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Day: March 18, 2020


As I approached the parking lot it looked very lonely, no pax could be seen. I parked got out and seen headlights in the distance. Who could it be but Volt and then more headlights I was getting excited because it was about to go down! The BEATDOWN and I wasn’t going to endure it all by myself! It was Stogie! The other two amigos had to leave at 6 so I finished out OYO. In the imaginary COT I formed I reminded myself of the verses of the week: Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13, ESV) and prayed the verse over all the Hims of F3 Gastonia. So 5:30 hit and we circled up.

THANKS for allowing me to lead, and as always it was an honor


MNC – IC x15

SSH – IC x15

AM – OYO x15

Mosey to flag pole


say pledge

Mosey to concrete steps at the horse arena:

Dip x20



For Two Rounds

Mosey to grass triangle:

BB’S x10


AM’S x20


LBC’S x30


For Two Rounds

Mosey to hill going to the parking lot:

This is where Volt and Stogie left and the GRIND got real as I finished OYO!






Respect-able Q

For some reason, YHC agreed to do some EC with EZ Rider & Defib this morning.  Dirt was invited when at The Storm, so a total of 4 for some 0500 EC.  Found Stinky Bird out doing his own version while out and Gastone returning upon our arrival back.

Six others joined the crew by the time 0530 arrived on this foggy morn.

We knocked out The Pledge before beginning warmup.


It would take far too long to describe what we did for the first part of warmup.  It was something YHC found on the internet, described as a way to stretch/warm all muscle groups.  Whether it did or not, you will have to ask the attendees.  After that we did MNC IC x 10.


The Thang:

Off we go on a mosey.  Give the PAX the choice of left or right as the destination was the same, just the route in question.  Left if was, so down by the bank we go, past the AutoZone and behind the Planet Fitness.  For the first time in weeks, there wasn’t anyone camped out at the ramp.  So Bear Crawls it is.  Two rounds and Monkey Humpers while waiting on the six, then 25.

Onward toward the Food Lion, stopping at the stairs and curb (due to social distancing) for 25 calf raises x 2.  Meander onwards to the Food Lion.

4 Corners with 25 SSH in corner 1, 25 LBCs in corner 2, 25 Squats in corner 3 and 25 Merkins in corner 4.


Move over to the  nearest wall for a little wall sitting with air presses thrown in for good measure,  Then a quick mosey up the hill to the entrance for 50 Mtn Climbers.

Once that was done, back down the hill to the closest light post.  YHC asked DIrt and Outhouse for exercises.  The choices were Dying Cockroaches and Imperial Walkers respectively.  So its time for 50’s  (just like 11’s but the total is 50 and the count  is by 5) between the light posts.  About halfway through the IW were changed to Hillbillies.  Like most of the things we do, once you do enough, the suck factor grows.  Doing this many IW or HB really got old.

Time was running short, so mosey toward home.  We stopped in front of the Planet Fitness for a quick test to see who reads backblasts.  YHC repeated the trivia question related to St. Patrick’s Day.  From the sounds of it (excluding Dirt as he was at The Storm), 2 or 3 had read said BB and got the right answer.  So only 3 burpees were done.

Mosey on to the bank for a quick 25 Dips x 2 sets before continuing on the long way to SnoBalls.

And that is Time!


  • Convergence at Martha Rivers this Saturday is postponed.  Normal Saturday AOs are open at normal times.
  • P200 is tentatively rescheduled for April 24-25
  • Keep an eye on the Events page.  It will be updated as information comes available.
Prayer Requests:
  • Pedal’s Dad having pacemaker put in.
  • COVID-19
  • Family Members.

YHC took us out in prayer


Today marks 50 years in this world for me.  I am literally in the best shape i can ever remember being in.  I am ~#100 down in 15 months.

Thanks to all the men of F3.  You continue to push, pull and inspire.

In these dark times, look to the Lord.  This trial we are going through is meant to draw us close to Him and teach us to rely on Him.  From The Sword this week:

Isaiah 26:4

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting ROCK.

Until tomorrow

Watts Up powering down.

Faith over Fear

17 PAX posted on the 17th day of March which was St. Patrick’s Day.  Glad to see everyone post with all the craziness in the world today.  With that being said we definitely practiced “Social Distancing” and were a couple other F3 Regional Corona-virus protocols.   17:30 is on us so let’s begin….



Don Q’s X 17 IC

Let’s roll….


YHC wanted to Q a workout that spaced everyone out but still had the mubblechatter to go with it.  It went like this…

Spread out and perform 40 squats, 30 Hand-release merkins, 20 burpees, 400 meter run (rinse and repeat 4 times)


With that completed and about 15 minutes to go, let’s head to the hill for Triple Nickel…

Each PAX nurred (ran backwards up the hill) and performed 5 jump squats at the top and ran down the hill to complete 5 WWI’s X 5

With mubblechatter going on, everyone must have caught their breath so let’s roll…we ended up at the parking lot across from the flag for another round of Triple Nickel…it went like this…5 Mike Tyson’s on one curb, run to the other curb but stopping for 1 burpee in the middle, then 5 Tiger squats on the other curb X 5

Time…Strong work by all today!!

I always am grateful for the opportunity to lead a F3 workout.  Today was special cause it showed that with everything going on in the world that we can still better ourselves.  YHC discussed “Faith over Fear” and trusting in the Lord during tough times!!  He is the all knowing and knows the final outcome of everything!!  Take this time to glorify God each and everyday.

Thanks again and until next time…PIZZA MAN IS OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT!!


-AO’s are still open in our region but refer to the F3 Gastonia protocols when posting or Qing.



Mortimer Eve

Six PAX of him showed to mosey.

The pledge

All ran towards Martha’s. No reported sightings of any Sambriches. YHC did a slow mosey/walk in preparation for the Mortimer. All pushed the rock.

At the time, it was “check the newsletter for announcements”… but at this point, pretty much everything is on hold or cancelled

Prayer Requests
Clavin M and mom
Conavirus impact

Prayer to take us out

Until next time…


Eight PAX on an extremely foggy day for a little work around the track at the infamous Ricky Bobby AO. Short version of the disclaimer and then into the warmup. Q fail early on in this workout as YHC forgot the pledge. After the warmup, we moseyed a lap around the track and got started.


I was going to call this the Mile Escalator, but Sargento informed me that it took 5 laps to make a mile on this particular track. That’s ok, I’m still calling it that since we did a lap prior to starting.

Lap 1 – Stop at each turn on the track for 10 Merkins

Lap 2 – 20 squats at each turn

Lap 3 – 30 LBC’s at each turn

Lap 4 – 40 SSH at each turn

Another lap around the track for good measure and then Round 2:

20 Dips, 20 Derkins and 20 Step Up’s then take a lap

Repeat x3

Round 3:

20 Big Boy’s, 20 Flutter Kicks and 20 American Hammers then take a lap

Repeat x3

Another two laps around the track to get us close to 3 miles total and then finished up with 3 minutes of Mary.


James 1:2-3 – “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perserverance.”

We are going through some unprecedented times and each of us are facing trials, some more so than others. James is not instructing us to feel joyful during these times, just to label them as joyful. Doing so helps us to focus more on our faith and develop a deeper trust in God which strengthens our relationship with him. Our relationship with God will be what brings us joy.



All events have been either cancelled or postponed. Keep an eye out for rescheduled dates in the future.


Prayer Requests

Lynn Hamm and family

Orangeman’s mother

Broke’s nephew and his family


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke

The Fog

It was a foggy morning at Prison Break and 9 HIMs got up and put in a little work.

Most ran, others rucked and a few walked. We all got a little better.

Prayer Request

  • Round Up and Family
  • Bedpan’s Friend
  • Sparky’s Friend
  • All PAX prayers spoken and unspoken




The Forgotten Pub

Unfortunately I am 2 weeks late on this backblast and have lost my mind since then – this backblast will be drawn from memory (at a  time from pre-corona madness) so please forgive me if your name isn’t here or the announcements seem dated. It was a great morning for running (I think).  We ran 5 miles (or so), leaving from the pub and returning to the pub.  There were several of us and we all returned.


Despite not having details here is what I can tell you everyone who showed up that morning got better.  Men supported other men struggling with fitness, fellowship, and faith.  I am glad I went even if I am foggy on the details.  I am so thankful for what this group has done for me as a man, a father, a husband and a human being.


Until next time Defib – Out

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