides (gotta hold your breath like you’re a mile high, or something like that). This was more torturous for some than others. And that was about it.

Pray for SA’s family…and then leave him to go workout with Frank at Gashouse on Saturday.

Until next time,


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