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Day: March 17, 2020




Don q

Gravel pickers

Mosey to flag for pledge them mosey long way around to tennis courts

10 burpees at one corner

Mosey to next corner for 9 burpees

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Thanks to God and Jesus for even having the oppurtunity to get out and post

Joshua Tree

3 HIM got out this afternoon to put in a little work.

The Thang:

4 corners at a tennis court.

  • Lunge walk and bear crawl to each corner

The sets x4

  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 LBC’s
  • 30 Flutter Kicks
  • 40 Squats
  • 50 Hillbillies
  • 10 Big Boys
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 CDD’s
  • 40 LBC’S
  • 50 Emperial Walkers

It was a great evening of hard work and fellowship. We learned about PB and  Little Debbie. We also learned that Bed Pan has an unhealthy hatred towards U2 and Joshua Tree.  Insights you just don’t get unless you post.

We ended with the COT and prayers for all of us.

Big Pappy

It was hard fought but we WON!

EZ Rider showed w/ a FNG (welcome Buddy Love) and we played some Frisbee rules Football. I won, Def Leppard lost.

Back at Hollywood

YHC moved a couple of weeks ago about 5 mins further from Mt Hollywood, but did not adjust leave time.  Showing at 0530 isn’t late…right?

Anyway, Toy Soldiers and Gravel Pickers IC 12x, then wham!!  20 Burpees, let’s mosey.

Get to Veterans Park, pledge.  YHC call for 10 Burpees at bottom of hill and 10 hand release merkins at top of hill at main street.  Do it 10 times.  Mumble chatter got going on that call, at least for a few minutes.  Hill is not short, this was tough.  Nice work men.

Short mosey to parking lot nearby for some abs.  20IC of crunch frogs, American hammers, LBC. And 20 big boys OYO.  Mosey back to flag for a minute of stretching.  Time

Moleskin:  YHC read a devotional by Billy graham using Hebrews 1:2 as text “He made the world and everything there is.”  Devotion speaks of God being in control of all things.  YHC thought that with the craziness of the world right now, a reminder that God has this is warranted.  I have to admit that I was not taking much with the virus very serious last week, but now it is hard to ignore the overwhelming response.  Makes me wonder what the next few weeks hold for us all, from a health perspective but mostly from an economic perspective.  But also know that trust and faith in God and vigilant prayer will do more good than quarantines and vaccines.  Always.

Announcements: most upcoming events cancelled or postponed, relay races, run for the money, convergence.  Be respectful of changes in workouts as well.

Prayer requests:  Blart’s M, Orangeman mom, impact of the virus

YHC took us out

Always an honor


49er for the Last Time

YHC wasn’t sure how many would show given the state of the weather and the world.  But was encouraged when Doodles mentioned on Slack bringing two Kotters (due to school).  That meant at least 4…

YHC arrived Dirt doing EC.  Dry Rub and Headcase were cocooned in their vehicles.

0530 hits to find 6 assembled with YHC,

We knocked out The Pledge before beginning warmup.


It would take far too long to describe what we did for the first part of warmup.  It was something YHC found on the internet, described as a way to stretch/warm all muscle groups.  Whether it did or not, you will have to ask the attendees.  After that we did MNC IC x 10.

After a circuitous route around the parking lot, we ended up at the side of the school.

The Thang:

49’s (just like 11’s, but you total 49 and count by 7’s) with Mountain Climbers on one end and Crab Hip Thrusters aka Peter Pushers on the other.

A slow meander/10 count to the front of the school.

Now its time to get some PT work in:

  • 25 SSH, Run the Circle
  • 25 LBC Run the Circle
  • 25 Merkins, Run the Circle
  • 25 Squats,  Run the Circle
  • 25 Dips, Run the Circle.

But this is 49er day, so…

  • 24 SSH, Run the Circle
  • 24 LBC Run the Circle
  • 24 Merkins, Run the Circle
  • 24 Squats,  Run the Circle
  • 24 Dips, Run the Circle.

With a few minutes to spare, YHC throws out a trivia question…

Given today is St. Patrick’s Day and you are supposed to wear Green, what color was St. Patrick’s Day originally associated with?  Dirt and Doodles thew out Red and Dry Rub said Blue.  The group ultimately decided on Red.  9 Burpees for getting it wrong (4 if they had gotten it right).  The answer is Blue.  (BTW, there is no explanation as to why it was originally Blue.)

And that is Time!

We meandered back to the Flag.

  • Convergence at Martha Rivers this Saturday is postponed.  Normal Saturday AOs are open at normal times.
  • Community Foundation Run is cancelled.
Prayer Requests:
  • Everyone dealing with COVID-19 virus.
  • All those that are struggling as a result of the virus, whether that be mentally, emotionally, physically or fiscally.
  • PAX

Dirt took us out in prayer


Today is my 18262 day in this world or 1 day short of 50 years.  Thus the theme of today’s workout – my last day as a 49er,  You can join me tomorrow at The Labyrinth (aka Snoballs aka The Black Knight aka Martha’s House) for a “Respect”able Q.  EC begins at 0500.

Thanks to all the men of F3.  You continue to push, pull and inspire.

In these dark times, look to the Lord.  This trial we are going through is meant to draw us close to Him and teach us to rely on Him.  From The Sword this week:

Isaiah 26:4

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting ROCK.

Until tomorrow

Watts Up powering down.

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