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Day: March 19, 2020

Me and Spidey

When I pulled up to Bulldog today there was a Huge crowd waiting….just kidding.  Only Spider-Man and I were there.   With the chaos that was been surrounding our world I hadn’t really prepared a concrete game plan, but we winged it.



30 SSH

10 merkins


After that we did a bunch of squat curl presses, merkins, shoulder press, upright rows, LBCs, bent over rows, curls, more curls, more SSH, more squat curl press and etc… It was a good time and got some social distanced 2F.  Take care out there everyone.

Prayers for our country, our families, for our jobs, and for our health.

Be the Rock

10 men showed for an Easy Rider Q, but he was not feeling it and handed it off to Gastone. Many cheers came out when everyone heard the great news.

The Thang:

40 SSH

20 Merkins

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Diamonds

20 Squats

10 Wide Arms

20 Monkey Humpers

10 Merkins Right arm back left forward

20 LBC’s

10 Merkins Left back, right forward

20 Hip Thrusters

20 Hand Release Merkins

Now that the warm up is over we moseyed to the baseball field path that leads to the middle. 6 Little lights along the path. We stopped at each and did 10 Hand Release Merkins.

Mosey through the rest of the fields towards the back soccer field path. 40 Yards backwards Lunge.

Mosey around the park path all the way to the base of the hill towards the Pull up bar.

Bernie Sanders up the hill all the way to the pull up bar. LBC’s until the Pax shows up.

Mosey back down the hill and out the back of the park.

Stopped at some lights and did some Mary.

Cut through and jumped wall behind Planet Fitness.
Mosey around the building to the staircase.

2 sets on the step: 20 Legs together calf raises, 20 Toes pointed in, 20 Toes pointed out.

Mosey to the wall in front of the bank for 2 sets of 20 Dips.

Walk to the curb, 1 Minute of Rocky Balboa.

Mosey to the start.

The Moleskin:

Good times as always and an honor to Q.

I might have missed a few things but I have a BB up.

Corona, Covid-19, whatever you call it. This is a time to be the Q in your family, work, and friends. Be that guy that people look to and inform yourself. Help those in need and try to prepare Gaston County. Also, a good time to ease nerves of family and friends and try to be the rock that everyone needs in these times.

Prayers out to all that have to work through and be on the front lines. Prayers to all those who have things going on with a family member.

Gastone Out!


> 10

There’s been a directive sent down from the sheriffs dept endorsed by city leadership and even picked up by other leaders and organizations that gatherings should be fewer than 10 for the present situation. That being said I was today’s Q and I say I was doing it ‘virtual’ And Roscoe claimed to be running solo and NOT part of our group ( see Namearama video).
Today was my day off and yet I felt like still ‘going by’ work and with that in mind the path was to be the old reverse Redbud/New Hope/Armstrong path and for those Wishing more …. go down on Pamela and go down on Andrea.
All returned safely, much social distancing as almost all chose to complete slightly different circuits giving each of us differing distances.
Notably, I appreciate spending time with Breaker Breaker who gave me much behind the scenes/ curtain of the Mortimer …. sounded fun …. esp part about dogs in the complete dark that could’ve attacked from ANY direction and the early morning shotgun blasts!!
We prayed for the nation and the world, all affected esp service personnel and the medical community . Prayers for this to end and end well.
Talk about possibly going path of DC area, our brothers in SC and many other areas doing virtual Qs and wait out the storm. Blood shortage …. huge demand …. think about it ….Breaker Breaker will send info about drive on Monday nearby church, next Thursday City Church has one scheduled at their Separk Drive ( North) Campus. Also many are organizing Food drives To help those hardest hit!

Lastly, I want to take a moment …. there are a few who either doubt timeliness and strength of the virus… something like this, while it sounds like science fiction or even Stephen Kings THE STAND ( Captain Trips …. the Super Flu) I want to take a moment to tell you of a harrowing Experience my family had in September 2006… the week before our 2.0 was to turn 3 we were on vacation at Daytona Beach and a Hurricane was just south of us creating trouble , and bad weather…. it was a disappointing trip having to stay indoors the whole time. And then the storm turned out to sea and late Thursday the sky cleared… the waters remained choppy….. my 2.0 and I were So excited and swiftly ran outside running up and down the surf staying just to the edge of the sea. We left a day or two later carrying unwanted baggage!!! Unbeknownst to us…. we had contracted MRSA ( if you don’t know what this is, google it …. and you will find it CAN and DOES live on most surfaces ) it becomes deadly if it finds an open cut or abrasion of the skin. By Monday I had a small bump on the back of my leg that when I tried to squeeze it and remove the Blackened ( yes you read that right …. Blackened skin …. you see it kills whatever indiscriminately and quickly …. I had to schedule the next day for it’s removal and the doctor after deadening the area used a scalpel to excise a CHUNK of skin that looked like a pencil eraser , it was about 4 centimeters wide and 7-8 long …. this was only in 3-4 days! The worst was yet to come as my 2.0 had the same but his took longer to show and looked z little different than mine …. he had under an arm and in the crook of an elbow plus one other location ( can’t remember). All I remember is that for his Third birthday he lay on an operating table restrained by several nurses as the doctor tried to squeeze mess out !! There’s almost nothing more frightening …. then came the news that he was to go upstairs and we would be scheduling a surgical procedure to cut out what would turn out to be the material plus a large amount of lymph nodes as well!!!
In today’s society we have used up too many resources indiscriminately like antibiotics and helped create problems like this and even others! If following these measures and protocols now saves even ONE life, won’t that be worth it.? What if it was you? What if it was one of yours?
I’m saying all this because I care.

be safe

Rucking, Merkins and Squats – Oh My!

0530 hits with 4 joining YHC for his 4th Q in a row.

We knock out The Pledge before heading out on a trek to the yellow and black beacon a ways away (Waffle House).

Every 5:00 minutes for the first half of the trek, we stopped for 10 Merkins and 20 Squats.

On the way back, we stopped once or twice more.

Nuff Said.

Nothing new to announce at this point.

Prayer concerns centered around COVID-19.

YHC took us out.

These are unprecedented times.  There is no playbook or even guidance on how to deal with what we are living through.  Everyone everywhere is flying by the seat of their pants.  Everyone that is, but God.  He has this.  Look to Him, Pray.  Rely on Him.  With Him, no matter the outcome, there will be peace and joy forevermore.  Together, as a group of believers, we will persevere.

Watts Up powering down.

New Kids on the Block

As we are in the first week of our “self Quarantine” to help slow the spread of the corona virus, YHC is feeling the strain of not being as socially involved as I normally am. Also as leaders in the community we have an obligation to any new Men who come out to F3. Surprisingly Folsom has had a few the past few weeks and we anticipated more with the closing of local gyms and other social gathering spots. the Decisions we are making now can be stressful tough choices but ultimately we know these choices that are being made now will help propel us to a better future. The NKTOB have been posting regularly so YHC was Honored to show these new Men a little bit about how we do Thangs.

Also today is a great friend of mines Bday Cody “female” who introduced me to my wife, we became friends at UNCC, she is married to my best friend and at one time could fight most guys and hold your feet to do Keg stands. She became more like a sister and if you ask Allen Tate she’s been known to call a fly by while going down 74 from the beach and stopping traffic faster than a state trooper. But that was a long long time ago. Now she is a nurse and a loving Step Mom who cares for her family and helps her community.

So I called some exercises that she may do or in a number special to the day.
Warm Up: 3Burpees, 19 SSH, 20 Monkey Humpers,

Mosey and we did some de escalating 10’s with Merkins and 20 squats in the middle each time. One Pax goes one way to the speed bump, other Pax goes the opposite way to the other speed bump. Social distancing and team work. you cant do the squats until both Pax meet.

Mosey to the Flag for the pledge then some work on the dry concrete. ” I’m always thinking of you Volt”
30 Lbc’s, 19 Big Boys, 20 Shoulder Taps, x 2

mosey back and it was time we did 22 for the vets.

Prayer request and praise report:
Keep Round Ups wife in your prayers, she is doing well now. Stogie’s wife and her foot, prayers for those and this difficult time in our world. Always each other.

Announcements keep and eye on the F3 page as events are changing due to the corona virus.

The Bed Pan is full:

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